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Where The Trees Grow Up And The Rain Comes Down

Come investigate The jungle where the wild things grow From The Amazon to Borneo Where the trees grow up and the rain comes down Streaming in through the Canopy making a thunderous sound, Running down the dangling vines, Soaking into mossy bark Bouncing of the green rainbow of leaves And into the dark.

Everythings flourishes from the vines and shoots Flowers and brush and trees and fruit The canaopy the middle and the understorey too Below lay tiny homes and towns made by Saddle bag catterpillas, armies of leaf cutter ants Purple winged butterflies and scorpion spiders that give you cramp

George a local boy that lives in this place Has decided upon an important mission to help save his race An adventure through the rainforest To look for the treasures of this land That will make the world take a stand

He hears the croack of a tiny Poison arrow frog a pool of water collected buy the bromeliads – Her colour illuminates bright Warning that she’ll give you a fright Poisen is her defence Living In amongst the foliage Catching insects that fly buy Hiding from predators so she too doesn’t die.

Snakes that slither and sloths that snooze Birds that sing and gibbons that swing There is an abundance of every kind of living thing

An Orangutan emerges just ahead Woken from her woven leafy bed Swinging from vine to vine with her Powerful limbs & hook shaped feet Moving slowly and carefully through the dangling vines and trees, looking for fruit to feed her mind Her face just like ours George and local people call her Person of the forest As she lives here too feeding on

Maybe the sun bear scratching his back His long tounge ready for tasty snack

Vines and leafes grow wild and lush Bush babies climb through the undergrowth Waterfalls and sweet perfumes Humming birds attracted to the orchids that bloom

So what does the rainforest have to do with us Where the trees grow up and the rain comes down From the one horned rhino to the human like orang-utan Becoming more and more rare buy the ways of the man there is space where no trees or animals are around miles of barren land the trees chopped down leaving nothing to make a sound

The thing is Where animals used to live, people swarm The Rain forest creatures and local tribes people too Need every tree and all the space that is being destroyed to feed our race Luxurary tissues and tiger cub soup The trees and animals have no voice to cry out But if in doubt take action and shout out

Where the Trees grow up and the Rain comes down  

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