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PLB vs GPS Tracking Devices Grant Wallace, Business Manager - Lake & Air Pilot Shop There is always some confusion when new technology presents itself. In most cases there are trivial differences between the new version and the old version. Sometimes the differences are more complex and difficult to understand, but normally it is something that can be mastered in a matter of minutes. There are, however, some cases where an intimate knowledge about your new gadget could be the difference between life and death. GPS Tracking Devices Tracking devices come in a few different varieties - Spot Messenger, Spot Connect, SpiderTracks, and Delorme, to name a few. These products are fantastic and do exactly what they were designed to do, but the users must be aware of the limitations and requirements for these devices. These units are best thought of as tracking devices with a rescue feature. Things to consider about GPS Tracking devices: • Requires a subscription • Satellite based communication only • Allows accurate tracking • Can send simple messages, both preprogrammed or free form • Small and lightweight • User replaceable batteries PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) PLBs operate on a government-monitored frequency range. Most

use 121.5Mhz and 406Mhz. There are several brands of PLBs including the Revere FastFind, ACR Res-Q-Link, and Aqualink. These devices must be registered to the user or owner. They use GPS to send the exact location in the case of an emergency. Recently these devices have dramatically reduced in size. PLBs are best thought of as rescue devices with a tracking feature. Things to consider about PLBs: • Subscriptions are not mandatory (may be required to text message) • Operates using land-based frequency and satellite signals • Provides accurate location to rescue teams • Must be registered to an individual • Must be serviced by manufacturer for battery replacement These products are often grouped into one device type. It is important to remember they are two different things. If you want to track progress and see your path from a web browser and are primarily interested in sending messages when out of cell phone range, then the GPS devices are most likely all you need. If you are operating in an environment where the primary use for such a device is for the potential need for rescue, then the PLB is for you. Of course, you could carry both and get the best of each device without compromise. There are many detailed features that each of these devices offer. If you have any questions please give us a call 1-888-525-3247.

The Wipaire Window Meet the Wipaire Aircraft Sales Team You know that Wipaire is the world’s leader in aircraft floats, but did you know that our expertise also extends to aircraft sales? Wipaire has a knowledgeable aircraft sales team that can find the right buyer for your aircraft or help you find your new perfect match. Our sales team has decades of experience in various aspects of aviation and know the market well. As a buyer or seller, their knowledge can help you find your ideal aircraft or sell your current one, whether it is on wheels, floats, or skis.

Dale Fehrenbach

Brittnie Brink

Bruce Thoele

Should You Be Working With a Broker?

Ron Hansen

Diane Wille

Even today, aircraft are still sound investments. In fact, last year all aircraft bought and sold by Wipaire’s aircraft sales department nearly doubled. Whether you are buying or selling in today’s market, here are some things to consider about the process and a broker’s role in it. • Mission: Know your mission. The first step in transitioning in or out of an aircraft is identifying your mission. When buying an aircraft, your first step should be to identify all the specifications you would like or need in an aircraft. • Representation: Working with an industry professional in your purchase or sale gives you access to valuable knowledge earned through years of experience. For instance, defining a proper value for a purchase or sale can be difficult to determine alone. A broker can provide a fair market assessment to you following a comprehensive evaluation of your aircraft and analysis of comparable sales. Utilizing an experienced professional to complete a pre-purchase inspection is to your advantage. We highly recommend a pre-purchase inspection be performed; this inspection can identify any current concerns or potential future ones. A professional inspection is worth your time and investment. • There may also be tax advantages to purchasing or selling an aircraft that you may or may not be aware of. Check with your broker as well as your tax advisor.


• The Details: Purchasing and selling aircraft requires both FAA-mandated paperwork and documents which outline the details of the transfer of ownership. As such, it is vital to have a professional experienced in both buying and selling create and review the documents. A professional can construct a purchase agreement to outline the terms of the sale and protect the rights of the purchaser and the seller. The smallest details can potentially save both the buyer and seller thousands of dollars in the long run. Additionally, the FAA paperwork process can be quite a challenge, so making sure everything is filed properly can save you headaches and hassles. An experienced broker can complete all required paperwork for you, leaving you with the peace of mind knowing that the transfer of ownership goes smoothly. Buying or selling an aircraft can be overwhelming and timeconsuming. The most effective protection for your investment is allowing a professional to assist you in the transaction.

Wipline 8750 Floats for the Cessna Caravan We are excited to announce that we have completed all of the certification reports and testing on the Wipline 8750 float for the Cessna 208 Caravan! We expect to have an amended STC for the Wipline 8750 this July. Additional buoyancy has been added to the Wipline 8750 and has allowed Wipaire to conduct a gross weight increase program on the 208 that increases the maximum takeoff and landing weights to 8750 lbs. This yields an increase of 390 to 750 pounds to the useful load of your Caravan, depending upon configuration. Rough water handling characteristics have also been improved through the inclusion of a deep V at the bow of the float. The deep V allows the hull to cut through waves and reduce the load the aircraft experiences in moderate chop, especially on the takeoff run. The Wipline 8750 also features a new trailing link landing gear design with improved landing characteristics. The gear retraction mechanism has been redesigned for reduced maintenance and increased accessibility as well. The new design allows personnel to completely remove critical gear components from the wheel well by removing three bolts and disconnecting hydraulic lines. This enables maintenance providers to more easily inspect and maintain gear components through the life of the float. The Wipline 8750 has been tested on land and water with no landing weight limitations, which increases the versatility of the Cessna 208 Caravan for short-haul operations.

The Wipline 8750 incorporates the latest generation smart LED gear selector with fluid level warning, keeping your amphibian operations as safe as possible. The development of the Wipline 8750 continues Wipaire’s dedication to innovation, quality, and reliability. Using our extensive float experience, we have built a float that increases aircraft useful load on floats, is more user-friendly, and enhances rough water handling characteristics. We’re excited to bring this new member of the Wipline float family to the seaplane world soon!


The Wipaire Window

Wipaire Overhauled 206 Wins Grand Champion We are proud to share that the Cessna 206 that we overhauled for Key West Seaplanes was awarded the “Grand Champion Seaplane” award at Sun ‘n Fun. The Sun ’n Fun judges follow the criteria outlined in the Official EAA Judging Standards Manual, which is available at

According to Leonard Kress, chief judge at Sun’n Fun, “Our judges are judging the aircraft based on their experience as aircraft builders, restorers, and aircraft maintenance technicians as to what constitutes quality, authenticity and safety. Rest assured that all the judges are veterans in their respective areas.”

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Trade Show Schedule Dates July 23-29

Show EAA AirVenture

Location Oshkosh, WI

August 18

Orillia Fly-In

Orillia, Ontario

September 6-9

International Seaplane Fly-In

Greenville, ME

CONGRATULATIONS TO Sam Rathner, Anchorage, AK Winner of 2000 lb gross weight increase giveaway!


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Wipaire Window - Summer 2012  

The Summer 2012 Edition of the Wipaire Window. A newsletter from Wipaire, Inc. for the aviation community.

Wipaire Window - Summer 2012  

The Summer 2012 Edition of the Wipaire Window. A newsletter from Wipaire, Inc. for the aviation community.