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KIDS’ HOLS ‘LOVE WHERE ESSENTIALS YOU LIVE’ Free to every home, every business, every month





HE 96 MEN, women and children who lost their lives at Hillsborough will be remembered when a permanent memorial garden overlooking the River Mersey is unveiled in September. The 96 will also be posthumously awarded the Freedom of Wirral at a special meeting of Wirral Council on Friday, September 15, the day the gardens are opened. Margaret Aspinall, Chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, has been working with the council on the plans. She said: ‘The freedom of the borough and the memorial garden will provide a lasting reminder for generations to come. ‘It’s so important the lessons of that terrible day are never forgotten.’ The riverside gardens will be dedicated by the Mayor of Wirral, Cllr Ann McLachlan, in a move which has received all-Party support from Wirral Council. Work is now underway on the scheme, supported by the Hillsborough Family Support Group.


MEET DOUG ‘THE BEE’! Heswall’s honey man explains why beekeeping is his passion.

Mersey riverfront tribute: Margaret Aspinall, Chair, Hillsborough Family Support Group, at the site of the memorial gardens, Wallasey Town Hall.







Award winner offers healthier twist on a family favourite.

Latest on childcare support plus help with uniform costs.

New festival will celebrate diversity and community.


JOBS AND NOTICES Monthly round-up of jobs from the council.

2 | July/August 2017

Wirral View

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If you’re looking for ideas and tips, Wirral View is the place to come. We have activities, important dates, advice and information to make sure you don’t miss a thing.








cycling ideas for fun FIVE SUMMER all holiday long READS FROM ■ Wirral Circular Trail Tackle all 35 miles of the Wirral circular – download a map at You’ll pass through coast and countryside and fascinating evidence of our maritime and industrial past.

4pm. Access via Dock Road, Bromborough, CH62 4LN. ■ Route 56 Get your kicks on Route 56! The Wirral Sustrans route passes through the centre of Wirral and takes in the coast, farmland and pretty villages – lots of café and refreshment stops. It’s the gateway to Wales and Cheshire too. See for details.

■ Port Sunlight River Park Cycling is allowed on the wellsurfaced paths of Port Sunlight River Park, (but please give way to walkers). You’ll find great views of the iconic Liverpool waterfront too. Open day on August 13, noon-

■ Ian Fraser Walk If you’ve got kids in tow, you can’t beat Ian Fraser Walk, New Brighton. Smooth, easy path for scooters, roller-bladers and stabilisers, access to ice creams and seaside fun too. Plenty of parking. ■ The Dee Marshes path The Dee Marshes path from Wirral over to Wales is a panoramic treat for cyclists and walkers of all abilities (give way to pedestrians). Follow signs for RSPB Burton Mere Wetland Centre. The Wirral Way is accessible from the end of the path at Neston.


PARTING SHOT Linwood Barclay Gripping thriller packed with scandal in a small town.


HIDING PLACES Katherine Webb Murder comes to the idyllic sleepy Wiltshire village of Slaughterford.


HE SAID, SHE SAID Erin Kelly Riveting, thought-provoking psychological thriller.





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■ Reasons Write down all the reasons why you’re quitting - for your children, to improve your health, for extra money in your pocket.

practice nurse or contact your local stop smoking service ABL Wirral on 0151 541 5656 or text ABL to 60777 for free support and advice.

■ Prepare Prepare for the day you quit and avoid temptation - choose a quit date that’s unlikely to be stressful and make sure you don’t have any cigarettes, lighters or matches on you. ■ Support Choose your support – download the Smokefree app, speak to your pharmacist, doctor,

■ Coping Find your own way of coping with cravings - call a friend for support, go for a brisk walk or drink a glass of water or juice.



STOPPING SMOKING can be really tough, but even if you aren’t successful immediately, every quit attempt is another step on the journey to kicking the habit for good.


Wirral View is produced by Wirral Council.

■ Keep busy Last but not least, remember there’s never ‘just one’ cigarette. Keep busy, and if you find a certain time of day hard, try a new routine. You CAN do it!


THE STARS ARE FIRE Anita Shreve Confusion and fear in 1947 America.


LION: A LONG WAY HOME Saroo Brierley Book of the Oscar-nominated film.

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A billion reasons to fall in love with plans for Wirral We’re creating a place people want to live and invest in - have you seen our £1bn blueprint for the future yet?


AVE YOU checked out our plans to regenerate Wirral? By early next year, we expect to start work on new construction projects as plans created by the new Wirral Growth Company begin to take shape. First announced at international property conference MIPIM earlier this year, and previewed in last month’s Wirral View, Wirral Growth Company is actively seeking investors for the new development pro-

gramme with Wirral described as ‘the next great Northern regeneration opportunity.’ Developers and investors have been invited to submit ideas and proposals, and the council is expected to sign up a development partner by the end of the year. The council is putting land and other assets into the growth company and the successful partner will be expected to match this commitment with capital and other resources to quickly drive regeneration projects at key sites throughout the borough. Wirral’s key transformation opportunities include: ■ The waterfront area around the Woodside Ferry Terminal in Birkenhead ■ Birkenhead town centre with new retail, leisure and civic developments ■ New Brighton, with more residential and commercial

Waterfront vision: Early ideas for Seacombe.

developments ■ Wirral communities such as Moreton, Bebington and Seacombe with a mixture of residential, commercial and leisure projects

The council’s aim is to create communities and places people want to live and work in, and developers will invest in. We’ve been talking to ar-

chitects, developers and urban planners, and we want to make sure that local residents and businesses are on board too. For further info visit

‘Think it, report it’ child abuse appeal



PEOPLE ARE urged to support a new campaign to stop sexual abuse of children and support victims. Many people who suspect a child is being neglected or abused stay quiet because they are worried

about being wrong. But a new campaign highlights the importance of acting quickly and reporting - even if you just have a feeling something isn’t right. The council is backing the campaign which suggests an

NEW BID TO BOOST VISITORS VISITORS TO WIRRAL have increased by more than a quarter since 2010, with more than 5,000 jobs linked to tourism. Now a new action plan is aiming to increase tourism revenue to £450 million a year by 2020. Wirral Visitor Economy Strategy – created by local businesses, industry experts, Wirral Chamber of Commerce and the council – will see new promotions, events and attractions,

behaviour, family avoidance, substance abuse, persistent tiredness? C: Communication, selfharming, being secretive, withdrawal. For further info see


increasing overnight visitors, bringing in more families, and boosting the corporate and conference business. Tourism in Wirral - key facts: ■ Visitors are worth £385m a year to Wirral ■ More than 5,000 jobs are linked to the visitor economy ■ Wirral is the fastest-growing visitor destination in the Liverpool City Region ■ Visitors staying overnight in

ABC approach to highlight a child is at risk: A: Appearance, are there frequent unexplained injuries, unexplained gifts, poor hygiene? B: Behaviour, such as demanding or aggressive

Wirral have increased by 36% since 2010 ■ Visitors to Wirral have increased by 26% since 2010 ■ Wirral has the only Michelin star restaurant and 5 star hotel in Merseyside.

A MULTI-AGENCY group is looking at high-rise safety following the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Wirral Council, Merseyside Fire and Rescue, and Magenta Living, the largest social housing provider in Wirral, are working together to review safety and reassure residents that their safety is paramount. Initial assessments have

already been carried out and housing officers will be working with owners of privatelymanaged residential blocks to provide the same protection. An initial review has found no aluminium cladding, such as that used at Grenfell Tower, on any Magenta properties, but the review will be ongoing. Further info at

4 | July/August 2017

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my wirral

Doug Jones and inset, his favourite honey cake.

‘Wirral’s good for my bees’


OWER HESWALL’S Doug ‘The Bee’ Jones has long enjoyed a life of milk and honey. Born in Blackpool, his family moved to Liverpool in the 1960s where his father established a successful milk delivery business. It was a given that Doug would join the family firm and take over one day, enduring 4am starts come rain or shine, then, almost 40 years ago, he stumbled across a hobby. ‘I read an article in the paper about beekeeping,’ he recalls, ‘and in those days every beekeeper had their names in the local library. One of them was Arthur Gillette and I contacted him. He’s 98 now, a wonderful man, been my mentor for many years. When I met him his bee suit was a pith helmet with a net stuck to it and tucked in his shirt. I got stung in the face but it didn’t put me off.’ Arthur provided a starter hive and the best instruction, and Doug was on the way to

becoming Doug ‘The Bee’ (as he is known locally). ‘It wasn’t long before I was producing honey, and handily, I had my own distribution system. I had signs on my milk float saying, HONEY FOR SALE. I was living in Mossley Hill then.’

After selling the family milk business, Doug gained his HGV licence and drove lorries and coaches for a while. He also started doing part-time summer work as a government bee inspector. ‘Inspection is very impor-

tant,’ he says. ‘The two biggest threats to bee populations are a disease called American foulbrood and a parasite called Varroa mites. ‘Bees are essential to pollination, so we can’t afford to lose any of them.’ In 1998 Doug moved to Lower Heswall where he lives with wife, Elaine, a teacher. Their home is like the TARDIS, much larger than it looks, a pretty bungalow with small front garden, but at the back, a paddock the size of a football pitch and, at the far end, beehives. ‘I love Wirral,’ says Doug. ‘It’s a very nice place to live, nice trips out. I like West Kirby, Port Sunlight, Ness Gardens. I teach beekeeping at Dale Farm, Heswall. ‘Wirral is good for my bees, too. There are crops and lots of trees. ‘It’s great that people are trying to make their gardens more bee friendly, my favourite saying is that ‘a tree to a bee is a supermarket, a

flower is a corner shop’ You can’t get Doug’s honey from a supermarket, but it is on sale at the Village Shop in Lower Heswall.

And his favourite honey recipe? ‘Honey cake. It’s simple and quick and a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Delicious.’

GET AHEAD, GET A BEEHIVE! IF THE THOUGHT of beekeeping has got you buzzing why not try the Introduction to Beekeeping course held every year at Dale Farm in Heswall? It takes place in March and April and is provided by Wirral Beekeepers. Doug Jones is the Programme Secretary. The course is designed to teach beginners how to handle bees safely, and important topics about bee diseases and how to spot them are also covered. ‘We will lend you a bee suit, and open some bee hives, so you can get hands-

on experience handling the bees,’ explains Doug. Students who decide to take the next steps after completing the Introduction can then attend further beekeeping lessons in the training apiary at Dale Farm. Wirral Beekeepers will advise on sourcing bees, hives, and beekeeping equipment to get aspiring keepers started. The four introductory lessons include light refreshments and last two hours each. To find out more you can call Doug on 0151 342 7062.

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love where you live

Civic pride is alive and well! NOW YOU CAN FORM YOUR OWN TASK GROUP THROUGHOUT Wirral, an army of volunteers spend their time and effort in local communities making Wirral a better place to live. In times of dwindling resources, they are hugely important to Wirral, and our new campaign ‘Love Where You Live’ recognises their contribution and encourages other residents to take their lead. ‘Love Where You Live’ aims to: ■ Encourage others to take part ■ Inspire new groups ■ Highlight we all have a duty to respect our neighbourhood. If you want to get involved, we can advise how you can get up and running, and we may be able to provide equipment and contractor support too. To find out more about the campaign and see the fantastic work taking place across the borough, like and follow Love Wirral on Facebook.

As we launch our new ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign, we’re looking at the volunteers who make Wirral tick.


IRRAL has a myriad of local ‘in bloom’ groups who plant out pots and flower beds around their town - getting other residents, businesses and organisations involved in the process. One such group is ‘Connecting Heswall’ whose ‘Heswall in Bloom project was kick-started by funding from Wirral South Constituency Committee, (every area in Wirral has a similar group, search for your nearest one). Local businesses in South Wirral have helped fund flower beds, gardens and planters. Flowers have been planted by volunteers and people from Wirral Evolutions at Dale Farm, Heswall. The Constituency Team identified a small amount of money to create the Wirral South in Bloom plants fund. This was opened up to funding bids from local groups in the area. This enabled the project to get off the ground, with support from the public, and of course, Dale Farm, which provides training and life skills opportunities for adults with disabilities. Volunteers and trainees grow plants from seed organically at the farm.

Public spirited: The team from Heswall in Bloom.

Manager Mark Diggory says the project gives trainees a chance to get outdoors and learn a new skill. ‘They really enjoy giving back to the community,’ he says. Dick Atkinson from Connecting Heswall said: ‘Local groups working together are more effective. It’s lovely when residents compliment us on the work we’re doing.’ Margaret Milner is creating a wildlife area on land next to Heswall Hall for local schoolchildren. It will include bird and bat boxes, bug hotels, hedgehog houses and leaf/wood piles, with long grass for bees and butterflies. She says the community has been ‘superb,’ offering money to pay for ma-

terials and maintain the land. Tesco Heswall has also donated meadow and bee-friendly seeds, and staff helped to plant a wildflower meadow. Margaret said: ‘I appreciate the help and advice we receive, especially from Linda Higginbottom of Wirral Wildlife, Wirral South Constituency Officer Shannon Kennedy, and Mark Diggory from Dale Farm. You give a little bit and you get a lot more back. I’m retired and it’s helped me to meet lots of nice people.’ If you would like to get involved or work on a similar project in Wirral South, please email fergusadams@wirral. You can contact the Heswall wildlife project at


HELPING PEOPLE who are socially isolated is a major priority, and one of Wirral’s 20 Pledges. In South Wirral, the council’s constituency team is helping residents meet people via the GIFT (Getting Involved, Finding Talents) project. It runs a small grant scheme and you can bid for up to £200 if you have an idea to help people connect (see p10). Former winners include: ■ Bebington 4C’s Carers group,

to pay for days out and social events. ■ New Ferry Residents Association, for a heritage and community event ■ Tots group Dinkies, to replace worn out toys and bouncy chairs ■ New Ferry Butterfly Park, to create a community artwork. For further info email, call 0151 666 3076 or email shannon

PEOPLE LOVE a bit of local history, and ‘Discovering Bromborough,’ is new community project shedding light on what could be one of Wirral’s most important medieval sites. The scheme recently received £35,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to explore links between Bromborough Old Court House,

(a site of medieval occupation), and the former Bromborough Dock, now an attractive open space of reclaimed land overlooking the River Mersey. Future plans include better access to the area’s archaeological heritage on foot or by bike and a new heritage hub at Port Sunlight River Park.


