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Christmas in company


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If you’re thinking ahead to a new year of health and fitness resolutions we’ve got tips and tricks to help you on your way. You could be joining these Santa Dash runners next year - you just need to get started. From free apps and activities to advice on cutting back on the booze there’s something inside for you. SERVICE DETAILS / P3




Make sure you know when council services are open.

Cut back on the booze in the new year - know your units.



DON’T FORGET LOVE YOUR LEFTOVERS YOUR BIN Has your bin day changed? Get the latest information inside.

Tasty new meals from those Christmas dinner extras.


TIPS TO AVOID SCAMMERS Know your festive shopping rights before you buy.

2 | December/January 2018

Wirral View

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Christmas is coming and Wirral View is packed with things to do, tips on how to get the best out of the festive period, as well as ways to help if you’re not feeling yourself this year.

ways to keep green this Christmas... 1. Bin changes Don’t forget to put your bin out by 7am on collection day. There will be changes to collections that normally take place on Mondays or Tuesdays. See page 3 for details of Christmas collections.


2. Do the scrunch test Give your wrapping paper a scrunch! If the paper stays in a ball, it can go in the grey bin. We can only take paper wrapping and not the shiny metallic and glitter types.

3. Packaging It sounds simple but flatten your cardboard boxes to make more space in your grey bin and put a box out for your party guests to put empty bottles and cans into. 4. Children’s toys Sort through your children’s toys, if they have items they have outgrown and are in good condition, see if a friend or family member would like them or donate them to charity. If you’re organised (and quick) you could even sell unwanted items on sites like Ebay to bring in some extra money to spend over the festive period. 5. Real Christmas trees ‘Real’ Christmas trees are 100% recyclable, chop them up into your brown bin, take them to your tip or look out for local projects and charities that may also recycle them for you.

STRETCH YOUR LEGS WITH A WINTER WALK Wirral View is produced by Wirral Council. Editorial:

Advertising: If you have not received your copy of Wirral View, please contact our distributors on 0800 6444 090 or email For all terms and conditions relating to editorial, advertising, competitions and what’s on please see

BY THE TIME we wake up after the excesses of Christmas Day, many of us are ready for a brisk Boxing Day legstretch. In Wirral, we have some of the finest walking routes in the region. Here are just three we recommend. ■ Port Sunlight River Park This 28 hectare park on the banks of the Mersey, developed on top of a closed landfill site, is home to an array of paths, wildlife, wildflowers and a wetlands area. For further details, visit port-sunlight-river-park

■ Heswall Dales and Fields On the Dee side of the peninsula this pleasant five mile walk begins at the coast then moves inland through Dungeon Wood with its waterfalls and ancient woodland. After taking in the magnificent aerial views near Oldfield Farm, you return to the coastline via Heswall Dales. ■ River Birket, Leasowe Lighthouse and the Coast This excellent circular walk starts at a coastal car park and goes inland to the River Birket Cycleway before returning along the North Wirral Coast,

which is part sea wall and part sand dunes. For more details of these and other routes, go to www. activities/walking

TOP 5 TIPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST SCAMS SCAMS have been around for a long time, but email and the internet mean they are now more sophisticated than ever. If you’re online more over the festive period here are some tips to help you keep your wits about you.


Never give away security details. Banks will never ask you for your PIN numbers or full banking passwords over the phone or by email.


Don’t assume an email, text or phone call is genuine. Even if a friend has sent it on to you. Scam emails are often badlyworded or have spelling mistakes.


Don’t be rushed – a genuine organisation won’t mind waiting.


Don’t panic and make a decision you’ll regret. Con artists want you to decide in a hurry - they might even threaten you. Slow down, check out the story, do an online search, ask an expert or just tell a friend.


Listen to your instincts – you know if something doesn’t feel right. If you are being asked to pay up front, such as a fee to receive a prize you’ve ‘won’, end the conversation. To report a scam contact Citizens Advice on 0345 404 0506. For more information about scams, go to

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Service information for the festive break Only essential services are running over Christmas. Make sure you’re up to date with the changes.


VER THE Christmas period there will be changes to the opening hours for key council services. Due to major budget reductions, council staff have to take four days of unpaid leave every year. Taking the majority of these days at Christmas allows a number of council buildings to be closed, saving more than £1m. It also means some services won’t be available between Christmas and New Year. Many services can still be requested through the council website,, but will not receive attention until services resume on Tuesday Jan 2 2018. LIBRARIES AND ONE STOP SHOPS Open as normal up to and

including Saturday Dec 23. Reopen as normal on Tuesday Jan 2. LEISURE CENTRES ■ Open up to Saturday Dec 23 inclusive ■ Closed from Sunday Dec 24 to Friday Dec 29 ■ Open on Saturday Dec 30 and Sunday Dec 31 (time restrictions may apply) ■ Closed on Monday Jan 1 ■ Re-open for business on Tuesday Jan 2 Our dedicated Call Centre, 0151 606 2010, will be available on the above dates for customer enquiries and customers can continue to book for available classes and courts online at (usual subscription restrictions apply). COUNCIL TAX, HOUSING BENEFIT AND COUNCIL TAX SUPPORT The council’s telephone services including Council Tax and benefits support will be closed from Saturday Dec 23, reopening on Tuesday Jan 2. WASTE COLLECTIONS ■ Monday collections: If your grey or green bin would be collected on Monday Dec 25,

put it out on Saturday Dec 23. If your bin would be collected on Monday Jan 1, put it out on Saturday Dec 30. ■ Tuesday collections: If your grey or green bin would be collected on Tuesday Dec 26, put it out on Sunday Dec 24. There are no changes over the festive season for collections due on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays - put your bin out as normal on these days. There will be no bulky collections available between Christmas Day and January 2, and there is a break in the garden waste collection service between December 18 and January 14, as per the terms and conditions of the service. GRITTING AND WINTER SERVICE Gritting teams will be on standby 24/7 every day until the Spring, including over the festive period. HIGHWAYS AND STREET SERVICES Please call 0151 647 7810 to report an emergency relating to: ■ trees ■ road and pavement mainte-

nance and repairs ■ road signs ■ traffic management ■ traffic signal faults ■ fly tipping ■ highway drainage and flooding ■ dangerous buildings and structures REGISTRARS If you need to register a death, the registrars’ office will be open on Wednesday 27 Dec and Thursday Dec 28, 9am1pm and 2-4pm. CHILDREN’S SERVICES For Children’s Services emergencies, call the Integrated Front Door on 0151 606 2008. ADULT SOCIAL SERVICES If you have an emergency relating to Adult Social Care in Wirral between 9am and 5pm on December 27, 28 and 29, please contact the Central Advice and Duty Team on 0151 514 2222 option 3. If you are calling after 5pm, or on any of the days not listed above, and if your enquiry is urgent, please contact the Emergency Duty Team on 0151 677 6557.

Hello. Is it (really) A&E you’re looking for? IF YOU’RE POORLY over the festive season, our local NHS services are asking you to ‘choose well’ when it comes to your healthcare and avoid any unnecessary visits to A&E. There are many options available for minor illnesses and injuries that may be more appropriate and convenient for you than going to Wirral’s only Emergency Department at Arrowe Park Hospital. The NHS in Wirral have teamed up with the council to launch this year’s ‘Choose Well’ video campaign. You can see it on social media and GPs surgery screens - it

highlights how self-care is often the best option for many common winter illnesses. Pharmacists can give you

advice and non-prescription medication for common health problems such as colds, coughs, stomach aches


or diarrhoea. For less urgent cases there are NHS Walk-in Centres at Arrowe Park Hospital or Victoria Central Health Centre in Wallasey, which are open seven days a week. Victoria Central also has a Minor Injuries Unit on site with X-ray facilities. You can contact your GP surgery for non-emergencies or call NHS 111. Wirral’s only Emergency Department prioritises people with more serious conditions which can mean a longer wait for those with less urgent needs. To watch the Choose Well video visit


FRAUD COSTS local government across the UK more than £7 billion a year – that’s your money we’re talking about. During a week-long awareness campaign to coincide with International Fraud Awareness Week, we highlighted how Wirral’s residents and businesses can help us help spot and stop people making false claims. Fraudsters steal tens of thousands of pounds of public money that could be used to improve the local community. This can include people making bogus benefit or compensation claims. The council has a responsibility to protect public money and will seek the prosecution of anyone suspected of making dishonest claims. Types of fraud can include: ■ false claims for Council Tax support ■ misuse of grant payments ■ false invoices for goods, works or services ■ false accident claims ■ misuse of blue badges HELP US - REPORT FRAUD: ■ call free on 0800 731 5783 ■ text 07786 202 304, starting your message with ‘fraud’ ■ report online at

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my wirral

Elaine is steering the way for women in business

Parklife: Elaine Owen at Vale Park.


