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Load Banks on the Hillstone Cloud







Load Banks on the Hillstone Cloud

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July 30th, 2021: A Tesla BESS battery burst into flames and burned for three days. The incident occurred during testing at the site of thesouthern hemisphere’s largest battery project. The 13-metric-ton lithium battery caught fire at the renewable energy plant, called the Victorian Big Battery, near Geelong, about 50 miles from Melbourne, Australia. The blaze then spread to an adjacent battery bank which had to be extinguished. The 300MW battery project is overseen by French renewable energy giant Neoen and Australia managing director for Neoen, Louis de Sambucy, has said that the company’s own “physical inspections and investigations are now underway”. The Victorian Big Battery site, a 300 MW/450 MWh battery storage facility, is regarded as the ‘poster child’ of the Victoria government’s programme of achieving 50% renewable energy levels by 2030. Neoen and Tesla’s other site – a 100 MW/129 MWh battery farm in Hornsdale in South Australia - was completed ahead of schedule and PHYSICAL INSPECTIONS has resulted in multi-million dollar savings for market players and AND INVESTIGATIONS consumers. Both sites essentially provide a regional power backup ARE NOW UNDERWAY for when renewable energy is unavailable. In February 2021 Neoen LOUIS DE SAMBUCY - MANAGING DIRECTOR FOR NEOEN announced that the Victorian Big Battery would use Tesla’s megapacks — utility-sized batteries produced at the company’s Gigafactory — and Autobidder software to sell power to the grid. Victorian Big Battery has a contract with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). As part of the deal. The site will provide energy stability by unlocking an additional 250 MW of peak capacity on the existing Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector over the next 10 years. Lithium batteries are generally made to deliver high output with minimal weight. Battery components are designed to be lightweight, which translates into thin partitions between cells and a thin outer covering. The partitions or coating are fairly fragile, so they can be punctured. If the battery is damaged, a short occurs. This spark can ignite the highly reactive lithium. Another possibility is that a lithium battery can heat to the point of thermal runaway. The heat of the contents can exert pressure on the battery, potentially producing an explosion. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) may include hundreds of lithium-ion batteries within an enclosure (often a shipping container) which are used to capture excess energy generate by solar farms, wind farms, data centres and more. While most BESS units feature battery management systems, one cannot always protect against worst-case scenario.

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WIP summarises a new report - Generator Sets Market Size By Power Rating - comprises 960 pages covering 40 countries and 30 companies. The forecast period is from 2021 - 2030. According to Global Market Insights the global Generator Set Market has a worth exceeding US$31 billion in 2020 and annual installation is anticipated to surpass 4.5 million units by 2030. According to the GMI analysts the Asia Pacific generator sets market is set to exceed US$31 billion by 2030.

p. 14| POWER PLANTS IN THE BALANCE : TACKLING IRELAND’S ENERGY BALANCE National grid operator Eirgrid is currently in the process of seeking bids from electricity suppliers to build new power plants in the Republic to combat a potential shortage of energy. As Government, regulators and industry fear that growing demand will leave the Dublin area in particular vulnerable to power cuts, Paul Brickman explores the challenge.

p. 16-17 | GENSETS A NEW FORCE IN ITALY’S GENERATOR SET MARKET CEO Carlo Ucciero talks to WIP magazine and reveals details of his aims and ambitions for WIBA, Italy’s latest genset company which offers a pan-European - and even a global reach- for its high-quality generators. Based in Naples, WIBA GENERATORS has both a standard Industrial division and also a customised division. Its standard Industrial division covers a large range from 3 to 4000 kVA and the company assembles its generating sets with various prime Engines and Alternators to satisfy the requirements and specifications of all kinds of customers.

p. 18| GENSETS CUMMINS SOUTH PACIFIC PROVIDES 1100KVA GENSET FOR MELBOURNE HOSPITAL, AUSTRALIA Cummins South Pacific has sold a C1100D5 (1,100kva) genset to Melbourne Hospital as part of a comprehensive power supply upgrade. A company spokesman commented: “Another Cummins C1100D5 Generator has been successfully installed into a hospital in Melbourne, Australia...


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p. 20 | GENSETS CHP & THE GREENHOUSE COMPLEX IN SAYURI, RUSSIA The Sayuri agricultural complex is based in Yakutia in northeast Siberia. The region is faced with challenges such as temperatures fluctuating more than 100°C (180°F). To continually supply the Sayuri greenhouse complex with heat and power, the power plant for the energy generation was equipped with three power gensets. An MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine and two Cat G3516 gas engines ensure the reliable operation of the greenhouse under permafrost conditions.

p. 22 | GENERATORS HOSPITAL IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND INSTALLS THREE DIESEL GENERATORS Enrogen has designed, installed, and also commissioned three 600kVA diesel generators, and a switchboard & permanent loadbank unit at a hospital in northern England.

p. 24 | GENERATORS RUSSIAN FEDERATION COMPANY BUYS 3.5MW GENERATOR FROM FRERK Sakhalin Machinery has just invested in a 3.5MW diesel generator from FRERK of Germany. The FRERK team took to a week to unpack the components and then install the genset. FRERK offers customers a full service: engineering, manufacturing, pre-assembling, packing and marking, Full Test before shipment, help onsite with Supervision works and/or installation works for all equipment which is made in Germany.

p.26| GENSETS FOUR GENSETS FOR DATA CENTRE IN NORTHERN EUROPE Visa S.p.A of Italy has supplied a data centre client in northern Europe with four reliable gensets (700kW/800kW) to support its critical functions. Specified to meet all requirements and givingan output of 3.6 MVA power were 2 x STAMFORD® S6 and 2 x STAMFORD® P7 alternators, each with...







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TOTAL CONTROL FROM EVERY PERSPECTIVE Anyone who knows gensets, knows Mecc Alte. But did you know that – as well as world-class alternators – we can also provide the controllers you need? Whichever way you look at it, Mecc Alte gives you the choice of kit you require, backed up by all the support and unbiased advice you only get from the world’s leading independent alternator specialists. Take 360° control. Talk to Mecc Alte.

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DON’T MISS POWEREX LIVE AT THE PARK PLAZA HOTEL, LONDON - OCTOBER 6TH, 2021 Scheduled to be held on October 6th, 2021, at the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster, London, PowerEx Live is the premier event in the Critical/Standby power sector in the UK & Europe. A feature of this event involves Conference Speakers presenting a wide spectrum of papers to an audience made up of genset users, dealers, agents, purchasers and OEM representatives. Presentations feature high-quality Powerpoint material and full audio/video facilities. Papers/Presentations will cover several key fields: Gensets, CHP, District Heating/Renewables, Data Centre UPI and Energy Consultancy. The following are just some of the key speakers already lined up:

BANGLADESH BANK BUYS GENSETS FROM CPS LTD Constant Power Solutions Ltd of the UK has just shipped 16 x 30kva and 12 x 20kva gensets destined for a major bank in Bangladesh supplying power to all sites across the country. Daniel Arnett of Constant Power Solutions Ltd comments: “We have 16 of these 30kva gensets lined up and going to Asia. Just another day at CPS. But we like this project in particular, partly because everyone was bidding for it. Leadtime, engine origin and alternator origin were three of the major reasons why CPS Generators was rewarded with this prestigious order. The AP30S Perkins UK engine-driven diesel generator is a favorite amongst our clients. Offering a power rating of 30kva prime power, with a huge base fuel tank and residential silencer at standard. All gensets were designed and assembled in the UK by US, CPS. You can check out our AP30S on efa2FnuU.” According to CPS, the client opted for the standard alternator MeccAlte, because it guaranteed them a UK origin.



*TONY HANLEY - Active Fire Precautions from Firepro’s UK Director * ROMAIN MOCAER - consultant with PGS Consulting – Unique updates on the Diesel & Gas Market Outlook * BILL TORRANCE - International Generator Technical Forum * KEITH O’CONNOR - Fleetsolve - Turning rubbish into Energy * ANDREW DEAKIN, Engineering Director of PUNCH Flybrid * PROFESSOR MARK BARRETT - specialist in Energy and Environmental Systems Modelling: UK’s energy demands under various scenarios, CHP, heat pumps, hydrogen etc * MARK CROWTHER - Looking at Hydrogen as a future fuel * DAVID OLIVIER - Housing energy demand - best solution for heating hydrogen or heat pumps or CHP * RACHEL LEE - Looking at how storage is needed in different time scales and how both EVs and thermal storage can contribute * PROFESSOR WILLIAM BORDASS - What is a realistic heat demand to aim for across Britain’s legacy housing? * DAVE ANDREWS – CHP developments for the 21st Century * IAN WILCOXSON, Data Centre Channel Manager (EAME) for Kohler Power, will discuss recent regulatory and technological changes along with their impact on sizing and selecting standby generator sets, especially in the context of historic sizing norms. In addition to looking at modern sizing basics and load steps, plus how a properly integrated UPS can assist with these, Ian will also highlight what information and questions to have ready when approaching a potential supplier. In this session, you will learn what has changed and how to select better power protection for your business. * AIDAN TURNBULL - Editor of UK POWER NEWS (UKPN) & WORLDWIDE INDEPENDENT POWER (WIP) - moderator