■ Ema Wilkes received Volunteer of the Year Award at last year’s Merseyside Women of the Year Awards for her work setting up Wirral’s Neo Cafe, a food project that’s received national acclaim.

■ Wallasey Village In Bloom have transformed the town into a floral oasis using planters, troughs and arrangements like this specially planted boat at the gateway to the town.

6 | July/August 2017


Wirral View

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Wirral View

eat well wirral

We all love barbecues and picnics, follow our food safety tips and avoid any unpleasant after effects!


UR EAT WELL Wirral project says it’s better to be safe than sorry when you’re eating al fresco: ■ Pre-cook - We advise cooking all chicken (especially on the bone) in the oven prior to giving it a final ‘finish’ on the barbecue. You’ll still experience that special chargrilled taste – and you’ll know that you’ve cooked the chicken all the way through. This technique can also be used for sausages, burgers and kebabs if you’re cooking for large numbers. ■ Charred doesn’t mean cooked - Cook food thoroughly until you’re sure that poultry, pork, burgers, sausages and kebabs are steaming hot, with no pink meat inside. Turning meat regularly and moving it around the barbecue will help to cook it evenly. It’s always safer to cut

open and check your burgers, sausages and chicken. If in doubt – keep cooking. ■ Disposable BBQs take longer Disposable BBQs take longer to heat up and to cook food. Always check meat is cooked right through before serving. ■ Avoid cross-contamination Store raw meat separately before cooking, and use different utensils, plates and chopping boards for raw and cooked food. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water and dry them before handling food and after handling raw foods including meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. ■ Don’t wash raw chicken Don’t wash raw chicken or other meat, it splashes germs. Cooking will kill any bacteria present, including campylobacter. On the other hand, washing chicken, or other meat, can spread dangerous bugs on to your hands, clothes, utensils and worktops. ■ Keep plates and cutlery away from raw meat and fish - Keep plates and cutlery away from ISTOCK/LAUR



Are you food safety savvy for summer get togethers?

raw meat and fish, never serve your guests cooked food on a plate or surface that’s had raw meat or fish on it, and don’t use cutlery or marinades that have been in contact with raw meat. Don’t add bugs back into the mix. ■ Keep food in the fridge Keep food refrigerated below 8ºC for as long as possible before cooking. Keep raw and ready to eat foods such as salads separate and store at the bottom of the fridge.

Facts about barbecue bugs ■ Campylobacter is the most common food poisoning bug in the UK. It’s passed on to humans in undercooked poultry, and can lead to people being very ill. It can even lead to permanent disability. Most people recover, but not all. ■ Listeria can turn up in patés and salads. This bug is particularly dangerous for pregnant women as it can lead to a miscarriage, but the

most at risk from all the barbecue bugs are children and older people. ■ E.coli is often passed on through raw and undercooked meats and can lead to bloody diarrhoea, stomach pains, vomiting and occasionally fever. ■ Salmonella is found on raw meat and undercooked poultry. It leads to fever, vomiting and stomach pains and it can make you ill for weeks.

Easy healthy eats: Give Bernie’s lasagne a whirl EVERY MONTH we’re giving you a healthier ‘twist’ on a popular recipe from our Eat Well Wirral Award holders. This month Bernadette Stafford-Withers, right, owner of Jakey Jays, 122 Oxton Rd, Birkenhead, has given us this delicious Eat Well Wirral healthier version of lasagne. As an Eat Well Wirral award holder, Jakey Jays joins other food businesses and takeaways offering healthier versions of customer favourites. Look out for Eat Well Wirral at your local takeaway.

Lasagne (serves 8-10) Ingredients: 500g 5% fat beef mince; 3 onions, chopped; 1 clove garlic, crushed; 2 tins chopped tomatoes; 1 tsp mixed herbs 2 tbsp tomato puree; 1 red pepper; 1 green pepper; 1 yellow pepper; 8 mushrooms; 2 spring onions; 2 low salt beef Oxo cubes; 7 dried lasagne sheets; Topping: 500g tub fat free cottage cheese; 2 tomatoes.

Method: ■ Fry the beef mince with Frylight (found with the cooking oils in shops) until it starts to brown. Chop the onions, peppers, mushrooms and add to the pan with the garlic, and cook for a further 4-5 minutes. ■ Once the mince is cooked thoroughly, add the sliced spring onions, chopped tomatoes, mixed herbs, tomato puree and oxo cubes and allow to simmer for 12-15 minutes. ■ Preheat the oven to 200°C/ 180° Fan/Gas Mark 6. ■ Spoon

half the mince mixture into a medium sized lasagne dish and top with half of the lasagne sheets. Repeat with the remaining mince mixture and lasagne sheets. ■ Spread the cottage cheese over the top and arrange the sliced tomato. ■ Bake for 25-30 minutes or until golden. Serve with a hearty mixed salad, for a delicious healthier alternative to usual lasagne!

8 | July/August 2017

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Scheme keeps kids posted Supporting children who are ‘looked after’ is a key priority. A new scheme is getting them into books.


HILDREN who are ‘looked after’ in Wirral are taking part in a new scheme providing free books, maths games, and stationery. The Letterbox Club project aims to build children’s confidence and encourage them to read. Funded by the council’s Looked After Children Education Service (LACES), it’s supported by national reading

charity The Book Trust. Carers and children receive book parcels in the post, targeted at the child’s age group. They are put together by librarians, publishers, academics and authors – as well as those who work with children who are looked after. Education officer Emma Edwards said: ‘It’s an excellent programme that recognises the positive effect reading has on children, helping them with maths skills and proving learning can be fun! Receiving a lovely parcel delivered just for themselves is fantastic.’ Find out more at www. or by contacting the LACES team on 0151 666 5282. Here’s LACES chosen books this year: ■ Aged 3-5 year-olds: Colin and

Lee, Carrot and Pea, by Morag Hood; Maisy Learns to Swim, by Lucy Cousins ■ Year 1 and 2: Pass It On, by Sophie Henn; The Book Just Ate my Dog, by Richard Byrne ■ Year 3 and 4: King Flashypants, by Andy Riley; The Twits, by Roald Dahl ■ Year 5 and 6: Marvellous Mix-Ups, by Alexander McCallSmith; Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies, by Pamela Buttchart ■ Year 7 and 8: Fuzzy Mud, by Louis Sachar; The Awesome Body Book, by Adam Frost Feedback from young people benefitting from the project included: ‘I was excited every time my parcel came.’ ‘I read the books and I loved playing with my family on the maths games.’

Macie and Lottie want to be dancers… But first, they need a loving foster family in Wirral. Become a foster carer with Wirral Council and we’ll support you every step of the way. Do something incredible.

Parcels of fun: Learning materials for kids.

July/August 2017 | 9

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‘No fuss’ support helps you meet the cost of school kit Do you struggle to afford school uniforms? Meet a group of volunteers who can help.


INCE 2012, two Wirral organisations have helped struggling families of school age children by providing free school uniforms. Free Uniform for Secondary Schools (FUSS) and Free Uniform for Primary School (FUPS) have helped more than 3,700 families with school uniform needs – all for free. They provide a link between parents of children who are finishing school, and those who are starting, and have partnered with 19 secondary schools in Wirral. A good quality recycled

school uniform is provided free of charge, with no judgement on personal circumstances. All items are sorted for quality, with minor repairs made, washed, ironed, labelled and stored by volunteers. Items that cannot be re-used are sold or donated for re-use elsewhere, and the rest are recycled, saving a huge amount of artificial fibre from landfill. As well as supplying free school uniform, FUSS/FUPS also provides PE kits, jumpers, plain polo shirts, and a few items for special and independent schools. With the end of term approaching and children likely to outgrow their current uniforms over the summer break, you might want to donate your children’s uniforms. Many of the schools in Wirral have collection points where you can drop the uniform off – but check with your child’s school if you’re unsure. At FUSS/FUPS you will find

Volunteers: Pat and Alison help run the scheme.

items for all of Wirral’s secondary schools and around a third of all primary schools. All uniforms are in good or new condition. FUSS/FUPS has hubs in

Birkenhead, Moreton, Hoylake (central hub), Tranmere, Bebington, Neston, and Irby. These hubs have regular opening times when you can come along and try items on or

swap your current outgrown uniform for larger items, or you can make an appointment with their volunteer staff. To find out more visit:

New way to suss out your family childcare choices IT’S TRUE THAT childcare support is available - but finding what options are out there can be difficult. A new website - Childcare Choices - brings together all the government childcare offers in one place for the first time. The new website childcarechoices. makes it easy to find what’s on offer and provides a simple way of seeing which schemes are available. It also shows you where you can find out more. You can use the Childcare Calculator at to see what offers are available to support you and your family. As well as current schemes, this year two new options - Tax-Free Childcare

and 30 Hours Free Childcare – are being introduced for parents of children aged under four (on August 31) and parents of disabled children under 17. To find out more about the new offers and how they can help you, go to

Who can access Tax-Free Childcare? Tax-Free Childcare is an online payment account, topped up by the government, which parents use solely to pay their childcare costs. For every £8 that families pay in, the government will make a top-up payment of £2, up to a maximum of £2,000 per child per year (or £4,000 for disabled children). Tax-Free Childcare will be available for children under 12 years old (under 17 years old for disabled children) and can be used to contribute towards nursery, childminder and after-school care. To be eligible, parents must be in work (including selfemployment) and each earning at least £120


Two new options are now available to help you get free childcare.

per week and not more than £100,000 per year. The offer will be introduced to parents with the youngest children first and gradually rolled out so that all parents will be able to apply by the end of 2017. Childcare providers must have signed up to be able to receive payments from Tax-Free Childcare. Parents can check which providers in their area are ready, using the

childcare provider checker at Who can access 30 Hours Free Childcare? 30 hours childcare for three and four-year-olds will be available in England from September 2017. This doubles the existing 15 hours currently available and could save working families up to £5,000 a year. Parents will be able to check their eligibility using the online calculator and, if eligible, submit an application ahead of September. Once signed up, parents will receive an eligibility code to take to their childcare provider. Childcare providers will then check the code with their local authority. If eligible, parents can book their 30 hours place.

10 | July/August 2017

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From science to silage FUNDING OPEN TO B

EBINGTON High School Sports College might seem an unlikely training ground for the farmers of the future, but pupils came away with a number of awards at the Cheshire Show. Jess and her Pygmy goat won in the ‘Young Handler’ class, students Jack and Connor received second and third place with their Hampshire Down sheep, while student

New honour for our food champs A WINNER in the council’s tourism awards has been honoured at Cheshire Life’s Food and Drink Awards by winning ‘Outstanding Customer Care.’ Joanna Jones, below, restaurant owner, Blackberry Grove, New Brighton said: ‘I’m absolutely delighted to get such recognition for the team.’ Blackberry Grove opened in October 2015. Within five months, Joanna

and her team had won the ‘Outstanding Customer Care’ award at Wirral Tourism Network’s Wirral Tourism Awards 2016. In November 2016 they were shortlisted and named as one of the best 20 places in the country for people with food allergies to eat out at (Free From Eating Out Awards 2016). Most recently they were shortlisted at The Casual Dining Awards 2017, down to the final four with three London eateries for ‘Best New Dining Concept’. 2 AA rosette award winning Andy Jones was recently appointed Blackberry Grove’s new head chef. Joanna said: ‘We want to cultivate new talent at Blackberry Grove and are confident that our new chef will underpin our ambitions with his foundation of knowledge that can cascade to our less experienced members.’


Bebington High: Making news from science to shepherding!

DO YOU FEEL LEFT BEHIND BY THE TECH REVOLUTION? FEAR NOT, HELP IS AT HAND... A NEW PROJECT has been launched by Age UK Wirral to help people who feel left behind by the digital revolution. Include-IT Mersey aims to provide a personalised package of support to people across the Liverpool City Region who are out of work and need help to improve their IT and online skills, and lack confidence in using new technology. The aim is to eventually help them find a job. Age UK Wirral is running the course, which ends in September 2018, at Seacombe and Birkenhead libraries. The courses are on a rolling programme of eight-week blocks, so you can join in whenever you want. The project is co-ordinated by Debbie Montgomery who said that many older people looking for work are missing out because they don’t have the IT skills they need to even search online f or work. ‘Developing IT skills and getting online can open up a whole new world to people in many different ways,’ she said.

The course also includes employability and personal skills development to support people into or closer to employment. For further details and to check eligibility please call Age UK Wirral on 0151 482 3456. * Include-IT Mersey is a new project, jointly funded by the European Social Fund and the Big Lottery Fund as part of its 2014-2020 Building Better Opportunities Programme.

