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Miguel Milรก

M68 Hanging Lamp 1968 GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The M68 is a hanging lamp which consists of a large aluminium bell-shaped shade. The electric wire runs from the upper centre section and a tiny metal cylinder marks the transition between the shade and the fine steel wire which supports it. APPROXIMATE WEIGHT (unpacked): TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Light Source

1,6kg TCA-SE.11-20W/825 CEE: A. Alt. Mรกx. 114mm

Bulb Holder Power Supply

E27/E26 EUROPE AC 230V50 Hz USA/JAPAN AC 110/128V60 Hz

Light source not included. Luminaries only suitable for indoor use. Always use the light source recommended or equivalent. The luminaries comply with the following regulations: UNE-EN 60598 UNE-EN 55015 LAMPSHADES: Polished or smooth gloss red aliminium lampshade. CEILING ROSETTES: Circular chromed bronze or smooth gloss red ceiling rosette included. -




MAINTENANCE: Clean with a smooth cloth. Do not to use ammonia products, solvents, abrasives, etc. OTHERS: The luminary is delivered in one packet. The assembly instructions are delivered with the product.