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Enjoy the fun pics from OUTshine Film Festival Fort Lauderdale edition and TWIST Saturday night on pages 6 & 20.

8. PUBLISHER’S CORNER: JUST VOTE NO! A preview of what is in this special issue, plus why to VOTE NO on #283 in Miami Beach.


The 36th annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival will be showcasing 150 American independent and international films.

11. FLIX: MASCARPONE & ROBUST Film critic Alyn Darnay picked two good FLIFF films that you will only get one chance to see.


URGE Miami Festival will entertain thousands of sexy men November 26-29 with three massive nighttime events and the beloved Beach Party.

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PUBLISHER’S CORNER JUST VOTE NO! Welcome to our special issue about the upcoming URGE Miami Thanksgiving Festival taking place November 26-29. Check out our Festival cover story with all the details and schedule of events. Also read our feature on the 36th Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival showcasing over 150 American independent and international films from 40 countries, plus a Flix movie column about two of the Festival films. This week, I also want to ask that if you are a voting resident of Miami Beach please VOTE NO on #283, the misguided 2 a.m. alcohol ban. I have watched in disbelief how the current mayor of Miami Beach, a former mayor, and several current commissioners have made the bars and clubs the target of an orchestrated campaign smokescreen to divert from their mismanagement of the City causing the increase in crime and street lawless happening day and night. What Miami Beach desperately needs is real leadership and bold action, not an attack on local businesses and their hardworking employees who contribute millions of dollars to the local community and tax base. Crime and street lawless should be addressed with community policing and cops on the beat enforcing the laws and acting as a deterrent to the criminal behavior we have all personally witnessed walking on the streets of South Beach. The lackluster attempt by local politicians to close some local businesses early is a distraction from the real causes of higher crime and poor management putting residents and tourists at risk! Beach politicians need to fix the crime problem by doing their jobs or resign. How is closing bars at 2 a.m. going to deal with the three drug dealers who offered me drugs on the street in daylight when I was just trying to walk in peace to the beach? It won't! Management and competence means addressing the real issues, not deflecting and sending voters down a rabbit hole by blaming businesses and hurting their employees. While these politicians play the blame game criminals do as they please, even in broad daylight. The fact remains all major tourist destinations around the world have cops on the beat and Miami Beach doesn't! If the 2 a.m. smokescreen wasn’t infuriating enough, we recently had a chance to hear the current and former mayor on tape telling us the truth about what Miami Beach politicians want to do, why they are doing it, and who they are doing it for. But we already knew that… Just VOTE NO! Cheers,

Rafa Carvajal Publisher & Editor in Chief rafa@wiremag.com

8 WIREMAG.COM #10 2021


FEATURE By Rafa Carvajal




The 36th annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) starts next week as a hybrid experience with both in-theater and virtual film screenings November 4-21, 2021. The 18- day Festival will showcase over 150 American independent and international films from 40 countries, which will include narrative features, documentaries, short film programs, and a “Filmed In Broward," showcase. You can enjoy special guests, Q&As, parties and a diverse selection of films. FLIFF kicks-off with the official opening night November 5th at the Museum of Discovery & Science AutoNation IMAX 3D theater with a party between two screenings of Marvel Studios saga of the Eternals, starring Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Richard Madden. Visit fliff.com/fliff36 to view the full Festival program and purchase tickets to the films and parties. This year, FLIFF is presenting eight LGBTQ interest films: Beautiful Dreamer, Families Like Yours, Mascarpone, My Best Part, Nora Highland, Antoni-A, I Elect: Power Every Four Years, and Open Dialogues. I sat down with Gregory von Hausch, President and CEO of the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival to preview the upcoming 18 days of cinema. Rafa Carvajal: Tell Wire Magazine readers why they should buy tickets to watch films during this year's Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. Gregory von Hausch: FLIFF presents more than 150 films and offers much more than just going to a movie. There are film premieres from the U.S. and other countries, and films that can take you to far-away places