WIRRAL SOUTH Constituency Committee has launched a small grants fund for schemes in its area that address social isolation and the health issues caused by it. The fund is aimed at groups across South Wirral - Bebington, Bromborough, Clatterbridge, Eastham and Heswall - that are working to stop people becoming socially isolated, or are responsible for schemes that do the following: ■ Raise awareness of social isolation and the risks it can pose to health. ■ Increase support for people suffering a lack of regular social contact with others, and come up with creative ideas to benefit others. ■ Work, with others, to build capacity in neighbourhoods to tackle social isolation. As long as you are based in South Wirral, the following can apply: ■ Registered charities ■ Community or voluntary groups (including parent teacher associations) ■ Faith groups ■ Social enterprises or community interest companies


A local school is making sure its pupils get a good grounding in all kinds of skills!

Fleur was placed sixth in the larger ‘Young Handler’ class of 23. Meanwhile, there were more awards in the offing when pupils were invited to Liverpool John Moore’s University to test forensic crime scene evidence in the University’s Science Lab as part of a special science project. Their investigations included fingerprint examination, fibre and hair analysis, blood identification, and weapon identification. After evaluation, pupils were awarded Scientist of the Year titles, Mia Cartlidge, who came first, Ryan Bond (2nd) with third place going to Ben Clarke.

Further information and/ or a hard copy of the application form can be obtained from Wirral South Engagement Manager Shannon Kennedy on 0151 666 3076 or email shannonkennedy@wirral. You will also be able to find the application form at Applications close Friday, September 8.

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Chelsea Pensioners turn heads as they visit Wirral The famous Chelsea Pensioners headed to Wirral as part of a weekend to mark Armed Forces Day.


HE CHELSEA Pensioners are the faces of the UK’s veteran community. They live at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, their 325-year-old home founded by Charles II, in the heart of London. So they attracted quite a bit of attention in their iconic uniforms when they stepped out in Wirral as part of a visit to mark Armed Forces Day. Armed Forces Day takes place nationwide in support of the British Armed Forces, and

this year, as it coincided with the Mersey River Festival, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to invite the world’s most famous OAPs to Wirral. They took a Mersey Ferry to Woodside, before a visit to the UBoat Story. They were then taken by vintage tram to Wirral Transport Museum and to Gallagher’s vintage pub in Birkenhead for a reception with the Mayor of Wirral, Cllr Ann McLachlan, veterans, Territorial Army representatives and cadets. Cllr McLachlan said: ‘We were delighted to welcome the Chelsea Pensioners to Wirral as part of the Armed Forces Day celebrations. ‘It’s hugely important that we pay our respects to all those who serve our country and recognise the incredible bravery and sacrifices of our troops, both past and present.’

Well red: Chelsea Pensioners at Woodside.

Mersey Ferries and commuters praised as unsung heroes of loop line project! MERSEYTRAVEL, Merseyrail and Network Rail have sent a huge thank you to residents and commuters for their support and good faith during the past six months of the Wirral loop line works. Wirral line trains are now running to all Liverpool sta-

tions again. By following the travel advice and planning their journeys, residents travelling on trains, rail replacement buses, commercial buses, Mersey Ferries or Mersey Tunnels did their bit to help keep the transport network and the City Region moving during the work.

This project is part of a £340m investment to provide more frequent and reliable trains in the region. The new track is expected to last up to 60 years, enhance the safety of the network, and will support the new Merseyrail trains due in 2020. A customer survey carried out by Merseytravel showed that 80 per cent agreed that the information provided had them to make informed journey choices, and 73 per cent of people rated the replacement buses ‘good’ or ‘very good.’ Here’s what some residents had to say: ■ ‘It was very well organised, plenty of notices and staff to tell you where to go, the bus service was excellent.’ ■ ‘Well done to all concerned!’ ■ ‘The build up was well advertised and Merseytravel have

done a fantastic job of making people aware it was coming’. The iconic Mersey Ferries proved to be a popular alternative during the work. An average morning would see around 200/250 people use the ferry to commute, but there were often more than 500 people and this could reach up to 650 on a morning when the sun came out! It’s hoped some commuters will continue to use the service and Mersey Ferries are looking to encourage more people to enjoy the waterfront throughout the summer with Evening Cruises and Who Dunnit Mystery Cruises (see our What’s On section for details). Visit, follow @merseyferries on Twitter or like the Facebook page to find out more. Also see our feature on page 15.

BRIDGE TO BE CLOSED TO TRAFFIC UNTIL NEW YEAR WORK TO MODERNISE the ‘Four Bridges’ crossing between Wallasey and Birkenhead will continue until January 2018. The new ‘C’ bridge on Tower Road between Birkenhead and Wallasey officially opened to traffic last month. However, with work now well underway to replace the ‘A’ Bridge, Tower Road will remain closed to through traffic until early 2018. To accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, there will be a shuttle bus in operation from August 14, with a trailer for bicycles if cyclists don’t wish to ride along the diversion route.

12 | July/August 2017

your council

Wallasey Liscard Leasowe & Moreton East


Wirral View

New Brighton

IRRAL Council is made up of 66 locally elected councillors across 22 electoral wards. Wirral Council is a Labourled council with a Labour Cabinet whose members have separate portfolios and responsibilities. All councillors have a role

Moreton West & Saughall Massie

in reviewing decisions and decision making. Community leadership and engagement is at the heart of each councillor’s role, working in partnership with voluntary and community organisations to actively engage residents and people who use our services.

Seacombe Bidston & St James

Hoylake & Meols

Birkenhead & Tranmere

Claughton Upton Oxton Greasby, Irby & Frankby

Rock Ferry Prenton

West Kirby & Thurstaston


Pensby & Thingwall



Bidston & St James Clatterbridge



Christina Muspratt 0151 645 8864 christinamuspratt

Walter Smith 07795 243 342 waltersmith

Jerry Williams 0151 608 3769 jerrywilliams

Birkenhead & Tranmere

Brian Kenny 0151 638 5488 briankenny

Ann McLachlan 0151 522 0299 annmclachlan

Julie McManus 0151 677 3660 Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2017.




Leader of Council

Pat Cleary 07852 842 559 patcleary

Phil Davies 0151 691 8540 phildavies

Jean Stapleton 07929 780 326 jeanstapleton


Chris Carubia 07720 847 265 chriscarubia

Phil Gilchrist 0151 334 1923 philgilchrist

Dave Mitchell 0151 327 2095 davemitchell

Treena Johnson 07722 007 309 treenajohnson

Anita Leech 0151 691 0540 anitaleech

Tom Anderson 07917 807 776 tomanderson

David Burgess-Joyce 07769 326 170 davidburgessjoyce

Bernie Mooney 07811 060 891 berniemooney

Thomas Usher 07407 702 182 thomasusher

Paul Doughty 0151 651 2059 pauldoughty

Stuart Kelly 07940 545 003 stuartkelly

Phillip Brightmore 07794 428 126 phillipbrightmore

Louise Reecejones 07468 419 765 louisereecejones

Wendy Clements 0151 677 4045 wendyclements

Janette Williamson 07871 075 182 janwilliamson

Paul Stuart 0151 638 8067 paulstuart

Matthew Patrick Tony Smith matthewpatrick 0151 677 1384 tonysmith

Cherry Povall, JP 07814 913 975 cherrypovall

Adam Sykes 07855 379 397 adamsykes

Andrew Hodson 0151 342 6253 andrewhodson

Michael Sullivan 07584 207 739 mikesullivan

Kathy Hodson 07747 603 405 kathyhodson

Les Rowlands 0151 342 2454 lesrowlands

Steve Foulkes 07712 133 696 stevefoulkes

Eddie Boult 0151 632 2605 eddieboult

Gerry Ellis 0151 632 1976 gerryellis

Moreton West & Saughall Massie

New Brighton

Bruce Berry 07733 012 414 bruceberry

Pat Hackett 07771 972 302 pathackett

Chris Blakeley 07803 614 418 chrisblakeley

Steve Williams 07974 717 666 stevewilliams

Angela Davies 07747 735 133 angeladavies

Paul Hayes 07837 205 171 paulhayes

Gillian Wood 07493 142 672 gilliwood

John Hale 0151 632 4570 johnhale

Tony Jones 07516 731 717 tonyjones

Chris Spriggs 07855 315 088 christinespriggs

Moira McLaughlin 07880 348 024 moiramclaughlin

Chris Meaden 07738 824 130 chrismeaden

Rock Ferry

Tony Norbury 07952 297 652 tonynorbury

Denise Realey 0151 652 3059 deniserealey


Stuart Whittingham 0151 653 5539 stuartwhittingham

George Davies 07713 644 330 georgedavies

Hoylake & Meols



Chris Jones 07853 042 243 christinejones

Tracey Pilgrim 07831 269 506 traceysmith1


Pensby & Thingwall


Adrian Jones 0151 638 9050 adrianjones

Irene Williams 0151 608 7806 irenewilliams



Alan Brighouse 0151 652 6041 alanbrighouse

Warren Ward 07581 414 518 warrenward

Greasby, Frankby & Irby

Leasowe & Moreton East

Ron Abbey 07957 721 248 ronabbey

Joe Walsh joewalsh

Bill Davies 07867 772 437 billdavies

West Kirby & Thurstaston

Ian Lewis 07886 133 571 ianlewis

Lesley Rennie 07795 450 497 lesleyrennie

To check which councillor covers your area visit

David M Elderton 07973 662 395 davidelderton

Jeff Green 07766 725 125 jeffgreen

Geoffrey Watt 0151 625 3941 geoffreywatt

July/August 2017 | 13

Wirral View

news leader’s column

WITH THE ARRIVAL of the summer months, we welcome many day trippers and visitors to our beaches, parks and outdoor spaces. We are grateful for the almost £400 million they spend and the jobs the growing visitor economy is creating. To maximise this economic opportunity this year, Wirral Council and its many partners have developed a range of activities and events to entertain and amuse residents and visitors alike, of all ages and interests. Walks on the beach, picnics in the parks and cycle rides along the trails and paths are always on offer as visitors join residents in experiencing the wonderful coast and countryside of Wirral. For those who fancy the wind in their hair, Wirral Sailing School in West Kirby offers introduction sessions to sailing, windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle-boarding. For those looking for a less strenuous way to mess about on the water, a boat tour of Hilbre Island to view its seal colony, nesting birds and perhaps even the rare Harbour Porpoises, is a must do. For those days when our famed micro-climate doesn’t co-operate, Wirral’s cultural attractions are the answer. The Williamson Art Gallery in Oxton presents its summer series of Sunday Serenades where guests and friends can listen to specially selected arias, jazz and well-known classics while viewing the Gallery’s wonderful art collection. For theatre-fans, The Floral Pavilion in New Brighton presents West End, smash hit The Tiger Who Came to Tea, a family show of laughs

and sing-a-longs for all. For the grown-ups, the music of Northern Soul and Pink Floyd will be celebrated be fore we welcome TV comic Jimmy Carr to our premier theatre. Wirral is here for all of us to enjoy this summer. Love Wirral - a council run campaign- encourages people to take greater responsibility and pride in their own local environment, whether you live, work or visit Wirral. There is no excuse for not using the bins available for our litter, to pick up after our dogs, or to park and drive considerately. The council has a zero tolerance approach to litter and dog fouling and so far this year has issued thousands of on-the-spot fines to residents and visitors who haven’t respected the rules.


Wirral is here for all of us to enjoy this summer - but the onus is on us all to care for where we live.

These are busy times for our parks and gardens teams, our partners in waste management who keep our open spaces clean and tidy, and the police, lifeboats and emergency rescue personnel who keep our communities, parks and water safe for all to enjoy. We are grateful for their efforts, but we must also recognise our own role in keeping Wirral such an attractive place. Anybody can get involved with Love Wirral to show their pride in keeping our borough beautiful and showing it off to others. Whether you are a group of friends, a local business, community group or an interested individual, we can all do our bit.

‘One Wirral’ will celebrate spirit of togetherness T

HE ONE WIRRAL Festival 2017 in Birkenhead Park next month will celebrate everything about Wirral – our people, businesses, community groups and services. Organised by three of Wirral’s busiest organisations, the festival, on Saturday, August 19, will have music, workshops, stalls and crafters in seven themed zones: ■ Music - hosted by Wirral Radio with acts performing throughout the day ■ Active - including sports, dance and drama workshops hosted by Tranmere Rovers, 3D Theatre Arts and other activity providers ■ Community - fete-style stalls from community groups, voluntary organisations and charities ■ Craft - local crafters and artisan food sellers as well as a programme of crafty workshops ■ Nostalgia an exploration into Wirral’s past hosted by Age UK Wirral ■ Nature - animals, plants and outdoor activities ■ Chilled - picnic space with acoustic vibes

One Wirral: The festival will celebrate disability and diversity.

The event has been organised by Wirral Mencap, Options for Supported Living and Wirral Evolutions with a £10,000 grant from the National Lottery. The three disability organisations have come together with partners from across the community to deliver a festival that promotes inclusion, diversity and communities getting together. The aim is to make the festival as accessible as possible - regardless of age, gender, race, religion,

cultural views, sexuality or disability. As well as being a great day out for everyone, the event will highlight the achievements and positive contributions made to society by local people with a learning disability. Each organisation has recruited a number of representatives who are helping to plan and promote the event. If you are interested in finding out more about One Wirral 2017, please see the website or call Wirral Mencap on 0151 666 1829.