BURCKHARDT TO DELIVER H2 DIAPHRAGM COMPRESSOR TO HUNGARY Burckhardt Compression will deliver a diaphragm compressor as part of project to build a long-term storage facility for hydrogen in an underground gas storage system. Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. won a tender from the Hungarian government to build a hydrogen plant near an underground gas storage facility it currently owns. The produced hydrogen will be mixed into natural gas and utilized for its own gas engines and furnaces, reducing CO2 emissions in the process. The project will require a diaphragm compressor to pump hydrogen into the underground storage facility, where it will be held at pressures above 100 bar to reduce storage volume. The diaphragm compressor system designed by Burckhardt is capable of compressing hydrogen from 30 to at least 250 bar, the company announced. Burckhardt will manufacture the diaphragm compressor at a facility in Shenyang, China before it will be shipped as a skidded compression unit to GanzAir Compressortechnics in Hungary. The compressor skid will include lube oil system, motor, gas cooler, instrumentation and control system and a closed cooling water loop with air cooler. Burckhardt’s MD10-L compressor system is specifically designed for hydrogen applications and capable of compressing hydrogen at a high pressure while ensuring high purity. GanzAir is a Hungarian manufacturer and system integrators in the field of compressor technology, with over 30 years of experience. GanzAir produces standard industrial and special units as well, for example gas compressors for upstream and CNG, brake compressors for locomotives and other vehicles, starter compressors for ship diesels and for emergency gensets.



ENEL SIGNS ENERGY AGREEMENT WORTH US$1.2 BILLION WITH ERG Enel subsidiary Enel Produzione has signed an agreement with ERG Power Generation to buy all ERG Hydro’s assets totalling 527 MW.The portfolio of plants owned by ERG Hydro will cost Enel US$1.2 billion - the package consists of 19 hydro plants, seven micro-hydro plants, seven large dams and four reservoirs located in Umbria, Lazio and Marche. The plants have an installed capacity of 527 MW and an average annual production of about 1.5 TWh. Furthermore, the scope of the transaction includes 114 staff members who are currently in charge of operating the plants. The transaction, expected to be completed at the beginning of 2022, is in line with Enel’s current strategic plan to increase renewable capacity in Italy. Following the completion of this transaction, the Enel Group will indeed reach approximately 13GW of installed hydro capacity in Italy, for a total renewable capacity, including geothermal, wind and photovoltaic, of around 14.5GW.


EMSA has supplied a prestigious hotel resort on the Dead Sea in Israel with a 1125 kVA diesel generator (4008-TAG2A model PERKINS engine HCI634J model STAMFORD alternator). The land around the Dead Sea form a spectacular desert, with sunny skies almost year-round. In the summer the temperature rises to 40°C and can sometimes reach 48°C. The winter is still relatively warm. The temperature scarcely drops beneath 10°c and the average in January is around 13°C. The humidity of the air hardly exceeds 40% and it drops in the summer to an average of 23%. The environment can be tough on equipment but the 8-cylinder Perkins 4008 range is said to give users considerable versatility in today’s power generation market. The range’s diesel ElectropaK engines/Electro Units deliver 849-1022 kVA and are supplied with or without radiator and air cleaner. This engine has proven reliability in prime and standby installations in all of the key sectors, such as manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and data centres. The 4008 engines are said to have exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact designs, making them simple to transport and install. The 4008 range engines provide 884-1250 kVA generator output. Equipment options include a tropical radiator, including water pipes, clips and hoses, fan, fan guards and bolts, twin heavy-duty air cleaners – paper element with pre-cleaner, changeover lubrication oil filter, changeover fuel oil filter, immersion heater with thermostat, air starters and an instrument panel. The 8 cylinder option in the 4000 Series, the 4008 range engines can be supplied with cooling systems for either tropical or temperate environments to meet a client’s needs, whatever their location. “Whether you are looking for a diesel for prime or standby generation, our 4008 range has something for you. The engines offer exceptional efficiency with compact designs giving the reliability and ease of maintenance you need,” comments James Gardiner, new product introduction manager.

IN BRIEF 80MWH STANDALONE BATTERY STORAGE SYSTEM ESTABLISHED IN CALIFORNIA GE Renewable Energy and Calpine have completed a joint 80-MWh standalone battery storage system in southern California. The Santa Ana Storage Project, which uses GE’s Reservoir energy storage technology, entered into commercial operations in July 2021. The 20-MW, 80-MWh capacity is supported by a 20-year Resource Adequacy Power Purchase Agreement. Calpine, which traditionally has been a natural gas power plant and geothermal developer, considers the Santa Ana project as a major step forward in its plans to grow the company’s energy storage footprint.

TWIN 550KVA BACKUP GENSET FOR ONE OF THE UK’S LEADING TEACHING AND RESEARCH HOSPITALS G&M TEX Generating Solutions has provided twin 550kVA diesel generator sets for installation into bespoke acoustic enclosures. After extensive testing and commissioning onsite, they will provide life-critical power back-up to one of the UK’s leading Teaching and Research Hospitals. G&M TEX gensets operate all around the world, providing customers with reliable AC power in diverse environments and numerous applications. As a world-renowned supplier of critical backup power systems, G&M TEX also supplies utility companies, data centres, major airports, government agencies, sports stadia and the healthcare industry.







3.9MW CHP FOR THE AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST BEEF PROCESSORS - KILCOY PASTORAL COMPANY Queensland, Australia: 2G is providing a 3.9MW CHP unit for one of Australia’s largest beef producers. Kilcoy Pastoral Company has become the recipient of a 4000kW multi-unit project with biological gas treatment (1x 1.5MW CHP Avus 1500b Biogas unit and 2x 1.2MW CHP Avus 1000b Biogas units). Evo ET’s cogeneration solution will utilise the site’s waste product by converting it to clean and renewable energy. It is reported that this move will save the company millions of dollars in operational costs in the long term whilst also reducing its impact on the environment. The Kilcoy Pastoral Company is one of Australia’s largest beef processors and has been recognised for its high quality beef products both nationally and internationally. The company has committed to sustainable operation to reduce its environmental impact and says it is ‘continually seeking to implement new technology’ to allow it to reach these goals.

2H ENERGY has supplied a 2,500 kVA diesel generator with an MTU engine and an Leroy Somer alternator to a client company working in France’s pharmaceutical sector. The 2500kVA genset features an mtu solutions engine and MAGE DSP2 + automation systems. The mtu engine offers low fuel consumption, optimised system integration ability, high reliability, high availability of power and long maintenance intervals, reports the company.

LANGLEY HOLDINGS PLC TO BUY BERGEN ENGINES FROM ROLLS-ROYCE FOR €63 MILLION Rolls-Royce has agreed to sell its Bergen Engines medium speed liquid fuel and gas engines business for €63m to UK-based Langley Holdings. Langley is funding the deal, together with working capital requirements for the Bergen business going forward, from existing cash reserves. The deal includes the Bergen Engines factory, service workshop and foundry in Norway, the company’s engine and power plant design capability - plus a global service network spanning seven countries. Bergen Engines employs more than 900 people worldwide including 650 in the main factory in Hordvikneset. In 2020, the business generated revenues of approximately €200m. Jon Erik Røv, Managing Director, Bergen Engines, told WIP: “This deal marks the beginning of a new era for Bergen Engines. Through the investments made by Rolls-Royce in our business, together with our dedicated and skilled workforce, and worldwide reputation for quality, I’m confident that Bergen Engines will prosper with Langley Holdings as our new owners.”



ORKNEY TIDAL-GENERATED ENERGY ENTERS THE GRID FOR THE FIRST TIME Orbital Marine Power’s O2, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, has begun commercial power generation at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney after its connection to the National Grid. The turbine is anchored in the Fall of Warness where a subsea cable connects the 2MW offshore unit to the local onshore electricity network. Manufactured and launched in Dundee earlier in the year before being towed up to Orkney, the O2 is Orbital’s first commercial turbine and reflects more than 15 years of product development in the UK. The 74m long tidal turbine has an operational life of 15 years off Orkney. It will also provide power to EMEC’s onshore electrolyser to generate green hydrogen which will be used to demonstrate decarbonisation of wider energy requirements. The construction of the O2 turbine was enabled by public lenders through the ethical investment platform, Abundance Investment, as well as being supported by

the Scottish government via the Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund and funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the FloTEC project, and the European Regional Development Fund. Orbital is now setting its sights on commercialising its technology through the deployment of multi-MW arrays.





