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Wirral Advanced Motorists Group was formed in 1980 having previously been part of the Merseyside Group. A Registered Charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers, our main function is to improve driving standards and to advance the cause of Road Safety. Affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), also a Registered Charity, we are completely self-funding. Wirral Group works hard to inform local people of the advantages to be gained by becoming an Advanced Motorist. We arrange open days regularly throughout Wirral to promote Advanced Driving. How can the Group help me? We provide advice on improving your driving and preparation for the IAM Test. This guidance is given by Observers (an Advanced driver who has received training and has passed a nationally-recognised (IMI) Observer assessment). If you would require any further information, then please contact any member of the Committee or email us at:

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Wirral Advanced Motorists


Wirral Advanced Motorists Newsletter

June & July 2018

The Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists Registered Charity Number: 512232 Issue Number: 394 President: Mr Norman Jarvis M.B.E., JP Vice President: Mr Ian Standring. email us: Page 2 Chairman’s Annual Report.

Diary of Events

Page 3 - Associate Annual Report.

29h May 2018. AGM Followed by a talk by Simon Richards.

Page 5- Data Protection opt out form.

31st July 2018. Glynn Parry.

Page 6- Membership News.

September and November meeting still to be arranged.

Pages 8- Final Report from Liz. Page 11 - Message from New Chairman. Page 14 & 15- IAM News. Page 16- Get in touch. Wirral Advanced Motorist’s meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every other month (please see diary of events) at the RAFA Club at 8pm, unless otherwise stated. The address is: 17 Shrewsbury Road Oxton CH43 1 UU Please note that the club is entered via the car park on the corner of Alton Road. A one-way system is in operation. Driving Forward 1

Annual Chairman’s Report for the year 2017/2018 The saddest event of this group year has been the loss of our very long standing Hon. Secretary, Angela Clarke, who passed away on January 7th 2018. She is very much missed by many of us. Wirral Advanced Motorists were very well represented at Angela’s funeral on January 23rd and I do thank everyone who attended. We do now need a new group Hon. Secretary. None of us can ‘stand in’ indefinitely, doing multiple jobs. Please, if you think you could help to keep WAM running smoothly by taking on this role, do get in touch with Tony or myself or any Committee Member. We will give you all the help we can. In 2017, after many years as our ‘Minutes’Secretary, Dy Brown found it necessary to resign but has stayed on the Committee dealing with the affairs of the Charity Commission. Iain McKillop took over ‘minutes’ but has since had to resign from the Committee for personal reasons, so Dy stood in on a temporary basis in Iain’s absence. Since then, our new Treasurer, Yvonne Charlett, has agreed to do the ‘minutes’ for us. Our sincere thanks go to all three for their willing help. Barry Stuart, who has been our Treasurer for the past 5 years, has also found it necessary to resign. We offer Barry our grateful thanks for his work, not only as Treasurer but also as an Observer and Local Observer Assessor. We are very grateful to Yvonne Charlett for stepping in and offering to take over from Barry as Treasurer. Welcome to the Committee, Yvonne. 2017 saw some of us (members and friends) thoroughly enjoying two Summer Social Events organised for us by ex-observer, Helen Ash. The first was a guided tour of Ness Gardens, followed by a delicious afternoon strawberry tea served to us in Helen’s house in Ness Village. The second was a canal trip and lunch on the restaurant barge at Chester. The barge trip and the four course lunch on board could not be faulted in any way. We all said how much we had enjoyed both events. We were also very lucky with the weather both times. Thank you Helen for your help and organisational skills. Liz.

