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Fast Web Hosting Talk After spending a lot of hours and putting every touch of styles to your website to make it as much as possible eye catching to your targeted people, you are now ready to show your website. But don’t think that was all you needed to publish your website. There are still many things to be completed for exposure of your site which includes Web Hosting. Web hosting is a combination of web server, domain name registration, email services, space for web pages to be stored , and so on provided by most commonly ISP(Internet Service Provider) or reputed web hosting service provider as for example There are two options for you to host your site: • • Hosting • Hosting

by yourself by ISP or renowned web hosting companies 1.Hosting by yourself: You have to keep in mind some notes while you decided to host the website yourself. The first step is to manage powerful server hardware along with 24 hours high speed connection. Do not think that low cost components such as a primitive pc will do the job. It may cause many limitations on users when you choose serverlicense that, most of the time, is much expensive than client-license. Besides, dealing with bugs, viruses, hackers, malwares, and not letting your server down for any period in 24 hours is not as easier as you think. Overall, it can cost you unnecessary expenses and hard work. 2.Hosting by ISP or renowned web hosting companies: ISP or web hosting service provider can ensure you very fast and reliable connection speed ,robust web servers with the advantages of load balancing and required backup services. Moreover, you can expect more than 99% uptime server, software patches, and a reliable virus protection. Before you contact a hosting provider, you need to analyze several matters. 1. Make sure the hosting provider has a daily backup; otherwise, there is a possibility to loose important data. 2. Your provider let you use the essential email facilities. Some companies are, now-a-days, offering unlimited email accounts. 3. You need the confirmation that they have the options: FrontPage server extensions and Database access.

In case of publishing pictures, videos and sounds in your site, there should not be any bandwidth and content restrictions. 5. Another important part is unexpected traffic volume generated by your website when it is popular. You will see the extra traffic will be damaged if your provider restricts your website traffic volume. 6. Make sure that you are able to fix complex problems regarding your site at any hour of the day Domain names: To publish your website you need to have a domain name which can be registered by different domain name registering companies. They offer advantages of searching and choosing for an available domain name. Suppose you have a website offering hosting services, can be given a unique domain name as After registering your domain name, ip address and information of your site are stored on DNS, Domain Name System, server which will let all computers on the net know about your domain name and website address. You have to be tactical with some important points while selecting a domain name. 1. Try to keep your domain name short. Because, most of the people feel boring to type, read or remember a long domain name. 2. A short domain name doesn't mean that you make it difficult. Name should be relevant with your site so that people can understand your service by your domain name. For example, a web hosting company’s domain name, winwinhost .com, is much easier to read, type, remember and relevant as well rather than a domain name, 3. The more relevant your domain name is the more importance it gets in the eyes of search engines that will index your site and rank based on the relevancy of search terms. 4. You don’t need to be worry about sub domains which you can be created under registered domain name. Many of us are unconscious that they use subdomain daily. 5. In some cases, you will find out some web hosting providers are offering domain under their company name which may have your visitors misunderstand about your service. As for example, Company/..... is a directory, not a domain name. This can be a personal website or free website provided by an ISP. If any provider offers you something like that, you should avoid. However, there are many reliable web hosting companies like on the net. You should contact one of them and they generally don’t cost much. Finally, you got a domain name. Now all you have to do is using this on all your pages and other communications such as email service. 4.

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Fast Web Hosting Talk  

After spending a lot of hours and putting every touch of styles to your website to make it as much as possible eye catching to your targeted...

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