UCKED AWAY in the picturesque Vale Park in New Brighton, lies one of Wirral’s success stories, highlighting one woman’s drive to combine business, community and family. The first floor of Vale House is home to a web design and digital engagement business, ‘Designated Associates’, the brainchild of award-winning Wirral woman Elaine Owen. Elaine set up the business in Birkenhead in the 90s but it was while she was living next to Vale Park that she saw Vale House sitting empty. After enquiring about office space in the building, Elaine realised there was potential for a local entrepreneur to make a difference. She decided to get involved with the restoring and repurposing of the building, eventually

relocating her business there. Vale House is now run as a community interest company and reinvests its profits back into the community centre. The building is also used as a community cafe which can be hired and there is a playgroup there which runs every weekday morning. The Friends of Vale Park Committee oversee the general running of the park and it continues to be a real ‘hidden treasure’ in New Brighton. Elaine said: ‘With Vale House being set in the beautiful Vale Park we have some of the best views of the Liverpool skyline and the waterfront. It’s the best place to work, it’s inspiring and it’s great to put something back into the community. Every week there are bands playing on the

bandstand in Vale Park and it creates an amazing community spirit.’ After moving to Yorkshire to start her career, Elaine found the draw of ‘home’ returned to her and she came

back to Wirral. ‘When I moved to New Brighton and I could smell the sea I knew I had made the right decision. To me, Wirral means freedom, flexibility and access to a busi-

ness lifestyle with everything you need within a 10-minute drive,’ said Elaine. After learning one of her children is autistic, Elaine knew that day to day, work needed to be close to home. ‘Living a few hundred yards from where I work and being my own boss means I can have the best work-life balance I could hope for,’ she said. Elaine has won awards over the years for her outstanding contribution to the learning, development and mentoring of women in business and these are her proudest achievements. ‘I didn’t start out in business to make money and it’s not why I do it today. I started my business because opportunities for women were limited, and I just wanted to help other

women and businesses do the same,’ she said. Elaine enjoys helping to make a difference in her local and business communities. She was runner up Merseyside Woman of the Year in 2004 and this led her to put something back into the event when Elaine, along with Ellie Kerr and Jean Gadsby took it over. They arrange the event around their day jobs. The purpose of the Merseyside Women of the Year event is to celebrate the achievements of women and leave a legacy of role models for the next generation. The overall ‘Merseyside Woman of the Year’ award is voted for by members of the general public and each year it helps to raise money for local charities.

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Could you ‘drink less, enjoy more’ this Christmas? Plan ahead to avoid your Christmas celebrations having an unexpected early finish.


HERE ARE many things which could ruin a night out for you and your friends. You could be refused entry or service at a bar for being too drunk, be fined £1,000 for buying a drink for someone who is drunk, or have to go home early because you’ve had too much to drink. Our licensing team and Merseyside Police have been promoting the ‘Drink Less Enjoy More’ campaign, working in partnership with local bars to raise awareness of the law, ensuring people in Wirral stay

safe and have a good night out. More information can be found online at drinkless TOP TIPS FOR A GREAT NIGHT OUT Many of us enjoy a few drinks on a night out with friends, but it’s also important to remember we all have a limit to how much we can drink. Here are some top tips to help you have a great night: ■ Don’t drink before you leave home: People who pre-load are more likely to binge drink, and are at greater risk of being involved in fights, accidents or developing alcohol poisoning. ■ Make a plan: Set a limit on how much you’re going to drink and only take a fixed amount of money to spend on alcohol. ■ Eat up: Eat a substantial meal before you go out to avoid any alcohol you do drink going

No service: Lynn Anderson of The Saddle Public House in Liscard is supporting the Drink Less Enjoy More scheme.

straight to your head. ■ Pace yourself: You won’t win any prizes for keeping up with your mates. Drink at

your own pace and alternate alcoholic drinks with water or a soft drink. ■ Plan your journey home:

Do you know the units in your drink? IF YOU’RE considering driving the morning after drinking remember that a cold shower, a big breakfast or a strong coffee won’t sober you up. It takes much longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body – on average around one hour per unit of alcohol. As a guide, allow one hour for each unit of alcohol, plus an additional hour which is roughly how long it takes for alcohol to be absorbed in to your blood stream. ■ PINTS - If you drink four pints of lager you should not drive for at least 13 hours after finishing your last pint. ■ BOTTLES – Drink five bottles of lager and you should not drive for at least 11 hours. ■ SPIRITS – Drink four doubles and you should not drive for 13 hours. ■ WINE – Drink three large

glasses of wine and you should not drive for 13 hours. Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely. If you’re caught drink driving you risk a hefty fine, a minimum 12 month drinking ban and a criminal record. At worst you could cause a serious accident. The best advice is not to drink at all if you’re driving

and to avoid heavy drinking if you are driving the following day. To calculate roughly when it will be safe for you to drive the morning after drinking visit WHAT IS A UNIT? Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week. This is the same as 6 pints of aver-

age strength beer or 10 small glasses of low strength wine. A drink or two most days can affect your body, from making you gain weight to increasing your risk of developing health problems such as high blood pressure, liver problems, heart attack and some types of cancer, as well as having a negative impact on your life and those around you.

You’re more likely to drink less if you know you’re getting the last bus or train, or have booked a taxi.

DRY JANUARY IN JANUARY many of us want to give our body a break after Christmas and start looking after ourselves again. Cutting down on alcohol is a great start, and a whole month off is really good for your health. Not only does reducing your drinking boost your energy levels and improve your sleep, but it also gives you a sense of achievement and you can save money too! Give your body a break and sign up now at www. uk. We want to sign up as many people as we can!

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Beneath the sparkly façade, Christmas can be a difficult period for many people.


LMOST a third of people with mental health problems feel unable to cope at Christmas. Regardless of how you feel and whether you’re looking forward to it or not, there are many things that can help you to stay emotionally healthy and make the most of the festive period.

The latest in our ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ series has some ideas for you. ■ GET ACTIVE - Have a Christmas day walk on your own or with the family. This can help you have a quiet 30 minutes in a busy day to reflect. ■ TAKE NOTICE - With so much going on it is important we appreciate what’s happening now, and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. Why not put a mindfulness book on your Christmas list? It can be a great way to de-stress and train your brain to be in the moment. ■ LEARN - Learning can be fun, and also increase your

confidence. Take time out to read a book, learn how to use a new gadget or sign up for a class in the new year. ■ GIVE - It feels rewarding to give. Could you use some of your time off to volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about? It’s been proven that an act of kindness boosts your mood and increases your wellbeing. ■ STAY CONNECTED - Christmas can be a particularly lonely time. It’s important to stay in touch with friends and family, especially if you’re feeling down. Even if it’s just having a chat over a cuppa, talking can help lift your mood. And if you know someone

When was the last time... did something for someone else? However we do it, doing somethingfor someone else gives us a lift. Helping a friend or a stranger could make their day. Just giving a smile might be enough. And that simple act of kindness can go a long way to making you feel good too. When will the next time be?

Share your story with us #5wayswirral


Simple steps to help you feel better this Christmas

who might be lonely or on their own over Christmas why not spend some time with them?

Whatever you do over the festive period we hope you have a very mentally healthy 2018.

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Colder seasons affect the mental health of a third of UK adults. How do you feel?


F YOU GET depressed during the darker, colder months, don’t brush it off as just a case of the ‘winter blues’ – there’s solid scientific evidence to support that the changing seasons can affect our mood. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is the medical name for winter depression, and it’s a condition that affects almost a third of adults at this time of year, according to the findings of a study commissioned by YouGov and The Weather Channel. Symptoms range from low energy levels, to low selfesteem and anxiety, so if the dark days are getting you down, what can you do to help pick yourself up?

Small changes in your lifestyle such as regularly getting a good night’s sleep, keeping to a healthy diet, reducing your alcohol intake, and taking regular exercise can help, so take a look at the following and do what you can to stave off this seasonal sadness: ■ GET ACTIVE – Exercise is good for both the body and the mind, and fitting something as simple as a brisk walk into your daily routine can help boost your mental and physical wellbeing. So, get out and about during your lunch break to help with stress, boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy - just be sure to steer clear of Christmas shoppers. ■ GET OUTSIDE - Wrap up warm and embrace the cold winter chill – you might be surprised just how energising and enjoyable the cold weather can be. ■ GET EATING HEALTHILY – It’s all too tempting to comfort eat during the winter, it’s also important to eat well when it’s cold outside. Winter blues


Self-care for winter time

can make you crave sugary foods and carbohydrates such as chocolate, pasta and bread, but you should ditch the snacks and stodge and opt for fresh fruit and vegetables. ■ GET MORE LIGHT - If you’re

battling with a bout of SAD, the lack of daylight is probably playing a part. Get out as much as you can during the day, and try to sit yourself close to a window in work. It might also be worth getting a

SAD light or undergoing light therapy, so speak to your GP for more information. And if your symptoms are so bad they’re affecting your everyday life, get in touch with your GP.

Sue Henry: my five ways to health and wellbeing SUE HENRY is a firm advocate of the five ways to wellbeing (see opposite page). ‘Take notice’, ‘be active’, ‘keep learning’, ‘connect’ and ‘give’ are five simple actions that can improve our mental wellbeing and, according to research, could leave us feeling happier, more positive and able to get the most from life. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, Sue experienced the benefits for herself when she used it to help her through her treatment. ‘Cancer leaves you with the feeling of a total loss of control. The ‘five ways’ was something I could do for me, something I knew I could take control of to make me feel better,’ she said. Sue began her treatment

Five Ways: Sue Henry at Storeton Woods.

with two surgical operations followed by six months of chemotherapy and four weeks

of radiotherapy at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre but was determined to keep as active

as possible and not spend more time than necessary ‘resting’. ‘I was determined not to let the cancer take over my life,’ Sue said. ‘I needed to get out in to the fresh air. ‘Taking notice’ of my surroundings and ‘being active’ made me feel so much better. ‘After my radiotherapy treatment my husband would drop me off and I would walk round the marine lake or through Storeton Woods, taking pictures as I walked. ‘I used to challenge myself by walking a little bit further or faster each time. Friends and family called me Forest Gump. ‘Towards the end of my chemotherapy when my red and white blood cells were low, I had very little energy. Some mornings I couldn’t even get up the stairs, but I’d

set myself a challenge to walk up four steps, then the next day I would do five and the day after, six. I got stronger day by day. ‘I found great support online through the Macmillan forums ‘connecting’ with and ‘giving’ support to others who were in the same position as myself. ‘I ‘learnt’ a lot about myself and how I manage things. The diagnosis of cancer never really leaves you. I’d describe it as living through a storm and riding it out. ‘I made it through and got discharged from active treatment for the cancer.’ In May 2017 Sue was asked to start the Delamere 5k Race for Life and took part with her daughter, her grandchild, young nephews sisters and friends.