Driving Forward 2

Annual Associate Report For The Year Ending March 31St 2018. I’m afraid the number of Associate Members enrolled this group year, 2017/18, has dropped to 17 as against 36 in the previous year. 18 Tests have been passed, 4 of which were passed with a ‘first’. One test was failed but the candidate, happily, tried again and passed. Our Chief Observer, Simon Richards and his team of National and Local Observer Assessors, have worked very hard in getting the Observers who applied for their IMI Assessments by December 31st 2017 through so that they are all now qualified to continue to Observe. We thank you all for your dedication to WAM and to your interest in Road Safety. We thank you, also, for the time and help you all give to your Associates. Without you we would not be able to exist as a Group. We would be very happy for members who have been Observers in the past but have not yet applied to take their IMI assessment to come forward and apply to Simon. It is not too late. He will explain it to you. We are always happy for any members to offer to become an Observer and we do also need some lady Observers please, if you think you’d be able to do this please get in touch with Simon. If, afterwards, you find it isn’t for you, we’ll understand. There’s no pressure to continue. We still have one young driver scholarship available in the CH64/ 65/ 66 postcode areas only. If you know anyone under the age of 26 who would be interested in this, please ask them to contact me ASAP. We now have a discount offer for drivers up to the age of 35 in the Merseyside area only. This is in conjunction with the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership (MRSP). The discount is £89.00, Paid by the MRSP, which means that the associate pays only £60.00. Again, if you know any drivers who could benefit, get in touch with me ASAP so that I can send enrolment forms. As always, for both offers, first come, first served. My very grateful thanks, as always, go to my Committee colleagues, Tony Stopforth, Membership Secretary and Norman Jarvis, Area Associate Organiser, without whose co-operation and help my job as Associate Co-ordinator would not run as smoothly as it does. Thanks also to our Outdoor Events Organiser, Guy Lightfoot, and all the members who have helped us at the various venues. We do hope you can help us again at our future events. We wouldn’t be able to hold them without you. Last, but not least, we offer our thanks to the various examiners we’ve had during the past 12 months, all of whom have a distance to travel to accommodate us on Wirral. I do hope that the coming year, 2018/19, will be a successful year for WAM with lots more Associate members being enrolled and many more tests being passed. With the help of our membership encouraging their families and friends etc. This should be easily achieved. I wish you all a safe and happy summer and hope to see many of you at our bi-monthly meetings at the Rafa Club in Oxton.

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Associate Report

Passes Imogen Collins Alexandra Royden Tom Gallagher Edward Such

from Heswall from Bebington from Irby from Irby

Observed by Observed by Observed by Observed by

Barry Stuart. David Holt. Roger Roberts. John Sanderson.

We welcome 4 new Associates namely; Claud Regnard from Christopher Diamond from Steve Brown from Sam Singleton from

Heswall. Eastham. Great Sutton. Prenton.

This is an important note for Observers and Associates. Please, when an Associate has taken his/her test, will you make sure that I, as Associate Co-ordinator, am informed of the result as soon as possible? This is the only way I can keep my records up to date. Recently the info has not always reached me until days or maybe a week has passed, and even then, 2nd or 3rd hand. Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Thought for the month Never gamble in heavy traffic. The cars may be stacked against you ! Liz Scarff, Associate Co-ordinator.

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General Data Protection Regulation

Group Required Contract Statement to Members Here at Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists we would like to thank you for becoming/renewing your membership with us, as part of your membership contract with us, we will contact you with information on training, committee, and social events, together newsletters/magazines relating to the group and Road Safety. Pictures, videos and written updates of Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists events such as training, committee and social events at which you may be in attendance or referred to, will also be regularly published on Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc, group newsletters/magazines and group related websites. Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists also share your information with IAM RoadSmart in order to administer membership activities.

Option to Withdraw from the above You have the right to withdraw from receiving or participating in any of the above, by contacting Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists. I do not wish to:-

â–Ą â–Ą

receive information on training, committee, and social events, together newsletters/magazines relating to the group and Road Safety.

to appear in or be referred to in or on any group social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc, group newsletters/magazines and group related websites.



N am e (in capitals):




M em bership N um ber


Please notify the Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists by email to or letter to:- Group Secretary/Editor Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists

20 Heathfield Road Liverpool L226RF





Driving Forward 5

Membership News

Honorary Members


Group Friends




Full Members

243 0







Birthdays in June

Mr K Banks, Mr E V Beresford, Mr D Blackburne, Ms Y Charlett, Mr D J Delasalle, Miss J L Esplen, Mr R Hardwick, Miss B L Jones, Mr Roger Kimpton, Mr D Mackinnon, Mr C Manning, Mr K Rose, Mr M A Shields, Miss Caroline Turner, Mrs Mollie Winepress