and introduce you to other cultures. The Festival also provides moviegoers with opportunities to meet the filmmakers and actors, to discuss their film with them, and mingle with them at parties and receptions. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends with similar interests. We hope that people will venture out to the theaters to participate. For those who are still on the edge about going out, some of the films will be available to view through our Virtual Hub. RC: What are the highlight films of this year's FLIFF? GVH: For me, the highlights are always the films. Despite the pandemic, we have a truly terrific lineup with an entourage of special guests this year. All of our official opening weekend films are winners: the coming-of-age British comedy Soundtrack To Sixteen, the Greek off-beat road movie comedy Vasy's Odyssey, and the hilarious rom com American-ish which is the first American Muslim romantic comedy, also directed by an American Muslim woman. Filmmakers and stars will be attending each of the films. Friday, November 5th is the IMAX Marvel franchise dazzler Eternals, directed by last year's Oscar winner Chloe Zhao, which includes a party at Museum of Discovery and Science, AutoNation IMAX theater. The Hungarian suspense thriller Tall Tales set in post WWII will have audiences on the edge-of-their-seats. The star of the film will join us for a later screening during the Festival. Throughout the 18-day festival FLIFF will feature: the Cannes Film Festival winner of the Best European Film Award A Chiara (Italy), which concludes Jonas Carpignano’s Calabrian Trilogy with a coming-of-age story of a young girl forced to learn the hard truths about #10 2021 WIREMAG.COM 9



her family when her father disappears; Atlas, a suspense thriller from Switzerland; The Best Families, a dark comedy from Chile; and from Spain there is the bittersweet comedy Girlfriends. The historical drama from Norway, Betrayed, which is based on a true story of a family during WWII, is an eye-opener. We have three touching childhood stories: Mica, about a Moroccan boy from the slums whose life changes when a former tennis champion takes him under her wing; Petit Pays which takes place in Burundi is a touching story set during the conflict in Rwanda; and Neighbours from Kurdistan is an emotionally uplifting story that depicts the absurdity of war through a young boy’s eyes. The films out of France are absolutely wonderful this year. We have the Cannes Film Festival hit France starring Lea Seydoux, who is presently in the new Bond film, No Time To Die. The film is a media satire centered on TV news. My Best Part is both a funny and moving comedy about a young man at his breaking point, directed by and starring Nicolas Maury. Josiane Balasko is a riot in Knock Knock It's Mom. Another film out of Cannes Film Festival, Robust, is a bittersweet, odd-couple dramedy about the development of an unlikely friendship between an aging actor and his young female temporary security guard, poignantly performed by G é rard Depardieu and D éborah Lukumuena. The Rose Maker, starring Catherine Frot is a delightful, heartwarming comedy, and The Speech, a smart, art-house comedy, will have audiences in stitches. Karen Viard gives a brilliant performance in the suspense-filled Tokyo Shaking, which is based on the true story about the biggest tsunami Japan has ever experienced. Many of these and other films will offer a pre or post film reception and audience Q&As with film talent.

10 WIREMAG.COM #10 2021



RC: What are the main events to attend this year? GVH: There are two bookend events. Friday, November 5th there are two showings of Eternals with an opening night sushi party in between at the Museum of Discovery & Science AutoNation IMAX. The other is our closing night Party on November 20th. Our executive board member, Steven Savor, hosts this over the top soiree at his magnificent Villa DePalma. Steven always has a few surprises for everyone at his parties. Both parties will have live entertainment… and I don't mean just live music. Prior to the fest, we are also a sponsor of the October 29, 1st annual Fort Lauderdale Concours atop t h e L a s O l a s Pa r k i n g G a r a g e o v e r l o o k i n g t h e IntraCoastal. RC: Which FLIFF films are a must see this year if a Wire Magazine reader can only watch three to five films? GVH: The films Tall Tales, The Speech, Petit Pays, Mica and Robust. RC: What makes FLIFF such a special event to attend for people who love cinema? GVH: FLIFF has so many different things going on simultaneously, from the absolutely wonderful and diverse selection of films, the fun parties and receptions, to the filmmakers and actors introducing their works at screenings. It’s a smorgasbord for the senses. I want everyone to come out and enjoy these great films, special guests and parties, but I want people to also be considerate for everyone’s well being. We are still dealing with the pandemic. I hope everyone is vaccinated, but I still want people to exercise caution, maintain your distance, wear a mask and treat your fellow festers with respect.

FLIX By Alyn Darnay

MASCARPONE AND ROBUST There are so many great films playing at the 36th annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) that it is hard to choose which to go to. You could spend two and a half weeks seeing them all. I selected two good films to review for you that you will only get one chance to see. Please check the schedule at fliff.com/fliff36 for times and theaters. I hope to see you at FLIFF!