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Cut down on dinner waste A

S WELL AS being a time of too much tinsel, telly and corny eighties tunes – Christmas is also when many of us waste more food than usual. ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ have put together their top five tips to help you make the most of your festive food. ■ NUMBER 5 - STILTON. This Christmas staple can divide taste buds and is often left behind on the cheeseboard. Try crumbling leftover chunks



Top tips to help you make the most of your festive food going beyond the turkey sandwich!

onto recipes that call for a cheddar topping or make a celery, broccoli and Stilton soup. ■ NUMBER 4 - BRUSSEL SPROUTS. If you’ve gone overboard with sprouts and have lots left over, chop them finely and add them to a traditional bubble and squeak. Ideal for Boxing Day breakfast. ■ NUMBER 3 - CHRISTMAS CAKE. After the relatives have gone and the decorations have come down, the Christmas cake is still going strong. Check dates on shop bought ones, but homemade Christmas cakes can keep for a good couple of months. Keep it in an airtight container. ■ NUMBER 2 - BREAD SAUCE. No Christmas dinner would be complete without bread sauce. It’s a classic dish, which we also classically make too much

of. Fear not, just freeze it! ■ NUMBER 1 - TURKEY. The cornerstone of the Christmas dinner has a lot to give, but after your five-hundredth turkey sandwich you might want a change… From pasties

I didn’t know we could enjoy a healthy chicken kebab. Luckily for us, Battal at our local takeaway has a guilt-free option.* *Wholemeal pitta & extra veg. Eastham Express, Eastham

to soups and stroganoff to stir fry there are countless turkeybased leftover recipes online. Have a look at the Love Food Hate Waste website for tasty ideas:

■ Anything freezable can be frozen right up to the ‘use by’ date. ■ Milk is one thing that you do need to freeze as soon as possible after buying. When you need it, thaw it in the fridge and shake well before use. ■ Stilton freezes brilliantly. Cut into portions, wrap in cling film or foil and freeze for up to 3 months. Defrost in the fridge for 24 hours before use. ■ All sorts of leftover cooked meat can be frozen. Thaw in the fridge and use as normal, in a risotto or curry.

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our day

Welcome to #OurDay 2017 E

VERY YEAR, up and down the country, public service organisations, like Wirral Council, take part in a social media campaign called #OurDay. The aim is to give local people a glimpse behind the scenes of all the

different services councils provide. Across the UK, there were more than 14,000 contributors, 45,000 social media posts reaching over 31 million people. #OurDay trended number one on Twitter! Here in Wirral we shared a range

of pictures, videos and messages. We showed you the work going on with street light replacements, met some of our Licensing Team colleagues as they checked a local taxi was safe for passengers, saw our Environmental Service Team clean up a ‘grot spot’

and met Hannah from Birkenhead Park who runs our Forest School. A whopping 220,000 of you saw the social media messages here in Wirral! Here’s a few of our posts to give you a flavour of just one of our days.

what’son Wirral View

December/January 2018 | 11


COOL RUNNINGS New running sessions for 12-17 year olds.  See page 14


Arabian nights to remember T

HE Chrysanthemums Pantomime Society celebrate their 100th birthday with a series of very special shows at Floral Pavilion this January. The group was formed in 1918 when local amateurs decided to put on a show to help raise spirits after the Great


War. The show they performed, Aladdin, received such plaudits a panto society was born. Take a magic carpet ride 100 years later and the Chrysanths are performing the very same show to celebrate their centenary. The panto, which raises money for local charities, will


open sesame on Thursday 11 January and run until Sunday 14 January. See Listings on page 13 for start times. To book your tickets, visit floral

Let's Dance! Brendan from Strictly PAGE 13

Christmas open day at Birkenhead Kennels  See page 12

CAROLS GALORE Catch a carol concerts around Wirral this month.  See Listings


The Williamson's most loved oil paintings.  See page 13


Golden oldies from Jack Jones.  See page 13

12 | December/January 2018

ART BLOOMERS EXHIBITION Until JAN 2018 Community art group showcase their art. The group meet at the St James Centre of The North Birkenhead Development Trust. BY REQUEST Until SAT 23rd DEC Exhibition of Williamson Art Gallery’s most loved oil paintings, chosen by the public.

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WOODCHURCH HIGH SCHOOL FARM CHRISTMAS FAIR THU 14th DEC, 4.30pm. £1 | 50p Festive Christmas fair. 0151 677 5257

CHRISTMAS CAROLS SAT 16th DEC, 2pm Mostly Madrigals singers at Birkenhead Priory.

CHRISTMAS CAROL CONCERT THU 14th DEC, 7pm. £7 Get merry with Off Pitch Choir. Williamson Art Gallery. 0151 691 8527

CHRISTMAS CONCERT SAT 16th DEC, 7.30pm. £5 Wirral Community Orchestra’s festive concert. West Kirby United Reformed Church. 0151 632 3045

BABY BOUNCE & RHYME CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY THU 14th DEC, 10.30am In aid of Save the Children. Bebington Library. CHRISTMAS COFFEE MORNING THU 14th DEC, 10.30am Local choir. West Kirby Library.

SANTA SINGALONG BABY BOUNCE & RHYME TUE 12th DEC, 10am West Kirby Library. 0151 929 7730 OVER 60’S CHRISTMAS PARTY WED 13th DEC, 1pm. £6 Music from an Elvis tribute act, plus buffet. The Greasby Centre. 0151 721 2322 CHRISTMAS CAROLS THU 14th DEC, 7pm Get festive at Wallasey Village Library.

KIDS HEALTHY FUN & FESTIVE COOKING CLASS SAT 16th DEC, 10am - 12pm. £25 Join Isaac and Harper who are 12 and 8, who want to spread the word to other kids that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! Cooking class for kids.

CHRISTMAS COFFEE MORNING FRI 15th DEC, 10am - 12pm             New Brighton Primary School choir. Wallasey Central Library.

CHRISTMAS OPEN DAY AT BIRKENHEAD KENNELS SAT 16th DEC, 11am - 3pm Santa Claus is coming to the kennels so bring your little ones down to meet him. There will be a tombola, raffle and games.

ALL STAR SUPERSLAM WRESTLING FRI 26th JAN, 7.30pm. £15|£10 Fantastic lineup of top international talent, including outspoken American Harlem Bravodo’s eagerly awaited re-match with local star Dean Allmark.

Find out what’s on at

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST SAT 16th - SUN 31st DEC (times vary) £15| £13 conc | £46 family The arrogant prince is turned into The Beast by a witch. CAROL CONCERT SUN 17th DEC, 2pm Christmas carols with Heswall Operatic Society. Williamson Art Gallery. CAROLS ON THE GREEN, CALDY SUN 17th DEC, 6pm Church of the Resurrection and All Saints. Mince pies and a visit from Santa! Please book ahead. 0151 625 0244 CAROL SERVICE, IRBY SUN 17th DEC, 6.30pm Christmas carols at St Chad’s Church. At 9.30pm there will also be a nativity service. 0151 648 8169

CHRISTMAS CONCERT FRI 15th DEC, 7.30pm. £6 Brass band and carols. St Nicholas Church, Wallasey. DICK WHITTINGTON FRI 15th & SAT 16th DEC, 7.30pm. Matinee 2.30pm SAT 16th & SUN 17th. £8 | £6 Traditional panto from the Carlton Players. The Little Theatre, Birkenhead. 0151 647 6593


CAROLS IN BEBINGTON SAT 16th DEC, 5.30 - 7pm Brass band, carols, hog roast and meet Santa! Next to the Rose and Crown Pub. CHRISTMAS CHARITY CONCERT SAT 16th DEC, 7pm. £6 West Kirby Arts Club Band bring you the best of the season. westkirbyarts

CAROLS AT THE WHITE LION SUN 17th DEC, 8pm West Kirby Arts Centre and friends walk down Brookfield gardens to the pub, singing seasonal songs and carols. westkirbyarts XMAS STORYTIME MON 18th DEC, 2.30pm With a special visitor. West Kirby Library. Book ahead. 0151 929 7730

BELLY DANCE LESSONS SAT 13th JAN, 11am. £5 Ten-week belly dancing course, running at Hoylake Parade Community Centre on Saturday mornings. Suitable for women of all ages & dance abilities. Book in advance.

JUST PILATES - HESWALL WED 20th DEC, 3.15pm. £6 Improve your health and mental wellbeing. CHILDREN’S WIGGLE AND JIGGLE CHRISTMAS PARTY THU 21st DEC, 10am Music and dance at Wallasey Village Library. Book ahead. 0151 638 1024 COFFEE, CAKE & CAROLS THU 21st DEC, 2pm Carols, cake and chat. West Kirby United Reformed Church. 07930 137041 CHRISTINGLE SERVICE SUN 24th DEC, 4pm Emmanuel Church, Seabank Road, New Brighton. CRIB SERVICE - THURSTASTON SUN 24th DEC, 4 & 5pm St Bartholomew’s Church 0151 648 8169 CHRISTMAS LUNCH, EASTHAM MON 25th DEC, 12.15 - 3pm Delamere Centre. Book ahead. 0151 327 8767 CHRISTMAS LUNCH, WEST KIRBY MON 25th DEC, 12 –3pm Free lunch for local residents at St Bridgets Church Centre. Plus carols. Book ahead. 0151 342 0141 LOOKING FOR KINGFISHERS TUE 26th DEC, 12.30pm Meet at the rangers office and walk along the river Dibbin, in search of elusive Kingfishers. christopherwerney@

JIM DAVIDSON SAT 27th JAN, 7.30pm. £23 Former host of BBC’s Big Break and The Generation Game, Jim is a well-loved, albeit risque, comedian. His latest tour comes to the Gladstone Theatre, and is guaranteed to raise laughs all round.