POSITIVE MESSAGE OF UK DISABILITY WEEK EVENTS WERE HELD across Wirral to mark Learning Disability Week, the national campaign to raise awareness of learning disability. Currently, only six per cent of people with a learning disability have a job, despite the positive contribution they can make to a workplace and the benefits it has to self-esteem and independence. Chief Executive of Wirral Mencap, Chloe Harvey, said: ‘The theme of Learning Disabil-

ity Week this year was employment. All the events were led or supported by people with a learning disability, highlighting their skills and abilities and the positive contribution they can make to society.’ A tea party raising more than £180 was held in Hamilton Square by young people who are on Wirral Mencap’s Gateway Award Programme. If you want to know more about becoming an inclusive employer please see National

Gateway volunteers: At Hamilton Sq.

Mencap’s website mencap. For info about Wirral Mencap, including details of services and events, visit or call 0151 666 1829.

14 | July/August 2017

Wirral View

active wirral

Madi is hitting the boys for six! With England taking the Women's World Cup by storm, a teenager from Wirral is also showing that cricket isn’t just a game for the boys.


T IS NOW easier than ever for women to get into sport, with women’s football, hockey and netball giving them the chance to get competitive. But other sports are becoming increasingly popular too.

Madi Arthur, a 15-year-old from West Wirral, has been playing cricket since she was just six years old. She joined Upton Cricket Club this season and as well as playing for the under 15 girls team and sen-

ior ladies side, she has represented the boys Under 15s too. Madi said: ‘Until recently I was the only girl on my team. I really enjoyed competing with the boys and showing them girls can play cricket too! ‘I’d really like other girls to give it ago and get involved.’ Her hard work is obviously paying off, having recently been called up to play for Cheshire County Girls under 15s team. This step up in standard hasn’t phased Madi at all and she is currently the leading bowler for her team, having recently recorded her season’s best of 3 wickets for 9 runs. Madi has big plans to play for the England team one day and the way she’s going, who’s to say she won’t follow in the footsteps of Natalie Sciver, Tammy Beaumont and Sarah Taylor, who wowed the crowds in England this Summer. Visit activities/cricket if you’d like to

Game on: Madi in action.

give cricket a go. Madi is also an ambassador for This Girl Can Wirral, which recently launched a brand new poster campaign aimed at making teenage girls realise that ‘getting active is attractive’. With headlines like ‘Too right I hit like a girl’ and ‘Gym hair, don’t care’, the posters feature young women doing what they do best – working out at the gym, playing football and boxing. The posters were launched at the latest This Girl Can event at the end of July, a roller disco at The Hive in Birkenhead.

GIRL POWER! THIS GIRL CAN Ambassadors have had a busy year, attending VIP launch parties, racing around at roller discos and posing for photo-shoots, as well as promoting sport and physical activity to other teenage girls. If you are a teenage girl aged between 13 and 17 and would like to join the squad, drop us a message on Instagram @ThisGirlCanInWirral or Twitter @TGC_Wirral

squad Join Join the the

and make getting and make getting active attractive active attractive

@THISGIRLCANINWIRRAL @THISGIRLCANINWIRRAL @TGC_WIRRAL @TGC_WIRRAL On a roll: Ambassadors show off their posters at the roller disco.

what’son Wirral View


July/August 2017 | 15



See our Summer Special for loads of ideas for things to do this month.  See page 19

Music on the Mersey A

FANTASTIC line up of local musicians will be making waves this Summer as Mersey Ferries hugely popular evening cruises return. The two hour cruises give passengers the chance to admire the views of Liverpool and Wirral as the sun sets, while enjoying music from a variety of artists, including jazz and swing singer Alan Cross and Cal Mac, one half of the Mac Bros from TV talent show The Voice.

Gary Evans at Merseytravel said ‘Our Summer Evening Cruises were hugely popular last year and we are delighted to welcome them back. ‘This year our cruises are part of Liverpool’s 50 Summers of Love and our artists will play a selection of tracks from this period as well as some classics. ‘It’s the perfect way to spend a leisurely Summer evening!’ You can book now for the following cruises, which leave

Seacombe at 7.30pm and last approximately two hours: - SUN 30th JULY: The Poor Boys - THU 3rd AUG: Alan Cross - THU 17th AUG: Marc Kenny - SUN 20th AUG: Cal Mac (from The Mac Bros) - THU 31st AUG: Alan Cross - SUN 10th SEPT: Xebra - THU 14th SEPT: Cal Mac Tickets cost £13.95 and can be bought by calling 0151 330 1444 or by visiting any one of Merseytravel’s terminals.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS The original global adventure will be shown around Wirral in 8 days, at Birkenhead Priory, Claremont Farm, Queens Park and Royden Park. 

FAMILY FESTIVALS Another packed month of Summer festivals, including Egremont Festival, Port Sunlight River Park Celebration Day and One Wirral Festival at Birkenhead Park.  See Listings

DAY AT THE FARM Visit Church Farm for family fun galore!  See page 18



Sci-fi Icons Exhibition PAGE 17


Fancy trying something different? Learn to dance on ice!  See Listings

16 | July/August 2017

Wirral View

what’s on

ST. OLAV VIKING WALK TUE 25th JULY, 9am. Free Guided walk from West Kirby to Neston. Meet at the Charles Dawson Brown Museum part of St. Bridget’s Church, West Kirby.

BRIMSTAGE MAZE Open daily until 5th SEPT, 10.30am-6pm. £9 adults/children | £32 for group of 4 | Under 3s free Superhero themed maze, go-karts, crazy golf and much more!

BE IN BIRKENHEAD FESTIVAL WED 26th JULY, 11.30am-4pm. Free festival at Hamilton Square with children’s rides, craft stalls, Punch & Judy, circus activities, vintage vehicles and much more! 0151 650 6940

EXHIBITION WILDLIFE ART FRI 28th - SUN 30th JULY. Over 30 top class wildlife artists from all over the UK will be exhibiting their work and answering your questions. Free. Gordale Garden Centre, Burton.

EASTHAM COUNTRY PARK VOLUNTEERS TUE 25th JULY, 10am-3pm. Join the volunteers and make a positive impact on local wildlife. Meet at the Rangers Office. AN ENCOUNTER WITH GEORGE JARDINE Until 3rd SEPT. Stranded mermaids and night moths inhabit the world of Mr Jardine in a new exhibition at Williamson Art Gallery. Much of his art was inspired by the landscapes of the North West and the garden of his Wallasey home.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, BIRKENHEAD PRIORY FRI 28th JULY, 7.30pm. £12 | £8 conc | £5 under 21s A whirlwind escapade crossing every continent, with trains, boats and steamer ships, elephants, Indian princesses and a suspicious detective. Booking essential. You can also see the show on: - Sun 30th July at Claremont Farm - Wed 2nd Aug at Queen’s Park, Meols - Sat 5th Aug at Royden Park

MUSIC AND MEMORIES WED 26th JULY, 2pm. £11.50 Your memories will come flooding back with over 60 favourites from the 40’s through to the 70’s. Music, costumes and laughter too! ISLANDS OF ICE, FIRE & WIND THU 27th JULY, 8-9.30pm. £4 A talk about the scenery and bird life of Iceland and the Shetlands. Kingsmead School Hall, Bertram Drive, Hoylake.

RED ROCKS DISCOVERY SAT 29th JULY, 10.30am-2pm. Explore Red Rocks wildlife with a beach clean, beach art and butterfly hunt, plus bird, natterjack toad and 'plants of Red Rocks' guided walks. Meet at the slipway down to the beach on Stanley Road. Book ahead. events/2017/07/29/red-rocksdiscovery SUMMER SERENADE SAT 29th JULY, 7.30pm. £15 Join internationally acclaimed singers Roy Weissensteiner and Rachael Russell as they perform some of the most loved classical duets. Two beautiful voices, one amazing night. Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight. 0151 643 8757

WALLASEY MODEL BOAT SOCIETY LIFEBOAT DAY SUN 30th JULY, 10am-2pm. Model lifeboats in action on New Brighton Boating Lake. EGREMONT FESTIVAL SUN 30th JULY, 11am-5pm. Annual festival on the Egremont promenade and shore, with live music, food court, fairground, donkey rides and stalls. 0151 639 4441

'PIRATES OF WALLASEY' AT CENTRAL PARK, LISCARD THU 3rd AUG, 10-11.30am. See our ‘School’s Out Summer Special’ starting on page 19. JOHN PIPER’S PUPPET SHOW THU 3rd AUG 11am-12pm. £1.50 Puppets come to Irby Library! Suitable for under 9s. Places are limited so book in advance. 0151 648 1348

FUN DAY IN THE HYPE PARK SUN 30th JULY, 12pm-5pm. Free fun day for foster carers, parents, guardians, social workers and children in Birkenhead Park (top of Park Road East). Activities include art workshops, sports, dodgeball, nature trail and bike maintenance (bring your bike and have it fixed for free!). Book via email. SOAPY SPACESHIPS PORT SUNLIGHT WED 2nd AUG, 10.30am-3pm. £1.50 per child Turn soap packaging into UFOs and rockets! Old School Room in the Lyceum. Also coming soon: - Wed 16th Aug: Pirates of Port Sunlight. Crafts and pirate fun. - Wed 23rd Aug: Safari Around the Dell. Animal trail and crafts.

EDO POP JAPANESE PRINTS EXHIBITION Until 24th SEPT, Lady Lever Art Gallery The spirit of 19th century Edo (now Tokyo) is brought to life in this exhibition of 50 woodblock prints by leading printmakers such as Kuniyoshi, Kunisada and Kunichika. The prints depict a time of great change and modernisation, when Western influence was starting to be felt alongside traditional Japanese culture. Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight.

Find out what’s on at

THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA WED 2nd AUG, 1.30 & 4.30pm. THU 3rd AUG, 11am & 2pm. £14 | £48 family of 4 Magic, singalongs and clumsy chaos! Children aged 3+.

BEBINGTON BARDS SAT 5th AUG, 2-4pm. Free Creative writing group for adults. First Saturday of every month at Bebington Central Library. 0151 606 2665 CREATIVE WRITING AND STORYTELLING FOR CHILDREN SAT 5th AUG, 11-12.30pm. £10 Are you the next J.K Rowling? Do you have lots of stories in your head that you want to tell other people about? Primary school children are invited along to creative writing sessions every Saturday morning at the Williamson Art Gallery. readnowwritenow. BALL OF FIRE SAT 5th & SUN 6th AUG, 8pm. £18 A celebration of Alan Ball, charting his life from a wily boy with ambitions of playing on the world stage, through to his rise to Everton and England legend. Ronnie Goodlass poetically narrates the play, tracing every step of Alan's journey. For ‘What’s On’ terms & conditions visit

July/August 2017 | 17

Wirral View

what’s on PRINCESS AND THE PIG THE DELL, PORT SUNLIGHT TUE 8th AUG, 2pm. £15 | £10 Bring along your picnics, blankets and folding chairs to enjoy this open-air production by Folksy Theatre. KIDS ACTIVITY DAY, BIRKENHEAD PARK WED 9th AUG, 10am-3pm. See our School's Out Summer Special starting on page 19. TWELFTH NIGHT THE DELL, PORT SUNLIGHT WED 9th AUG, 7pm. £15 | £10 Folksy Theatre present one of Shakespeare's most famous comedies, about mistaken identities, love, and the madness it can drive us to. WIRRAL IN BLOOM FESTIVAL - BIRKENHEAD PARK SAT 12th & SUN 13th AUG, 10am-5pm. Fruit, veg and flowers plus farm animals, rides and live music. 0151 666 1829 DEESIDE ICE DANCERS SUN 13th AUG, 5.15-7.15pm. £12 Fancy dancing on ice? Come along to the Ice Dance Social at Deeside Ice Rink in Queensferry. Private lessons available. 07836 590 875

TENNIS COACHING, THE OVAL SAT 19th AUG, 9.30-10.30am. Free coaching for all standards, with rackets and balls provided.

PORT SUNLIGHT RIVER PARK CELEBRATION DAY SUN 13th AUG, 12-4pm. A fun family day with owls, bees and wildlife related stalls, plus children’s activities, delicious local ice cream and a trail around the park. Disabled parking available nearby if prebooked. 07587 550 060 YOUNG AT HEART CLUB, MEOLS MON 14th AUG, 2-4pm. Free If you're over 50, come and have a chat over tea and biscuits, plus quizzes, internet tuition, dominoes, jigsaws and cards. St John’s Church Centre. 0151 632 5011

EPW AMERICAN WRESTLING FRI 18th AUG, 7pm. £7.00 adults | £15.00 for VIP ringside and backstage pass. Action-packed night of live wrestling! Wallasey Town Hall. event1598_american-wrestling-epw-wallasey.php DICK & DOM LIVE SAT 19th AUG, 2pm & 5pm. £13.50 | £11.50 under 16s See our School's Out Summer Special starting on page 19.

YOGA IN BIRKENHEAD PARK SUN 20th AUG, 10-11.30am. Free but a donation to the park is welcome. Beginners welcome - please bring a mat. 0151 652 5197 BOOK AT BREAKFAST, LEASOWE TUE 22nd AUG, 10-11am. Chat with people over a shared love of books. Leasowe Library. 0151 638 4013 GIN FESTIVAL, BIRKENHEAD SAT 26th AUG, 1.30-5.30pm and 7-11pm. Premium gins from overseas to those crafted locally, plus cocktails and a live swing band. Birkenhead Town Hall. Booking essential (over 18s only).

ADULT READING GROUP, BEBINGTON CENTRAL LIBRARY TUE 15th AUG, 2-3pm. Free Weekly reading group. THE GLENN MILLER SOUND BEBINGTON BRITISH LEGION WED 16th AUG, 8.30-11pm. £3 Bryan Stapleton carries on the Glenn Miller legacy, accompanied by a 20 piece jazz and swing band. Every Wednesday. 0151 608 2270

LITTLE RED SAT 19th AUG, 2pm. £11 | £8 Follow Little Red on her journey across Middle England to deliver an assortment of baked goods to Grandma’s house. Frantic fun and fabulous songs. Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight.