A new report - Generator Sets Market Size By Power Rating (<50 kVA, 50-125 kVA, 125-200 kVA, 200-330 kVA, 330-750 kVA, >750 kVA), By Fuel (Diesel, Gas, Hybrid) has been published in 2021. (www. This comprises 960 pages covering 40 countries and 30 companies. Forecast period is from 2021 - 2030. According to market analysts, Global Market Insights, the global Generator Set Market has a worth exceeding US$31 billion in 2020 and annual installation is anticipated to surpass 4.5 million units by 2030. A genset, also known as a power generator is defined as an electrical equipment comprising of a generator, an engine, and other ancillaries, which produces electrical power. These units are primarily deployed to supply emergency power during a grid failure or to provide power in sites with limited grid access. An increasing number of weather-related disasters leading to unpredictable extended electrical outages will further boost the product adoption. The increased stringency of environmental compliances and a focus on cost reduction, energy efficiency, and utilisation of clean-



THE COMMERCIAL GENERATOR SETS MARKET EXCEEDED USD 9 BILLION IN 2020. UPGRADATIONS IN IT SECTOR ACCOMPANIED BY EXPONENTIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE DATA CENTERS WILL COMPLEMENT THE BUSINESS GROWTH. er sources are amongst the most instrumental trends stimulating generator sets industry outlook. Growing significance of reliable emergency power supply along with increasing susceptibility of grid infrastructure to external damage will further shape the industry potential. Increasing reliance on electronics & electrical equipment to sustain day-to-day operations across a multitude of end users will accelerate the product deployment. Moreover, surging customer demand for zero downtime and consistent electricity supply will continue to entail the deployment of these systems. The market involving 125-200 kVA rated generator sets is estimated to reach a value of over US$ 11 billion by 2030. Widescale product adoption across commercial sector including complexes, telecom

towers, hotels, and educational institutions is set to propel the market share. Ongoing expansion of mobile towers to cater to the requirements of a compounding subscriber base will further fuel the market size. In addition, the proliferation of large industries, and retail stores has significantly corresponded to an increased demand for a consistent power supply, thereby enhancing the industry landscape. Infrastructure development and surging demand from healthcare sector will boost the 200-330 kVA generator sets industry statistics. Rising demand from data centres on account of increased data usage following the work from home regime across several sectors will positively impact the business landscape. The diesel generator sets industry is anticipated to grow at a rate of over 6% through 2030. These units are deployed as a prominent solution for standby or mobile power on account of their scalable, flexible, and weather-independent operation. Furthermore, increasing applicability across mining, oil & gas, telecom, construction sector will positively influence the market trends. An upsurge in the continuing industrial revolution has led to a substantial rise in demand for consistent power to ensure smooth operation of various industries. Thus, the constant amplifying requirement to ramp up generation capacities in order to cater to the increasing demands across these industries has sustained the use of these systems. The commercial generator sets market exceeded USD 9 billion in 2020. Upgradations in IT sector accompanied by exponential development of the data centers will complement the business growth. Surging focus toward digitalization along with increased end-user awareness toward rising power outages will improve the industry outlook. These units integrates key features including high durability, capacity & low volatility rate which makes them the prime choice for diversified mining operations. Increasing demand for constant power supply across automotive and pharmaceuticals manufacturing industries are some of the underlying parameters supporting the industry statistics. These industries have resorted to automatic gensets to provide standby power supply in events of electrical failures thus avoiding huge financial, reputational and product losses.

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With our MWM container solutions, you have everything under one roof – precisely aligned with your needs. Benefit from our assistance in planning, configuring and installing comprehensive plant concepts. Thanks to digital possibilities such as a highly developed, secure data analysis, these steps can be tailored to maximize your profit. Welcome to the future – with MWM Digital Power.





ational grid operator Eirgrid is currently in the process of seeking bids from electricity suppliers to build new power plants in the Republic to combat a potential shortage of energy. As Government, regulators and industry fear that growing demand will leave the Dublin area in particular vulnerable to power cuts, Paul Brickman from Crestchic Loadbanks explores the Irish energy challenge.

A changing energy mix Following the UN’s outlined environmental targets for all countries, Ireland has committed to achieving ‘net zero’ emissions in its economy by 2050. In fact, the government has pledged to source at least 70% of Ireland’s electricity supply from renewables by 2030. As part of this transition, some carbon-intensive power plants are being wound down and decommissioned. This change in the energy mix, combined with increased demand across the state, means that the electricity network will need new power stations in late 2024 and early 2025 to guarantee supplies in the longer term. Gas-fired flexible power generation is likely to play a role in delivering supplies during the switch to low carbon sources, with investment currently underway to improve Ireland’s gas supply pipelines. Billions are also being pledged to build wind farms off the coast that will ultimately supply thousands of megawatts of electricity to the national grid. However, with these projects unlikely to be in operation for some years yet, demand for power is continuing to grow. Growth in demand Changes in the way we live and work mean an increased reliance on power. With homes and businesses embracing both smart living and electrification, and a transition to electric vehicles and heat sources now underway, demand for power is continuing to grow. On top of this evolution in the way we consume power, a recent report from Eirgrid shows that data centres and other large energy users will consume 27 per cent of all electricity generated in the Republic by 2030. An unsurprising statistic, given that Ireland is known as Europe’s data centre capital, with Google, Amazon and Microsoft all present in the area. The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) has expressed concerns about the disproportionate impact that the prevalence of data centres is having on power consumption in Ireland, stating: “When the system cannot meet the demand required, the system operators are required to take measures which can include load shedding whereby customers could



be without power for some time. The CRU therefore considers it necessary and proportionate to issue directions which promote and maintain the continuity, security and quality of supplies of electricity.” Securing the power: Next steps The race to address the deficit between demand and supply is on, with successful bidders likely to be notified in February or March, from when they will have until the last quarter of 2024 or early 2025 to build their plants and connect them to the electricity grid. According to a recent article in The Irish Post, industry sources warn that this is a tight deadline, particularly if any proposals meet planning or other objections. A similar auction held in January of this year attracted bids from power plants with the capacity to generate 6,138 megawatts of electricity. When existing operators were taken into account, only 25% of the power was new. With peak electricity demand in winter hitting around 5,500 megawatts an agreement to connect data centres with a requirement of 1,800 megawatts and applications in the pipeline for a further, 2,000 megawatts, there is still a shortfall. Meeting fluctuating demand In data centres in particular, as well as in other critical operations, diesel generators are a common solution to provide backup power if the standard electricity supply is interrupted. When power supplies falter, businesses that rely on power to operate can avoid costly and inconvenient downtime by investing in a backup supply. Diesel gensets are known for being robust and reliable, often sitting in a backroom - akin to an insurance policy in a drawer - waiting to be called upon should the worst happen. Therein lies the issue. While generators do indeed supply power in the event of an outage, they do need looking after. Just like a car engine, lubrication, cooling systems, fuel system and electrics all need to be tested to ensure faultless operation. Wherever a generator is installed, there is also a need for a load bank. These little-known bits of kit play a critical role in any power resilience strategy. Used to test the generator, a load bank creates an electrical load

that imitates the load that a generator would use under normal operational conditions. By applying the load to the generator, users can test the system in its entirely, ramping it up on full power to ensure that it will work in the event of a power outage. Conversely, not testing the system adequately puts the generator is put at risk of failure. With the fuel, exhaust and cooling system untested, along with the potential for embedded moisture, the system enters the very high-risk category, negating the very reason for which it was purchased. Mitigating the risk of power failures To mitigate this risk, all generators should be tested at least annually for real-world emergency conditions using a resistive-reactive 0.8pf load bank. This type of load bank provides a picture of how well an entire system will withstand changes in load pattern while experiencing the level of power that would typically be encountered under real operational conditions. Generally a stopgap measure, generators are typically installed to run as standalone alternatives to the grid to provide an alternative power source during power outages. As well as ensuring constant power in businesses and organisations operating in areas with fluctuating supplies, generators can also be used for grid balancing. With the grid requiring a constant frequency to operate, generators can be used to increase or decrease generation, correct frequency deviations and balance supply to demand - making them vital during periods of energy transition like those underway in Ireland. All around the world, the goal of a low carbon future and investment in renewables is paving the way for a cleaner, greener way of generating electricity. In Ireland, the evolving power mix is running concurrently with overinvestment in the data centre market, resulting in a need to expand capacity fast, While change is most definitely afoot, one thing is clear, the need to have access to reliable back-up is vital to ensuring continuity of supply in the years to come. For further information visit



In New York City, dozens of Jenbacher gas engines provide more than 50MW of cleaner power to offices, manufacturing, living and retail spaces. With well over 1,000 Jenbacher engines in North America, we are a vital part of the energy transition in the US and Canada. Our local employees support customers in over 50 industries producing greener energy.







ere, CEO Carlo Ucciero talks to WIP magazine and reveals details of his aims and ambitions for WIBA, Italy’s latest genset company which offers a pan-European - and even a global reach- for its high-quality generators. Carlo: WIBA GENERATORS has both a standard Industrial division and also a customised division. Our standard Industrial division covers a large range from 3 to 4000 kVA and we assemble our generating sets with various different prime Engines and Alternators in order to try our best to satisfy all kind of customer needs. WIBA’s unique selling point is very simple: we are more interested in creating long term relationships with our partners rather than just cashing in on generating sets. What does this mean? It means that not only do WIBA partners become a part of the WIBA family, not only do WIBA partners get the constant support they need to succeed in their markets : WIBA and the partner will face the local market together, hence this means we share the good , but also the bad, and it means once WIBA enters a specific market, it is long term. Q: WIBA Engines: Perkins, FPT, Baudouin, MTU, MAN, Doosan, Kubota, Yanmar – which brands are of particular interest to a User, Buyer, Specifier, Agent or Dealer? And what about alternator brands such as Mecc Alte, Marelli, STAMFORD, Linz. What particular models do you prefer working with? A: Carlo Ucciero explains: We work with all these brands mentioned because every specific engine or alternator brand is the best in its range. Our customer network is so ‘diversified’ that we could not just use one specific engine or alternator brand, and this is also because to cover a range from 3 to 4000 we have to use more than one kind as not all engine/alternator brands cover the complete kVA range required. Our control systems are Italian.