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JUNIOR RUNNING SESSIONS SAT 13th JAN, 9.45am Running club every Saturday in Birkenhead Park for 12-17 year olds. Meet at the Visitors Centre. Free but booking essential. 07876 577187

THE HOUGHTON WEAVERS FRI 29th DEC, 7.30pm. £14 Folk band best known for their BBC TV show ‘Sit Thi Deawn’. KNIT & NATTER SAT 6th JAN, 10.30am Sociable knitting group. Birkenhead Central Library. TAI CHI, HOYLAKE TUE 9th JAN, 6.30pm. £5 Slow moving martial art. The Parade Community Centre.

YOGA IN BIRKENHEAD PARK SUN 14th JAN, 10am - 11.30pm Beginners welcome but bring a mat! Meet at Visitors Centre. 0151 652 5197 TENNIS FOR FREE IN BIRKENHEAD PARK SUN 14th JAN, 10am - 12pm Equipment is available. Meet at courts on Cavendish Road. RIGOLETTO - THE ROYAL OPERA TUE 16th JAN, 7.15pm. £15.95 | £12.50 Verdi’s tragedy at Light Cinema.

ALADDIN: CHRYSANTHS THU 11th - SUN 14th JAN, 7.15pm. Matinee 2pm on SAT and SUN. £12 | £7.50 conc See page 11. DICK WHITTINGTON THU 11th - SAT 13th JAN, 7.30pm. Matinee 2.30pm on SAT 13th & SUN 14th. £10 | £8 The Rock’n’Pop panto! 0151 625 3542 ALADDIN - WIRRAL COMMUNITY THEATRE FRI 12th & SAT 13th JAN, 7.30pm. Matinee 2.30pm on SAT 13th and SUN 14th. £6 Fun-filled show packed full of songs, comedy and magic. Wesbourne Hall, West Kirby wirralcommu nitytheatre. com

BAGGAGE AND S.P.A.C.E THU 18th JAN, 7.30pm. £10 Two one-act plays from Hand in Hand Theatre. BAGGAGE sees an unlikely friendship between a housewife and a homeless woman. S.P.A.C.E is a comedydrama in which Crazy needs to declutter her house and mind. HABEAS CORPUS THU 18th JAN, 7.30pm. £9 | £7 Keyhole Theatre Company presents Alan Bennett’s 1970’s farce - a wry look at the body’s lusts and weaknesses.

LIFE ON A CRUISE SHIP THU 18th JAN, 7.30pm Talk by Captain Derrick Kemp, as part of Deeside Lecture Society’s series of evening talks at United Reformed Church, Meols Drive, West Kirby. 0151 625 7061 THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG - STARLIGHT YOUTH THEATRE FRI 19th & SAT 20th JAN, 7.30pm. Matinee on SAT, 2pm. £14 | £11.50 conc A princess is put under a spell and must search for her true love. ALCHEMIST - BEHIND THE MASQUERADE FRI 19th JAN, 7.30pm. £12.50 | £10 conc Guitar-based roots and folk. 1950s VINTAGE ACCESSORY WORKSHOP SAT 20th JAN, 1.30pm Bring your own accessories to customise (materials provided). Free but booking essential. ladylever THE TURN OF THE SCREW TUE 23rd - SAT 27th JAN, 7.30pm. £8 | £6 Can a young governess save the children from ghosts from their past? Henry James’ Gothic ghost story at The Little Theatre, Birkenhead. BRENDAN COLE ALL NIGHT LONG WED 24th JAN, 7.30pm. £36.50 | £34.50 conc Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan is joined by guest dancers and a 14 piece band to provide an extravagant mix of Latin fever and ballroom magic.

FAULTY TOWERS DINING EXPERIENCE WED 24th - SUN 28th JAN, 7pm. Matinee 1.30pm on SAT 27th & SUN 28th. £45.50 When the audience become diners in the ‘Faulty Towers’ restaurant and are served by Basil, Sybil and Manuel, pretty much anything can happen! Book yourself a table to this hilarious improvised show, 70’s style 3-course meal and shambolic service!

FLORAL PAVILION BUILDING TOUR WED 24th JAN, 11am. £5 Guided tour to celebrate the Floral’s 10th birthday. Includes tea/ coffee and souvenir brochure. THE MAGIC OF MOTOWN THU 25th JAN, 7.30pm. £28.50 | £26.50 conc Celebrating the music of Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Jackson 5, Lionel Richie and more. ROADRUNNER COUNTRY THU 25th JAN, 8pm Fascinating talk by Keith Offord looking at the wildlife of the southern US states. Kingsmead School Hall, Hoylake. BLACK DYKE BRASS BAND SUN 28th JAN, 2.30pm. £18 Successful contesting brass band that has won the European Championships 13 times, most recently in 2015.

JACK JONES WED 31st JAN, 7.30pm. £36.50 80th birthday celebration tour, with renditions of The Impossible Dream, Lollipops and Roses, The Loveboat and more. floralpavilion. com

GET FIT IN 2018 WITH INVIGOR8 WE ALL over-indulge a little over the Christmas period so what better way to start the New Year than signing up for an Invigor8 membership? Members can choose between eight leisure centres, seven fitness suites, 10 pools and over 350 classes per week, ranging from boxercise to tai chi! There are a range of memberships to choose from, suiting all ages and budgets, with a standard membership from as little as £18.50 per month. Call 606 2010 for further information and make 2018 the year that you get fit!

For ‘What’s On’ t&cs visit wirral

MACCA - THE CONCERT SUN 21st JAN, 7.30pm £25.00 | £23.00 conc Starring West End leading man Emanuele Angeletti (‘Let It Be’) as Paul McCartney, this is a celebration of the music of a legend. Featuring visual projections and a selection of Macca’s most-loved hits.

Find out what’s on at

14 | December/January 2018

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what’s on

Shops in Birkenhead down to a fine art I

F YOU ARE in Birkenhead this month and need a diversion from Christmas shopping, why not see if you can find one of Wirral's hidden gems, a life-size mural from celebrated Wirral artist David Hillhouse. ‘The Shop Front’ is located in Henry Street car-park and depicts two shops – an old fashioned fruiterer (what we would term today a greengrocer) and a pawnbrokers, real businesses that existed in buildings demolished to make way for the Mersey Tunnel approaches.

The piece was commissioned by Alun Hughes, Chief Executive at Wirral Methodist Housing Association, as part of WMHA's ongoing support of art in the community which includes a Summer Art Project for children at the Williamson Art Gallery. The artist, David Hillhouse (1945 - 2013), was a pupil at Birkenhead Institute and until 2000 he was Principal Museums Officer for Wirral. When you visit, look out for the ghostly images reflected

in the windows, depicting the grand old buildings that stood opposite and also the Manx cat, Kelly, who lived until the grand age of 26 and always used to sit in a nearby shop window. The bike was owned by the greengrocers delivery boy, who was inside the shop to collect his next order. The growing number of pieces of public art around Wirral, include a mural at the Swinging Arm pub in Birkenhead, 'And the River Flows On' art panels gracing the dockside at Tower Road and

a tree carving (pictured right) in Hamilton Road, New Brighton. In March 2018, you'll be able to find two new pieces of art in Birkenhead. 'Venus Over the Mersey' on Henry Street will be Wirral's very own version of Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' and there will be a new stucco panel design on the side of the former Copperfield pub in Market Street. ■ TELL US about your 'hidden gems' in Wirral. Post a photo on and we may include it in a future issue.

New Ferry's feast of festive fun THERE WILL be fun for the whole family at New Ferry Christmas Spectacle on Sat 16 Dec. The event at PHABulous Community Hub features carols from Grove Street Choir, 'When Narnia Got Frozen in

Find out what’s on at

New Ferry' panto and performances from dance group Complete Works and singer Chris Locke. The event is free but booking is essential. Visit Money Matters in New Ferry or


Closing date MON 15 JAN 2018. Email your answer plus your name, address, phone number and email address to Your entry can be posted to Wirral View, Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton St, Wallasey CH44 8ED

December/January 2018 | 15

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Want to improve your CV or gain a new qualification in 2018? Enrol today for a course with Wirral’s Lifelong and Family Learning Service! Our high quality and affordable short courses for adults (19+) are enrolling now at venues across Wirral.

English & Maths Courses

Computer & Digital Skills

All English and Maths courses last 10 weeks and are FREE of charge for all students

Easy Steps courses are designed to give absolute beginners the confidence to use a computer at home. Intro to the Internet is the follow-on course to Easy Steps and will help to get you using the internet for everyday life.

