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Market Place

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5 Windows

St Mary’s Church

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Parish Rooms

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Memorial Hall & Gardens

Mystery Shopper Don’t Shoot the Messenger Land Slice

Anthony Gell School


Lucy Steven’s Don’t Shoot the Messenger invites you to retrace a visitor’s footsteps around Wirksworth to experience a different type of audio tour; listen to the sounds of the town through intense 360-degree binaural audio recordings and become immersed in a narrative that explores the town from the viewpoint of a bird looking down from the rooftops.

Sam Paetcher

Old Blacksmiths Shop A curated exhibition exploring the darker or more bizarre face of concept based design. Each participant selected for the exhibition interprets this theme in their work, creating a delightfully sinister and ambient show! Venue Opening Times: Mon-Sat, 11:00am-4:00pm

Derbyshire Eco Centre

Water Lane St Teresa’s


The Vintage Rooms Sam Hope

10 NatWest Bank

Hairworks Imogen Peacock

13 Traid Links

17 St John Street Clare Goddard

17 Nagziz

Jayne Saunders

Festival Office Saeed Taji Farouky 07963 079203


11 McMurtry & Harding


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Deborah Miles 07738 381841

RIBA 50|50 The new Eco Centre on the National Stone Centre site hosts RIBA’s 50|50, a touring exhibition celebrating our region’s architecture and the fifty

landmark buildings in the East Midlands from 1960-2010. Venue Opening Times: Mon – Sat 11:00am 4:00pm |curated exhibitions

14 The Book Shop

Community Windows

Schools Window

15 Coach House Crown Yard 16 Carol and Paul Fieldhouse 07971 885023


Young Curators



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nk G o rs e y B a Tim Haynes

King’s Field

Willowbath Mill Studios



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Festival Office

Wirksworth Brewery Carol Harries-Wood 07940 819521

Westons Rachel Eite 07970 042084


Teaching Pool

Festival Box Office



Performances throughout the day Sat 11 & Sun 12.

To listen to the Don’t Shoot the Messenger sound walk please download it to your phone or mp3 player from www.wirksworthfestivalsoundwalk. Alternatively, pick up a pair of headphones and mp3 player from Wirksworth Heritage Centre.

The Bakehouse Mandy Bray 01636 682120

curated exhibitions wirksworth festival 2009 curated exhibitions


Town Hall

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Blind Lane



Sam Paetcher

Wash G re

Venue Opening Times: Mon-Sat, 11:00am-4:00pm



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Coldwell St

Blacksmiths Shop 15

Heritage Centre

Tim Haynes’ Land_Slice is a 50-metre light installation, which by night will appear against the backdrop of the Gilkin and fade with the morning light. en


Felt-maker Denise Stanton, local choreographer Debi Hedderwick and musician Tullis Rennie create a collaborative performance for the Heritage Centre. Unbroken Thread is a sitespecific performance inspired by generations of females working within the textile industry and explored through the architecture of Wirksworth Heritage Centre - a former silk and velvet mill. Textiles, contemporary music and performance weave through the space, inviting you to experience the stories held within its walls.

Saturday, 11 September 7-9pm

Paynes the Chemist Janet Fleming 01629735007

Marsden’s Giftshop Inga Winson 07747 574665

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Flock a flock of origami birds descends on the town making a temporary home for themselves at the teaching pool, roosting on the roof, the

To see, hear and swim amongst the birds visit the pool on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September, 12.30 - 4.30pm.

Stain Swim among video projections, which change the colour of the water, fill it with the bubbles and reflect the sky.



8 Moot Hall

French artist BIBI constructs the Bibigloo, ostensibly a functional building, which appears in the Memorial Gardens for the duration of the Festival. Entirely manufactured from recycled red 20 litre plastic petrol canisters it is lit from within, creating a tension between the iconic Arctic home and the fuel of global warming.

beams, hiding in the changing rooms and lockers. Visitors can swim with the birds accompanied by a dawn chorus, and can make their own origami bird to launch into the pool.