Birthdays in July

Mr A Abernethy, Mr N J Aspinwall, Mr C Charles, Mr S Clarke, Mr AR Criddle, Mr S Eshelby, Mr D M Evans, Mrs B Founds, Mr Thomas Gallager, Mr D S Hamilton, Ms E Harford, Mr D Hsuan, Mr K Johnstone, Mr J Laidlaw, Dr G Lightfoot, Mr T Quaile, Mrs H Roberts, Mr J Robinson, Mr Jeff Singleton, Mrs K Stower, Mr C P Stratton, Mr A Webster, Mr J W Weston, Mr R Woodall

Driving Forward 6

The MRSP Young Driver discount scheme Merseyside Road Safety Partnership (MRSP) have generously provided funding to our group, together with St Helens and Sefton IAM car groups, to allow young (17-35yr) drivers to sign up for the IAM advanced driver course at a heavily discounted rate. Under the scheme, new young associates pay only £60 rather than the normal £149 – a saving of £89. We hope this will result in more associates in this age group; with several decades of future driving in prospect, this investment represents a cost-effective way of improving road safety on Merseyside. As an existing member, you can help us to promote this initiative. Included with the printed newsletter are two A5-sized flyers. If you need more, the flyer is available for downloading and printing from our web site: We ask our members living within the Merseyside area (note that some of our patch is not in Merseyside!) to arrange for the flyers to be displayed where they are likely to be seen by potential new young associates. Examples include the notice boards of your local: • Gyms • Health Centres • Driving test centres • Libraries • Supermarkets • Police stations Thanks in advance Guy Lightfoot.

Driving Forward 7

Chairman’s Chat. June / July 2018 As this is my last Chairman’s Chat after five years as your Chairman, I would like to dedicate it to my Committee Friends and Colleagues who have helped and supported me for so long. I couldn’t have done it without you and I give you my very grateful thanks. You are an invaluable group with whom to work. I was originally asked to ‘take the Chair’ for one year, then asked to continue for a further year and, somehow, it has stretched into five but it is now time for a change and for new blood to be introduced. Our Vice-Chairman, Tony Stopforth, and I have agreed to do a ‘role reversal’. He will be Chairman and I will be Vice-Chairman. This will not be a completely new venture for Tony as he has been our Chairman more than once in the not too distant past and I wish him well and offer him my support in the future. I will continue in my role as Associate Co-ordinator and to also do my best to help and support WAM as best I can. And finally, I cannot let this go without saying a word about our late Hon. Secretary, Angela Clarke. In the course of our roles of ‘Chair’ and ‘Sec’ Angela and I both took our work very seriously but we had so many laughs along the way that it gave us both great pleasure to work together and, not very long before she died, I told her how much I appreciated her friendship. She was delighted to hear that and told me that it was how she felt too. Neither she nor I, or anyone else as far as I know, knew how ill she was by then but she is very sorely missed and is going to be a very hard act to follow. Liz scarff A message from the President I wish to thank Liz for all the hard work that she has carried out for the Group in the last five years. It has been outstanding and well received by all the members. I am under the opinion that without your input over all this time this Group would have struggled to survive and be as strong as it is today. We all look forward to a successful future due to your hard work and dedication. The President Norman Jarvis. JP MBE

Driving Forward 8

Rising Petrol prices Rising petrol and diesel prices are making motorists drive less and cut back on spending elsewhere. Petrol and diesel prices, which are at their highest point since December 2014, are forcing motorists to cut back on their expenditure and drive less, according to new research. A poll of over 17,000 motorists found rising fuel prices had forced 15 per cent of people to drive less and nine per cent to cut back on spending in other areas, while 14 per cent had done both. This means 38 per cent of those surveyed had made some sort of sacrifice as a result of the rising cost of fuel. The poll of AA members was conducted just two weeks ago, when the average cost of a litre of unleaded stood at 122.4p, and diesel was 125.2p. Those prices have since risen to 124.2p and 127.1p respectively, and have increased by 3p per litre on average since the start of the year. Young drivers are worst affected by climbing prices, according to the research, with 55 per cent of 18-24 year olds saying they had cut back, either by driving less or reducing their expenditure in other areas. Commenting on the findings, the AA’s president, Edmund King, said: “Once again, we’re beginning to see the spectre of some drivers having to make a choice between cutting back on household expenditure or being able to afford to drive to work. With rising mortgage costs and higher pension contributions, more and more drivers are being pushed towards that precipice”. UK petrol and diesel prices reached a three-year high in January, and are now more expensive than at any point since late 2014, figures have revealed. The average cost of a litre of unleaded now stands at 122.24, having increased by 1.34p in January compared to December 2017. Diesel rose by 1.56p over the same period, with a litre now costing 125.04 on average. Those increases mean the prices for both petrol and diesel have now risen for the third consecutive month. “The price of oil went through the $70 a barrel mark in January for the first time in more than three years”, Williams explained, adding that because sterling has strengthened against the dollar, wholesale fuel has actually become cheaper, as it’s traded in dollars. These savings, Williams said, should be passed on to motorists by retailers, who are “generally loath to pass on wholesale savings when they consider them to be marginal.” Thanks to Auto-Express