ONE WIRRAL FESTIVAL BIRKENHEAD PARK SAT 19th AUG, 11am-4pm. Family fun with music and activities that showcase what makes Wirral a great place to live.

THE LITTLE MIX SHOW SAT 26th AUG, 7pm. £15 | £12 Tribute show featuring all of Little Mix’s hits and pop-video choreography, plus dance competitions, giveaways and a meet and greet with the girls! Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight. JIMMY CARR - THE BEST OF, ULTIMATE GOLD, GREATEST HITS TOUR WED 30th AUG, 8pm. £29 Jimmy Carr has performed nine sell-out tours, playing nearly 2,000 shows to over 2 million people across 4 continents. His new tour will distil everything we love to laugh at into one night. Over 16s only.

PINK FLOYD’S THE WALL LIVE FRI 11th & SAT 12th AUG, 7pm. £20.00 Vesbim have brought together some of the best North West musicians to present The Wall - Live, with an extra 90 minutes of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters classics from the albums Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here and more. Great music and stunning visual effects make this an unmissable live experience.

THE FORCE IS STRONG AT SPACEPORT STAR WARS fans, put your lightsabers away and get your land cruiser to Seacombe, to see a fantastic collection of memorabilia from your favourite movie. The Sci-fi Icons exhibition includes Jedi Knights and Stormtroopers, fascinating scenes such as the Emperor's throne room and Ewok village, plus a display of Star Wars toys dating from 1977. A great time, you will have. While you are at Spaceport, be transported to another galaxy in the 360° dome theatre, take a ride on the Simulator and peer in to the sky with the help of the world's largest robotic telescope. Tickets cost £9.50 for adults, £6 for children and a family ticket costs £24.50 (2 adults and 3 children). There is a discount if you book online at


Find out what’s on at

18 | July/August 2017

Wirral View

what’s on

TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE FAMILY WALKS to Hilbre Island give children the perfect chance to enjoy a seaside scavenger hunt, rock pool dipping and seal watching. There are walks on Mon 31st July, Thu 17th and Wed 30th August. The group leaves the slipway at West Kirby Beach at 10am and walks two miles across the sands to Hilbre Island. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the many seals on the sand banks of the Dee Estuary at this time of year. Cost is £10 per person and booking is essential. Please note, this walk is unsuitable for under 5s. Call 01948 820728 for more information.

Farmyard fun till the cows come home C

HURCH Farm’s 24th Summer season promises to be a barn-stormer, with a wide range of attractions and activities for the whole family. Celebrity scarecrows like Old MacDonald Trump, David Haysselhof and Ed Shear-an will be coming along and there will be sheep racing, tractor riding, goat feeding and rabbit cuddling too! The award-winning farm, has been run by former firefighter Steve Ledsham and his family for the past 24 years. Steve said ‘It’s hard to believe this is our 24th summer season at Church Farm but every year

we try to make it our best yet.’ ‘Our staff have had so much fun putting together our new scarecrow trail, which we hope will prove a good laugh for both adults and children alike.’ As well as meeting the farm’s new A-list scarecrows, young guests can meet the farm’s resident animals, including pygmy goats, a three-legged pig, meerkats, Shetland ponies and Highland cows. The 60 acre site in Thurstaston, which offers magnificent views over the River Dee to North Wales, also includes an adventure playground, pedal go-

Find out what’s on at

karts, mini golf, an indoor beach and a lavender maze. There are home-grown, organic fruit and vegetables for sale in the farm shop as well as delicious treats in the café, including the popular ice cream parlour. Church Farm is open every day throughout summer until Sunday 3rd September. Tickets cost £5.50 for adults, £5 for children, £4.50 for under 3s and children under 1 visit for free. Family admission (2 adults, 2 children) is £20. For more info call 0151 648 7838 or visit

WIN... PAR-TEE TIME! NEW BRIGHTON is home to Championship Miniature Golf, which was awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2015 and 2016. It has two fantastic themed 18 hole courses and is open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm. A round costs £6.50 for adults and £4.50 for juniors. ■ Why not test your swing at Wallasey Pitch & Putt, or one of Wirral's four municipal courses? For info, visit leisure-parks-and-events/golf

WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO SHIRLEY VALENTINE WITH JODIE PRENGER ON MON 18TH SEPTEMBER AT THE FLORAL Q: IN WHICH COUNTRY DID SHIRLEY REDISCOVER HER JOY FOR LIFE? Closing date MON 14th AUGUST 2017. Email your answer plus your name, address, phone number and email address to Your entry can be posted to Wirral View, Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton St, Wallasey, CH44 8ED

! t u o Scho*Souml’s mer special*

July/August 2017 | 19

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So the long summer holidays are here and you’ve got weeks to fill until the kids go back to school. Our three-page spread has lots of ideas - and check out our usual ‘what’s on’ (pages 15-18) too.

IRRAL PLAY Council will operate 10 free holiday playschemes for children aged 6-13. Parents/carers don’t stay with their children for the activities, but will need to provide contact details and register at the first visit. Children can come and go as they choose, although parents will need to provide transport. Membership to the Play Council is £20 a year. Sessions are held between 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm, Monday, July 24, until Thursday, August 10. Locations: ■ Eastham: South Wirral Youth Hub, Lyndale Avenue, Eastham CH62 8DE ■ Higher Bebington: please check Play Council’s website and facebook pages. Mayer

Play away: There’s nothing better than meeting new friends in the holidays.

church CH49 8EU ■ Birkenhead Central Library: Borough Road, Birkenhead, CH41 2XB (Monday July 31-

Princesses to superheroes: Organised activities galore DON’T FORGET local parks often host organised activities throughout the summer. Check out their noticeboards or facebook for details. Wirral Children’s Centres are hosting a number of FREE activities at Birkenhead Park for children aged 8 and under. Each event includes face painting and arts and crafts relating to the theme on the day. Park rangers will also be involved with the activities. You might wish to bring a picnic, as each event is held between 10am and 2pm! ■ Aug 9: Sports day ■ Aug 16: Pirates & Princesses

■ Aug 23: Woodlands & Fairies ■ Aug 30: Superhero Day Central Park, Wallasey, hosts activities for children under 8 in the Walled Garden every Thursday from 10-11.30am. Events include: ■ Aug 3: ‘Pirates,’ so come in pirate fancy dress, and enjoy crafts and face painting; ■ Aug 10: ‘Let’s Get Physical,’ with parachute games, ball games, skittles and obstacle courses ■ Aug 17: ‘Gruffalo’ trail, with bird-feeders, fund and games ■ Aug 24: ‘People who help us’ roleplay, with the fi re service and the police.



Hall, The Village, Lower Bebington CH63 7PL ■ Moreton: Moreton Community Centre, Pasture Road, Moreton CH46 8SA ■ New Ferry: Bebington Youth Club, Cornwell Close, New Ferry CH42 1BG ■ Prenton: Prenton Community Shop, 29 Dickens Avenue, Prenton CH43 0TQ ■ Wallasey Village: St Nicholas Church Hall (Harrison Hall), Harrison Drive, Wallasey CH45 6PX ■ West Kirby: West Wirral Youth Hub, The Concourse, Grange Road, West Kirby CH48 4HZ ■ Woodchurch: Fender Youth Club, Carr Bridge Road, Wood-

Thursday August 3 only) For more information, please contact Pete Johnston/ Bev Peters on 0151 650 0030.

Also see uk or PlayCouncil. Please remember you need to register first.

FAMILY BBQ FUN AT WCP THE BARBECUE AREAS at Wirral Country Park (WCP) Thurstaston are one of Wirral’s best kept secrets - so if you want to do the camping thing (without a night under canvas) take the kids, a disposable barbecue, some sausages and burgers and eat al fresco before one of the best views in Wirral. There are two cooking areas at WCP: ■ The fenced off barbecues next to the Wirral Way that must be pre-booked, and are suitable for larger organised gatherings of clubs, friends or families. ■ The free-standing brick-built barbecues nearer the visitor centre, available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Just turn up with your disposable barbecue. And once you’ve used it, dispose of it in

a special bin and take your waste food and general rubbish home. WCP also has a small campsite available for organised groups. For all enquiries about the above, contact Wirral Country Park Visitor Centre, Station Road, Thurstaston, on 0151 648 4371/3884.




Play Council to the rescue with fun for children 6-13

! t u o Scho*Souml’s mer special* 2020 | |July/August July/August2017 2017

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All ability programme is happening at The Hive Wirral’s ‘new kid on the block’ is The Hive in Birkenhead. And there’s lots going on this summer.


HE HIVE operates a holiday club for Hive members ages 8-12. There are activities on offer every day from Wednesday, July 26, to Friday, September 1, including sports, games, arts and crafts, and a cookery club!

Prices: ■ Full day (8am-6pm): £10 including breakfast and lunch* ■ Half day morning session

(8am-1pm) or afternoon session (1-6pm): £5 including breakfast or lunch* * breakfast is served between 8-9am, lunch is served between 1-2pm. Info from: www.thehive holiday-club/ ■ Regular senior and junior sessions will run as usual throughout summer holidays. ■ Juniors session 8-12 years ■ Senior session 13-19 years ■ Mon: 4-10pm senior session ■ Tue: 4-10pm senior session ■ Wed: 4-8pm junior session ■ Thurs: 4-10pm senior session ■ Fri: 4-10pm senior session ■ Sat: 10am-2pm junior session ■ Sat: 4- 10pm senior session ■ Sun: 10am-2pm **Hiveability Inclusion session - up to 25 yrs ■ Sun: 3-7pm Junior session ** All sessions at The Hive are

fully inclusive for all young people with additional needs, up to the age of 25. On Sundays, the Hiveability session runs for young people aged 8-25 for those with disabilities and additional

needs. Activities include: karaoke, art and fashion, climbing, multi sports, boxing, music, a skate park, and plenty of quiet spaces. This is a family session – parents and support

WIRRAL’S PICK AND MIX of fun events includes: ■ Tennis Coaching: Oval, Old Chester Rd, Bebington, Sat Aug 5, 9.30-10.30am ■ Mini Tennis, family time, free play, cardio tennis and numerous other activities. Racquets and balls provided. For further information OpenDays ■ Exoteach: Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston. Sun Jul 30, 11am-4.30pm. Get close and personal with the world of exotic animals including snakes, tarantulas, frogs, scorpions, lizards, mini-beasts, toads and tortoise. There will also be a display of birds of prey. ■ Tennis for Free: Birkenhead Park: Tennis courts, Cavendish Rd, Birkenhead. Sun Jul 30 10am-12pm. Come and learn to play tennis! All ages welcome and equipment is available. Trained instructors on site to help. Meet at the tennis courts.


Random fun from tennis to spaceships

■ Cycle Hub: Visitor centre, Birkenhead Park. Mon Jul 31 10am-12pm. Bring your bike to the cycle hub for a bike check and friendly advice and local information about safer cycling for all ages and abilities. Free event. ■ Soapy Spaceships: Port Sunlight, Wed, Aug 2, 10.30am3pm. £1.50 per child. Join us for a fun workshop turning everyday soap packaging into model and UFOs. Bring along your own

perfect shaped plastic bottle, or choose from the ones we have. We’ll provide all the other materials to convert it into an interstellar craft! Allow around an hour for the activities. Children must be accompanied by an adult. portsunlight

■ Junior Rangers- Sporty Dress Up: Birkenhead Park. Wed Aug 9, 10am-3pm. This activity has a sporty dress-up theme including crafts, sport and fun. All ages welcome. No booking required - just drop-in. ■ Wheels for All: Birkenhead Park. Thu Aug 10, 10am-3pm Wheels for All provides a range of adapted bikes so that anyone can experience the joys of cycling regardless of age or disability. There is a suggested donation of £2 for this activity. Booking is essential on 01925 234 213. ■ Exoteach: Wirral Country Park,Thurstaston. Sun 27th Aug 11am-4.30pm. Exotic animals including snakes, tarantulas, frogs, and scorpion, plus birds of prey.


workers are welcome to stay if extra support is needed. Siblings are also welcome.


Den building at the dog-free woodland play area at Eastham Country Park


Ticking off all six mer maids at New Brighton Mermaid Trail.


Intrepid expedition from the Visitor Centre, Thurstaston, to Thurstaston Dungeon to see the caves and waterfall in this steep sided wooded valley.


Pirate high-jinks at the Grace Darling, Hoylake, and Black Pearl, New Brighton.


Discovering the dunes and picnic areas of North Wirral Country Park.

! t u o Scho*Souml’s mer special*

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From puppet shows to crafts to storytelling, your local library has it all this summer.


VENTS in our libraries this summer include puppet shows, storytimes, crafts and a summer reading challenge. The Summer Reading Challenge is ‘Animal Agents’ and challenges entrants to read at least six library books of your choice to collect special stickers and incentives along the way – all for FREE. You can sign up at your local library now or visit Running alongside, a libraries’ summer writing competition, ‘Read Now Write Now’ is open to children from 5-11. There are two competitions; one for 5-8 year olds and the other for 9-11 year olds.