Max Hairdressing Helen Meakin TX 07939 242344

Image: Goh Ideta


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During the Trail Weekend (11 & 12 Sept) visitors can play a game of chance, creating an experience unique to each individual as they take a ride in METRO BOULOT DODO’s Whispers rickshaw, putting on headphones and immersing themselves in a world where secret pockets hide intriguing objects that make us contemplate the nature of journeys and destiny; classical Chinese music, low-fi electronica, new technology and story telling all intermingling to create a philosophical ride. Catch the Rickshaw outside the Memorial Hall


an orange box design 01629 826284


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Bole hill Roa d

Key Venue Teaching Pool A group of young people have been exploring art and curation. They have selected the teaching pool as the venue for chosen artist Lucy Stevens, whose work tranforms the pool.

Moot Hall Tristan O’Boyle & Richard Sammels-Moore invite you to use your hands, eyes & ears in an exhibition of analogue mistakes, musical objects, ambient images, mistaken film and living music in a hotch potch of ideas that will mostly happen somewhere within the visible spectrum and human audible range.

Home Improvement Diana Shepherd 07791 041445

Lucie Stevens

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Young Curators


ell WC

Lucy Stevens

Steeple G ran ge


Ne w R oa d

Opening Times: Wednesdays to Saturdays 10.30 am - 4.30 pm and Sundays 1.30 - 4.30 pm. Please note you will be asked to leave a deposit or a form of ID in exchange for the headphones and mp3 player.




National Stone Centre

There is optical trickery in town; grab your shopping list, don your 3D specs and seek out the phantom merchandise in the town’s shops. In this Oa ker tho installation of anamorphic anaglyphs, stereoscopic r The La nSam artist Paechter haspereplaced items of stock es Ro a with 3D photographs. See the map for locations.

Stones the Builders Beth Shapeero 07702828123

10th 11th - 26th September 2010 2009

v e nue s. U

Eco Centre

Sites around town

Please Touch, See, Hear

windows |





Curated Exhibitions

Foreword Thematically the curated visual art programme for Wirksworth Festival interrogates the commonalities, the contrasts and the conflicts in the relationship between Art and Architecture, how we perceive and experience the built environment that we inhabit but often never truly see. Art intervenes in buildings, public and private spaces throughout Wirksworth: sometimes in a harmonic rapprochement with the space it inhabits and at others in a dynamic tension with it; sometimes demanding your attention and at others concealing itself and asking you to discover it. The spaces are diverse, from the ecclesiastical (St Mary’s Church) to the industrial (Newbridge Works), the commercial (Wirksworth’s shops) to the recreational (the Swimming Pool). There is a strong international flavour, with Japanese artist Goh Ideta, American photographic artist Caitlin Masley, and French artists BIBI and Flore Gardner, as well as an international selected salon of artists’ film and video shown on the evening of Saturday 18 September, at the end of our Contemporary Art Focus day, a free tour of the venues and an opportunity to meet some of the artists. Established and emerging UK artists are also strongly represented in a programme, including some of the best work from the region’s degree shows, which I hope you will find challenging, exciting, entertaining and provocative in equal measure. David Gilbert, Curator

Contemporary Art Focus

Saturday 18th September Immerse yourself in a whole day of contemporary art which continues into the evening with ground breaking digital collaborations and music. During the day take a guided tour around the key venues, windows and sites with accompanying artist talks. Join Festival Curator David Gilbert to explore the selected and curated shows in depth. An outstanding opportunity for the curious student and art lover. On the day, French artist Flore Gardner wraps St Mary’s Church in a mile of French knitting as part of her re:place commission. Walk starts 11:00am at the Parish Room, ends approx. 4pm. Free of charge, but please book in advance by contacting the Festival Office t: 01629 823004 e:

Stay on to watch the Festival’s first Artists’ Film & Video Salon. Entries from all over the world include work from: Beatrice Baumgartner, The Centre of Attention, Lia Chavez, Candida Elton, Tony Hill, Shona Illingworth, Carlos Lopez, Caitlin Masley, Huw Morgan, Marianna and Daniel O’Reilly, Simona Piantieri, Kate Rowles, Darshana Vora, Andrew Norman Wilson.