Wirral Advanced Motorists Group and the Data Protection Act 1996. It is the group’s intention to hold details of members and associates on computer in order to assist with administration. If you do not want your details to be held on computer, please make your objections to the Group Chairman. Driving Forward 9

Outing To The Anderson Boat Lift

On July 8th we plan to drive out to the Boat Lift, near Northwich (about three-quarters of an hour’s journey from the Wirral) CW9 6FW. ‘The Cathedral of the Canals’ is an impressive piece of Victorian archeology. We will travel in the two caisson lift lock from the Trent and Mersey canal to the River Weaver. Followed by a boat trip on the river and a light lunch in the Visitors Centre cafe. There is a buggy available to help anyone with limited mobility to get back up the slope from the river to the Visitors Centre. Please arrive at 11 am for the lift and river trip. The cost is £17.45 including a soup and sandwich lunch. £5 deposit needed to Tony Stopforth please to book your place. Look forward to meeting you there. Helen Ash Email

Driving Forward 10

Message for all members I am delighted to be the new Chairman of the Wirral Group. I feel very privileged to hold this position. For those who don’t really know me, I passed my Driving Test in January 1985 at the young age of 17! After a few mishaps in the 90’s I decided that I needed additional training and saw an advert for Advanced Driving and so joined the Sefton Group in 1995. I later qualified as an Observer and enjoyed helping Associates prepare for their Advanced Test. I joined the Wirral Group in 2000/2001 after moving to New Brighton and later joined the Committee as Editor of the Newsletter the role I hold today. I moved back to the Waterloo area at the end of 2002 but have remained a member of the Wirral Group. I have seen a great many changes within the Wirral Group and we have lost some great people along the way, more recently Angela Clarke who passed away in January. We as a Group will never forget the people which have helped shape the Wirral Group to what it is today. This year for the Group has been very challenging and at times difficult for all of us on the Committee. From the loss of Committee members to that of getting Observers qualified to the new IMI standard. We have come through it due to the hard work of all those on the Committee. However, we are still looking for volunteers to join us and fill some roles. Several members of the Committee hold multiple roles and we must remember we are all volunteers. I feel that the roles need to be divided to more people to reduce the workload on us all. We are still looking for an Honourable Secretary, a role that is vital to the Group, we hope someone will come forward to fill this position. We really can’t expect the rest of the Committee to keep filling in all the time. Surely from a membership base of over 250 members someone is out there! I hope my time in the Chair will bring a new chapter for the Wirral Group as we continue to go from strength to strength. I don’t think it will be easy though. Recruiting Associates is more difficult than it has ever been. In my personal view, it’s not something young people automatically want to do. We are trying to address this though and enclosed within this Newsletter is a flyer advertising a reduced rate of £60 for the Roadsmart course for 17-35 year olds living in Merseyside. All we ask is that you display this flyer on your community notice board at your local library or anywhere you may think that younger people will see it. Hopefully this additional advertising will bring in some more Associates to the Group. If any member wants to get in touch then the best way to contact me is through email or text message. My details are on the rear of the Newsletter. I try and reply within 24 hours but please remember I work full time as well. Finally, I just want to personally thank Liz who has been the Chairman of the Group for an unprecedented 5 years. I hope that I can continue all the good work. I will work with the rest of the Committee in ensuring that we promote Advanced Driving. A warm welcome awaits any member who comes along to our Social events. I look forward to meeting you all at our AGM and future social evenings and events. Until then, safe driving. Tony