Q: What kinds of canopy protection/ containers can you supply with your gensets. Are these easily transportable? A: Carlo: We have different lines of production but all our canopies are designed and produced according to three main factors: 1. Noise level (never higher than 68dBA); 2. Quality and durability (even our basic products are suitable for intense climatic conditions); 3. Dimensions (the smaller the better in order to improve loading, transport solutions). Our generating sets inside their canopies are easy to transport thanks to their lifting hooks, their forklift space, and of course thanks to the heavy duty base frame and general structure of WIBA Generating Sets. Q: How do you customise your gensets for extreme climates? (Desert, maritime, alpine etc.) A: Carlo: Generator technical specifications are carefully studied along

with the client in order to clarify all working conditions before we quote. Before we quote for ‘customised’ solutions, we carry out a site visit along with the client (if possible) in order to allow our staff to be able to identify any possible hidden issues that could pop up. Q: What engine emissions systems can you offer customers looking to buy gensets from you? A: Carlo: We work side by side with our suppliers and our product range is constantly updated based on the engine OEM’s novelties to the industry. This again is another reason why we use more than just one engine brand, some brands are more in front than others, some are slower but stronger in long term, so as you can imagine, our relations with all brands allows us to offer any emission system the customer wants. Of course, Stage V is what we tend to suggest to customers.



Q: What standards do you meet? A: Carlo: Our genset products and factory standards meet CE standards and ISO. Q: Do you offer hybrid systems diesel/solar and - or engines which run on biodiesel or LNG/Biogas? A: Carlo: Not just yet but shortly we will be dedicating a team to this specific division.

Q: WIBA is an official sponsor of BLUES HIGHWAY – music organisation in Italy supporting the “Blues” globally? Can you tell us a bit about that? A: Carlo: We all have a bit of the blues in us in some way; the blues is a way of communicating to others in a smooth and musical way. The blues tells a story, and in the old days these stories were generally sad ones. Stories of sufferance and again - ‘Persistency’ - to survive and continue looking forward in life. It’s all about Persistence. We chose to sponsor this industry first of all because we love music and secondly to be slightly different to the others who generally sponsor the sporting industry. Of course, all of the festivals which BLUESHIGHWAY. IT organizes are powered by WIBA GENERATORS.

Q: Who supplies the components you put into your engines? A: Carlo: All components are originals and come from the engine OEM.

Q: Passion & persistency are the keys to success – why have you chosen this for your business slogan? What does it mean to you personally? A: Carlo: These words have a specific meaning. I was once told that I could never be more than a simple salesman. In my years I have seen so many businesses run badly and at a certain point of my life I decided to stop everything and take a different direction. Changing direction is not easy when you are already on the fast lane so you can imagine that the change of direction created a lot of discomfort for many. With Passion and with extreme Persistency and thanks to my partners who are close to me personally I am now here speaking with you about WIBA! So, my advice to anyone is : Nothing is impossible… Only real ‘Passion & Persistency’ will get the job done..

Q: What does WIBA has to offer that many other companies do not have? A: Carlo: It is very simple - other than the obvious answer anyone would give - we are great we are beautiful etc. etc., what we offer to the market is the opportunity to become a part of the industry and not be just a customer of the industry. Our Partnership formula is unique and not selfish. We invite anyone who is interested to contact us for further details. Just for quick info we are currently opening in Mali, Bangladesh, UAE, Ethiopia - and there is much more happening in the near future. Q: How is company expansion progressing? A: Carlo: We are expanding our network to all countries and invite any interested candidates & companies to please get in contact with me personally about it. Note: I always look after our customers personally and then, gradually, they are looked after by our team, but I will always be here in front line (as always) for my clients/ partners. I don’t forget my routes. We have our Rental fleet and Marine Division which will be “coming soon” too.

Q: Do WIBA gensets have a particular appeal to markets like data centres, banks, hospitals, airports, Telecoms, buildings sites, military, entertainment sector, NGO charity/relief work, local authorities, grid support, shipyards, marine, port authorities, governments? A: Carlo: Although WIBA is still a new entry to the Generating Set industry, thanks to our years of experience in this sector and thanks to our sales and technical team we are already supplying WIBA Generating Sets into Mali through our local partner who has WIBA Generators in stock in country (3 x 100 kVA, 2 x 60 kVA 2 x 30 kVA), in East Africa. Through our our WIBA Sales and Service point in Ethiopia we have supplied to three large engineering companies who are completing a number of complexes which require our 500 kVA gensets. Q: Would you like to explain to readers something of your background with generators? A; Carlo: Many WIP readers will probably remember me. I have been in this business for more than 20 years now and have visited most countries, companies already as Export Sales Manager for a major Generating Set producer. These 20 years taught me to love this industry and to love the international network which I created over the years.

to the North of Italy (and also further south of course), 7 km from the airport and 5 km from the central railway station. Our location was thought of - it didn’t just happen. By being so close to the sea port it means our Ex works prices are basically already FOB prices (Freight on Board)! ALL WIBA GENERATING SETS produced in our facilities in Napoli are truly “100% made in Italy”.

Q: Why have you chosen to be based in NAPLES? A: Carlo: Although I was born in the UK, we used to come to Napoli twice a year because my father is originally from Napoli. As a globally free person I could have started my activities absolutely anywhere in the world: Dubai, London, Singapore, Netherlands - anywhere. However, I decided that I want to do this right here in Napoli. My first reason is because I want to support our local youngsters some way by offering more job opportunities, and to help them grow into this wonderful Generating Set world. Secondly, because Napoli is the most strategic place to have a production facility. In fact, our facilities are literally 2 km from Napoli’s commercial seaport, literally 2 km from the motorway entrance that takes you all the way







ummins South Pacific has sold a C1100D5 (1,100kva) genset to the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) as part of a comprehensive power supply upgrade. A company spokesman commented: “Another Cummins C1100D5 Generator has been successfully installed into a hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Cummins was chosen for this project due to our local team’s track record of success in delivering similar projects from design, installation and aftersales support. The scope of this project included supply & site mechanical installation of a C1100D5 into a locally-built acoustic enclosure rated 85dBA @ 1 metre-free field, free-standing fire-rated 6,750-litre fuel tank, site testing/commissioning & DLP maintenance plan.” Today, the RMH is one of the largest health providers in the state, providing a comprehensive range of specialist medical, surgical, and mental health services; as well as rehabilitation, aged care, outpatient and community programs. RMH’S care extends from the City through Royal Park and 32 mental health services across the north-western suburbs of Melbourne. We are a designated state-wide provider for services including trauma, and it leads centres of excellence for tertiary services in several key specialties including neurosciences, nephrology, oncology, cardiology and virtual health. There were 78,630 people provided with urgent care in the RMH emergency department in 2019/20 and 103,470 inpatient admissions across its acute and sub-acute services in 2019/20 The Cummins C1100D5 is an industrial diesel generator which has been designed to deliver power to this vitally important RMH site. Whether you require continuous duty, stationary standby or prime power, this generator set offers the versatility and reliability customers have come to expect from Cummins - a company which brings commitment to performance as well as one hundred years of engineering excellence, says the manufacturer. All Cummins generators can be used both industrially and commercially. These clean, modern generators with optional exhaust aftertreatment are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications. Cummins provides efficient, fully-integrated systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances.



This 1000 kVA (Prime) / 1110 kVA (Standby) C1100D5 is a three-phase generator with a QST30G4 engine and HCI6K alternator. Producing 1602.0 amps per phase and a 380-440v output, this Open, Auto start generator offers Cummins’ tried and tested reliability everytime, says the manufacturer. A company spokesman commented: “This Cummins C1100 D5B canopied generator is a fully integrated power system providing optimum performance, reliability and versatility for stationary standby or prime power and continuous duty applications. It features a Cummins heavy-duty engine (rugged 4-cycle industrial diesel) delivering reliable power with low emissions and fast response to load changes.” The C1100D5 has a STAMFORD HCI6K alternator. This incorporates as sophisticated Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) in the Stamford Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) system and is fitted as standard. The PMG provides power via the AVR to the main exciter, giving a source of constant excitation power

independent of generator output. The main exciter output is then fed to the main rotor, through a full wave bridge, protected by a surge suppressor. The AVR has in-built protection against sustained over-excitation, caused by internal or external faults. This de-excites the machine after a minimum of 5 seconds. Over voltage protection is built-in and short circuit current level adjustments is an optional facility. All generator stators are wound to 2/3 pitch. This eliminates triplen (3rd, 9th, 15th) harmonics on the voltage waveform and is found to be the optimum design for trouble-free supply of non-linear loads. The 2/3 pitch design avoids excessive neutral currents sometimes seen with higher winding pitches, when in parallel with the mains. A fully-connected damper winding reduces oscillations during paralleling. This winding, with the 2/3 pitch and carefully selected pole and tooth designs, ensures very low waveform distortion.