These courses will help you develop your skills & gain a nationally recognised qualification for work. Course Functional Skills English Functional Skills English Functional Skills English Functional Skills Maths Functional Skills Maths

Location Leasowe Adult Learning The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead Bebington Library Leasowe Adult Learning

Level 1&2 1&2 1&2 1&2 1&2

Day Mon Tue Thur Mon Wed

Time 9.30am-12.30pm 1- 3.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 1-3.30pm 9.15-11.15am

Enrols 8 Jan 9 Jan 11 Jan 8 Jan 10 Jan

Starts 15 Jan 16 Jan 18 Jan 15 Jan 17 Jan

These bridging courses will help improve your English and Maths skills. National qualifications in English or maths are offered starting from entry level to Level 2. Course Improve your English Improve your English Improve your English Improve your English Improve your English Improve your Maths Improve your Maths Improve your Maths

Location Leasowe adult Learning Leasowe Adult Learning The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead Bebington Library Leasowe Adult Learning Bebington Library The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead

Level Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry

Day Thur Wed Wed Mon Mon Tue Tue Mon

Time 9.30-11.30am 1-3pm 1-3pm 1.15-3.15pm 10am-12pm 1-3pm 9.30-11.30am 10am-12pm

Enrols 11 Jan 10 Jan 10 Jan 8 Jan 8 Jan 9 Jan 9 Jan 10 Jan

Starts 18 Jan 17 Jan 17 Jan 15 Jan 15 Jan 16 Jan 16 Jan 17 Jan

For people whose first language isn’t English. They range from Pre-Entry (for those with no English Skills) to Entry level 3. National qualifications are available at Entry level 1, 2 or 3. Time 9.30-11.30am

Level PreEntry Entry

Day Tue




Wed 9.30am-3.30pm

Enrols Starts 9 Jan 16 Jan

Mon 9.30-11.30am

8 Jan

15 Jan


9 Jan

16 Jan

Entry 3 Wed 9.30-11.30am

10 Jan 17 Jan

Enrols Starts 17 Jan 16 Jan 15 Jan 18 Jan 19 Jan 28 Feb 28 Feb 27 Feb 27 Feb 26 Feb 26 Feb

Time 10.30am-12.30pm 10am-12pm 10am-12pm 10am-12pm 10am-12pm 10.30am-12.30pm 10am-12pm 10am-12pm

Day Wed Tue Mon Thur Fri Wed Tue Mon

These courses are designed to follow on from the Easy Steps programme (above) and will develop your skills to become a confident and competent computer user - ideal to demonstrate to employers that you have essential computer skills. Level 1 1 1

Location Moreton Library Wallasey Library Bebington Library

Day Time Wed 1-3pm 1-3pm Tue Thur 1-3pm

Enrols 10 Jan 9 Jan 11 Jan

Starts 17 Jan 16 Jan 18 Jan

Sewing Offered through the Open Awards awarding body, these courses are designed to give you the skills to improve your confidence and help you to progress to the next level. All of these courses cost £56.50 (or £10 if on benefits) plus £15 examination fee. Course Qualification in Sewing

Location Leasowe Adult Learning

Level 1

Day Time Mon 10am-3pm

Enrols 8 Jan

Starts 15 Jan

Weeks 5

10 Jan 17 Jan

British Sign Language


This course will give the basic skills you need to progress.

Offered through the Open Awards awarding body, these courses are designed to give you basic floristry skills to improve your confidence and help you to progress to the next level. All of these courses last 10 weeks and cost £56.50 (or £10 if on benefits). Course Qualification in Floristry

Level Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry Entry

Computer Qualifications

Course Essential Skills in IT - Qual L1 Essential Skills in IT - Qual L1 Essential Skills in IT - Qual L1

All ESOL courses last 10 weeks and are FREE of charge for all students

Location The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead ESOL Entry 1 The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead ESOL Entry 2 The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead ESOL Entry 3 Qualification Wirral Multicultural Centre, Birkenhead Literacy for ESOL Learners The Lauries Centre, Birkenhead

Location Moreton Library Wallasey Library Birkenhead Library Bebington Library Leasowe Adult Learning Moreton Library Wallasey Library Birkenhead Library

Course Easy Steps Computers Easy Steps Computers Easy Steps Computers Easy Steps Computers Easy Steps Computers Intro to the Internet Intro to the Internet Intro to the Internet

All of these courses last 10 weeks and cost £56.50 (or £10 if on benefits) plus £15 examination fee.

ESOL (English for speakers of other languages)

Course ESOL Pre Entry

All of these courses last 5 weeks and cost £28.25 (or £5 if on benefits).

Level Location Leasowe Millennium Centre 1

Day Tue

Time 10am-12pm

Enrols Starts 9 Jan 16 Jan

All of these courses last 10 weeks and cost £56.50 (or £10 if on benefits) plus £15 examination fee. Course Intro to British Sign Language Intro to British Sign Language

Level Location Entry St James, North B’head Woodchurch Community Centre Entry

Enrols Starts Day Time 8 Jan 15 Jan Mon 1-3pm Tue 10am-12pm 27 Feb 27 Feb

Healthy Living and Confidence These courses last 8 weeks and are FREE of charge for all students Course Healthy Living Confidence Skills

Location Leaswoe Adult Learning Leaswoe Adult Learning

Level 1

Day Tues Tues

Time 10am-12pm 10am-12pm

Starts 16 Jan 27 Feb

More information, including details of other courses available, is online at To book a place please email or call (0151) 630 3486. You must be aged 19 or over to enrol. All courses are subsidised by the Education & Skills Funding Agency and meet OFSTED standards for Adult Learning.

This advertisement is available in other formats; please contact us on 630 3486 for details.

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16 | December/January 2018

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Celebrate with new friends W

HILE MANY of us share gifts and spend time with family and friends at Christmas, for others it’s a difficult or lonely time. If you’ve lost someone close, or you live away from your loved ones you may find the festive season more of a struggle. If you’re facing Christmas alone or know it’s going to be a tough time for you, or someone you know, help is at hand from any one of the many groups, organisations and services across Wirral offering Connected Christmas get-togethers. MONDAY 25TH DECEMBER – CHRISTMAS DAY ■ Christmas Day Lunch Christ Church, 12-3pm. Kings Road, Higher Bebington CH63 8LX. Parish office opening hours 9am-12.30pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fri-

day 0151 608 4429. ■ Tomorrow’s Women Wirral 18+ females only. Christmas Day Breakfast, 10am-12pm. Beckwith Street East, Birkenhead, CH41 3JE. 0151 647 7907 or 07927 335 655. ■ Christmas Day Lunch The Hive, 11am-3pm. Open to

all ages. Wirral Youth Zone Bright Street, Birkenhead CH41 4EA. 0151 705 8000. ■ Christmas Day Lunch Charles Thompson’s Mission, 2pm. Bookings only. Hemingford Street, Birkenhead, CH41 4AP. Bernie Frost 0151 647 7303. ■ Christmas Together Lunch


Delamere Centre, 12.30-3pm. Delamere Avenue, Eastham, CH62 9ED. 0151 327 8767, 0151 334 5755. ■ Christmas Day Lunch St Bridget’s Church, 12-3pm. Church Road, West Kirby, CH48 0RL. Syd Ford 0151 342 0141. ■ Christmas Day Lunch Parish of Heswall, 12:30pm onwards. Village Road, Heswall CH60 0DZ. 0151 342 3471. Transport on request. TUESDAY 26TH DECEMBER – BOXING DAY ■ Meals for Kids £1: The Hive, 6-10pm. Wirral Youth Zone Bright Street, Birkenhead Wirral, CH41 4EA. 0151 705 8000. Hive members only. ■ Boxing Day Dinner: Recreational Centre Prenton Park, Tranmere, 12-2pm. Mia Coleman, 0333 0144452, Ext 4 (numbers limited).

NEED HELP? IF YOU, a family member or friend are feeling down and need help this Christmas, call one of the following numbers below: ■ Arrowe Park Hospital A&E department 0151 678 5111 (24 hours) ■ The Samaritans (Liverpool & Merseyside) 0151 708 8888 (24 hours) ■ Merseyside Police 101 ■ Drugs Dependency 0151 709 0516 ■ Wirral Alcohol Service 0151 488 7240 ■ Age UK Wirral 0151 482 3456 ■ Campaign Against Living Miserably CALM 0800 58 58 58 ■ Sane Helpline 0845 767 8000.

December/January 2018 | 17

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Girls… Get ready to try something new! We know it can be difficult finding a sport or activity you enjoy but once you find the thing for you, you’ll never look back!


F YOU’RE a 13 to 18 year old girl in Wirral, our This Girl Can ambassadors, the MerseyGirls are encouraging you to try something new with free activity taster sessions in January. Throughout ‘give it a go month’ there will be different activities across Wirral that will be free to go to. All you’ve got to do is grab some mates or go along yourself to any you’d like to try out. Sport and fitness doesn’t have to be boring or difficult, it can be something you find fun and have a laugh doing. We’re sure there’ll be some-

WHITNEY’S WORLD OF WORK… MY NAME is Whitney. I’m 16 and live in Wirral. After doing my GCSEs, I decided to leave school for a new and exciting challenge. After applying and making my way through the selection process, I started an apprenticeship in the Communications and Marketing team at Wirral Council earlier this year. Now I’ll be honest, it was scary leaving school and breaking out into the world of work. Walking through the doors on my first morning was nerve-wracking. But there was no need to

This Girl Can Ambassadors: The MerseyGirls.

thing to suit everyone! A full timetable of what’s available during the month will be announced shortly. Keep an eye out for updates on our Instagram @thisgirlcaninwirral and

Twitter @TGC_Wirral PLUS if you take part you could win a £50 JD Sports voucher to help kit you out for your new found hobby. Just take a picture of the session you’re at and either

tag @thisgirlcaninwirral in your photo on Instagram or @ TGC_Wirral on Twitter using the hashtag #giveitagowirral. So girls grab your trainers, mates and tracksuit and get ready to give it a go!

Five simple present ideas for under £10 STRUGGLING TO GET Christmas presents sorted for friends and family? Then we’ve got some great ideas without the high street prices!

or friends’ favourite photos and put them in a stylish frame. Loads of websites will give you some prints free or for a couple of pence.

