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Wirral Mums Guide

10-Minute Winter Makeovers

INTRODUCTION Winter weather can be harsh to your body, especially your skin. Discovering the beauty within and without can be a little harder at this time of the year with the colder climate. But, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty or even great fashion because you have to bundle up. There is still magic there. Often the problem is time. Who has time to “get pretty,” especially when it’s freezing outside? The kids are moving slower and so are you in the morning. Amazingly, all you need is ten little minutes to make a change in your appearance that will be noticed. Want to go from day to night with your clothing, or spice up your makeup to give others a warm feeling? All you have to invest is ten minutes of your time. So, how will you make yourself over as summer changes into autumn and winter? In this Wirral Mums Guide you will find out some quick beauty and fashion tips that can help you. If you’ve got a minute right now, we’ll show you what you need to do.

START WITH A CLEAN SLATE It’s important to take care of the skin beneath all that makeup and clothing. Unless you begin with a neutral and healthy palette, your natural radiance won’t show through. And, makeup can detract instead of add to your look. Here are a few ways to refresh and take care of your skin during the winter. Protect Your Skin Dry skin is easily irritated. Some of us have just enough moisture to keep our skin supple in the summer but when the drying winds and cooler air of winter settle in, that minimum of moisture is not enough to keep our skin from behaving badly. Even the friction of rubbing a cloth across your face can damage skin, leading to skin issues that make it impossible to add anything extra to our faces and body. Counteract potential skin problems by adding as much moisture as you can during the winter months.

Take shorter showers. Try lukewarm water and don’t stay under the spray for more than five minutes. Hot water can actually dry out skin even more. Before you dry off, apply a light type of oil like baby oil to soak up as much moisture as possible. Oil creates a barrier so that skin doesn’t lose its suppleness. If you’re not a fan of oil, apply an oil-based lotion after towel drying. Wash your face at night. Switch to a gentle cleanser to remove dirt from pores. During the day, use a warm cloth to wipe the sleep away. Use an oilbased moisturizer on your face. Try a product that is specially formulated for the delicate skin of the face, so it won’t clog pores but will feel light and breathable when applied. Apply to your face at night so it has time to soak in and hydrate your skin. Don’t forget those lips. They are often the most ill-treated skin area during the winter. Lips dry easily, then we lick them and they dry and crack even more. Apply a lip balm with extra moisturizers as well as sunscreen. Even though it is winter, the sun can still be a factor. Resist the urge to lick your lips because this removes the protective barrier you have just put in place. Pay special attention to your feet. Remove wet socks and shoes immediately and dry feet. At night, cover them in a moisturizer and wear socks to bed. You can avoid dry, cracked skin on your feet during the winter when practicing this method. Also, exfoliate each week to remove dead skin cells to reveal the healthier skin beneath. Dress well. When you head outdoors, be sure to cover all essential parts. Wear gloves, hats, appropriate coat, sunglasses and shoes. Use your wardrobe to protect your skin from damage. Turn on the humidifier. Adding moisture to dry winter air can not only moisturize nasal passages (to prevent sinus troubles), it can also keep the skin supple while you are in your home. Protect Your Hair You may not have even considered your hair but it can change in the cold weather as well. The scalp can dry out and lead to dandruff, reddened skin and split or flyaway edges. Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Allow it to sit on your hair for at least five minutes while the warm vapour from the shower causes it to sink into your scalp. Avoid using the blow dryer a lot. The heat can put stress on your scalp when it is already being pressured by the weather. If you have the time, use a hood dryer or let your hair air dry with a leave-in conditioner. Massage the conditioner into each strand all the way up to the scalp for the best results. Take Care of Your Eyes The eyes are the window to the soul and they can get blurry when the weather gets cool. Sensitive skin around the eyes can turn red, puffy and irritated if not taken care of. For dry, itchy eyes, apply medicated eye drops to get rid of the redness. Apply under-eye cream at night to moisturize and also help reduce puffiness in the morning. How Are Those Nails? Hands are also affected by the wind. Keep them and your nail beds protected with a little night-time maintenance. Use a hand moisturizing cream on your hands each night. Massage cuticle oil into each nail bed to keep them from splitting, cracking and developing hangnails. Cover your hands with white cotton gloves before going to bed.

10-MINUTE BEAUTY MAKEOVERS FOR YOUR FACE Now that you have taken care of the basics, it’s time to apply your special look. Depending on whether you are going to work, having a night out on the town, transitioning from night to day or just trying to achieve a certain look, it doesn’t have to add more prep time to your day. Some of these techniques take less than ten minutes, which means you can combine a couple for a more complete look in the same amount of time. The Dewy Face This is that sun-kissed look that is so popular in the summer. Why not display it in the winter as well? You don’t have to head to the tanning bed. With a few little touches, you can pull it off.

Start by applying moisturizer to your face to plump up those skin cells. Add a skin highlighter to your cheeks, nose and on the brow bones. Use a light blush for a natural look on the apples of your cheeks. Pale lipstick colour will finish off the look. The Wide Awake Look It can be hard to wake up in the morning, but no one else has to know that. If you have some dark circles under your eyes, add a touch of concealer to hide them. Then, use light eyeliner on your upper lid. Try a bronze or golden shadow on the entire lid. Now add mascara to lengthen and separate those lashes. Smoky Eyed Glamour Even in the winter, smoky eyes are haunting and sexy. Apply darker eyeliner to your eyes. Drag the pencil upwards as you reach the outer edge of your eye. Use your finger or a makeup sponge to smudge the line on the top and bottom lid. Add another layer of mascara to darken those lashes. Apply a line of dark shadow along the crease below your brow bone to accentuate the look. Any dark colour of your choice can be used on the upper lid to create your smoky eyed look. High Cheekbones Accentuate your cheekbones with an application of a shimmery powder above them. Smile so you can see the tops and know where to apply the powder. Apply a pinkish colour to the apples of your cheeks so that they have a naturally flushed look. Red Nosed No More It is easy for the skin on the face to dry and peel in the winter, especially around the nose. Counteract that with a layer of foundation applied after your morning moisturizer. Pay special attention to the corners of the nose where redness is likely to show. On top of that, apply a pressed powder to set your makeup.

