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NOV 15

Increase Brain Activity & Function Did you ever wonder why certain scents trigger your memory? Research suggests that when we engage several of our senses into a learning activity, the brain absorbs this information rapidly. Integrating visual and sensory details will increase the effectiveness of learning for people of all ages. 1. Switch Your Routine According to the Franklin Institute Institute, a great reat way to improve brain activity is to switch up your everyday tasks in order to force your brain to compensate. For example, try using your non nondominant hand to write. Not only does this take more focus, it also strengthens your hand hand-eye coordination. You ou can do similar tasks using your non non-dominant hand including brushing your teeth, holding your computer mouse, and opening jars. These challenges help build new associations between different neural connections of the brain. The following exercises will help improve your memory and strengthen brain function. Try doing one or more of these activities daily. 2. Language, Word Games and Crossword Puzzles Put that word of the day calendar to good use. By stimulating the mind with new words, new languages, and word games, you may be able to protect against the development of the pathologies associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Language activities will challenge your ability to recognize, remember and understand words. They also exercise fluency, grammatical skills, ski and vocabulary. By practicing language and word games daily, you can expand your knowledge of new words and much more easily retrieve words that are familiar.

3. Exercise for Your Brain Moving the body demands a lot from the brain. Even light to moderate rate exercise activates countless neurons, which generate, receive and interpret repeated, rapid-fire fire messages from the nervous system. These neurons coordinate muscle contractions, vision, balance, organ function and all of the complex interactions of bod bodily systems. Physical exercise can keep your brain healthy with age and may prevent diseases such as dementia. As you age, your circulatory system slows which can cause cognitive deficits. Since exercise provides benefits to the circulatory system, it’s no surprise that it helps improve brain activity. 4. Music Music has long been theorized to boost your brainpower. Research has also shown that listening to music while exercising boosted cognitive levels and verbal fluency skills in people diagnosed with coronary oronary artery disease. Music can enhance cognitive functioning and mental focus. A research showed that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory. 5. Brain Aerobics One of the simplest methods to boost your brain function is to keep on learning new things. There’s that old saying, that you should learn something new each day. This doesn’t mean you need to break out school text books and tackle the geometry that gave you a tough time in high school. Learning new things can include traveling. learning about different places and cultures, learning to play an instrument, or taking on a new hobby like knitting or scrapbooking. Aerobics for the brain might consist of memorizing state capitals, or recalling movie stars whose name began with A. Force you brain to search for stored

information. This will improve recall time, and help keep your brain fit as you age. Mental exercises can boost your memory and can strengthen neural connections, as well as form new connections. Although taking up a new task or trying an unfamiliar mental exercise may seem daunting at first, repeated effort will pay off.. For best results, keep your exercises consistent and challenging, hallenging, just as you would with physical exercise.

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