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Keeping your world clean, quiet, and safe. Dürr Universal is a global leader in the design and manufacture of inlet and exhaust systems for gas turbines and reciprocating engines in the OEM and retrofit markets. Dürr Limited United Kingdom

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WM technology is providing 24/7 heat and power for the Sayuri Permafrost Greenhouse Complex located in the coldest inhabited place on Earth. The Sayuri agricultural complex is based in Yakutia in northeast Siberia. The region is faced with challenges such as temperatures fluctuating more than 100°C (180°F). Yakutsk is located on permafrost ground that does not allow the cultivation of fruits and vegetables so how can you make this possible? The solution is to construct a large greenhouse which offers crops heat and light for optimum growth and that prevents temperature extremes. To continually supply the Sayuri greenhouse complex with heat and power, the power plant for the energy generation was equipped with three power gensets. An MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine and two Cat G3516 gas engines now ensure the reliable operation of the greenhouse under permafrost conditions. Autonomous Energy Supply for Hassle-Free, Uninterrupted Operation The greenhouse complex was built for the year-round supply of the inhabitants of Yakutsk with affordable, high-quality fruits and vegetables. The project was developed and rolled out in several stages by the regional administration of Yakutsk and JSB Almazergienbank with the support of the government of the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia, and the Japanese investor Hokkaido Corporation. In the first phase, a pilot greenhouse with an area of 1,000 m² was commissioned in December 2016. By 2020, the greenhouse area was expanded to 3.2 ha. In 2021, the Sayuri greenhouse is to produce some 1,250 t of cucumbers and about 230 t of tomatoes. By the time the building work is completed in 2022, the production output is to be boosted by another 40%. The greenhouse is supplied with energy from the on-site power plant. In this way, it is possible to react speedily to production or climate changes. The independence from external energy suppliers allows the quick and flexible adaptation of the heat and power supply of the greenhouse complex in response to production or climate changes. The main production system is based on gas-fueled power gensets. On the premises, three gas gensets—an MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine with an electrical output of 2 MW and two Cat gensets with an electrical output of 1 MW each— produce heat and power for the greenhouse facilities. The latest extension, with the installation of the 2MW genset, was carried out by the MWM distributor -



Electrosystems Ltd. To make the containerized power plant resilient to fluctuating temperatures, Electrosystems Ltd. implemented a number of special modifications, e.g. additional heating systems in external water circuits and container wall insulation. MWM TCG 2020 V20 Gas Engine in CHP Operation: “Outstanding Reliability” During the first winter operation, the MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine took on the main load and delivered energy without any interruptions despite extreme temperatures of 60°C (76°F) below zero. The energy generated via combined heat and power (CHP) generation greatly benefits the TCO of the greenhouse complex: While the energy costs with power purchased from the public grid amounted to ₽ 4.86/kWh, the operation of the internal CHP plant with natural gas has brought down the costs to ₽ 2.50/kWh. Following the go-live in August 2020,

the MWM gas genset completed its first 1,500 operating hours in March 2021. In view of the positive experiences with the MWM gas engine, the Sayuri management plans on purchasing another MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engine in order to supply the last building section of the premises with sufficient power. “We are impressed by the outstanding reliability of the MWM gas engine, which never failed during the entire winter season”, says Valery Garipov, representative of Sayuri. “Thanks to the TCG 2020 V20 gas engine, the profitability of the plant has also improved compared to when we used to purchase electricity.” The MWM TCG 2020 gas engines have been custom-tailored to the challenges of different applications. The MWM gas engines in the output range from 1,000 to 2,000 kWel ensure efficiency, reliability, flexibility, environmental compatibility, low TCO, and high profitability.

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Meet Stage V emissions standards • Cost effectively upgrade your existing power generators • Future-proof your assets, extend genset life • Eminox fit onsite, minimising downtime • Systems available for gensets up to 7MW

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oEnrogen has designed, installed, and also commissioned three 600kVA diesel generators, and a switchboard & permanent loadbank unit at a hospital in northern England. The Enrogen generator sets were built with MTU 12V1600G20F engines (400 – 230 V/662 kVA/50 Hz/prime power/ series 1600 – 12V1600) coupled to Leroy Somer LSA49.3S4 alternators with acoustic attenuation rated at 70dBA @ 1mtr. Also provided were ComAp controls for set-to-set synchronising with n+1 configuration. The Nidec Leroy-Somer LSA 49.3 alternator has been designed to offer you the best power generation performances, says the manufacturer. With its meticulous design and optimised architecture, the LSA 49.3 is said to ‘strike the perfect balance between compactness, reliability, performance and longevity’. Whatever your application, the LSA 49.3 will meet your needs and will adapt to all situations, says the company. The Nidec Leroy-Somer LSA 49.3 alternator meets all key international standards and regulations, including IEC 60034, NEMA MG 1.32-33, ISO 8528-3, CSA C22.2 n°100-14 and UL 1446 (UL 1004 on request). Also compliant with IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-3, IEC 61000-6-4, VDE 0875G, VDE 0875N and EN 55011, group 1 class A for European zone. The Nidec Leroy-Somer LSA 49.3 alternator can be integrated in EC marked generator set, and bears EC, EAC and CMIM markings. It is designed, manufactured and marketed in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assurance environment.

Special features The Enrogen-built switchboard was designed to fit within the plant room with the generators. A temporary switchboard was used during the cable migration so the hospital could continue operations whilst keeping shut-downs to a minimum; this was achieved out of normal working hours. The fuel system was designed and arranged for 72-hr running with a recirculating system from the Enrogen-built underbase 10hr-day tanks back to the bulk tank for fuel polishing. An ASCO (Froment) Permanent Loadbank was supplied

so the generators can be tested individually or synchronised together. ASCO loadbanks use market-leading SIGMA Control to provide features and benefits for any load bank application. Formed in 2005, Enrogen specialises in the manufacture of diesel generators for the world market. The company offers a comprehensive range of generator services for end users, OEMs, dealers, and distributors both nationally and internationally.

The MTU 12V1600G20F engine The engine offers an industry-leading average load factor and low fuel consumption. Emissions optimisations are available and the equipment provides high availability and reliability, outstanding load acceptance and long maintenance intervals. The engine-generator set is designed and manufactured in facilities certified to standards ISO 2008:9001. The Generator set complies with ISO 8528 and fullfills performance level G3. The generator meets BS5000; NEMA MG 1; ISO; DIN EN and IEC standards and comes with a 4P circuit breaker, island operation control panel, integrated fuel tank, industrial silencer (15 dB(A)) and batteries & battery charger.



TRUSTED KNOWLEDGE. TAILORED SOLUTIONS. If you have concerns about fuel quality, speak to an experienced IPU fuel expert about our industry-leading fuel and environmental managed services. We can offer everything you need to keep your fuel in peak condition from environmental compliance through OFTEC surveys to subsequent remedial recommendations, installation of polishing systems and scheduled maintenance routines. And, as a leading OEM in fuel systems, we are in a unique position to design and manufacture the solution most tailored to your needs.

With decades of experience in the global Oil and Gas sector, operating in some of the world’s most demanding ATEX environments, we fully understand the hazards and challenges you may face – which is why you can rely on our pro-active and undiluted support at all times.

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akhalin Machinery has just invested in a 3.5MW diesel generator manufactured by FRERK of Germany. The FRERK team took to a week to unpack the components and then install the genset on the island of Sakhalin. Sakhalin is the largest island in Russian territory. It is the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago, and is administered as part of the Sakhalin Oblast Sakhalin. The island is 948 km (589 mi) long, and 25 to 170 km (16 to 106 mi) wide, with an area of 72,492 km2 (27,989 sq mi). It lies at similar latitudes to England, Wales and Ireland.. Sakhalin is situated in the Pacific Ocean, sandwiched between the Sea of Okhotsk to the east and the Sea of Japan to the west. Sakhalin is located just off Khabarovsk Krai, and is north of Hokkaido in Japan. The island has a population of roughly 500,000, the majority of which are Russians. Maintaining grid power is a problem in such a remote area which is why industry must rely on fixed and portable generators for electricity. FRERK says it offers all customers a full service: engineering, manufacturing, pre-assembling, packing and marking, Full Test before shipment, help onsite with Supervision works and installation works for all its equipment - which is made entirely in Germany. The new genset on Sakhalin will provide prime power for the oil & gas sector. Sakhalin Machinery is based on Sakhalin Island, with proven success in oil and gas, construction, fishing, forestry, etc. its client base includes EXXONMOBIL, SHELL, BP, ROSENEFT, SFERA and others. There are two major projects currently underway at this location. The Sakhalin I project, managed by Exxon Neftegas Limited (ENL), involves a production-sharing agreement (PSA) between the Sakhalin I consortium, the Russian Federation, and the Sakhalin government. Russia is in the process of building a 220 km (140 mi) pipeline across the Tatar Strait from Sakhalin Island to De-Kastri terminal on the Russian mainland. From De-Kastri, oil & gas products will be loaded onto tankers for transport to East Asian markets, namely Japan, South Korea and China. A second consortium, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd (Sakhalin Energy), is managing the Sakhalin II project. It has completed a similar production-sharing agreement (PSA) with the Russian Federation. Sakhalin Energy is building two 800-km pipelines running from the northeast of the island to Prigorodnoye (Prigorodnoe) in Aniva Bay at the southern end. The consortium will also build, at Prigorodnoye, the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant to be built in Russia. The oil and gas are also bound for East Asian markets. With over 50 years of industry experience, Frerk Aggregatebau Germany has developed a leading reputation in the manufacture of electric power supply systems across a broad range of applications as founded during 1964 and has operated at its current location in Schweringen, Northern Germany since 1978. During this time the business has accumulated a great wealth of experience, which enables Frerk to offer modular power supply solutions, from initial concept through to handover. Furthermore the company provides service and technical support for the entire life of the delivered system if required. Since moving into its Schweringen headquarters the company has experienced a significant step-up in its capacity, beginning with the construction of a new production facility in addition to its existing four and a further four state-of-the-art test bays.