❉ Make it a memorable present by creating a Christmas collage. Print off some of your family’s

❉ Believe it or not but charity shops around Christmas have brand new, unused items that would make great gifts! Pop in to one of your local shops to see what’s on offer. And it also means that what you spend helps someone else too.

rate and make them look as Christmassy as you like. ❉ Create your own ‘day off ’ voucher. Gift vouchers are a great idea but can be expensive… so why not create your own for family? How about a day off the dishes for parents and grandparents? Or, you could do a voucher where you promise to do something for free. You could wash someone’s car or vacuum the house?

❉ Show off your baking skills and create some Christmas cupcakes. Buy a pack of plain cupcakes, some icing to deco-

❉ Why not make your own word print picture? You can use a free website to create a picture of words that are meaningful or funny to your family or friends. Save and print them off !

feel worried. I feel like I fit in really well and everyone is so friendly! So, how did I do it? Here are my tips to settling in and making an impression in your new job. ■ Have a positive attitude. Show your enthusiasm for being part of the team. Nothing works better to improve people’s first impression of you. ■ Ask questions. No one expects you to know everything when you first start so ask questions or ask for help when you need it. ■ Take the initiative. Don’t wait for an assignment to be given to you. Just ask.

18 | December/January 2018

Wirral View New New New New New Brighton Brighton Brighton Brighton Brighton

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Moreton Moreton Moreton Moreton Moreton West West West &West && & West & Saughall Saughall Saughall Saughall Saughall Massie Massie Massie Massie Massie

Seacombe Seacombe Seacombe Seacombe Seacombe

Bidston Bidston Bidston Bidston & St && St James St James & James St James Bidston & St James

Hoylake Hoylake Hoylake Hoylake & Meols && Meols Meols & Meols Hoylake & Meols Upton Upton Upton Upton Upton

Greasby, Greasby, Greasby, Greasby, Irby Irby Irby Irby Greasby, Irby & Frankby && Frankby Frankby & Frankby & Frankby

West West West Kirby West Kirby Kirby &Kirby && & West Kirby & Thurstaston Thurstaston Thurstaston Thurstaston Thurstaston

Birkenhead Birkenhead Birkenhead Birkenhead &Birkenhead Tranmere && Tranmere Tranmere & Tranmere & Tranmere

Claughton Claughton Claughton Claughton Claughton

Oxton Oxton Oxton Oxton Oxton

Prenton Prenton Prenton Prenton Prenton

Pensby Pensby Pensby Pensby & && & Pensby & Thingwall Thingwall Thingwall Thingwall Thingwall

Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Ferry Ferry Ferry Ferry Ferry

Bebington Bebington Bebington Bebington Bebington

Bromborough Bromborough Bromborough Bromborough Bromborough

Bebington Bebington Bebington Bebington Bebington

Bidston Bidston Bidston Bidston &&&St & StJames & St James St James James Bidston St James Heswall Heswall Heswall Heswall Heswall

Clatterbridge Clatterbridge Clatterbridge Clatterbridge Clatterbridge Eastham Eastham Eastham Eastham Eastham

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Birkenhead Birkenhead Birkenhead Birkenhead &&&Tranmere & Tranmere & Tranmere Tranmere Birkenhead Tranmere

Bromborough Bromborough Bromborough Bromborough Bromborough

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Heswall Heswall Heswall Heswall Heswall

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Prenton Prenton Prenton Prenton Prenton

Rock Rock Rock Rock Ferry Ferry Ferry Ferry Rock Ferry

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December/January 2018 | 19

Wirral View

leader’s column

2017: A year in reflection

Councillor Phil Davies Leader of Wirral Council


S 2017 DRAWS to a close, it is an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the borough’s businesses and residents and look forward to an exciting 12 months ahead. Once again this year, the communities of Wirral demonstrated our entrepreneurial spirit, compassion and resilience. We have seen success for some of our larger employers, hiring more staff and winning big orders to guarantee work into the future, remembered and honoured those who have served, protected and championed us all, and seen the community rally round when major disasters like the New Ferry explosion happen. The year was punctuated not once but twice with elections: first, for a Metro Mayor in May, and then the surprise General Election a month later. The election of Steve Rotheram in the Liverpool City Region saw a shift of resources and decisionmaking away from Westminster to Merseyside. Investments in jobs, skills, transport and projects for economic growth will benefit from the £30million a year Single Investment Fund. In commemoration of the Hillsborough Disaster, we opened a memorial garden at Wallasey Town Hall in tribute to the 96 supporters who lost their lives and their families. We also saw a memorial unveiled in Hamilton Square to honour PC Dave Phillips who was killed in the

Clockwise from top: New Ferry after the explosion in March and the community celebrating the town’s Christmas lights switch on; The Hive opens; Freedom of the Borough was granted to the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster and the Mersey was lit with colour during the River of Light fireworks.

line of duty. Wirral was the focus for some eye-catching events, with the Mersey being lit up for the spectacular River of Light fireworks, a visit from HRH The Duke of Cambridge and the World Urban Parks European Conference held here. On the business front, Cammell Laird continued to go from strength to strength with construction on RSS Sir David Attenborough, the largest non-military ship to be

built in Britain for a generation. The yard is also confident it will pick up more work in the new year as the Government looks to award contracts for the build of a new class of Frigate and for modular construction support for Heathrow’s third runway.

Local firms like Unilever and Evoke Creative also saw continued growth, and Wirral-based Tyhoo Tea featured on TV – revealing the Moreton factory produces a staggering 14million tea bags a day – we’ll drink to that! In Birkenhead, the Hive opened and already welcomes more than 6,000 young people as members. The purpose built youth zone gives youngsters a safe and positive environment where they can enjoy a range of activities, learn new skills, raise their aspirations and realise their full potential. Looking forward to 2018, we will continue to pressure central government to support the recovery and regeneration of New Ferry following the explosion in March. The council has spent more than £300,000 to date helping support families and businesses impacted and has submitted its Regeneration Plan, created with the involvement and support of local residents, to the Secretary of State. I am sure all Wirralians will join me in wishing those affected a safe and prosperous 2018. Next year is expected

to see the launch of Wirral Growth Company, a joint venture partnership to drive regeneration, economic growth and create jobs across the borough. The plans for the first phase of this scheme will be brought forward early in 2018 and involve new homes, offices and retail and leisure developments. We are also looking forward to seeing the plans for Hoylake Golf Resort; a world class destination which will boost local tourism and bring income into the council too. As the year draws to a close and the Christmas and New Year holidays rapidly descend upon us all, I hope you will join me in saying thanks to those in the emergency services, medical professions and armed forces who will be working to

protect us at home and abroad over the festive period. On behalf of all the elected members and officers at Wirral Council – we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2018.

20 | December/January 2018

Wirral View

December/January 2018 | 21

Wirral View

active wirral

Free ideas to help you see your resolutions through

HIT THE PAVEMENTS Walking is one of the easiest ways to get more activity into your day, lose weight and become healthier.

COUCH TO 5K Couch to 5K is a free programme to help absolute beginners get into running. The plan involves three runs a week, with a rest day in between. You can down-

Armed with a bit of get-up-and-go you can set yourself a resolution to get fit and stick with it. EELING FITTER doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few tricks, you can soon be exercising for free.

load an app to listen to as you set out or you can print off week by week instructions. Simply search for C25K online and look for NHS Choices. CYCLE Whether you’re cycling to work, school, the shops or just for fun, the humble bicycle is an easy way to get more active. Cycling to work is one of the easiest ways of fitting exercise into your day. It’ll also save you money on petrol or public transport costs. STAIR CLIMBING No-one likes taking the stairs, but if you’re looking for an



Fit some walking into your routine by avoiding the car for short journeys, getting off the bus or train one stop early or planning longer walks at the weekends. Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. This might seem a lot but you can build up to it over time. Keep track of your steps with the ‘One You Active 10’ app. Download it from here

easy way to tone up taking the stairs is for you! It burns more calories per minute than jogging and counts towards your recommended

150 minutes of weekly exercise. Walk past those lifts and track your fitness levels with the free ‘StepJockey’ app.

Have your cHildren flown tHe nest? If your chIldren have left home for university or moved away to start work this is the perfect time to foster a child; you have years of experience looking after children and teenagers, and plenty to offer a child or youngster in Wirral. You’ve dealt with the terrible twos, taught them to ride a bike, tamed that supermarket tantrum, listened to their laughter, wiped away their tears, helped them with their homework, dealt with the minefield that is parenting teenagers, watched proudly at their sporting and academic achievements and you have successfully raised an independent young person as a result! Now you could use your skills to make a difference to a child or teenagers life in Wirral. Wirral Foster Carer Sharon said, “My kids

had grown up and moved out and my weekends were spare and I missed doing family stuff. I’d been thinking for years about fostering but wasn’t sure if I’d be suitable, I finally made the call... they were looking for someone just like me, it all fitted together.” If you have room in your home and in your heart, the time could be right to foster a child or youngster in Wirral. Foster Carers come from all walks of life, take the next step... get in touch with Wirral Council’s Fostering team to find out more. They can even arrange for you to chat to one of their existing Foster Carers to find out about the application process, day to day fostering, preparing for your first foster child or any other questions you may have.

They were looking for someone just like me... it all fitted together Sharon, Wirral Foster Carer

Foster carers come from all walks of life. Male or female, single or married, young and old, living alone, with a partner or with a family, you might have your own home or rent. We’re looking for people just like you and in return we are there to support you through it all.

Take the next step ... | 0151 606 2400 412AUG15JH

22 | December/January 2018

Wirral View

ask us wirral

‘Ask Us’ Wirral: your regular advice column ■ Ask Us Wirral is a regular page of advice and information supplied by the ‘Ask Us Wirral’ service - ■ The service provides free, impartial and confidential advice and information to local residents. ■ Funded by the council and Wirral CCG, it’s delivered by Citizens Advice Wirral, Age UK Wirral, Wirral Change and Wirral Mencap.

