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2010 – 01

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our vision WIRE is the only independent, generalist information, support and referral service run by women for women across Victoria. Our vision is that of a society where women are safe, respected, valued, informed, empowered and free to make genuine choices in their lives.

We achieve this in two important ways by: • providing free and confidential information, support and referrals to individual women and • advocating for women’s rights through issues-based research.

2010 – 02

words from the

CEO+Cha ir

From Our CEO WIRE has yet again ‘punched above its weight’ this year thanks to the fantastic commitment of our staff and volunteer team. It is impressive to see such commitment in providing our unique response to the women of Victoria and our commitment to take the time to listen to their stories. It is through our everyday work of listening and talking that we know what is happening in the lives of Victorian women and it is their stories that give legitimacy to our work in advocating for structural change. Violence against women is still a daily conversation we have with women, and while there have been many changes in Victoria in response to domestic violence, there is still a long way to go. We believe that violence against women remains the most significant human rights issue we face in Australia and globally. From my years of working in this area, I regret to say that I think it has actually gotten worse, not better. Finding a home is another daily conversation we have and the link between the experience of violence and homelessness is strong. The growing numbers of the homeless are not merely figures; they are the very real lives of homeless women and their children. It is heartbreaking to have to tell women they have very few options and that there are not enough houses— the result of many years of poor government policies on this issue and the increased demand on the private rental market resulting in a very competitive market. We have had more conversations this year with single mothers who are being discriminated against in the private rental market. An increasing number of older single women, who previously owned their home, raised families and worked, but due to changes in their circumstances including low superannuation savings, are also now finding themselves unemployed and homeless, as they cannot afford to rent in the private rental market. What a shock it is for these women to not only find themselves homeless, but also face a housing system that is not able to assist them.

We have a responsibility to amplify these stories through our project and advocacy work. This year we have continued our focus on building women’s economic security through Women & Money Month—our partnership project with Queen Victoria Women‘s Centre and the Victorian Government through the Office of Women’s Policy. We also researched into young women’s relationship with money and published Young Women & Money Research Report—funded by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Our advocacy work is strengthened through our membership of eSecurity4Women Alliance—one of six national alliances reporting directly to the Minister for Women and the federal government. In the past year we have advocated for paid parental leave, a review of the out-of-school-hours care system and conducted a national survey into issues facing women in paid work. On the home front this year, WIRE received the Fair and Flexible Employer Recognition Award 2009 – 2010 from the Victorian Government Working Families Council in recognition of our own commitment to providing a family-friendly and flexible working environment for our staff. From local to global: I had the privilege of travelling to New York in March to attend the Global Women’s Conference Beijing + 15 and the annual reporting back to the United Nations Committee on the Status of Women. Apart from the fact that New York was experiencing the fourth heaviest snow fall on record and covered with beautiful fresh snow, it was amazing to be part of this global event and to also see where our work fits into the global agenda. And as I stated at the beginning of this report: none of this would be possible without the fantastic work of the board, the staff and volunteer team. Together we have made another amazing contribution in supporting, listening to and informing the women of Victoria. Congratulations and thank you —you are all the backbone of WIRE.

Samiro Douglas

2010 – 03

From Our Chair It has again been with a sense of honour and privilege that I have led this organisation over the past year. I have been assisted and supported in this by the strong and wise support from all of WIRE’s Board members. This year we have focused on two important aspects of the Board’s responsibilities, reviewing and revising our Governance Policies and Procedures and the development of our risk register. This will enable us to ensure we have a robust Governance framework in place to guide our work and to plan as best we can for a small organisation to mitigate risks that might come our way. An area of work that we have also consolidated this year is our investment strategy. A review of this was initially prompted by the Global Financial Crisis, but a more strategic approach to our investments is now part of our everyday business. As a result we are able to earn additional income for the organisation, which we can then use to support the shortfall in our core funding.