Lashes for Days Want to increase the size and length of your lashes for day and evening? Curl them. Before you apply mascara, try to always curl your lashes so they are all moving in the same direction. Apply two layers of mascara. Remove as many clumps as you can for a more flawless look. Beautiful Brows Whether you like your brows thin or thick, their intensity can draw all eyes to your face. Instead of adding volume to them or darkening them with eyeliner pencils, try your mascara. Use your mascara wand to gently brush your brows in one direction for an even look while darkening them at the same time. The results are brows that complement the work you have done with your eyes. The Soft Look This is the fresh-faced look that makes it appear that you are wearing nothing at all. To achieve this natural look in winter, start with a tinted moisturizer. Apply a sheer foundation that is close to your skin tone. Depending on your skin tone, use a pink blush on the apples of your cheeks. Apply a thick line of dark eyeliner to your top lid. Accentuate it with two coats of mascara on the upper lashes. A clear gloss or neutral tone on your lips will balance the look. Keep the eyebrows soft with a light powder instead of using dark mascara. This look is perfect for the office. If you want to up it a notch for an evening out, apply a darker lipstick to make the lips “pop.� Also, add a thin line of eyeliner to the bottom lid to frame the eyes. Beautify Those Lips Lipstick has been known to bleed over time during the day. As you age, wrinkles around the lips can take up that lip colour and ruin your look. To prevent bleeding, apply a thin layer of foundation to your lips before applying lip colour. For darker skin tones, outline your lips with a pencil to

define their shape before filling them in with your favourite colour for the occasion.

10-MINUTE HAIR SOLUTIONS Once you finish your face, what will you do with your hair? It is best to play it down during the day. Here are some quick styles to sport during the winter months. Parted Down the Middle The best way to place that part down the centre is to do it while wet. Blowdry your hair to retrain your locks. From here you can apply gel and pull it back into a tight bun or a high ponytail. If you prefer the straight look, use a flat iron and hair gloss to make sure there is not a hair out of place. Mousse It Adding mousse to wet hair adds volume when you dry it. It also moisturizes your strands to prevent damage done by the weather. After you dry, apply a wide tortoise headband to tame the mane and keep it neat for work. Add Hair Spray That straight parted look can turn a bit more tousled for the night-time. Add hairspray to your brush. Then, tease your locks to apply the holding spray evenly. Add extra volume by scrunching your hair with your fingers. Another look solution: Use a flat brush to apply the hairspray to each strand. Twist your hair into two buns and let it set for ten minutes. Untwist the hair and examine your increased volume.

10-MINUTE FASHION MAKEOVERS How will you change your fashion as the weather turns colder? Yes, you’ll have to layer on more clothing but that doesn’t mean that the colours have to be dull.

The Boots Have It Winter is the time to hide away your toes in fashionable footwear. You may wear flats or wedge heels to work, but you can also go a bit classier with a pair of leather or suede boots. Black is the classic go-to colour that goes with everything. For evening, pair your boots up with a pair of jeans or colourful leggings to complete your look. For those who are more artsy, try the Bohemian fringed boots. They come in suede and are usually worn with ruffled tops and jeans. They are great for hanging out with friends on the weekends. The Sweater the Better Sweaters are all the rage in winter. Go for the oversized cardigan in bright red, russet, beige or even white to dress up your office look or an evening out on the town. Just switch your coat for the cardigan as you leave the office. But sweaters can also be dresses. A cabled sweater dress in your favourite fall colour along with a pair of dark tights sets you up for the evening. Simply switch that office suit for the sweater and a pair of high-heeled boots. Want to show off your curves? Add a wide belt to your waist. Whiter Than Snow Don’t be afraid to wear winter white. Choose white jeans, silk pants, white sweaters and even a white shearling coat - just not all at one time. White is perfect for evening and the office. Add a colourful jacket over your work blouse and you are ready for a night out. Colour Blocking It’s okay to keep your wardrobe simple. By wearing outfits that utilize complementary colours in different designs, you can accentuate your best features and downplay others. For example, colour-blocked pencil skirts can actually accentuate your hips and give you a slimmer outline.

Scarves Scarves keep you warm but they can also make a fashion statement this winter. As you set out on the town, wrap a textured neutral colour scarf or a multicoloured one around your neck to complement your entire outfit. Switch to a lighter material for your evening scarf accent.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO GET READY? Busy women don’t have a lot of time to spend on their looks, although that’s what they want everyone to think. You can manage to spruce up your hair, refresh your makeup and add a boost to your wardrobe with these quick tips. Once you get the hang of adjusting your style, ten minutes may be all that you need. You don’t even have to buy a lot of expensive clothes to add to your wardrobe. Simply learn to combine them in different ways. With just a few pieces you can fashion more than one outfit to showcase this winter. Everything old is new again. If you own tweed pants or skirts, suede or leather boots, and winter hats, you have found a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to add colour to your palette, either for your face or your wardrobe. It can help you move to the forefront instead of fading into the background. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to go nude (with your makeup we mean) and portray that natural look in contrast to your wardrobe.

CONCLUSION Winter is a time for nature to slow down but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Ramp up your look and show that the cold doesn’t have to deter your sense of style.

Wirral Mums 10 Minute Winter Makeovers Guide  

Wirral Mums 10 minute winter makeovers guide