Gift postage queries ■ I’ve ordered some Christmas presents online from a retailer, but they have arrived damaged and the company says they aren’t liable as it happened in the delivery process. What are my rights for a refund? The seller is responsible for the condition of the goods until you receive them. If goods arrive faulty – you are entitled to a refund, unless you want to accept a repair or replacement.

Use a cheque or postal order – don’t post cash! Send vouchers or valuables by an insured service such as Royal

The Citizens Advice (CA) national consumer helpline 03454 04 05 06 (Textphone 18001

03454 04 05 06) offers free advice on a wide range of consumer topics. The line is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. If you think a company has broken the law or acted unfairly, you can report them to Trading Standards via the CA consumer helpline (above). The helpline can provide information and guidance regarding what cases can be referred to Trading Standards and if appropriate offer support with this. There are also some tips above about what you can do if something arrives faulty or broken.

Saturday 8am-1pm (local rate). If you’re using a dark coloured envelope, use a white label to write the address on. Make sure there is a return address written on the back of the parcel or envelope. This means it can be returned to you if there is a problem with delivery.

Sophie now Worst Christmas night out ever they won’t serve us anywhere because Kelly is too drunk. Taxi home for us!! slide to read

It is illegal to serve alcohol to the clearly drunk. Bars and clubs can be fined £1000 and lose their licence. Merseyside Police are enforcing these laws.



Working together in partnership IPHOTO.COM

■ Returning faulty goods ■ How to claim using a warranty or guarantee ■ Misleading advertising ■ Non-arrival of goods and services ■ Poor service

Always write the address clearly in ink on the envelope. Remember to include the house number, street name and write the postcode on a separate line. If you don’t know the postcode, find it online at, or call Royal Mail on 0845 7111 222 Monday to Friday 4-6pm and

■ I want to send a Christmas card with some money in it. What is the safest way to send it?

Know your rights for festive shopping IN THE RUN UP to Christmas, many people are buying more than they usually do. Hopefully, you won’t have any problems, but if you do, has advice on a range of issues including:

Mail Special Delivery. You can then claim compensation if your item is lost or damaged. Ask if the postal service you are being offered covers your item for compensation in the event of loss or damage and if so, for how much. You can buy extra insurance with Royal Mail and Parcelforce services.


December/January 2018 | 23

Wirral View

recruitment & public notices JOBS For full details on the following vacancies or to apply online visit Details can also be downloaded free of charge from Wirral Libraries and One Stop Shops. TEACHER Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Moreton Temporary until August 2018 • Full Time Main Scale (£22,917 - £33,824) Required January 2018 The governors of Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School are pleased to announce that an opportunity has arisen for an outstanding practitioner to fulfil a teaching role at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. The position is temporary for two terms, beginning in January 2018. The successful candidate will be expected to play a full part in our Catholic ethos and in the wider life of the school. They will be passionate about ensuring that each child achieves their full potential and will have high expectations of pupils’ attainment, achievement and behaviour. The successful candidate will have a particular interest in teaching in lower Key Stage 2, but will also have the ability to teach across the primary age range, from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Visits to the school are warmly welcomed, by arrangement with the Headteacher. The CES (Catholic Education Service) application form, available from the school website, should be fully completed and legible. The supporting statement should not exceed 1,500 words and should be clear, concise and address the criteria identified in the person specification. Please do not submit an additional letter of application. Application forms should be returned to Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School marked for the attention of the Headteacher, Mrs M Jackson by 12 noon, Monday 4th December 2017. The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The successful candidate will be required to undergo an enhanced DBS check. The successful candidate will be required to sign the Catholic Education Service contract. All applicants will be considered on the basis of suitability for the post regardless of sex, race or disability. Mrs Margaret Jackson, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Danger Lane, Moreton, Wirral, Merseyside, CH46 8UG. Tel: 0151 677 1091. Applications by 4 December 2017. Please quote reference: E29305/01. Wirral Council is an Equal Opportunities and Disability Confident Employer and we are committed to employ and retain disabled people. We take a positive approach in the selection of people with disabilities, including interviewing all disabled people who meet the essential selection criteria. View all job vacancies at

PLANNING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been received:TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990 TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (LISTED BUILDINGS AND CONSERVATION AREAS) ACT 1990 MRS YATES, ROSEBRAE NURSING HOME, 8 SPITAL ROAD, BEBINGTON, CH63 9JE. Demolition of existing building and erection of new residential development with 16 apartments. APP/17/01155. Full Planning Permission.

MR DOUGHTY, LIBERTY WHITE HOLDINGS LIMITED, DICKIE LEWISS SPORTS BAR, 1 OXTON ROAD, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 2QQ. Change of use of public bar into 2 separate ground floor units consisting of a restaurant and a Massage & Beauty Treatment clinic, with 5 treatment rooms at first floor and a 2 bedroom managers flat and the conversion of the second floor into 5 bedrooms for “live in” staff together with lounge/kitchen, WC and Bathroom. APP/17/01213. Full Planning Permission. Affects setting of Grade II listed building. MR STRINGER, E.I. GROUP, COACH AND HORSES, GREASBY ROAD, GREASBY, CH49 3NG. Installation of new door in existing window position to west facing elevation. APP/17/01357. Full Planning Permission. Archaeological site. MR McCORMICK, GLEN AFFRIC BREWERY LIMITED, UNIT 3, LIGHTBOX, KNOX STREET, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 5JW. Variation of Condition 3 to allow the following opening hours: Friday 1700-2200 hours Saturday 16002200 hours Sunday 1100-1700 hours to match the Premises License hours: Monday-Thursday 1700-2300 hours Friday 1500-2300 hours Saturday 1100-2300 hours Sunday 1100-1700 hours. APP/17/01373. Full Planning Permission. Affects setting of Grade I listed building. LEVERHULME ESTATES, LAND AT HILL TOP FARM, THORNTON HOUGH, WIRRAL, CH63 4JT. Hybrid planning application comprising: Full planning application for the partial retention and conversion of the existing historic buildings, partial demolition of modern existing buildings and erection of new build development for the provision of a Close Care Retirement Community including a Specialist Unit for People with a Dementia (C2 Use) together with associated car parking and landscaping. Outline planning application (with all matters reserved except for means of access) for the erection of new build development for the provision of a Close Care Retirement Community including a Specialist Unit for People with a Dementia (C2 Use) together with associated car parking and landscaping. APP/17/01389. Full Planning Permission. Thornton Hough Conservation Area. Affects setting of Grade II listed building. MRS SEGAR, 6 BOUNDARY ROAD, NEW FERRY, CH62 5ES. Reinstatement of the internal damaged elements of this private dwelling house, following an explosion in nearby premises. Reinstate damaged plastering, joinery, M&E, decorations and internal fixtures and fittings. LBC/17/01403. Listed Building Consent. Grade II listed building. Port Sunlight Conservation Area. Grade II listed building. The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR & MRS KILIKITA, CHESTNUT HOUSE, KINGS DRIVE, CALDY, CH48 2JF. Proposed two-storey front, side and rear extensions, front and rear dormer windows, and alterations to the existing dwelling and associated landscaping works. APP/17/01407. Full Planning Permission. Caldy Conservation Area. Affects setting of Grade II listed building. Departure from U.D.P. MRS JONES, 32 PRIMROSE HILL, PORT SUNLIGHT, CH62 5EW. Retrospective application for forming of archway. LBC/17/01418. Listed Building Consent. Grade II listed building. Port Sunlight Conservation Area. MR KHANIJAU, LAND AT THE LYDIATE, LOWER HESWALL, CH60 8PR. Amended house design and re-siting of Plot 1 of the Approval Scheme APP/15/01182. APP/17/01426. Full Planning Permission. Heswall Conservation Area. Any representations regarding the above applications must be received in writing by 20 December 2017 at the address below. Notice is dated 29 November 2017. MR BARTON, THE WOODLANDS, 1A DAWSTONE RISE, GAYTON, CH60 4TD. Construction of retaining wall along part of the south-western boundary. APP/17/01286. Full Planning Permission. Heswall Conservation Area. MR HUTCHINSON, RHU, 3 LINKS HEY ROAD, CALDY, CH48 1NA. Erection of two storey extensions to front, side and rear and single storey extension to rear with balcony above. External and internal alterations and modernisation. Erection of 1.8 Metre high timber close boarded fence to front boundary with rendered gate posts and timber gates. APP/17/01353. Full Planning Permission. Caldy Conservation Area.