The Board members have put in a fantastic effort over the past year. Unfortunately we had to farewell Kathy Phythian early in her term and one of our long standing Board members, Kerrie Mullins-Gunst will be leaving us at the AGM. My thanks go to them for their great contribution. We have also welcomed some new members including Julie Kun and Amy Cato who bring fresh young energy, enthusiasm and skills to our Board. I’d like to thank all of WIRE’s staff and volunteer team and each Board member. I am so fortunate to work alongside so many fantastic and wise women. I would, in particular, like to thank our CEO Samiro Douglas for her skilled leadership of WIRE and her deep commitment to the women we serve. We have again done so much and it is the time to stand up and be proud of what we have achieved. Anne Smyth

Exploring the expansion of our Registered Training Organisation is another strategy we have supported. This provides additional independent revenue for WIRE enabling us to support the delivery of our services more fully. This year we have also taken the plunge to review our wellrecognised brand and have boldly changed our colours from the traditional feminist colours of green, white and purple to a vibrant orange. We are very excited about our new brand image.

2010 – 04

Our Work

+s ervi c es

A New Look for WIRE’s Trusted Work

WIRE Statistics 2009 - 2010

After twenty-five years of traditional feminist colours, WIRE has boldly chosen a bright new logo, images and colour scheme to represent our much trusted women’s information and referral service.


Looks aside, nothing has changed. WIRE continues to listen to and connect women, inform and empower them, and be their voice in advocating for their structural rights on many critical issues such as economic security, the gender pay gap, outof-school-hours childcare services, work-life balance and the prevention of violence against women.


Telephone Service:


Women’s Information Centre:


Website page views: Information seminars:

371 152,393 105 attendees

Annual Satisfaction Survey: Telephone Support Service

In a country where the gender pay gap is widening and homelessness and domestic violence are still major concerns, WIRE listens to women’s stories and gives them free and confidential support, information and referrals through our phone support service at 1300 134 130, our Women’s Information Centre in Melbourne CBD, our website at www. and via emails to

Women Callers on WIRE Telephone Support Service Someone to talk to Information

2010 – 05


Satisfaction Level 100% 98%



All of the above


The way we listened to what you were saying


The way we understood your issues and concerns


The level of support we provided


The way we provided you with information


We answered 8,565 telephone calls from women 2010 – 06

Our Work

+s ervi c es

Annual Satisfaction Survey: Women’s Information Centre (WIC) Women Visitors/Users on WIC Service in General

Satisfaction Level

Satisfied with the service they received






Women Visitors/Users on Specific Aspects of WIC

Most Helpful


Least Helpful

A woman’s space




A safe comfortable space




Feeling accepted




Someone to talk to




Access to low cost printing




Access to computers




Range of topic information




Range of service information for referral




In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, we continued our work on improving women’s financial literacy and security through our research on young women’s relationship with money—Young Women & Money Research Report 2010, and our successful partnership in the state-wide financial literacy program—Women and Money Month 2009. Through our local networks with other organisations such as the eSecurity4Women Alliance, we were able to advocate for women’s rights on employment, paid parental leave and equal pay. On a global scale, our representation at world conferences and events on women’s rights showed us how our work at home has become part of the bigger picture.

2010 – 07

Listening to and Connecting Women

Informing and Supporting Women

Whether over the phone or face-to-face at the Women’s Information Centre, we continue to take time to listen to each woman’s story and understand her unique experience. We connect her to the best options, some of which she may be unaware, and give her emotional and practical support on a wide range of issues.

Women’s Information Centre (WIC)

WIRE operates within a feminist framework; which is why we believe it is important to listen to the woman’s story behind the request for information. We believe every woman is resilient and resourceful. Our framework acknowledges difference and diversity in women’s lives, while addressing the continuing gender imbalance in our society. This imbalance impacts on women’s lives—on personal, economic and societal levels.

Phone Support Service Last financial year, our 1300 134 130 telephone support service, staffed entirely by more than 60 volunteers, answered 8,565 calls from women. Women contact us when they want to explore issues or concerns in their life, to receive reliable up-to-date information and to have a sensitive, supportive and skilled woman to talk to. Last year women contacted us to talk about issues including family relationships and conflicts, domestic violence and legal issues, counselling services for emotional well-being, support for mental health, and housing and homelessness. Callers also received referrals to lawyers, counsellors, community health and domestic violence services.