This was completed in 2001 and followed by an additional production bay during 2005 to expand the plant’s total production area to 11,000 square metres. Further expansion to 25,000 metres followed during 2008 and most recently in 2011, Frerk installed a new 1500 square metre storage building and additional office space. Finally, a 2100 square metre production bay for the reconditioning of generator sets was also erected. The company’s current product line extends to generator sets with an output of up to six MW per unit in both low and medium-voltage ranges. The applications for these vary from black-start engine generator sets to emergency power solutions and combined heat and power (CHP) packages. Frerk power generating systems are available in natural and biogas, diesel, heavy fuel and crude oil as well as dual fuel configurations, enabling the client to select the most appropriate design for the most economic fuel utilisation. Through the development of bespoke power generating systems, Frerk has established itself as a market leader in innovative design solutions. Furthermore in light of decreasing resources accompanied by the increasing price of fuels, Frerk is able to supply alternative fuels and power generating systems to provide clients with an economic power generation solution. Within this application the company

is able to provide systems including natural gas powered engines connected to combined heat and power units fed from any gas pipeline; biogas powered engines connected to combined heat and power units fed from sewage, landfill or biogas plants; associated gas from oil production powered engine generating electricity for the grid; dual fuel generating sets running on 50-95% natural gas and five per cent pilot diesel; heavy fuel oil (HFO) powered engines generating electricity for the grid in case there is lack of power because one water turbine power station does not provide sufficiently; and crude oil powered engines generating electricity for the grid. “HFO (heavy fuel oil) systems used to consist of heavy duty medium speed marine engines that were originally designed and manufactured for burning HFO with a viscosity of up to 700cSt. Because this fuel is given very little refinery treatment, the selling price is lower and transport efforts are marginal and therefore fuel oil costs are low,” Claus says. “Treating the HFO with special separators and viscosity control and regulating units can make the fuel made suitable for engines. The entire power station inclusive fuel treatment device is designed and installed by Frerk, preferably in a modular container design or alternatively in local erected turnkey powerhouses.”





data centre based in northern Europe turned to Visa S.p.A, Italy to supply it with reliable gensets to support critical functions in total safety, preventing any loss of data and or functionality of the databases, and to maintain the highest level of security at all times. Reliability, robustness and cutting-edge technology were three factors which were crucial to avoid any risks arising from the power failure of infrastructure, says the company. The data centre specified four alternators to meet its requirements for a power output of 3.6 MVA; it required two STAMFORD® S6 and two STAMFORD® P7 alternators, each with Class F (105/40°C) temperature rise and fitted with a STAMFORD® MX321™ AVR and PMG. To ensure low noise levels of the gensets and resistance to a degree of salt, this project required special canopies. STAMFORD® alternators were specifically selected for their reliability and high level of quality,” comments Gianpaolo Curi, Purchasing Manager, Visa S.p.A. Each genset canopy was fitted with oversized integrated fuel tanks, 2,500 litres for the two 700kW gensets and 3,000 litres for the 800kW gensets. Each genset was fitted internally with a lighting system, according to the customer specifications, plus external light support to allow for an additional lighting system.



Specific painting treatment was required for each canopy. The steel sheets were treated in advance with six different washing processes to prepare the surface before two layers of powder coating and final finishing paint with specific RAL colours, as per the customer specification. Maintaining a correct temperature inside the data centre - including air conditioning and proper ventilation for the storage devices - were fundamental factors in the specifications for the project. Fitted with a special controller, the alternators have been designed to run in parallel via the same emergency backup generators, operating

automatically in case of power failure, thus preventing any loss of data or functionality. Visa S.p.A of Italy, established in the 1960s, is an industrial business and operates in almost 100 countries worldwide. Visa produces over 5,000 gensets per year in its 45.000sqm plant, providing versatile high-tech energy solutions, in standard or customised version, guaranteeing a highly operational flexibility and qualitative standards in a market where it is regarded as a leading company.

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LARGE-SCALE ENERGY RETROFIT REQUIRES A DECADE OF POLITICAL CERTAINTY AND PUBLIC FUNDING Energy use in buildings is a sector with large potential for energy efficiency improvement, both internationally and nationally, reports the ADE. To generate the level of retrofit needed to meet net zero, supply chains both in the UK and abroad will need to significantly expand to meet demand. However, there are barriers in the way supply chains operate that make it particularly difficult to initiate lasting change, such as the division of labour between trades. No country has yet overcome these barriers fully, but there is evidence of promising small-scale initiatives that begin to address them. The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) therefore welcomes the recent publication by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) of the International Review of Domestic Retrofit Supply Chains report. This report looks at different approaches to domestic energy efficiency retrofit supply chain development across the globe, including the US Better Buildings Neighborhood Program (BBNP), and BetterHome (in Denmark) and Energiesprong (originating in the Netherlands). The research was carried out by ACE Research (part of the ADE) The Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, Ballarat Consulting and Innoweaver Ltd. Whilst there is no single country that is delivering buildings energy retrofit at the scale needed, the research did find exemplar projects which the UK could learn to help generate consumer demand for deep retrofit and to scale up energy efficiency investment in the UK. The research suggests that the development of a self-sustaining, large-scale market for deep energy efficiency retrofit requires support from a stable policy framework over a significant period of time – perhaps a decade or more – together with sustained public funding. Active engagement from the financial sector is also vital. The sector can increase the provision of finance and incentivise action through lower cost finance propositions. It can also play an important role in raising awareness about the benefits of energy retrofit and linking consumers with supply chain offers.





Matthew Farrow, director of policy for the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) comments on the latest IHS Markit / CIPS UK Construction PMI release: “The figures reflect growing confidence in the UK economy and the construction industry which is, of course, welcome. However, it is clear that the severe shortage of products and materials, as well as issues around transportation, are now having an adverse effect on lead times and putting inflationary pressure on prices. “There is no easy fix to this problem, other than medium to long-term changes in our approach – I would hope that this leads to smarter design through the use of alternative materials, which could also have the added benefit of creating less carbon intensive buildings and structures and accelerating our path to Net Zero.” A new Net Zero guide targeted at SMEs working in the built environment has been jointly released by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) and sister organisation, the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC). Aimed at small and medium sized members of both of these business associations, the guide highlights the steps that should be taken towards a carbon free future, explores how Net Zero is already influencing client decision making, and outlines how to meet new client expectations while seizing the business opportunities created. The guide also provides a handy reference to previously released publications, reports, pledge schemes and sector plans, directly sign-posting to the most important and relevant sources of information. Commenting on its launch, Dr Sarah Prichard, UK managing director at Buro Happold, and chair of the ACE and EIC Net Zero group, said: “We designed this guide to help SMEs with practical and tangible advice to support them to make the right choices on their Net Zero journey.


The Institution of Power Engineers The Technology Seminar & 73rd Annual Luncheon 20/20 Vision - 2022 P20/20 Vision Powering a New Decade Leonardo Royal Hotel Tower Bridge London, E18 GP To be held on: Thursday 28th April, 2022 IPowerE’s 2021 Technology Seminar and Luncheon will be held at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge. The day will commence at 10.00am with a technology seminar, followed by a 3-course luncheon and guest speakers in the afternoon. The morning seminar will comprise a multistream programme covering a range of technologies and subject matter, so there will be something which is relevant to everyone’s business. The annual seminar and luncheon is well established as a key event in the calendar of the power and prime mover industries and is an occasion not to be missed. Book your place now and take the opportunity to catch up on the latest technology developments and to hear and engage with internationally-renowned speakers, plus the chance to network with other members, clients, colleagues and friends, old and new. Principal Guest: Dr Cathy McClay - Head of Strategy at Sembcorp Energy Guest Speaker: - Mandy Hickson, Former Royal Air Force Fast Jet (Tornado) Pilot Individual ticket price £130 (+ VAT) inclusive of admission to seminar and luncheon. Please be assured that any tickets booked for 2020 will be carried over to this new event. Individual ticket price £130 (+ VAT) inclusive of admission to seminar and luncheon Please be assured that any tickets booked for 2020 will be carried over to this new event.