The theme is animals and detectives and there is a maximum limit of 1000 words. Prizes include panto tickets, theatre tickets and Waterstone’s vouchers sponsored by Morrison’s. The competition launches on July 24 and closes on September 1. Further info from readnowwrite Also part of Wirral libraries summer activities programme: ■ Crafty Kids animal painting: Wed Jul 26, 10.30-11.30am, West Kirby Library, Grange Rd, West Kirby. Use hand prints and stencils to create some animal paintings. Suitable for children from 18 months - 6 yrs Must book in advance - limited places. Price: £3 per child. ■ Crafty Kids animal charm bracelets: Thu Jul 27, 2.30-3.30pm, Irby Library, Thurstaston Rd. Make a bracelet or key ring using animal shaped beads. Suitable


Not just for reading - check out events in our libraries

for children aged 5-10 years. Must book in advance - limited places. Price: £3 per child ■ Film Club at Bebington Central Library. Sat Jul 29, 2-4pm, Bebington Central Library, Civic Way, Birkenhead. The Friends of Bebington Central Library Film Club shows films throughout the year. Please contact the library 0151 606 2665 for details. Price:

Just for kids: Floral Pavilion AN AFTERNOON at the theatre is a weatherproof failsafe option for the summer holidays. Our ideas provide lots of opportuity for audience participation. ■ The Tiger Who Came to Tea: Wednesday, August 2, 1.30pm and 4.30pm; Thursday, August 3, 11am and 2pm. All Tickets £14.00. Family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) £48.00. Direct from a SMASH-HIT WEST END season: A musical play adapted and directed by David Wood, based on the book by Judith Kerr. Following a smash-hit West End season, the tea-guzzling tiger is back on the road

in this delightful family show; packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos! For children aged three and above.

Running time: approx 55 minutes (no interval). ■ Dick and Dom: Saturday August 19, 2pm and 5pm. Tickets £13.50 (£11.50 under 16s). Family of 4 tickets £46.00. The BAFTA winning stars of shows such as Diddy TV, Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom, The Legend of Dick & Dom and of course Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow will be live on stage and bringing their unique bundle of fun and anarchy to life! *WARNING - You may get messy*.

For more information and tickets see

£3 per film. ■ Crafty kids animal painting: Greasby Library, Greasby Rd, Greasby, Mon Jul 31, 10.30-11.30am. Animal painting, using hand prints and stencils. Suitable for children aged 18 months - 6 years. Limited places – please book in advance. Price: £3 per child ■ Crafty Kids animal charm bracelets & key rings (Wirral

Libraries summer activities programme): Hoylake Library, Market St, Hoylake, Mon Jul 31, 2.30-3.30pm. Make a bracelet or key ring using animal shaped beads. Suitable for children aged 5-10 years. Limited places - please book in advance. Price: £3 per child There’s lots more on offer, check out your local library online or in person.

IT’S AN ANIMAL TAKEOVER! FOR ANIMAL lovers we have the: ■ Moonshine Owls: Bromborough Library. Thurs, Aug 10, 2.30-3.30pm. Meet Terry and his feathered friends, find out about different types of owls and how they live. Suitable for children aged 5+. Free but donations welcomed towards the upkeep of the owl sanctuary. Bromborough Library. Places are limited so book ahead. 0151 334 1650 ■ Animals Take Over: Wallasey Central Library. Tue, Aug 1, 2.30-3.30pm. Price £1.50. A fun and informa-

tive animal handling experience. Suitable for children aged 5+. Tickets limited so book ahead. 0151 639 2334 ■ Family Fun Dog Show: Queens Park, Hoylake. Sun, Aug 13, 10am. Bring your dog and win prizes for best trick, waggiest tail, best fancy dress and more! Plus special demo by British International Search & Rescue Dogs, have-a-go dog agility, stalls and food. Contact @hoylakein ISTOCK/GLOBALP

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Giving young people a say W

ANT TO MAKE your views heard on services for young people? Now’s your chance! Every month, a group of talented young people get together to discuss what matters to them around youth services in Wirral. The Improvement Reference Group is made up of 11 to 19 year olds who share a common goal: to make Wirral an even better place for young people! A mix of young people from loccal schools are in the group, alongside teenagers from the Care Leavers’ Council and Children in Care Council. Meetings are hosted by Children’s Services staff, with collaboration from local organisations which help to shape services for young people.

We need you! If you’re passionate about supporting young people, we’d love you to join the group. You’d have the chance to represent your mates and make a difference to the things that affect you all. What’s on offer? ■ the chance to develop skills in debating, citizenship and politics ■ the opportunity to be involved in major consultations to shape the Children’s Department’s new and existing services ■ the chance to compete for awards and certificates in relevant work ■ the opportunity to take part in interview panels for staff in the Children’s Department ■ free pizza! ■ competitions and prizes ■ new friends


Young voices: From left, Chelsea Deer, Izzy Lewis, Stephen Hudson, Gabby Breen, Scott Keegan.

What young people say about the group ■ Scott Keegan (18), Chelsea Deer (23) and Stephen Hudson (21) say: ‘The group is free and informal, and we have pizza! We love to get our voices heard and feel welcome in a group of like-minded people.’

■ Gabby Breen, 15, from West Kirby Grammar School: ‘The group has improved my confidence and made me feel like I have a voice, as well as the ability to make a difference to services that are accessed by young people.’ See

THE GROUP has created a survey to get the views of young people across Wirral about where they live – including what they think works well and what could be improved. Please fill out the survey (there’s one for primary pupils and one for secondary) and submit your details – there’s a chance to win a £20 High Street voucher! Complete the survey at young-peoples-survey we’ll provide a summary of your feedback soon!

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love where you live

Victorian treasure is saved for generations to come Tragic WWII schoolboy Lenny is among the lives remembered at the restored Flaybrick Cemetery.


HE HISTORIC Victorian chapels at Flaybrick Memorial Gardens, Birkenhead, have been unveiled after a £350,000 restoration scheme. Working with the Friends of Flaybrick, Wirral Council and Historic England co-funded the project, safeguarding the future of one of England’s most important garden cemeteries. As part of a long-term conservation plan, specialist stone masons have been repairing stone-work, revealing carvings which have been hidden for more than 30 years. Brian Sinton of the Friends’ group, explains: ‘The group began when John Moffat, the secretary, came here looking for his relatives. The cemetery was overgrown. Vandals had damaged walls and buildings and knocked over gravestones. With local historian Joyce Hockey they formed the Friends and bought tools. That was 27 years ago, and since then people have done their bit to get Flaybrick

back into shape.’ Flaybrick is a remarkable and important place. It was designed by Edward Kemp, who had served as project manager of Birkenhead Park working for its creator, Joseph Paxton. The cemetery spread across 26 acres to meet the demands of a rapidly increasing population having opened in 1864. There are 9,000 headstones and the remains of some 100,000 people, rich and poor, many of the latter gathered together in featureless paupers’ graves. The newly restored chapels can now be explored during a heritage tour, organised by the council’s heritage officer, Eileen Wilshaw. Call 0151 691 8612 to book. The latest final resting place to be marked at Flaybrick commemorates Lenny Smith, a 10-year-old schoolboy killed by an unexploded wartime bomb 76 years ago. He died on March 13, 1941, when he returned to an unexploded bomb he had seen fall during an air raid the night before. There was no money to pay for a headstone for Lenny, and Brian says he would always

Remarkable: The memorials at Flaybrick Cemetery rival those found at London’s famous Highgate.

think it was a pity that the grave had remained unmarked over the years. So Brian approached stonemason Alan Roberts, pictured above, who said that he and his wife Liz, would help. Brian is delighted at the resulting headstone: ‘We just wanted to remember this little lad that was killed, and I think Alan has done him proud.’ Alan, a third generation stonemason, said: ‘It was only a couple of days’ work. Normally we charge £2.30 a letter, but

Game changers: Volunteers have been crucial to Flaybrick.

sometimes it’s nice to contribute something like Lenny’s stone. It’s important that memories are

kept alive.’ To join the Friends email

Final resting place of Wirral’s ‘great and the good’ ISAAC ROBERTS, a Victorian builder and spare time astronomer, pioneered astrophotography of galaxies, and is among those buried at Flaybrick. Mary Mercer became Birkenhead’s first female mayor in November 1924. Her portrait hangs in the Claughton art gallery named after John and Patrick Williamson

Illustrious: Birkenhead’s first female mayor Mary Mercer was buried at Flaybrick.

whose bequests created it. Both men are buried in Flaybrick. Charles Thompson founded his Mission in Birkenhead in 1892. Charles’ daughter, Annie Nicole Thompson, was Superintendent of the Mission and is buried within sight of the grave of her father, who died in 1903.

During World War Two Arthur Doodson was the world’s leading authority on tides and based at Bidston Observatory. On D-Day the Allies wanted to land on French beaches at low tide so hidden obstacles could be seen. It was due to Doodson’s calculations that the invasion took place on Tuesday June 6, 1944.

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ask us wirral

‘Ask Us’ advice experts write for Wirral View

■ Ask Us Wirral is a regular page of advice and information supplied by the ‘Ask Us Wirral’ service - ■ The service provides free, impartial and confidential advice and information to local residents. ■ Funded by the council and Wirral CCG, it’s delivered by Citizens Advice Wirral, Age UK Wirral, Wirral Change and Wirral Mencap.

Cut down on the cost of travel T

HERE ARE a range of things that can help you be better off – budgeting, planning for unexpected expenses such as replacing the washing machine and managing your debts - but have you ever thought what your travel costs are? The cost of running a car can be high – petrol, insurance, MOT, tax and car repayments all add up. You may not be able to afford to run a car, or you may be struggling to run two cars in your household: Tip 1. Consider cheaper alternatives. The lowest cost option is walking! There are lots of tools you can use to plan a walking route such as apps including google maps. Cycling is the next low cost option. If you work, ask if you have an employer cycle purchase scheme. If you’re not a confident cyclist, Merseytravel provides free training. Visit and search for cycling in the Travelling Around section.

Tip 2. Get cheaper or free bus or rail travel. All children travel on public transport for free up to the age of five. If you or your child is disabled you may be entitled to a free travel pass. Go to uk and look for People with Disabilities in the Tickets section. If you are over 60 you will also be entitled to free travel. Go to and look for over 60s in the Tickets section. Don’t have internet access? Pick up a form at Birkenhead Bus Station. For under-18s, there is a low cost ticket available for Merseyside buses – My Ticket. This ticket can be bought on any bus, and used for multiple journeys during the day across Merseyside and Halton. Tip 3. Reduce the costs of travel by car. Still need to use your car? Shop around using comparison sites for cheaper insurance. Can you car share with colleague to work or other parents on the school run?

LIVERPOOL PRIDE takes place this year on July 29 and 30. Ask Us Wirral is committed to supporting this volunteer-led charity, which seeks to outlaw homophobia and transphobia across Liverpool City Region, by raising awareness of LGBT+ lives. Find advice about LGBT+ rights and access support organisations at

UNIFORMS, MEALS, SCHOOL SHOES: HOW TO GET HELP WITH ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ ONE OF THE BIGGEST ‘back to school’ expenses is school uniforms and shoes. If you receive income based benefits eg Employment Support Allowance, or Universal Credit, you may be eligible for an interest free loan from the social fund to help with cloth-

ing. For info see Wirral FUSS also distribute good quality recycled school uniforms free (see feature p9). School meals are an extra cost. Currently children in reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive free school meals. Older

children and young people may also be eligible if you get benefits such as Child Tax Credit, Income Support, Employment Support Allowance etc. Make sure you let the school know that you receive benefits, so your child doesn’t miss out on free school meals.

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Lifeguarded beaches best for safe fun in the water R

ESPECT the Water, is the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s national drowning prevention campaign, highlighting how to keep safe around water - particularly important around Wirral as we move into the summer holidays. REMEMBER: ■ Wherever possible, swim at a lifeguarded beach. ■ Beaches at Harrison Drive, Leasowe Bay, Moreton, New Brighton (Perch Rock), West Kirby, and The Plateaux, (next to Fort Perch Rock) are all lifeguarded by the RNLI who provide our lifeguard patrols. ■ Always read and obey the

safety signs, usually found at the entrance to the beach. These will help you avoid potential hazards on the beach and identify the safest areas for swimming. ■ When on a lifeguarded beach, find the red and yellow flags and always swim or bodyboard between them – this area is patrolled by lifeguards. ■ Never swim alone. ■ If you get into trouble, stick your hand in the air and shout for help. ■ If you see someone in difficulty, don’t attempt a rescue. Tell a lifeguard, or, if you can’t see a lifeguard, call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard.

skin cancer later in life. Adults and children need protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays whenever they are in the sun. Seek shade when necessary. ■ Always use a suncream, and when possible, cover up with lightweight clothing to protect from UV rays. ■ Wear a hat that shades the face, scalp, ears, and neck. If your child chooses a baseball cap, be sure to protect exposed areas with sunscreen. ■ Wear sunglasses. They proOn patrol: Lifeguards Jamie Woodward and Will Morrison. tect your child’s eyes from UV rays, which can lead to cataBe sun smart racts later in life. For more advice about having Just a few serious sunburns can See for fun and staying safe on the increase your child’s risk of further advice. beach see:

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health news

Alternatives to A&E: Make the right choice If you’re ill or havebeen injured, A&E isn’t always the best place to go. Choose well with our tips.


HE EMERGENCY Department at Arrowe Park Hospital might be the first place you think of, but unless you’ve had a serious accident or your illness/injury is life threatening or critical, it could result in a longer wait until you are seen. The Emergency Department is for serious, life-threatening

conditions that need immediate medical attention only. Self-care is the best choice to treat minor illnesses and injuries. If you’re feeling unwell or perhaps you’re unsure about how you feel, visit your local pharmacist, or call 111 which is there for health-related questions. Find further information on the nhs. uk/staywell website. Being sick? Earache? Backache? Sore tummy? Your local GP is best for an illness or injury that won’t go away. Find your nearest GP practice on For emergency GP Out-of-Hours on 111, (open 6.30pm-8am; 24 hours weekends and bank holidays).