We continue to provide essential face-to-face information, support and referral services to women who come to our information centre in the CBD either for information or simply to talk to someone. Two WIC staff and a small volunteer team help support women who use our free computers, internet and printing facilities or seek employment or study options. Women also check out our Community Notice Board, relax on our comfy couch, feed the baby or have a chat. Last financial year, our centre had 5,551 contacts (including 371 emails) from women who visited or emailed us for support or information in the following areas: • Free public access computer with internet and printing facilities • Seeking employment • Family relationships • Domestic violence • Emotional well-being • Education and training • Housing • Physical and mental health

Computer Classes and Job Club Our free computer classes are in such high demand that we are usually booked out at least two months ahead. Last financial year, we ran 92 basic computer classes for 188 women who continually expressed their appreciation of having small, intimate computer classes. We are planning additional computer and internet classes in the next 12 months, and are working to obtain extra computers to meet this growing demand. The Job Club we run in conjunction with WISE Employment has also been popular with 118 participants in the last financial year. 2010 – 08

Our Work

+s ervi c es

Information Seminars

Training Women

Our free information seminars continue to be well-recieved. Experts and practitioners provided information and advice on women’s health and other topics important to women. From July 2009 to June 2010, we ran nine seminars with 105 attendees. The seminar topics included:

As a Registered Training Organisation we continue to train our own volunteers through the telephone support worker training program. We also offer our expertise in reflective practice, supporting workers and providing women-sensitive services to external clients. Last financial year, we ran volunteer training sessions in October 2009, February and May 2010. With more applications than places, we are pleased to have had 52 enrolments—an encouraging response to increasing our training courses to three a year.

• Returning to Work for Parents and Carers • A Quick Guide to Family Dispute Resolution • Separation and Children • Surviving on a Low-Income: A Practical Workshop for Women • Supporting Victims of Stalking • Women and Work—The Fair Work Act 2009 • Special Issues in Managing Women with Mental Illness • Human Rooms— People Space Harmonisation • Returning to Work After a Break—Knowing Where, When and How to Return. Nicholes Family Lawyers kindly sponsored our 2010 series and all seminars were held at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.

2010 – 09

The end of 2009 also saw us commence the delivery of the TAA 40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with 16 successful participants receiving their certification. Currently we are piloting courses in Governance for Women and Leadership. The commitment and professionalism that our women volunteers bring to WIRE is consistently of the highest standard. We are also very gratified to witness the journey trainees take as they embrace feminism as a result of the course. Many telephone support workers come to the training program having received support themselves from the phone room or know of a woman who has. Women continue to learn about WIRE and its services mainly through word of mouth and personal experience. We heartily congratulate all women connected to WIRE for their commitment, dedication and skills.

Building Women’s Financial Security and Literacy

WIRE’s tasks included: • Recruitment of facilitators from identified locations

Women & Money Month 2009 marked the second year of our successful partnership with the Office of Women’s Policy (Victoria) and the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. Women & Money Month reached out to women throughout the state with practical and accessible financial information that was delivered free through face-to-face seminars and workshops. WIRE’s role in the partnership was to train and supervise the facilitators for the Steps to Securing Your Financial Future workshop series. Women & Money Month 2009 delivered 27 workshops from the Steps to Securing Your Financial Future—Practical Workshop series for Women in 19 locations throughout Victoria. 280 women registered and attended the workshop program.

“A well-supported

• Delivering a two-day Train the Trainer session, incorporating a refresher component for past trainers • Updating Trainers’ Delivery Manual and Participant Manual • Providing support and supervision to sessional trainers throughout their workshop delivery • Facilitating workshop program in the CBD • Evaluating the Train the Trainer process and supervision strategy

learning environmen

t!” 2010 – 10

Our Work

+s ervi c es

Young Women & Money Research Report

Paid Parental Leave

WIRE’s Young Women & Money Research Report (funded by Consumer Affairs Victoria) was launched by the Honourable Marsha Thomson, Parliamentary Secretary for Justice in April 2010. Our report explored young women’s relationship with money, credit and debt through a gender lens. It also identified effective mediums to communicate financial information to young women and made recommendations to respective government agencies and finance organisations.