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MPS is a widely-recognised professional trade body and the industry voice for the UK genset sector and associated Products. AMPS stands for the Association of Manufacturers and suppliers of Power generating Systems and ancillary equipment. The AMPS Association represents our industry with major regulatory bodies such as Ofgem, BEIS, DEFRA, Environment Agency etc. and facilitates lobbying for the industry at Government level. We also engage with other associated trade bodies such as BEIS, DTI, ACE, ADE, ECA, EIA, EIC, CEA, CPA, Dept. for International Trade etc. The AMPS Council guides and makes key decisions on behalf of the Association’s membership and is formed of elected representatives of member companies. The Council meet several times a year, but members also attend sub-committee meetings and are often working hard behind the scenes to plan and work to better the aims of the Association. A number of events including Conference, Awards Evening, Golf Day and more are held annually with opportunities for networking and building business relationships extended to all members. The AMPS Technical Committee (TC) is at the forefront of industry knowledge and is also composed of a wide range of volunteers who give their time and knowledge to assist the membership as well as sitting on a range of national and international committees to guide and help set industry standards and regulations. It leads on regulation and legislation to change policy and provide guidance on issues such as Emissions, Changes to fuel composition, Grid Codes and Compliance, through its reputation and influence at Government level. The aim of the AMPS Technical Committee is to provide AMPS members with clear technical guidance on those issues that are relevant to their businesses and to provide access to industry experts who can provide advice on technical matters. Through its involvement with National and International standards bodies, Government and regulatory authorities, it aims to represent AMPS members interests and to influence, communicate and understand the relevant technical standards for our industry. Regular updates and communications are presented in a simplified and easy to understand manner via Current Thinking newsletters. A dedicated secretariat looks after the day-to-day running of the Association overseen by the Vice President and regular updates, news and communications including AMPS Power magazine are published quarterly.

WHO CAN JOIN AMPS? AMPS members are leading designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of reciprocating diesel and gas engine electrical generating systems of a single unit output up to 5MW. This equipment has a broad spectrum of applications which include industrial, commercial, military, marine and offshore installations for standby and base load electrical power, landfill gas projects, cogeneration / combined heat and power systems, complete power stations and major turnkey power generation projects. They are supported by manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of ancillary equipment. Here’s an overview of who we represent, whether you’re interested in becoming a member yourself, or would just like a clearer understanding. * Manufacturers –The UK has lost a lot of its manufacturing over recent decades but when it comes to buying the best generating sets and components customers around the world still value the unrivalled quality, reliability and attention to detail that comes from knowing their equipment was manufactured in the UK by passionate and experienced engineers. * Suppliers & Distributors – AMPS’ power generation suppliers provide



the components the manufacturers need and/or the assembled sets the end-user requires, along with an invaluable wealth of expertise and industry know-how. * Service providers – How do you know which generating set you need? How do you get the right paperwork? How do you ensure your generating sets work when they’re really needed? We have a large number of members who provide advice, consultancy, installation and maintenance, because even the best generating set in the world will fail if it isn’t properly specified and serviced. * Rental Companies – Not everyone needs generating set power all of the time. From World Cup Finals to music festivals, from building sites to hurricane relief, the rental providers are there to supply customers with whatever temporary power solution they may need. * Related providers – Whether you need a solution for cleaning stored fuel, a fire suppression system or want your generating set to work as part of a CHP system, we have members who specialise in all the related products and services. If you’d like to find out more about the Association or request an application form then visit our website:



Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster Bridge, London AWARDS: • Business growth and strategy • Developing Diversity & Talent • Energy and Sustainability award • Health and Safety award • AMPS Member Company of the Year • Exporter of the Year • Innovation and Technology Award • Environmental Product of the Year • Apprentice of the Year • Project of the Year • Engineer of the Year Tickets £175pp or £1,650 per table of 10 (+VAT)* Sponsorship Packages available. Contact to book and for further information





Valmet will supply a multifuel power boiler and auxiliary process equipment to Kipaş Kağit Sanayi Isletmeleri A.Ş.’s paper mill in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey. The new boiler will improve the reliability of the paper mill’s steam and electricity supply. Additionally, its steam production capacity will be sufficient for the mill’s future paper machine PM 4. Valmet’s delivery includes a NEW Valmet CFB Boiler for co-firing paper and water treatment sludge, plastic rejects and coal. The boiler will utilize circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology, and the boiler plant will have a steam production capacity of 260 tons per hour (114 bar, 542 °C). The delivery also includes a Valmet Electrostatic Precipitator, a Valmet Bag House Filter, a Valmet DNA Automation System and spare parts. Valmet CFB Boiler (formerly CYMIC) is an advanced circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler developed by Valmet. It combines high-efficiency combustion of various solid fuels with low emissions, even when burning fuels with completely different calorific values at the same time. The wide size range covers boilers from 30 to 1200 MWth. The main advantage of the Valmet CFB Boiler is its fuel flexibility. Multifuel boilers that combust biomasses and fossil fuels in continuously varying proportions. Co-combustion is an environmentally-benign method of combining excellent reliability and availability with great potential to optimize operational costs by allowing several fuel alternatives.

Cummins PowerCommand® X-Series Transfer Switch series rely on proven Cummins technology to deliver fail-safe performance in mission critical applications. But they’re just one component of a completely integrated power system which encompasses decades of application expertise, comprehensive system engineering, exhaustive testing and validation, and a global network of advanced electrical engineers capable of providing onsite service and support. The PowerCommand® X-Series consists of 40-3000A automatic and non-automatic transfer switches with non-service and service entrances. Each product in this suite features the state-of-the-art PowerCommand® 80 control and are designed for markets and applications where the highest performance and system connectivity are required. Designed for operation and switching of electrical loads between primary and alternate power sources, the X-Series switches can be used in utility-generator set, utility-utility, generator set-generator set, or three source system (dual standby) applications and are suitable for use in emergency, legally required, and optional standby applications. In addition, the X-Series offers a full range of industry leading UL1008 Time Duration WCR and Short-time based rating, achieved by Cummins High Endurance Mechanism with patented Blow-on technology, delivering the next level of performance and reliability. Designed by Cummins experts, the revolutionary PowerCommand® 80 control is a single integrated control All functionalities can easily be implemented as needed without add-on hardware nor extra modules needed.

ELECTRICALLY-OPERATED BYPASS ISOLATION TRANSFER SWITCH AVAILABLE FROM KOHLER KOHLER’s new transfer switches are designed to interface perfectly with KOHLER generators and paralleling switchgear. As part of KOHLER’s Total System Integration package, the electrically operated bypass-isolation transfer switch is so advanced it features single-touch bypass controls. So you can transfer critical loads between differing power sources. In addition, it provides emergency transfer capability if the primary switch mechanism is removed or disabled. Features include single-touch bypass controls, LED lights which indicate permitted and restricted operations, and one-line diagram for intuitive status to minimize human error and response. The tech includes a DECISION-Mdoor using the keypad and LCD display.



ULTIMATE IN MODULAR ENERGY STORAGE - THE NEW ZENERGIZE RANGE FROM ATLAS COPCO The new ZenergiZe range from Atlas Copco takes modular energy storage to a new level. Developed with sustainability in mind, it helps operators to dramatically reduce their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while delivering optimal performance with zero noise and virtually no maintenance. Leveraging the benefits of high-density lithium-ion batteries, the ZenergiZe units are compact and light compared to traditional alternatives, yet capable of providing over 12 hours of power with a single charge. They can serve as the primary source of power and, alternatively, they can be combined with a generator to enable smart load management.


All Makes of High Voltage Rewinds

(DeNox)-Systems Silencers

UK & International Field Support

+44 (0)161 432 7824 DIRECTORY OF EQUIPMENT&&SERVICES SERVICES DIRECTORY OF EQUIPMENT APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH Tel.: +49 (0) 9826 / 6583 - 0

Innovative technologies EXHAUST TECHNOLOGY: forExhaust gas treatment Gas Heat Exchangers and exhaust systems Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Colchester Engineering Systems

Catalytic and SCR Make it a converters system with (DeNox)-Systems Silencers

Unit 5 Chancers Farm,Farm, Fossetts Lane, Fordham, Unit 5 Chancers Fossetts Lane, Colchester, Essex, CO6 3NY, England Fordham, Colchester, Essex, CO6 3NY, Tel: fax 01206 240788 telEngland 01206 240788 01206 240099 James Bexon James Bexon email: email:

APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH Tel.: +49 (0) 9826 / 6583 - 0

Specialists in Noise Control and Ventilation Systems for all types of applications


GF GFGenovate Genovateprovide providetotal total power power solutions solutions for forthe theUK UK&&Ireland Ireland Energy Energy markets. markets. Diesel Diesel&&Gas GasGenerating Generating Units. Units. STOR/CM STOR/CMAND ANDPEAKING PEAKING CHP CHP SCR SCR SERVICE&&WARRANTY WARRANTY INSERVICE JULY 2021 24/7/365 24/7/365



GF Genovate provide total power solutions for the UK & Ireland Energy markets. Diesel & Gas Generating Units. STOR/CM AND PEAKING CHP SCR SERVICE & WARRANTY 24/7/365

Heating & cooling thermal management technologies

Alternators Made MadeininItaly Italy Alternators

SUPPORT & SOLUTIONS Exclusive suppliers of DEIF and for all engine heating challenges Huegli Tech Control and Protection Equipment to the Power Generation Industry HOTSTART meets the engine heating needs for the diverse range of engines Tel: (0)1942 932100 and+44 customers of a global market. Let us Email: be your engine heating partner.