Driving Forward 11

Group Accounts

Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists Registered Charity No. 512232

Income and Expenditure Account For The Year Ended 31 March 2018


Member Subscriptions Associate Subscriptions Total Subscriptions

Donations Motorway Driving Assessments Gift Aid Fundraising Income Miscellaneous Total Income

2017/18 ÂŁ

2,230.00 775.00


2016/17 ÂŁ

2,580.00 1,183.00


454.00 75.00 513.91 198.50 25.00

162.00 506.37 287.05 -



1,187.99 868.17


644.00 46.90 316.10 135.00 182.50 119.00 1,734.00 216.68 95.00 156.49





Expenditure Magazine Printing Telephone, Printing Postage & Stationery Room Hire Travel Costs Equipment Insurance Events Associate Refunds & Costs Caravan Expenses Fundraising Costs Bank Charges Miscellaneous Total Expenditure

(Deficit) For the Year

Driving Forward 12


715.00 117.78 707.47 125.00 125.00 973.00 260.00 218.30 51.40 124.56

Group Accounts

Wirral Group of Advanced Motorists Registered Charity No. 512232

Reserves Reconciliation 2017/18 £

Opening Balance

Net (Deficit) For The Year Closing Balance Represented By: Balance at Bank

……………………………………….. Treasurer



2016/17 £







…………….……….. Date


Independent Reviewer’s Statement I have reviewed these financial statements and found them to be in accordance with the accounting records presented to me.

Ian Jarvis BA ACA MBA 11 Powderham Avenue Worcester. WR4 0DN Driving Forward 13

IAM News

Use of Northern Ireland graduated driver licensing scheme as a trial welcomed by IAM RoadSmart IAM RoadSmart has welcomed the Department of Transport commitment to monitor the Northern Ireland Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Scheme as a possible model for future roll out across the rest of the UK in the future. IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest road safety charity has long campaigned for a bespoke British graduated driving licensing scheme for new drivers, who are the biggest at-risk driving group by a significant margin. Under its long awaited proposals, the Northern Ireland Government plans to bring a number of provisions into force in 2019/20 including passenger carrying restrictions and a six-month mandatory learning period. IAM RoadSmart is wholly in favour of the Northern Ireland approach, in particular the minimum learning period and some restrictions on peer group passengers. We remain to be convinced about the value of night curfews, but the real world experience in Northern Ireland will help ensure that the next steps are evidence based. In addition IAM RoadSmart also strongly supports the Department for Transport’s commissioning of a £2 million young driver research programme. This will look into the effectiveness of a range of safety measures for young and novice drivers, both pre and post-test. These will include getting parents more involved in managing post-test hazardous situations as well as greater use of telematics to manage driver behaviour. IAM RoadSmart is ready to provide its knowledge and expertise in developing the content of any new driver learning system and post-test interventions. Sarah Sillars, IAM RoadSmart Chief Executive Officer, said: “IAM RoadSmart welcomes the new scheme for GDL in Northern Ireland. Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people in the UK today. New drivers are most at risk in their first year of driving and yet the current system abandons them to learn by their own, sometimes fatal, mistakes.” She added: “The risk factors are well known; lack of experience in all traffic conditions but, especially rural roads, darkness and poor weather, attitude, distraction (by peer passengers or smartphones) and alcohol and drugs. Choosing effective restrictions to limit these risk factors should be the key objective of the government in creating a new licensing system that is practical, affordable and works to reduce young driver road deaths and injuries. “Today’s news is a great first step in ensuring that a young person’s lifetime journey on our roads does not end before it has even started.”