After 30 years of tireless lobbying by women and their supporters such as WIRE, Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave bill was passed by the Senate on 17th June 2010. This means all working Australian parents will have access to paid parental leave, promoting better maternal and child health development. It also means better work-life balance and a boost for the economy as well as better health and financial security for Australia’s working mums.

Advocating For Women’s Causes Locally and Globally

Spreading The Word

Women and Employment Survey WIRE worked with women’s information services located in most states and territories to develop and disseminate the Women and Employment survey questionnaire in 2009. We led the distribution and initial analysis of the survey. This survey was developed to look at specific issues women face in seeking paid work and/or engaging in paid work in order to better understand what information or support is needed to help women. eSecurity4Women provided additional funding to complete the data analysis and prepare a final report.

WIRE in New York In March 2010, WIRE CEO Samiro Douglas attended the Global Women’s Conference—Beijing +15 and a few days of the annual reporting to the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women. There are many women’s and girls’ stories from around the world about their efforts to overcome disadvantage. These stories reinforced the importance of WIRE’s work—to stop violence against women, improve women’s economic security through financial literacy programs and research, and continue advocacy to close the gender pay gap.

2010 – 11

HotWIRE Our biannual HotWIRE newsletter has gone ‘electronic’ in a bid to reduce WIRE’s environmental footprint. HotWIRE issues #16 and 17 were emailed to WIRE members and published online in January and June 2010 respectively.

WIRE E-bulletin In the last financial year, we sent out 23 fortnightly WIRE E-bulletins to subscribers, delivering the latest news, events and job openings for women and those who work with them. Our E-bulletin subscribers have increased from 1,227 subscribers for E-bulletin #27 in July 2009 to 1,735 subscribers for E-bulletin #49 in June 2010.

rs for 2010 Over 1,700 E-bulletin subscribe

2010 – 12

Our Board

+s taff

Our Board Our Board draws on the talents of women from various backgrounds, including law, industrial relations, education, academia, accounting, public service, corporate business and community leadership.

2010 – 13

Board Chair: Anne Smyth

Public Officer: Tammy Chrisp

Anne has a strong background in education and organisational development with considerable experience in health and community sectors. Anne is currently an organisational consultant and educator in the fields of management and leadership capability development, change and transition, organisational governance and coaching/ mentoring.

Tammy recently assumed the role as Public Officer for the board. An organisational development professional with over 20 years’ experience, Tammy works with NAB as a senior consultant in Workplace Relations. Her expertise and experience spans coaching, capability development, communications and change management. Tammy is currently studying for a Diploma of Counselling.

Treasurer: Geraldine Allen

Board Member: Ronniet Milliken

Geraldine is a CPA with a double degree in Accountancy and Hotel Management and has 15 years’ experience working in corporate finance in research, health and not-for-profit sectors. She is currently Finance Manager at Fight Cancer Foundation.

Ronniet joined the Board in October 2009. She has broad experience as in-house legal counsel, company secretary and board of management roles, and is currently a solicitor.

Secretary: Bronwyn Williams

Board Member: Sandra Langlands

Bronwyn has over 30 years’ experience in the management of human services across three levels of government and the private sector, with post-graduate studies in aged services management, contract management and a Masters in Health Science. Bronwyn has prior board experience in health and education sectors, and currently works as the Senior Business Analyst of the Business Integrity and Legal Services Group for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Sandra joined the Board in August 2009 and is experienced in operational policy, strategic roles and corporate management. She currently works for Performance Architects Pty Ltd, which specialises in helping people in organisations identify how to work together more effectively, learn new skills and behaviours, and build a high-performing culture.

Board Member: Kerrie Mullins-Gunst

Board Member: Marlo Baragwanath

Kerrie founded Leadership Skill Centre and is Principal of KMG Consulting. She is also a company director, consultant and seminar presenter providing high-level corporate support in strategic planning and review, mentoring, leadership and change.