If you like sweet films about love and finding yourself, break-ups and baking, then this film about relationships in Rome’s gay community is for you. The relationships are so marvelously thought through psychologically, and so beautifully expressed on screen, that you can’t help being sucked into the story.

The French really know how to find and load their films with tons of pathos, more so than any other country. So it surprises me that they call this film a dramedy.

Directed by: Alessandro Guida and Matteo Pilati Cast: Giancarlo Commare, Eduardo Valdarnini, Gianmarco Saurino and Michela Giraud

There’s something unique, beautiful, and visually stunning about the honesty of this film. Even the perfectly executed sex scenes make sense and you’ll relate to them because we’ve all been there or seen it happen. Here’s the storyline…

Directed by: Constance Meyer Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Déborah Lukumuena, Megan Northam and Lucas Mortier

Aging famous french actor Gérard Depardieu is playing, of all things, an aging famous French actor in this strangely odd film opus. Not much of a stretch, but very interesting, because you begin to think this is really the way he is in life. He’s not, but does he ever make you believe it! Along with him is the talented rising star Déborah Lukumuena whom you might remember from Divines. Together they make for one beautifully mismatched soulful duo and the catalyst for the total career meltdown of an aging famous French actor.

After 15 years of marriage, Antonio (Giancarlo Commare) finds his idyllic life suddenly and completely upended when he is dumped by his philandering husband Lorenzo (Carlo Calderone). For the first time in his life Antonio is alone. He needs to find a new place to stay, a job and a new purpose in life. Eventually, he finds a room in an apartment owned by Denis (Eduardo Valdarnini), a kind and flamboyant sex worker, and starts to work in a bakery owned by his friend Luca. Through experiences with these two world wise men, and the lovers he encounters, Antonio discovers that it was always wrong to give up his independence for the sake of any relationship.

Here’s the storyline…

My take… Mascarpone is a sweet treat for any audience. This film caught and held me with its content to the very end. Try to see it.

My take… Robust is a strange film, lifting you up one moment and pushing you down the next, but worth the viewing.

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5). Mascarpone is not yet rated, but is probably R for all the sexual content. Running Time: 1 hour & 41 minutes.

Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5). Robust is not yet rated. Running Time: 1 hour & 35 minutes.

George (Depardieu) is a famous actor in his declining years who just wants to drink and eat and be left to suffer his age alone. He has been forced by money problems to sign on to play a role in a period film. However, he has to learn lines he can’t remember, wear clothes he hates, learn how to fence, and he’s running away from it. Enter semi-pro female wrestler Aïssa (Lukumuena) who is forced by money needs to take the job of George’s security guard and personal assistant. He’s all bluster and she’s all pragmatic stone with a smile. It makes for some really fun moments.

Alyn Darnay is a film critic; feedback is encouraged at adarnay@wiremag.com. #10 2021 WIREMAG.COM 11


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URGE MIAMI THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL By Rafa Carvajal | Model Photos By David Vance. davidvanceprints.com

The URGE Miami Thanksgiving Festival debuts for the 2021 Thanksgiving weekend November 26-29 with three massive nighttime events and the beloved Beach Party on the beautiful sands of South Beach. Thousands of sexy gay men from across the United States will be coming to Miami to partake in the Festival produced by Luis Morera, Billy Kemp and Hilton Wolman for a spectacular four days featuring a list of the world’s most famous circuit DJs, including Isaac Escalante, Renato Cecin, Alex Lo, Joe Gauthreaux, Phil Romano, Susan Morabito, Suri, Las Bibas From Vizcaya, Kidd Madonny, Onyx and Jerac. Due to the challenges presented by COVID-19 measures around the world, the European-based Circuit Festival Miami event that typically took place in South Beach during Thanksgiving weekend was replaced with the URGE Miami Festival, which has a focus on domestic travelers, while welcoming visitors from all nations. “We are billing this year’s event as the ultimate holiday reunion for the American gay party community, emphasizing strength and unity,” explained Hilton Wolman. This Festival will include some of the great venues many past attendees are familiar with, and the Sunday Beach Party everyone loves. This year, the URGE Miami Festival Beach Party will take place on an expanded area offering an even wider footprint and a larger dancefloor. The Beach Party will also feature a stage rising 25 feet into the air and an elevated VIP area with excellent views of the stage and a full open bar. The URGE Miami Festival opening night party will take place Friday at M3 Studios and is going to be a collaboration with Mexico’s Arena Festival and We Party, where you can “expect the unexpected,” according to Luis Morera. The Saturday night event is Papa Sundown – a partnership with Eliad Cohen’s renowned Papa brand. The massive Sunday night Holy-Wood event will be at Story, known worldwide as South Beach’s premier nightclub. “Story is a huge space plus they haven’t had any gay parties there since we did URGE there in 2015,” explains Hilton Wolman. URGE Miami Festival closes with the legendary Monday marathon at Elks, starting at 5 a.m. and continuing late into the afternoon.