Key Venues: Parish Room Goh Ideta Japanese artist Goh Ideta, whose Cube Ring enthralled many people last year, returns with new interactive lightworks which play with our sense of our physical relationship with architectural space. Supported by Sasakawa UK Foundation and the Japan Foundation.

St Mary’s Church Venue Opening Times: 12 & 13 September 19 & 20 September 26 September 17 & 24 September 18 & 25 September

The parish church is the site of three interventions: Derby-based sculptor David Booth suspended sculpture models statistics on the changing population of Wirksworth, physically manifesting them using tens of thousands of coloured balloons hanging in the void of the belltower.

11am – 5pm 11am – 5pm 11am – 5pm 4pm – 6pm 4pm – 6pm

Michael Miller’s triptych of mirror-gloss black canvases reflects back to viewers both themselves and the massive architectural space they occupy, subtly distorted by the stretching of the paint’s skin.

Caitlin Masley, an outstanding American photographic artist shows 2D and 3D work, using kaleidoscopic repeats and collaged imagery of iconic, industrial, dysfunctional and war-damaged buildings. Tony Hill, one of the UK’s leading experimental film-makers, shows Doors, a new multi-channel film installation at the Parish Room, alongside London-based Darshana Vora’s Walks in Silence, a rhythmic architectonic visual diary of the city by night. Richard Tungate, one of this year’s selected graduate artists, shows ‘A Stately View’, a gigantic immersive image of the interior of Sudbury Hall which has been modified by the artist, and Phillip Johnson’s Manhattan, which playfully transposes the setting of Woody Allen’s famous film to Leeds, both as a joke about Hollywood remakes and as a heartfelt dedication to Phillip’s home town.

Curated Exhibitions |

Renowned ceramicist Ashley Howard has installed his Ritual and Setting series, placing his hand-made fonts amongst the sacred vessels of the church.

Tony Hill

Michael Miller

Venue Opening Times: The church is open from dawn until dusk daily throughout the Festival, though it is possible that there will be services, funerals or other events taking place at certain times.

Ashley Howard

Newbridge Works Graduate Focus The Festival’s Visual Arts Panel are delighted this year to be able to showcase a greater selection of graduates’ work than ever before with work in Newbridge Works as well as the Windows, Peli Deli, Parish Room and Babington House. Two and three-dimensional work is included, using film, light, paint, drawing, photography, found and re-constructed materials,

ambiguous space in which similar elements take up different positions, and Nyssa Walster’s Some of the work reflects white constructions are the theme of space embellished with delicate and architecture, like drawings which capture Richard Tungate’s room in the eye and invite you Sudbury, while others are into them. At Peli Deli more understated, like the our relation to our solar space in Olga Mesmer’s system underlies Matthew film, or psychological, Wilcox’s ‘Cosmic Heimat’, like the issues of and Mark Prothero faces citizenship and identity us with our forbears in in Behjat Abdullah’s a contemporary urban drawings. Frank Kent’s environment. paintings present an

Edith Mak

Olga Mesmer

Alexandra Tomlinson

Behjat Omer Abdulla

Joe Clews

Allen Lowe

Frank Kent

Jane Osgood

Kyle Hands

Matthew Wilcox

Hannah Mitchell

Mark Prothero

all reflecting the range of contemporary fine art practice.

David Booth

Goh Ideta

My Wonderland: Kate Rowles | Curated Exhibitions

Richard Tungate

Phillip Johnson

Caitlin Masley

Town Hall at 6.30pm, tickets £5.

Electronica with Tullis Rennie: An evening of live electronic and improvised music, with specially commissioned films and visual projections.

Town Hall at 8.45pm, tickets £8. Special combined ticket for both events £10 at better than a bit of

Wirksworth Festival 2010 Curated Exhibitions  

Festival 2010