Marlo was a member of the Board until her term ended in October 2009. She works as the General Counsel, Legal Services at WorkSafe Victoria and is responsible for providing legal, policy and legislative advice. She also manages the panel of firms, which conduct the personal injury litigation.

Board Member: Julie Kun

Board Member: Carole Alt

Julie joined the Board in April 2010. She is a qualified social worker with over 14 years’ experience in community services in Melbourne, and is currently a Trade Unionist and organiser at the Australian Services Union.

Carole was a member of the Board until her term ended in October 2009. Carole is the company secretary for two financial services companies—AIG Life and AIG Financial Solutions. She has 20 years’ experience in the health industry in management, research and nursing roles. Carole is also on the Board of the Melbourne General Practice Network.

Board Member: Amy Cato Amy joined the Board in June 2010. She is a recruitment and training professional whose firm recruits and trains jobseekers in Victoria and South Australia. Amy was a finalist for the Young South Australian of the Year and writes for magazines and blogs.

Board Member: Kathy Phythian Kathy joined the Board in August 2009 and unfortunately had to resign in March 2010. Kathy is a psychologist, with 20 years’ experience working in areas such as youth justice, crime prevention, drug and alcohol treatment, and women’s safety. She is Senior Policy Adviser at the Department of Justice and in her spare time, is learning how to be a celebrant.

2010 – 14

Our Board

+s taff

Our Staff Chief Executive Officer: Samiro Douglas Finance and Administration Coordinator: Kate Whiting Training Coordinator: Maria Kremidas, Rebecca Callahan (commenced November 2009) Telephone Service Coordinator: Kristin Godby, Martine Cribbes (commenced April 2010) Communication Coordinator: Jo Argent, Mi Fon Lew (commenced December 2009) Women’s Information Centre Officers: Renee Tsatsis, Claire Varley, Kate Daniel, Tracey Mook, Hilda Quiroga, Martine Cribbes (commenced January 2010), Sally Douglas (commenced February 2010), Sally Marsden (commenced May 2010), Jayanthi Balakrishna (commenced May 2010) IT support provided by Elaine Cope of ICT Matters

Project Staff Contract Researcher for Young Women & Money Research Report 2010: Romina Aizpurua (January to December 2009) Casual Assistant Researcher for Young Women & Money Research Report 2010: Nerida Lennon (October 2009) Financial Literacy Trainer for Women & Money Month 2009: Renee Tsatsis (Secondment from WIC from July to December 2009) Training Development Manager: Anne Lechte (commenced January 2010)

2010 – 15

Our VOLUTEERS, MemBERS porters

+s up

Our Volunteers We are in the fortunate position of being surrounded by a large community of wonderful women. Women contribute to WIRE in lots of ways—as volunteers in the phone room and Women’s Information Centre; in the office or on our board; speaking on behalf of WIRE and staffing information stalls.

Project Funders

Women volunteers are our lifeblood at WIRE. At any one time, more than 60 women donate their time, skills and experience to run our telephone support service and Women’s Information Centre. This represents well over $150,000 to $200,000 worth of work each year.

Vicnet State Library of Victoria for our Public Internet Access Program (a Victorian Government initiative)

A smaller and equally dedicated team of administrative volunteers and student placements also works with us regularly on projects, in the Women’s Information Centre and around the office. Thank you, WIRE volunteers!

Job Club Supporters WISE Employment staff who facilitated our weekly Job Club in WIC

Consumer Affairs Victoria for Young Women & Money Research Report 2010 Office of Women’s Policy for Women and Money Month 2009

Partners Office of Women’s Policy (Victorian Government) Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

Other Sponsors City of Melbourne for sponsoring the translation of WIRE generalist information into 13 languages for our website Deanne Tindale Everyday Hero (The Age Run Melbourne)

Key Funders

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust for sponsoring the printing of Anxiety, Depression and Counselling information sheets

Department of Human Services – Child Protection and Family Services

Nicholes Family Lawyers for sponsoring the running of Women’s Information Seminars from January to June 2010.

Office of Women’s Policy (Victorian Government)

And our sincere thanks go out to all our donors.