MISS HEYWOOD, PORT SUNLIGHT VILLAGE TRUST, 6G GREENDALE ROAD, PORT SUNLIGHT, CH62 5DE. Erection of a rear garden shed. APP/17/01399. Full Planning Permission. Grade II listed building. Port Sunlight Conservation Area. EURO CAR PARKS LIMITED, MARKS AND SPENCERS, 136 TELEGRAPH ROAD, HESWALL, CH60 0AH. Erection of 1no. four metre high column for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Camera. APP/17/01441. Full Planning Permission. Definitive footpath (public right of way). EURO CAR PARKS LIMITED, MARKS AND SPENCERS, 136 TELEGRAPH ROAD, HESWALL, CH60 0AH. Display of 7 non-illuminated advertisements in relation to supermarket car park. ADV/17/01442. Advertisement Consent. Definitive footpath (public right of way). MRS FROST, PANORAMIC 34 HOLDINGS LTD. 17 ROSE MOUNT, OXTON, CH43 5SG. Proposed A3 (restaurant) use with ancillary bar (Ground floor, first floor and second floor). APP/17/01457. Full Planning Permission. Oxton Conservation Area. MR DAVID ARMSTRONG, BURBO BANK WINDFARM OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE FACILITY, KINGS WHARF, SEACOMBE, CH41 1BE. New memorial along Seacombe promenade behind Burbo Bank offshore wind farm facility. APP/17/01460. Full Planning Permission. Definitive footpath (public right of way). Any representations regarding the above applications must be received in writing by 27 December 2017 at the address below. Notice is dated 6 December 2017. The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR REYNOLDS, AUTOSAVE, 69 EASTHAM VILLAGE ROAD, EASTHAM, CH62 0AN. Demolition of existing car maintenance garage and associated outbuildings and erection of 5 No. dwellings, with car parking and gardens (Outline). OUT/17/01016. Outline Planning Permission. Eastham Conservation Area. Departure from U.D.P. The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR & MRS OWEN, ARROWE BROOK LODGE, ARROWE BROOK ROAD, UPTON, CH49 1SX. Proposed extension to residential property to be used as a small business for dog grooming (3 dogs per day). APP/17/01383. Full Planning Permission. Departure from U.D.P. ANTHEA DAY, ESSAR OIL (UK) LIMITED, TRANMERE OIL TERMINAL, ST PAUL’S ROAD, BIRKENHEAD, MERSEYSIDE, CH42 1LQ. Continuation of consent is being made to regularize the previous consents for established substances at the Tranmere Oil Terminal and to obtain consent for materials which have been reclassified following the introduction of the CLP Regulations. HSC/17/01390. Hazardous Substances. Rock Park Conservation Area. Affects setting of Grade II listed building. The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: TOM HILL, NORTH WEST HOLIDAY HOMES LIMITED, LAND ADJACENT TO DEESIDE CARAVAN PARK, BANKS ROAD, HESWALL, CH60 9TJ. The creation of an access road and 13no. pitches for static holiday caravans, and landscaping. APP/17/01445. Full Planning Permission. Departure from U.D.P. MR ARMSTRONG, WIRRAL COUNCIL, GROVE HOUSE CARE HOME, 1 PALM GROVE, CLAUGHTON, CH43 1TE. Installation of air conditioner unit. DPP3/17/01467. Work for Council by Council. Affects setting of Grade II listed building. Affects setting of Conservation Area Birkenhead Park. The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR GILMORE, GILMORE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED, 2 SANDIWAYS ROAD, WALLASEY VILLAGE, CH45 3HJ. Proposed two-storey and single-storey rear extensions and front, side and rear dormer windows to form new 2 bedroom maisonette and conversion of existing roof space to form new duplex 2 bedroom flat. External alterations to windows and parking/cycle store. APP/17/01468. Full Planning Permission. Departure from U.D.P. MASONIC TEMPLE BIRKENHEAD LTD. MASONIC TEMPLE, 27 CLIFTON ROAD, TRANMERE. CH41 2SF. Internal alterations to form new entrance hall and lobby, relocation of bar facility, and provision of folding partition

wall to allow for the sub-division of the existing main dining room. LBC/17/01472. Listed Building Consent. Clifton Park Conservation Area. Grade II listed building. MRS JEAN JONES, LAND ADJ 71 DAWSTONE ROAD, GAYTON, CH60 8ND. Construction of a new four bedroomed house (Outline all matters reserved). OUT/17/01474. Outline Planning Permission. Definitive footpath (public right of way). The following proposal does not accord with the provisions of the development plan: MR COOPER, 2 DOVEPOINT ROAD, MEOLS, CH47 6AR. Proposed single storey kitchen and porch extension and loft conversion including dormers to 3 sides. APP/17/01476. Full Planning Permission. Departure from U.D.P. MR JAMES KERSH, PINEVALE PROPERTIES LIMITED, UNIT 1, HAMILTON PLAZA, DUNCAN STREET, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 5EY. Notification for prior approval for a proposed change of use of a building from office use (class B1(a)) to a dwelling house (class C3). COMX/17/01483. Prior Approval Commercial PD. Hamilton Square Conservation Area. MR & MRS FIDDAMAN, GLEN ROY, 21 BEACON LANE, HESWALL, CH60 0DG. Two storey rear extension, first floor side extension above the existing side porch, alterations to the rear bay windows, a new front porch and reworking of garden terrace. The internal arrangement of the outbuildings will also be adjusted to include a private, separate work space for the client. APP/17/01492. Full Planning Permission. Heswall Conservation Area. Any representations regarding the above applications must be received in writing by 3 January 2017 at the address below. Notice is dated 13 December 2017. A copy of the application, plans and other documents are available for inspection at the Department of Regeneration, Housing & Planning, Wirral Borough Council, Wallasey Town Hall, South Annexe, Brighton Street, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH44 8ED between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (except Bank holidays), you can see details and plans of the application on our web site at and you can email comments to If the application is a householder application, in the event of an appeal against a refusal of planning permission, which is to be dealt with on the basis of representations in writing, any representations made about the householder application will be sent to the Secretary of State, and there will be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage. WIRRAL PLAYING PITCH STRATEGY UPDATE An updated strategy for playing pitches for football, cricket, rugby, hockey, bowling greens and tennis courts can be viewed on the Council’s website at planning-and-building/local-plans-and-planning-policy/ local-plans/core-strategy-local-plan-6. A copy of the updated strategy can also be viewed at public libraries and at the South Annexe of Wallasey Town Hall. Further information can be obtained from forwardplanning@wirral. or 0151 691 8110. Notice is dated 29 November 2017. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1972 - SECTION 123 AS AMENDED BY PARAGRAPH 14 OF PART V OF SCHEDULE 23 TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT PLANNING AND LAND ACT 1980 TAKE NOTICE that Wirral Borough Council in pursuance of its powers contained in the above mentioned Act intends to dispose of the following parcels of land:1. 1,450 square metres of Land at Bedford Place, Rock Ferry 2. 1,300 square metres of Land at Egerton Street, New Brighton 3. 2,513 square metres of Land at Grasswood Road, Woodchurch 4. 39,900 square metres of Land at Borough Road Playing Fields, Tranmere Plans showing the extent of the disposals are available for inspection in the One Stop Shop, Wirral Borough Council, Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey CH44 8ED during normal office hours and any objections to the proposed disposal should be made in writing before the 20th December 2017 to Asset Review, Wirral Borough Council, Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1ND. Notice is dated 29 November 2017.


SCHOOL PLAYING FIELD Notice is given of Wirral Borough Councils intention to make an application under Section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act to the Secretary of State for Education to dispose of the School Buildings and Playing Fields at the following location: Arrowe Hill Primary School (Infant Building site), Woodland Road, Woodchurch, Wirral, CH49 8HL Arrowe Hill Primary closed 31st August 2009 with the majority of the site now being occupied by Gilbrook School. However, the former Infant building and a small section of land behind it were not needed and for many years were used for storage. The building is surplus to education requirement and is suitable for development, subject to planning consent. The area of former school buildings is designated as part of a Primarily Residential Area in the Wirral Unitary Development Plan. This initial consultation is required prior to the statutory application to the Secretary of State for Education in order for us to take into account the views of neighbours and interested groups. Land use must take into account Wirral’s Unitary Development Plan and reflect the aspirations of the local community by considering the: • Site and surroundings • Site history • Public open space

• School grounds • Heritage • Environmental diversity

The formal consultation period starts Monday 27th November 2017 and we would like to hear your views to the above proposal. You should send your comments in writing to the address below by Monday 15th January 2018. Alternatively you can complete our online survey form which you will find here: F.A.O. Dee Leyland, Asset Management, Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH41 1ND. Notice is dated 29 November 2017.

TRAFFIC WALLASEY DOCK LINK NORTH, WALLASEY 40 MPH (SPEED LIMIT) ORDER 2017 1. Take Notice that Wirral Borough Council in exercise of its powers under Sections 1(1) & 1(2), & 84 (1) and 84 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (hereinafter call ‘the Act’) and all of the other enabling powers, has today November 29 2017 made the above Order. 2. This Order shall come into operation on today November 29 2017. 3. The general nature and effect of the order will be to prohibit any person from driving any motor vehicle at a speed exceeding 40 miles per hour on the length of road specified in schedule one and to amend the existing order Wirral Borough Council, Docks Link North and Docks Link South, Wallasey 50 mph (Speed Limit) Order 2008, as specified in schedule two. Schedule One The general nature and effect of the order will be to prohibit any person from driving any motor vehicle at a speed exceeding 40 miles per hour on the following lengths of road: Item no Description New Item All that length of Wallasey Dock Link North, Wallasey that extends from a point 740m north west of its junction with Wallasey Bridge Road for a distance of 630m in a south easterly section. Schedule Two The general nature and effect of this order will be to amend the existing Wirral Borough Council, Docks Link North and Docks Link South, Wallasey 50 mph (Speed Limit) Order 2008 by additional prohibitions as follows: Item no Description Delete All that length of Dock Link North, Wallasey, which item (b) extends from its junction with Bidston Moss roundabout to a point 135 metres north-west of Wallasey Bridge Road. New item All that length of Docks Link North, Wallasey that extends from its junction with Bidston Moss roundabout to a point 740m north west of its junction with Wallasey Bridge Road. 4. A copy of the Order may be seen at all reasonable hours at the Department of Law, HR and Asset Management, Town Hall, Wallasey. 5. Any person wishing to object to the validity of the Order or any of their provisions on the grounds that they or any of their provisions are not within the powers conferred by the Act or that any requirement of the Act or of any instrument under it has not been complied with may within 6 weeks from the 29 November 2017 apply for that purpose to the High Court. Notice is dated 29 November 2017.

Unless otherwise stated, all Metropolitan Borough of Wirral Public Notices are published by Philip McCourt, Assistant Director of Law and Governance, Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH44 8ED.

24 | December/January 2018

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