Driving Forward 14

IAM News

What do you call yours? IAM RoadSmart poll finds Brits are unsentimental when it comes to naming their cars A survey by IAM RoadSmart has found that British car owners are a bunch of grumps with less than one-third of car owners having given their car a name. The poll was carried out by the UK’s biggest independent road safety charity on its Facebook and Twitter channels – and the results revealed how unsentimental Brits are when it comes to their vehicles. On Facebook in the space of 24 hours this week 703 people voted: some 469 people said their car did not have a name (67%), while 234 had given their car a moniker. On Twitter 131 people voted. Some 69% said they had not given their car a name and 31% had. Some names given to cars include a Hyundai i20 called Holly, a BMW called Brad, a Jeep called Dudley, a Volkswagen Beetle in yellow and black called Bumblebee and a Land Rover called Toby. Other more individual choices include Gargamel (after the evil character in the Smurfs cartoon series), Black Dahlia, NATO Anti-Tank Vehicle (a Volvo 340!) and Dorcas (a Biblical character known for her good works). One very affectionate account read: “Mr Bimble, our Metro – 23 years old, still bimbling along, and left everyone standing in the snow!” Two people chose to call their cars KITT, after the talking Pontiac driven by Michael Knight (played by David Hasselhoff) in the 80’s TV series Knight Rider. One of these is a Tesla Model S. The charity’s survey also showed the love/hate relationships people have with their vehicles. One respondent said his car is given a name “only when it doesn’t start and then it gets called all sorts of names!” Another said: “A car is a machine to get from one place to another, not a pet. No name for my wagon, cars or motorbike.” Sarah Sillars, Chief Executive Officer of IAM RoadSmart, said: “People seemed to enjoy our survey, and while they clearly have a lot of affection for their vehicles, giving them a name seems to be a step too far for the majority. But even some of the very best drivers remain more than happy to buck the trend and give their car a name.”

Driving Forward 15

Get in touch Chairman, Editor & Membership Secretary.

Tony Stopforth.

20 Heathfield Road Liverpool. L22 6RF

Vice-Chairman & Associate Liz Scarff. Co-ordinator.

E: E: Tel: 0151 932 0454 or 0792 1663220. E: Tel: 0151 345 8016 or 0779 1902587.


Vacant at Present

Treasurer &

Yvonne Charlett.


Newsletter Distribution.

Sheila Rose.

Tel: 0151 336 6428.

Outdoor Events.

Guy Lightfoot.


Area Associate Organiser.

Norman Jarvis. MBE.

Tel: 0151 339 3450.

Chief Observer.

Simon Richards.



Jan Peters.


Minutes Secretary

Tel: 0779 9118802. Other Committee Members. Peter Hayward. Dy Brown. Steve Clarke. Social Media

Driving Forward 16

Guy Lightfoot.

Many members may not be aware that an electronic copy of the Newsletter is available. You will receive the copy direct in your inbox approximately two weeks before you would receive your paper copy. As well as doing your bit for the environment your electronic copy will be in full colour. If you would like to opt out of receiving your paper copy for the electronic version please get in touch with the editor (editor@ and I will ensure that you receive your Newsletter by email in the future.

The horn is one of the most priceless historical relics associated with Cheshire, with an unbroken history going back for over eight hundred years. It is the celebrated Wirral Horn, now one of the treasured family heirlooms of the present Earl of Cromer. The exact date when Alan Sylvester was appointed master-forester of the Wirral Forest is not known, but in the John Ryland’s Library, Manchester, may be seen the original charter with the earl's seal attached, whereby Ranulf ll, the fourth Norman Earl of Chester, granted him Stortun and Pudican (modern day Puddington). “In fee and heredity to him and his heirs, for his service, to wit for half a Knight's fee and I will and decree that he have and hold the said townships with all appurtenances, in wood and in the open and everywhere, freely and honourably and quickly". There is no date to this Charter, but Mr. R. Stewart Brown, the historian, in a carefully reasoned account of this charter and the Wirral Horn, puts it at about the year 1130. A comparatively modern silver plate has been affixed to the Wirral Horn bearing the following inscription; “In the year 1120 Randal de Meschines, Earl of Chester, created Alan Sylvester chief forester of the forest of Wirral, and granted to him the manors of Hooton, Storeton and Puddington to hold upon the condition that he performed the duties of forester, and in addition that he blew or caused to be blown a horn at the Gloverstone in Chester on the morning of every fair day, to indicate that the tolls on the goods bought or sold in the city or within sound of the horn belonged to the Earl or his tenants.” The “Wirral Horn,” which is still in existence, was presented to the Chief Forester of the Wirral in about 1120. Nearly 900 years later the Wirral Advanced Motorists have adopted it as a symbol to call together motorists and motorcyclists resident on the Wirral who are interested in road safety.

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Wirral Advanced Motorists


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June and July 2018  
June and July 2018