More than 70 women dona te

their time,skills and experie nce to WIRE 2010 – 16


+s upporters

Phone Support Service Volunteers Aarti Latkar

Gemma McKibbin Jane Webb (Team leader)

Alexandra Bloch

Janet Barnett

Amanda Phelan

Janet Le Cornu (Team leader)

Andrea Rimington

Jayanthi Balakrishna

Angela Chambers

Jenni Warren

Anne Penman

Jill McDonald

Anne Muir

Joan Monti

Anne Smith

Joanna Owen

Annette Pritchard

Joelle Horan

Belinda McManus

Kate Johnson

Catherine Dow

Kate Ross

Christine Howgate (Team leader)

Kate Volard

Daniele Cerretti Deanne Smith Deanne Tindale (Team leader) Diana Wroblewski (Team leader)

Katrina Ciesielczyk Kirsten Brown Lauren Ellis (Team leader) Lisa Ritchie Lorna Jane O’Doherty Lyndal Chapman

Dina Jones

Margaret Boyd

Eithne Donlon

Margaret Purdey

Elizabeth Maddison (Team leader)

Marissa Hess

Emma Brinkmann


Fran Gass

Akiko Mardon

Crina Virgona

2010 –

Felicity Broadbent-Smith

Mary Bryan Mary Mavroudis

Emma Morgan

Mary-Rose George

Erin Dolan

Melissa Kelly

Melissa Thomas (Team leader) Meredith Donaldson

Yoke Fausten Yvette Phillips

Miranda Hall

Women’s Information Centre Volunteers

Moira Darling

Alexandra Bloch

Muriel Nisi

Computer Class Volunteers

Nancy Elsaidy Natasha Zosko (Team leader) Nicole Welsh Pamela Marriott Peta Tyler Prue Leslie (Team leader) Rachel Kennedy Rebecca Lui Roxanne Boubis Robyn Klein (Team leader)

Akiko Mardon Chad Chan Diana Wroblewski Grace Tan Marie Schoenmaker Mary-Rose George Meena Singh Miranda Hall

Student Placements

Robyn McIver

Imogen Byrne

Ronnit Schreiber

Mary-Rose George

Sally Marsden

Nancy Elsaidy

Sandra Lewis (Team leader)

Administrative Volunteers

Shannon Brown Shelly Roberts Srijanee (Jeanie) D’Mello Stella Riethmuller Tamzin Benjamin Toni Ryan (Team leader) Trudy Hesgrath Tuyet Wilson

Anastasia Chung Anne Mcleod Dzung Nguyen Jun Pei, Koo Maria Swyrydan Paras Christou

our financials

pa rt #1

Concise Financial Report For the Year Ended - 30th June 2010 Statement of Comprehensive Income for the Year Ended 30 June 2010 2010 ($)

2009 ($)

Grant income




Training fees



Interest received



Donation and appeal income





Membership Other income



Total Revenue






Employee benefits Depreciation expense






Other expenses



Total expenses



Operating Surplus



Total Comprehensive income for the year



2010 ($)

2009 ($)



The accompanying notes form part of this Concise Financial Report

Balance Sheet As At 30 June 2010 Current assets

Cash and cash equivalents Trade and other receivables



Other current assets





Plant and equipment



Total non-current assets





Trade and other payables











Total non-current liabilities



Total liabilities



Net assets



Accumulated funds



Total equity



Total current assets Non current assets

Total assets Current liabilities

Total current liabilities Non current liabilities


The accompanying notes form part of this Concise Financial Report

our financials

pa rt #2

Statement of Changes in Equity for the Year Ended 30 June 2010 Accumulated Funds

2010 ($)

Balance at 1 July 2008


Operating Surplus Balance at 30 June 2009 Operating Surplus Balance at 30 June 2010

11,221 361,710 29,000 390,710

Statement of Cash Flows for the Year Ended 30 June 2010 2010 ($)

2009 ($)



Cash flows from operating activities:

Receipts from grants (recurrent) Receipts from other sources Payments to suppliers and employees Interest received Net cash provided by / (used in) operating activities











Cash flows from investing activities:

Purchase of plant and equipment Proceeds from term deposit



Payments from term deposit



Net cash provided by / (used in) investing activities



Net increase (decrease) in cash held



Cash at beginning of financial year



Cash at end of financial year



The accompanying notes form part of this Concise Financial Report.

