Vesala Products 2020

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Vesala Products 2020

H. Vesala Oy

Test equipment for telecom and electricity professionals since 1968.

Sondes MPL4, MPL6, VMS6, MPL7 and MPL9 · World's smallest transmitter sondes for tracing ducts

and their blockages and for duct calibrating · Can be jetted into the duct on their own or attached to a fiber cable or inserted with a push rod (not MPL4) · Semi-rigid flexible construction bends easily through duct curves

MPL4-33 MPL6-33


VMS6-33 MPL7-33


Sonde Range in Battery diameter Frequency free air *) life


4.6 mm

33 kHz

2.3 m



6.4 mm

33 kHz

2.3 m



6.4 mm

33 kHz

4.7 m



7.5 mm

33 kHz

5.1 m



9.0 mm

33 kHz

5.7 m



Sonde box

*) Ranges measured using Vesala CL43 receiver

· For jetting, new shock absorbers are available to

protect sondes when they hit obstacles such as a blockage · A new flexible mounting piece available for use with push rods · Sondes and spare batteries are shipped in handy plastic boxes

Shock absorbers & flexible mounting

Spare battery Kit 10 pcs


Large Duct Sondes PL18 and PL42


· PL18-33 is small & powerful transmitter sonde to trace


plastic and other non-conductive ducts and blockages · PL18-05 is similar sonde particularly for cast iron and stainless steel ducts · PL42-05 is Vesala's most powerful sonde for many metal ducts · As PL18-05 and PL42-05 work with plastic ducts too, they are a good choice for all kinds of use Model


Sonde Range in free air / Battery diam. Frequency from cast iron ducts *) life

PL18-33 18 mm 33 kHz

10 m / 0 m

20 h

PL18-05 18 mm 512 Hz

5.3 m / 3.5 m


PL42-05 42 mm 512 Hz

13 m / 8.4 m




*) Ranges measured using Vesala CL43 receiver


Sonde accessories

M5 & M10 or M6 & M10


· PL18 Sondes have an M12 female or M10 male thread

for push rods. With an adapters also M5, M6 and M10 rods can be used · PL18-FM flexible battery compartment & mounting piece absorbes shocks and helps PL18 sondes pass duct curves · Spare batteries available for all sondes

Vesala Products 2020

Battery for PL18 sondes

M12 & M6

Drill Point Locator PK2 · Accurate and easy finding of drill hole locations

Best seller

· Works even through concrete walls and floors up to


150cm depth · Numeric distance and wall thickness display · Metal and AC voltage detector to indicate nearby hidden obstacles

Compact locator CL43 · CL43 is the multipurpose locator that operates on

512Hz, 10kHz and 33kHz frequencies · As it is, CL43 is particularly handy to locate Vesala duct sondes · Together with the CTT33 transmitter and probes CL43 comprises a full featured cable and wire locating equipment (see below)

Cable Tracer CT33

KA43 probe

LA43 probe

CL43 locator

CTT33 transmitter

· CT33 is a handy cable, wire and pair locating

equipment, both for indoor and outdoor use · CTT33 is a powerful 33kHz transmitter which can be used even with live 230V wires. It is also compatible with other brand locators · For CL43 there are several probes available for various locating needs · We will gather a setup according to your preference, including cables and probes

CT33 case

CT33 case. Image includes extra accessories such as a clamp-on transformer

Tracer & Meter - TraceMeter TM30 · Cable & wire tracer with monitoring and measuring


properties · Can be used even at live 400V environment. Transmitter has voltage and frequency metering and DSLAM test · Receiver can be used for probing mains voltage and monitoring noise signals · Basic tool for telecom technicians and electricians

Wire Tracers XT25 and KX15 · For quick tracing and identification of wire pairs and

for detecting cables among other cables · Transmitters include interference-free listening of pairs and data indication · Fast and convenient capacitive pair identification at cable jointing work · KX15 units are equipped with field phone feature for communication between technicians Vesala Products 2020



Test Telephone AP32 with DSL indicator


· Fast ADSL/VDSL DSLAM test and DSL line indicator. · · · ·

Latest version detects also VDSL DSLAMs Informative line monitor for identifying communication Full-featured analogue test telephone with caller ID LB field-phone, signal generator, pair tester and much more Monitoring for SIA®, Ademco Contact ID® and pulse messaging formats used with security systems

Classic EML7

EMS Marker Locator EML7 · Very easy to use and cost-effective device to locate

e.g. ball markers · Supports all EMS® & Omnimarker® standard underground electronic markers · Detection depth down to 1.5 metres with ball markers · Metal detector feature for locating manhole & pit covers

Adapters for LSA, HVT, RJ & screw terminals · Adapters for connecting 4mm banana plugs to a

variety of terminal modules and sockets · Assist technician's work and reduce risk for interference · RJ-adapters fit both RJ45 and RJ11 sockets without damage

Vesala company in brief H. Vesala Oy/Ltd. (est. 1968), is an electronics company concentrating on making and importing test and measurement equipment for the telecommunications and electric installation branch. Almost all our products are our own design and produced in Finland. This brochure shows the standard Vesala branded products. PS: Imported products for fiber and copper working can be found in a separate brochure !

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