Cuts? Sprains? Strains? Sports injury? Visit your local Minor Injury, Walk-in Centre or other Walk-in Service. They include: ■ Minor injury and walk-in centre, Victoria Health Centre, Mill Lane, Wallasey, open 8am-10pm, Monday to Sunday (inc bank holidays). ■ Eastham walk-in centre, Eastham Rake, Eastham, open 2-10pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, weekends and bank holidays) ■ Arrowe Park walk-in centre, Arrowe Park Hospital, Upton: open 8am-10pm, Monday to Sunday, inc bank holidays). Other conditions treated here include bites, stings, burns, cuts, infections, minor eye and

head injuries. Also open for emergency contraception and dressings. ■ Birkenhead Medical Building, 31 Laird St, Birkenhead, (, open 10am-8pm, Monday to Thursday, 10am-6.30pm, Friday, 10am-5pm, weekends and bank holidays. ■ Parkfield Medical Centre, Sefton Road, New Ferry, (parkfieldmedicalcentrewirral., open 2-8pm, Monday to Thursday, 2-6.30pm, Friday. ■ Moreton Health Clinic, 8/14 Chadwick Street, Moreton, (, open 10am-7pm, Monday and Tuesday, 10am-8pm, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am-6pm, Friday.

Alcohol and cigs cost £100m plus COMBINED, smoking and alcohol misuse costs the Wirral healthcare system more than £100 million every year. The council plans to continue investing in health services to help us continue supporting residents to improve and protect their health. Why alcohol and cigs remain a priority Smoking is the biggest single cause of early death in Wirral, and there were almost 10,000 alcohol-related admissions to hospital in Wirral last year. ■ Alcohol costs the Wirral healthcare system £25 million per year ■ Smoking costs the Wirral healthcare system £77.7 million per year ■ 1 in 5 Wirral residents smoke – 46,632 people ■ People in more deprived areas are more than twice as likely to smoke as those in more

affluent areas ■ Two thirds of smokers want to quit ■ There were 193 alcohol-related deaths in Wirral in 2015. Public agencies such as the council, NHS organisations and local community groups are working together on a joint action plan to help residents affected by smoking and alcohol. With £20 million continued investment, we will help people manage their weight, stop smoking and cut down on drinking alcohol. One of our priorities is helping people address lifestyle related ill-health, which leads to people in one part of our borough dying earlier than residents who live only miles away. Addressing health inequalities like this remains a top priority when deciding where we spend money on preventative health services.

Inspiring: Nicky Rockets.

A WIRRAL MAN who suffered a stroke two years ago has recovered to create an artwork and colouring book that he hopes will inspire others. 45-year-old Nicky Rockets, who lives in West Kirby, lost the use of his left arm. Having worked as a video editor and artist, Nicky thought he would never get to draw again but he started to use his right arm to create images. Nicky said: ‘I had always enjoyed drawing and art but

the stroke changed my life.’ He began putting the book together during his rehabilitation. Eventually after several months he was able to regain use of his left arm. Since publishing the book Nicky has been delighted with the reaction from the public. ‘It’s been wonderful to see the book has been popular with adults and children.’ The Nicky Rockets Colouring Book is available through Amazon.

HOSPITAL TEAM NAMED BEST IN THE UK STAFF AT Wirral University Teaching Hospital working across Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge sites have been named the best in the UK. The Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development Team received the HR Team Of The Year accolade at the Healthcare People Management (HPMA) Awards.

DESERVING THE BEST IN END OF LIFE CARE HOW WE END our lives is as important as the care we receive throughout our lives. A new 12-point charter setting out principles that should govern end of life care has been signed by health and social care providers in Wirral. The charter promises ‘care, kindness and understanding for people at the end of life,’ and has been signed by Wirral Hospice St John’s, Wirral University Teaching Hospital, Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust, Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Wirral Council. Julie Gorry, chief executive of Wirral Hospice, said ‘Quality end of life care is important not just for the recipients, but also for their families, friends and carers. ‘Over and over again we see that confidence in the quality of care can ease worry, and improve quality of life even in these very difficult circumstances. ‘We want everyone to know that here, on Wirral, the service providers are all working together so our residents get the service they deserve.’ For further info see or email

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Museum reveals its secrets As the hub of Wirral’s creatives, the Williamson looks forward to opening of ‘secret’ courtyard.


ORK IS set to begin on opening up a ‘secret’ open quadrangle at the heart Birkenhead’s much loved Williamson Art Gallery and Museum for the first time in its 89 year history. The private courtyard, completely invisible from the gallery’s 14 windowless galleries, is a sheltered sun trap - and it’s planned to use the space to create an outdoor

extension to the gallery cafe, raised garden borders, and plinths to house sculptural exhibitions. The new ‘Green Gallery’, at the heart of the 89-year-old building, is accessible only through a doorway from a staff corridor, its existence completely unknown by most of the gallery’s thousands of visitors. The Friends of the Williamson and Birkenhead Priory charity has raised £12,000 towards the project which has been matched by the council. In the meantime, the gallery offers a thriving community resource, providing both a showcase for arts and performance and a place where amateur and professional artists gather and work in a peaceful and creative atmosphere.

The gallery attracts around 35,000 people a year, and with a range of permanent, short term and long term exhibitions, together with workshops for schoolchildren and amateur artists, there is always something new to see or do. In addition to its coffee shop, there is a gallery shop and Oxton Books, a delightful old and rare book shop run by Moira Young. Treasures owned by the gallery include a major collection of Victorian pottery from Birkenhead’s Della Robbia ceramic factory, named after Florentine sculptor Luca Della Robbia, and an extensive collection of water colour paintings which have to be rotated for display in a gallery with specially subdued light to

Championing the arts: Alison Bailey-Smith of the Williamson.

preserve and protect them. Oil paintings on permanent display include a dramatic 1847 canvas of The Battle of Waterloo by Thomas Sidney Cooper in gallery four which is so large that it takes eight people to move it.

The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am-5pm, and admission is free. To keep up with the many exhibitions, workshops and events available for all ages, check the gallery website on

Reputation is everything ... * Protect your business from only £17pm Wirral Pest Control Service Call 0151 606 2020 to find out about our commercial pest control options for small, medium and large businesses Fully qualified | Effective & Efficient | Quality Assured | Fully Insured | Zero Harm to non-target species Plus VAT


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love where you live

Action plan wants to get more of us volunteering Volunteers feature regularly in Wirral View - they are the mainstay of our communities.


ECENT events in London and Manchester showed how important and powerful communities are in times of crisis. Stories of people opening up their homes and helping total strangers were incredibly inspiring and showed the world what it means to be part of a community in Britain. Here in Wirral, we saw the same effect following the explosion in New Ferry: communities rally together, they support each other and get each other through incredibly challenging times. Now the council is working with voluntary groups in the

borough to support volunteers – and make it easier for its own staff to volunteer too. A new action plan to encourage more people to volunteer, the Wirral Together Strategy, has been developed working with Community Action Wirral, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Wirral CCG, Wirral University Teaching Hospital and Merseyside Police. It includes plans to allow council employees to take up to two days paid leave a year to support a local community or voluntary org anisation – potentially providing community groups with more than 40,000 hours’ worth of additional support. Annette Roberts, chief executive of Community Action Wirral, said: ‘I was really pleased to be asked to lead the development of this strategy, which recognises the essential role active citizens and volunteers play in building strong

Ahoy there: The New Brighteners are one of Wirral’s most famous voluntary groups.

communities. ‘There are many benefits which volunteering brings to the person offering their time and the people and organisations they support. For many,

volunteering is about sharing skills to support others but it’s also a great way to meet new people, learn new things, have fun and improve health and well-being in the process.’

Faces of volunteering - which are you? ■ The Friends group - The Breck in Wallasey had fallen on hard times but was adopted by The Friends of the Breck who turn out weekly to care for the wooded sandstone outcrop. The hidden gem is now used by the community, from dog walkers to rock climbers and families with children. It has just received a Green Flag Award. ■ The champions for a cause - Wirral Wildlife group has been championing wildlife over the last 46 years. This year, they received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. The group manages habitats, offers advice and runs events at nature reserves including Cleaver Heath, Heswall, New Ferry Butterfly Park and Red Rocks, Hoylake. ■ The support group - Receiving funding from the Big Lottery Fund this year will enable To-

Wild at heart: Wirral Wildlife Group.

morrow’s Women Wirral to continue its award-winning work to empower women, many of whom have suffered domestic abuse, substance abuse, mental illness or social isolation. Its centre at St Laurence’s Old School, Beckwith Street East, Birkenhead, holds classes, courses and provides counselling – run by women to support women. ■ The fundraiser - Tony Brown (right) from Birkenhead was inspired by his job with

a local care company to raise money for Wirral Care Foundation by walking the Offa’s Dyke long-distance path. He works for Senior Care Wirral, and many of his clients – and his own mum – are living with alzheimers and dementia. Says Tony: ‘It’s a cause I feel passionately about.’ You can support Tony at ■ The campaigner Charlotte Thomas, 22, is an Ambassador for UK charity BulliesOut, and gives anti-bullying presentations to youth centres, schools, and community groups, and has appeared in the media. ‘I suffered horrendous bullying while

I was in school so I wanted to reach out to anyone who needs support,’ says Charlotte, who is a trainee accountant. If you would like Charlotte to speak to your group or organisation, she’s on Facebook ‘Charlotte Thomas - BulliesOut Ambassador.’ ■ The environmentalists - Together with their counterparts in West Wirral (West Kirby’s Transition Town Team), the New Brighteners have won awards for their work picking litter and raising awareness of the environmental damage that litter can cause. Their work in summer is particularly valuable, and they have helped in big clean-ups after bad weather.

REVEALED: FASCINATING FACTS - WHO DOES WHAT AND WHERE Did you know... ■ 26% of residents formally volunteer at least once a month, with the highest level of formal volunteering being in Wirral West ■ 33% of residents informally volunteer at least once a month, with the highest level of informal volunteering being in Wallasey ■ 17% of residents volunteer at least one hour a week to support sporting activities – higher than the regional average of 12% ■ 48% of residents could be encouraged to volunteer if more information was available to them ■ Discover local opportunies at: community

30 | July/August 2017

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recruitment & public notices PLANNING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been received:TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (LISTED BUILDINGS AND CONSERVATION AREAS) ACT 1990 MR ERNEST WILLIAM WAITES, DEE FARM LIVERY, DEE FARM, WITTERING LANE, HESWALL, WIRRAL, CH60 9JL. 1) Retention of purpose built storage barn to replace a dilapidated building. The new structure is erected on the same site and having the same footprint dimensions. 2) Retention of a 3 unit stable block to replace three stables in the demolished building. APP/17/00538. Full Planning Permission. Definitive footpath (public right of way). The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR HUGHES, FAIRWAY COTTAGE, PINFOLD LANE, WEST KIRBY, CH48 5DL. Proposed roof extension/loft conversion to existing dwelling and replacement garage to site. APP/17/00724. Full Planning Permission. Meols Drive Conservation Area. Departure from U.D.P. MR BRADLEY, FLAT 1, DENEHURST, 6 TALBOT ROAD, OXTON, CH43 2HH. Replacement of existing timber sash windows to all elevations with Upvc double-glazed sash windows. APP/17/00728. Full Planning Permission. Oxton Conservation Area. ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND GROUP PLC. NATWEST BANK, 238 TELEGRAPH ROAD, HESWALL, CH60 0AL. Remove existing NatWest brand signage, ATM and night safe. Infill existing ATM and Night Safe apertures with new stainless steel blanking plate. APP/17/00784. Full Planning Permission. Affects setting of Grade II listed building. Any representations regarding the above applications must be received in writing by 2 August 2017 at the address below. Notice is dated 12 July 2017. MR KAY, THE SHIP INN, 208 BRECK ROAD, WALLASEY VILLAGE, CH44 2ED. Change of use from existing public house

with manager’s flat above (A4 & C3), to single dwelling house (C3). Demolition of single-storey side extension, replace pitched roof to rear with flat roof terrace and partial demolition of existing outhouse buildings. APP/17/00674. Full Planning Permission. Archaeological site. MR CLARKE, 1 NEWHAVEN ROAD, NEW BRIGHTON, CH45 1HS. Loft conversion with conservation style velux single storey side extension and garage conversion. APP/17/00708. Full Planning Permission. The Magazines Conservation Area. MR ROE, 8 ROCK PARK, ROCK FERRY, CH42 1PJ. Rear spiral stair and loft room extension. APP/17/00721. Full Planning Permission. Rock Park Conservation Area. Grade II listed building. The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR NOLAN, COLLINSTOWN DEVELOPMENTS LTD. MORETON POLICE STATION, CHADWICK STREET, MORETON, CH46 7TE. Extension and conversion of former police station into 6 No. apartments. APP/17/00758. Full Planning Permission. Departure from U.D.P. The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR & MRS KELLY, 61 QUEENS DRIVE, PRENTON, CH43 0RR. Single-storey rear extension with roof alterations and front dormer extension. APP/17/00764. Full Planning Permission. Departure from U.D.P. MR BETTS, GAYTON HOMES LTD. LAND ADJACENT TO ST PETERS CE PRIMARY SCHOOL, THURSTASTON ROAD, HESWALL, CH60 4SA. 1No. new dwelling. APP/17/00790. Full Planning Permission. Heswall Conservation Area. Definitive footpath (public right of way). MR ARMSTRONG, WIRRAL COUNCIL, NEW MUNICIPAL BUILDING, 5 CLEVELAND STREET, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 6BL. Carpark with low rail fencing. DPP3/17/00799. Full Planning Permission. Affects setting of Grade I listed building. Affects setting of Conservation Area Hamilton Square. Any representations regarding the above applications must be received in writing by 9 August 2017 at the address below. Notice is dated 19 July 2017.