Exclusive suppliers of DEIF and Huegli Tech Control and Protection Equipment to the Power Generation Industry Tel: +44 (0)1942 932100 Viale del del Lavoro, Lavoro, 30 30--37040 37040Arcole Arcole(VR) (VR)Italy Italy Viale Email: +39 045 045 7639201 7639201--F.+39 F.+39045 0457639202 7639202 +39


IPU bes


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Alternators Made in Italy














Engine Pre-heater Pre-heater Systems Systemswith Engine Diesel Fuel Fuel Heaters Heaters •• Diesel COGENE Hydraulic Oil Oil Heaters Heaters •• Hydraulic Storage Tank Tank Heaters Heaters •• Storage GEN SET Customer Specials Specials etc etc •• Customer PO


OIL & GAS MARGEN Tel: 1912 Tel: 020 020 (8) (8) 848 848 1912s.p.a. Via Dino Ferrari, 50 - 410

Viale del Lavoro, 30 - 37040 Arcole (VR) Italy

MARGEN s.p.a. T. +39 045 7639201 - F.+39 045 7639202 Via Dino Ferrari, 50 - 41053 Maranello (MO) - Italy - +39 0536 94.36.15

+39 0536 94.36.15


classified unit 42x36mm.indd 1 20/04/2016 17:35:24 Serviceand andproduct productprovider, provider,specialising specialisingin in Service thepower powergeneration generationindustry. industry. Sole SoleUK UK & & the Irelanddistributor distributorfor forCRE CRETechnology. Technology. Ireland Expertisein inland land&&marine marineapplications applications Expertise including: including: G59/3Relay RelayTesting Testing G59/3 Single/MultiRunning RunningSystems Systems Single/Multi ParallelingSystems Systemsto tothe the Utility Utility Paralleling AVRReplacements Replacements AVR Contact:Mr MrAlistair AlistairHickey Hickey Contact: Tel:+44 +44(0) (0)161 161818 8188720 8720 Tel: Email:

Advertise in this section for 1 year in all 27 publications for as little as £78p/m. Contact

Leaders in Diesel and Natural Gas complete power Fueled Generators solutions

Hire, Sales, Service & Maintenance, Contingency Planning, including 24/7 Emergency Response

WOODL ANDSPOWER.COM UK : 0845 600 3335 | INTL : +44 138 644 2622

Advertise in this Advertise section for 1 in year Engine Pre-heater Systems this section in all 27 for • Diesel Fuel Heaters publications for year inOilall 27as • 1 Hydraulic Heaters • Storage Tank Heaters little as £65p/m.

Advertise in this section for 1 year in all 27 publications for as little as £78p/m. Contact

publications for as includes little as This Tel: 020 (8) 1912 £78p/m. digital &848 print

Se th

Customer Specials etc


This includes Goes out to digital & print 28,000+ high copies. quality postal & digital subscribers.

Contact Contact




R Schmitt Enertec GmbH

INNIO Jenbacher gas engines

Headquarters: A-6200 Jenbach (Austria) T +43 5244 600-0 F +43 5244 600-527 Manufacturer of gas driven generator sets and cogeneration systems in a power range from 0.25 to 3 MW. Model JMS 208 GS JMS 208 GS JMS 312 GS JMS 312 GS JMS 316 GS JMS 316 GS JMS 320 GS JMS 320 GS JMS 412 GS JMS 416 GS JMS 420 GS JMS 612 GS JMS 616 GS JMS 620 GS



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1,500 1,800 1,500 1,800 1,500 1,800 1,500 1,800 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500



330 335 625 633 834 848 1,063 1,060 844 1,131 1,415 1,820 2,433 3,041

358 406 731 808 988 1,079 1,190 1,313 892 1,194 1,492 1,792 2,399 3,020

Ratings natural gas standard, NOx ≤ 500 mg/ m3N. Dry exhaust gas; based on 5% O2. For engines with 1,200 rpm please contact GE Energy’s Jenbacher product team. TAD1242GE TAD1640GE TAD1641GE TAD1642GE

352 393 433 485

409 462 509 570

Perkins Engines Company Limited

Peterborough PE1 5FQ Contact name:- Simon Gray Tel: +44 (0) 1733 583000 Email: Perkins is one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway diesel and gas engines, offering dependable cost-effective power up to 2500 kVA in dieselor 1000 kWE prime in gas.

56743 Mendig, Germany T +49 2652 9351810 F +49 2652 9351822 Manufacturer of gas driven engines,generator sets and cogeneration systems in the range from 100 - 500 kW. RSE Engines for natural gas and biogas Model



M06-G/B T0D41 g 50 M06-G/B TID41 g 50 M06-G/B T2D41 g 50 M08-G/B TID41 g 50 M08-G/B T2D41 g 50 M12-G/B TID41 g 50 M12-G/B T2D41 g 50 M06-G/B T0D41 g 60 M06-G/B TID41 g 60 M06-G/B T2D41 g 60 M08-G/B TID41 g 60 M08-G/B T2D41 g 60 M12-G/B TID41 g 60 M12-G/B T2D41 g 60 RSE engines for LPG M06-PT0D41 g 50 M06-PTID41 g 50 M06-PT2D41 g 50 M08-PTID41 g 50 M08-PT2D41 g 50 M12-PTID41 g 50 M12-PT2D41 g 50 M06-PT0D41 g 60 M06-PTID41 g 60 M06-PT2D41 g 60 M08-PTID41 g 60 M08-PT2D41 g 60 M12-PTID41 g 60 M12-PT2D41 g 60 RSE engines for Woodgas M06-HT2D41 g 50 M08-HT2D41 g 50 M12-HT2D41 g 50 M06-HT2D41 g 60 M08-HT2D41 g 60 M12-HT2D41 g 60

Electric output 140 kW 200 kW 250 kW 260 kW 333 kW 400 kW 500 kW 150 kW 210 kW 250 kW 280 kW 333 kW 420 kW 500 kW 115 kW 173 kW 205 kW 233 kW 260 kW 350 kW 450 kW 130 kW 173 kW 205 kW 233 kW 260 kW 350kW 450 kW 122 kW 166 kW 250 kW 140 kW 180 kW 275 kW

Volvo Penta

405 08 Gothenburg, Sweden Tel +46 31 235460


SE-151 87 Sodertalje Sweden Tel +468553 81000 Fax +468553 898 12 E-mail Web UK Contact – Mark Swindell Scania GB Ltd Tel +44 1908 329386 E-mail Diesel & Gas engines for power generation Prime power 250kVA to 700kVA Stand by power 250kVA to 770kVA Engine range prime power 50hz & 60hz at (70% mean load factor) Scania produce diesel and gas powered engines for various Industrial and Marine applications, superior quality and reliability, offering exceptionally low fuel consumption. All models are available to meet current emissions requirements, Scania engines are now available to meet both Tier 4F and EU Stage V. Alternative fuels Many of our engines can also operate on Bio-diesel conforming to EN14214 and HVO conforming to EN159540

Model Spec RPM kWm kVA TAD530GE Diesel 15002) 75 85 100 TAD531GE Diesel 15002) 88 2) TAD532GE Diesel 1500 113 130 1) 2) TAD550GE Diesel 1500 76 86 1) 2) 1500 89 101 TAD551GE Diesel 2) TAD730GE Diesel 1500 113 130 2) TAD731GE Diesel 1500 132 152 TAD732GE Diesel 15002) 162 186 2) TAD733GE Diesel 1500 175 201 2) 213 245 TAD734GE Diesel 1500 1) 2) TAD750GE Diesel 1500 114 131 TAD751GE1) Diesel 15002) 13 152 TAD752GE1) Diesel 15002) 158 182 TAD753GE1) Diesel 15002) 173 199 15002) 217 250 TAD754GE1) Diesel TAD940GE Diesel 15002) 241 277 TAD941GE Diesel 15002) 280 326 TAD1341GE Diesel 15002) 271 315 TAD1342GE Diesel 15002) 303 352 TAD1343GE Diesel 15002) 325 378 TAD1344GE Diesel 15002) 354 412 TAD1345GE Diesel 15002) 388 451 1) TAD1351GE Diesel 15002) 279 324 1) TAD1352GE Diesel 15002) 314 365 15002) 328 381 TAD1354GE1) Diesel TAD1355GE1) Diesel 15002) 355 413 TAD1640GE Diesel 15002) 392 461 TAD1641GE Diesel 15002) 430 505 TAD1642GE Diesel 15002) 503 591 TWD1643GE Diesel 15002) 536 630 TAD1650GE1) Diesel 15002) 393 462 TAD1651GE1) Diesel 15002) 430 505 Engines are also available for1800rpm/60Hz


PowerEx Live










Manage your power from anywhere

SPECIAL OFFER! Alarms, dashboards, reports etc. included

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Up and running within 15 minutes No IT skills required Trouble shooting as if you are on-site 24/7/365 Industrial design for tough applications

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