2010 – 19

our financials

pa rt #3

NOTES TO THE CONCISE FINANCIAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2010 1. Organisational Information/ Reporting Entity Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc. (“WIRE Inc.” Or “the Organisation”) is an Incorporated Association in Victoria as defined by the Act (1981). The Organisation is also identified as non-profit, public benevolent institution. This Concise Financial report of WIRE Inc. was authorised for issue by the Board of Management on 17th August 2010. 2. Basis of preparation of the Concise Financial Report The Concise Financial Report is an extract for the full Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2010. The Concise Financial Report has been prepared in accordance with Accounting Standard AASB 1039: Concise Financial Reports. The financial statements, specific disclosures and other information included in the Concise Financial Report are derived from and are consistent with the full Financial Report of Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc. The concise financial report cannot be expected to provide as detailed an understanding of the financial performance, financial position and financing and investing activities of WIRE Inc. as the full Financial Report.

BOARD OF MANAGEMENT DECLARATION The Board of Management of WIRE Inc. declares that the Concise Financial Report of WIRE Inc. for the financial year ended 30 June 2010, as set out on pages 1 to 4 a) complies with Accounting Standard AASB 1039: Concise Financial Reports; and b) is an extract from the full Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2010 and has been derived from and is consistent with the full Financial Report of WIRE Inc. This declaration is made in accordance with a resolution of the Board of Management. Chair: .................................................................................... Anne Smyth Treasurer: .................................................................................... Geraldine Allen Dated this 14th day of September 2010

The Financial Report of WIRE Inc. complies with all Australian equivalents to International Financial Reporting Standards (AIFRS) in their entirety. The presentation currency used in this Concise Financial report is Australian dollars.

2010 – 20

our financials

a udit or’s report

2010 – 21

your support

Your Support

You can volunteer

Are you passionate about supporting and empowering Victorian women?

If you are over 21 years old with good communication skills and are open to diversity, you might like to volunteer in our phone service and Women’s Information Centre. You need to complete our training and be able to commit to a four-hour shift (during business hours) per week for at least a year. Call 1300 134 130 for more information and to register your interest.

You can donate WIRE is the only independent state-wide generalist information service run for women by women in Australia. We receive funding from the State Government but we rely on grants and donations from organisations and individuals to help us extend our services and spread the word about WIRE. Donations to WIRE are tax deductible and can be made online at www.wire. under ‘Get Involved’ or by phoning (03) 9921 0870.

You can become a member Show your support for WIRE by becoming a member. It only costs $50 or $25 (concession) per year to join. You will receive our biannual HotWIRE and invitations to WIRE events including the AGM. You can now join online at under ‘Get Involved’.

Are you a professional? You can apply to be added to our register Many women who contact WIRE are looking for a female doctor, lawyer, counsellor or other professional to support them. For this reason, we are always looking to add to our register of female practitioners. If you would like to register, you can find information and forms at under ‘Get Involved’ or call (03) 9921 0870 to find out more. While there is no set registration fee, your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Other ways to get involved You might like to join our volunteer board, offer your professional services to us or volunteer in the office. Call (03) 9921 0870 to discuss the possibilities.

“So happy that WIRE is there, it’s really fan

tastic to have.” 2010 – 22

Contact info: WIRE - Women’s Information Call us on 1300 134 130 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday for the cost of a local call from Victoria (excluding mobiles). TTY National Relay Service for hearing and speech-impaired women at 13 36 77. You can talk to WIRE in your own language using the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS). Drop by our Women’s Information Centre Ground Level, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 10:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday Email us your queries at Visit our website at Write to us at WIRE Administration Level 1, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne ©WIRE Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc. Reg. No. A122 ABN 98 957 157 895 Published in October 2010. This annual report is printed on 100% recycled paper in a small print run, and is available at WIRE’s website at

WIRE Women's Information Annual Report  

Annual Report 2010 of WIRE Women's Information Referral Exchange Inc. Melbourne, Australia

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