14 WIREMAG.COM #10 2021

If you have not done so already, visit urgemiamifestival.com to purchase your general admission & VIP tickets and passes to the 2021 URGE Miami Festival. The very popular 24-hour pass includes the Sunday Beach Party, Sunday night event and Monday morning Afterhours event. In addition, you can book your stay via the Festival’s website at host hotel the Kimpton Angler's, located on Washington Avenue, just off 5th Street. The hotel is offering to halve the normal resort fee for URGE Miami Festival guests. The URGE Miami Festival is supporting the local Miami economy in different ways. The producers are encouraging tourists to shop at several local businesses by offering discounts on all sorts of merchandise from stores, restaurants and gyms. Luis Morera is a longtime South Florida resident, so he emphasized that “we want to make sure that URGE Miami Festival is contributing directly to our beautiful city and that we are leaving a good and lasting impression.” A portion of the proceeds from URGE Miami Festival will also benefit Miami Beach Pride, which is a not-for-profit organization that works to unite members of the LGBTQ community by celebrating the unique spirit and culture of its people. Finally, URGE Miami Festival is scheduling a beach clean-up so that they leave the sands as clean as they were before the weekend parties. DJs Jerac and Susan Morabito gave us a preview of what to expect for URGE Miami Thanksgiving Festival for this special issue of Wire Magazine. Rafa Carvajal: What are you looking forward to the most about being part of this year's URGE Miami Thanksgiving Festival? DJ Jerac: What I want the most is to see my friends from the U.S. and all over the world reunited to enjoy this huge festival. I am very grateful to be part of this magnificent event and of the whole team. DJ Susan Morabito: I'm looking forward to so many aspects of the weekend that it's almost impossible to pick just one. This weekend has tradition and history; it's an opportunity to escape from the

#10 2021 WIREMAG.COM 15

cold and see some people I haven't spent time with since pre-pandemic, if not even longer. I'm also looking forward to attending some of the other events, hearing my peers, dancing, and, of course, playing 'The After.' It's the combination of all of them that makes this weekend exciting and something to look forward to. RC: Tell our readers about the URGE Miami Thanksgiving Festival event you will be deejaying at. DJJ: I want to tell everyone this Festival is going to be amazing, with an unbelievable lineup and, of course, the best production. DJSM: 'The After,' Monday morning after-hours from 5 a.m. until noon. RC: What should we expect from your sets for URGE Miami Thanksgiving Festival? DJJ: In this opportunity, I will make sure to bring the best version of my music, beats with Latin sounds and a lot of groove and vocals, the way all my followers love it. DJSM: 'The After' is the last event of the weekend and an after-hours event. Since it's after hours, the music will be darker, deeper, underground, and generally harder than the other events. I will read the room and push the envelope as much as possible, playing progressive house, tech house, and melodic techno. RC: What is your message for anyone who is considering attending this year's Festival? DJJ: Do not hesitate to experience this Festival. It’ll be fun to see you all having a great time on the dancefloor. DJSM: Be safe, be smart, be you, be happy. RC: Why is this Festival such a special event? DJJ: Because it is one of the most important holidays of the year for the American people, where everything should be celebration and being grateful for being alive; and what better than celebrating together at the Festival. DJSM: Because it has history and tradition, which is something I place a high premium on. It also has a beach party, which is rare and comes with particular magic.

16 WIREMAG.COM #10 2021



Photos Provided by URGE Miami Festival

RC: What else would you like to share with Wire Magazine's readers? DJJ: I want to invite everyone to come and join us in this amazing experience surrounded by great people. DJSM: Over the past three decades since this party has been happening, I’ve played at least 10, maybe 15 of them. It’s been at least five or six years since I’ve played one, and I’m super excited to be coming back and working with the URGE team and for all those in attendance! Thank you for your patience!

#10 2021 WIREMAG.COM 17


18 WIREMAG.COM #10 2021

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