MRS WILLIAMS, 50 CHRISTCHURCH ROAD, OXTON, CH43 5SF. To change the rear half of the retail shop floor into a tea room area and to convert the rear stock room into a small kitchen for baking and food preparation. APP/17/00763. Full Planning Permission. Oxton Conservation Area. MR ARMSTRONG, WIRRAL COUNCIL, FORMER TREASURY BUILDING CLEVELAND STREET, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 6BL. New Car park following demolition of building, with access from Sandford Street. DPP3/17/00808. Full Planning Permission. Hamilton Square Conservation Area. Affects setting of Grade I listed building. MR & MRS CLIVE-PONSONBY-FANE, BIDSTON OBSERVATORY, WILDING WAY, BIDSTON, CH43 7RA. Proposed installation of new mechanical equipment and pipework to make the property habitable. Works will include removal of existing corroded and/or redundant pipework and mechanical equipment, installation of new pipework to and from the boiler house, installation of new gas boilers and associated equipment within the existing boiler room. All wastes will connect to the existing 2no waste stacks located around the building. 1no new waste will be installed internally from the first floor bathroom on the South Elevation passing through all floors to the basement and then connecting to Existing Soil Stack A in the basement. LBC/17/00814. Listed Building Consent. Grade II listed building. Archaeological site. MR BETTS, GAYTON HOMES, GREENFIELDS, WEST GROVE, HESWALL, CH60 0DR. Remodelling of dwelling, new gable roof, two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and a first floor front extension. APP/17/00819. Full Planning Permission. Heswall Conservation Area. Any representations regarding the above applications must be received in writing by 16 August 2017 at the address below. Notice is dated 26 July 2017. A copy of the application, plans and other documents are available for inspection at the Department of Regeneration, Housing & Planning, Wirral Borough Council, Wallasey Town Hall, South Annexe, Brighton Street, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH44

8ED between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (except Bank holidays), you can see details and plans of the application on our web site at and you can email comments to If the application is a householder application, in the event of an appeal against a refusal of planning permission, which is to be dealt with on the basis of representations in writing, any representations made about the householder application will be sent to the Secretary of State, and there will be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage. STRATEGIC HOUSING LAND AVAILABILITY ASSESSMENT UPDATE Following further consultation on the Borough’s housing needs and land supply, the Council is undertaking an update of the method that it will use to assess the supply of sites for future housing development. The deadline for comments to be submitted is 5pm on Monday 18 September 2017. A copy of the consultation documents can be viewed at public libraries and at the South Annexe of Wallasey Town Hall and on the Council’s website at Further information can be obtained from or 0151 691 8110. Notice is dated 12 July 2017.

CONSULTATIONS SECTION 77 DISPOSAL OF SCHOOL PLAYING FIELD LAND Notice is given of Wirral Borough Councils intention to make an application under Section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act to the Secretary of State for Education to dispose of a small section of School Playing Field at the following location: St Peter’s CE Heswall Primary School, Thurstaston Road, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 4SA. St Peter’s have been approached by an adjoining property owner, to see if they could purchase some of the unused playing field that borders their property, to be used as garden. The school Governing Body considered this request and identified a 587m² section of their playing field that is not suitable for outdoor activities due to its elevation and is therefore surplus to requirement. Should they secure permission to dispose of this section of playing field they intend to use the income to improve

the outdoor educational provision at the school. As part of the application process a formal consultation must take place and this starts Monday 26th June 2017. We would like to hear your views to the above proposal. You should send your comments by Monday 7th August 2017. F.A.O. Dee Leyland, Asset Management Team, Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1ND. Alternatively you can complete our online form which you will find here: Notice is dated 28 June 2017.

TRAFFIC TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDERS Notice is hereby given that Wirral Borough Council in exercise of its powers intends to make the following orders under sections 90 A 90 C and 90 D of the Highway Act 1980 and sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 32 and 35, & 84 and Parts II and III of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, and of all other enabling powers. (A) METROPOLITAN BOROUGH OF WIRRAL WINCHESTER DRIVE AREA, WALLASEY - PROPOSED TRAFFIC CALMING SCHEME - SCHEME REF NO. DC-TFG-1617-16B The general nature and effect of the order will be to introduce speed humps as set out below: - 5 round topped humps on Winchester Drive, Wallasey. - 3 round topped humps on Newland Drive, Wallasey. Each hump will be 3.7m long and terminate 200mm from adjacent kerb lines with a nominal height of 75mm. (B) METROPOLITAN BOROUGH OF WIRRAL WINCHESTER DRIVE AREA (VARIOUS ROADS), WALLASEY - (20 MPH SPEED LIMIT) ORDER 2017 - SCHEME REF NO. DC-TFG-1617-16B The general nature and effect of the order will be to prohibit any person from driving any motor vehicle at a speed exceeding 20 miles per hour on the full lengths of Winchester Drive and Newland Drive, Wallasey. A copy of the Orders set out at (A) & (B) of this notice, maps, the orders proposed to be made and a statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Orders, may be seen during normal office hours at Cheshire Lines Buildings, Canning Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1ND and on

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recruitment & public notices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00hrs to 17:00hrs and Wednesday 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs at The One Stop Shop Town Hall Brighton Street Seacombe CH44 8ED. Any objections together with the grounds on which they are made, may be made on-line by 4th August 2017 at www. (“Submit comments, questions or objections about new highway schemes in Wirral”) quoting the scheme reference number. Alternatively any objections can be sent in writing to Simon Fox, Interim Commissioned Services Manager (Highways and Traffic), Business Services, PO Box 290, Brighton Street, Wallasey, CH27 9FQ by Friday 4th August 2017 quoting the scheme reference number. Notice is dated 12 July 2017. SECTION 14 OF THE ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 (AS AMENDED) - NOTICE OF MAKING TEMPORARY FOOTPATH CLOSURE ORDER IN THE BROMBOROUGH AREA 2017 Notice is hereby given that Wirral Borough Council intend to make a Temporary Footpath Traffic Regulation Order under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by section 1 and Schedule 1 of the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991 and of all other enabling powers to enable works on or near the footpaths specified in the proposed order to take place. The effects of the order, the alternative route for pedestrians, the date the order comes into force and its maximum duration is set out below. Belmont Avenue (Temporary Footpath Closure) Bromborough Order 2017 The effect of this order will be to close an 80 metre length of footpath between Belmont Avenue and Palatine Road, Bromborough which lies to the west side of property no. 28 Belmont Avenue running in a north easterly then northerly direction and ends between property no.s 37 & 39 Palatine Road, Bromborough to all pedestrians. The footpath will be temporarily closed (in part or in full as required). Alternative route for pedestrians is via Belmont Avenue, Eccleston Avenue, Palatine Road and vice versa.

Maximum Duration of the order: From 08:00hrs 20 July 2017 for a maximum period of 18 months (or such earlier date as the works are completed by). Notice is dated 12 July 2017. SECTION 14 OF THE ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 (AS AMENDED) - NOTICE OF MAKING TEMPORARY TRAFFIC RESTRICTION ORDER IN THE EASTHAM AREA 2017 Notice is hereby given that Wirral Borough Council have made the above order under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by section 1 and Schedule 1 of the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991 and of all other enabling powers to enable proposed works to be executed on or near the roads specified in the proposed order (having already advertised notice of intent). The effects of the order, the alternative route for vehicular traffic the date the order comes into force and its maximum duration is set out below. Bettisfield Avenue (Temporary Road Closure) Eastham Order 2017 The effect of this order will be to close Bettisfield Avenue, Eastham from its junction with Plymyard Avenue to its junction with Dearnford Avenue to all vehicular traffic. Maximum Duration of the order: From 08:00hrs 14 August 2017 until 23:59pm 10 September 2017 (or such earlier date as the works are completed by). Alternative route: Traffic to be diverted via Plymyard Avenue, Heygarth Road, Hillary Road and vice versa. Notice is dated 12 July 2017. SECTION 14 OF THE ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 (AS AMENDED) - NOTICE OF MAKING TEMPORARY TRAFFIC RESTRICTION ORDER IN THE ROCK FERRY AREA 2017 Notice is hereby given that Wirral Borough Council have made the above order under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by section 1 and Schedule 1 of the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991 and of all other enabling powers to enable proposed works to be executed

on or near the roads specified in the proposed order (having already advertised notice of intent). The effects of the order, the alternative route for vehicular traffic the date the order comes into force and its maximum duration is set out below. Canterbury Road & Nelson Road (Temporary Road Closures) Rock Ferry Order 2017 The effect of this order will be: A. To close Canterbury Road, Rock Ferry from its junction with Rochester Road to its junction with the New Chester Road. Alternative route: Traffic to be diverted via New Chester Road, Nelson Road and vice versa. B. To close Nelson Road, Rock Ferry from its junction with New Chester Road to its junction with Canterbury Road. Alternative route: Traffic to be diverted via New Chester Road, Canterbury Road and vice versa. The above traffic restrictions will not operate concurrently. They will only take place during certain times to accommodate works when necessary for that particular road and will not operate for the full duration of the dates advertised. Maximum Duration of the order: From 08:00am 13 July 2017 for a maximum duration of 18 months (or such earlier date as the works are completed by). Notice is dated 12 July 2017. SECTION 14 OF THE ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 (AS AMENDED) - NOTICE OF MAKING TEMPORARY TRAFFIC RESTRICTION ORDER IN THE EASTHAM AREA 2017 Notice is hereby given that Wirral Borough Council intend to make a Temporary Road Traffic Regulation Order under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by section 1 and Schedule 1 of the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991 and of all other enabling powers to enable works on or near the roads specified in the proposed order to take place. The effects of the order, the alternative route for vehicular traffic the date the order comes into force and its maximum duration is set out below. Eastham Village Road (Temporary Road Closure) Eastham 2017 The effect of this order will be to close Eastham Village Road from its northern junction with New Chester Road to its junction with

St David Road to all vehicular traffic. Maximum Duration of the order: From 08:00am 26 July 2017 until 23:59pm 30 August 2017 (or such earlier date as the works are completed by). Alternative route: Traffic travelling northbound to be diverted via Eastham Village Road, New Chester Road south, around M53 J5 roundabout and onto New Chester Road north. Traffic travelling southbound to be diverted via New Chester Road south and Eastham Village Road. Notice is dated 12 July 2017. SECTION 14 OF THE ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 (AS AMENDED) - NOTICE OF MAKING TEMPORARY TRAFFIC RESTRICTION ORDER IN THE WALLASEY AREA 2017 Notice is hereby given that Wirral Borough Council intend to make a Temporary Road Traffic Regulation Order under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by section 1 and Schedule 1 of the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991 and of all other enabling powers to enable carriageway resurfacing works on or near the roads specified in the proposed order to take place. The effects of the order, the alternative route for vehicular traffic the date the order comes into force and its maximum duration is set out below. Grove Road (Temporary Road Closure) Wallasey 2017 The effect of this order will be to close Grove Road, Wallasey from its junction with The Willows to its junction with Sea Road / Rolleston Drive to all vehicular traffic. Maximum Duration of the order: From 08:00am 9 August 2017 until 23:59pm 23 August 2017 (or such earlier date as the works are completed by). Alternative route: Traffic to be diverted via Wallasey Village, Breck Road, St Hilary Brow, Wallasey Road, Belvidere Road, Rolleston Drive and vice versa. Notice is dated 19 July 2017. BRIDGE ROAD / BRIDGE COURT, WEST KIRBY (PROHIBITION OF WAITING) ORDER 2017 1. Take Notice that Wirral Borough Council in exercise of its

powers under Sections 1(1) & 1(2), & 84 (1) and 84 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (hereinafter call ‘the Act’) and all of the other enabling powers, has today July 12 2017 made the above Order. 2. This Order shall come into operation on today July 12 2017. 3. The general nature and effect of this order will be to prohibit parking along Bridge Road and Bridge Court, West Kirby as set out below. No waiting at any time Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Day Hours Length of Road and Side of Road and Description All Days All Hours Bridge Court (West side) - From a point 5 metres south of its junction with Bridge Road for its entire length in a southerly direction. All Hours Bridge Court (East side) - From a point 5 All Days metres south of it junction with Bridge Road for a distance of 14 metres in a southerly direction. All Days All Hours Bridge Court (East side) - From a point 58 metres south of it junction with Bridge Road for its entire length in a southerly direction. All Days All Hours Bridge Road (South side) - From a point 1.8 metres east of the east side of its junction with Bridge Court for a distance of 20 metres in an easterly direction. 4. A copy of the Order may be seen at all reasonable hours at the Department of Law, HR and Asset Management, Town Hall, Wallasey. 5. Any person wishing to object to the validity of the Order or any of its provisions on the grounds that they or any of its provisions are not within the powers conferred by the Act or that any requirement of the Act or of any instrument under it has not been complied with may within 6 weeks from the 12 July 2017 apply for that purpose to the High Court. Notice is dated 12 July 2017.

Unless otherwise stated, all Metropolitan Borough of Wirral Public Notices are published by Surjit Tour, Assistant Director of Law and Governance, Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH44 8ED.

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Wirral view issue 8  

Wirral View Issue 8

Wirral view issue 8  

Wirral View Issue 8