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Parents' Bulletin  –  Friday  18th  September  2015   Key  Dates     Events:   21st  September   Y11  Photography  Trip   to  London     22nd  September   Y11  H&SC  Trip  to   Andover  Nursing  Home   Y11  Drama  Trip  to   Woman  in  Black     23rd  September   GCSE  C ertificate   Presentation  Evening     24th  September   Y7  Marwell  Team   Building  Trip     25th  September   School  Photographer  in   school   Enterprise  C lub  to   Breakers     28th  September   Open  Evening,  Y6   students  &  parents     29th  September  -­‐   2nd  O ctober   Open  Mornings,  Y6   students  &  parents     7th  October   No  Pens  Wednesday     8/9/10th  October   Talent  Show     14th  October   Evolve  Exhibition   Y7  Parents  meet  Evolve   Staff     20th  October   Parent  Voice  Meeting,   5.30pm     23rd  October   Year  7  &  8  Halloween   Party     26th-­‐30th  October   HALF  TERM     29th  October   Years  8  -­‐  11  Thorpe   Park  Fright  Night  Trip  


Weekly Update   Here  are  this  week's  photos  from  Project  195.    


Thank you  to   all  those   parents   who   attended  the  Year   11  Parents'  Evening   this   week.  This   was  our   first  attempt  at  using  the  new  online  book  system  which  seemed  to  go  well.    A  few  parents  were   unable  to  book  appointments  and  we  will  resolve  this  for  next  time.       As  you  are  aware  last  week  we  had  a  safeguarding  audit  in  school  and  one  of  the  things  raised  by   students  was  it  would  be  nice  to  have  a  counselling  service  available  at  school  for  when  students'   need  a  different  sort  of  support  than  that  given  by  their  go  to  person,  m entor  or  head  of  house.  We   have  been  able  to  provide   that  service  which  was  talked  about  in  assemblies  this  week.  This  service   will  be  provided  in  association  with  MIND  on  a  referral  basis  from  the  Heads  of  House.     In  response  to  concerns  raised  by  parents  last  year  you  should  have  seen  an  increase  in  the  amount   of   homework   being   set.   Most   students   are   responding   really   well   to   this,   please   be   aware   that   those  who  don’t  will  find  themselves  in  detentions  of  potentially  up  to  two  hours!  The  reason  for   homework   is   to   reinforce   the   learning   in   class   and   to   prepare   students   for   Years   11,   12   and   13   when  they  need  to  be  independent  and  organised  in  preparation  for  exams.       The   reading   programme   is   going   well,   students   in   Years   8   to   10   will   be   going   to   the   library   next   week  to  get  the  Accelerated  Reader  books.  The  book  bags  for  all  students  should  be  available  for   mentor   time  on   Monday.  I   would  encourage   parents   to   get   students  reading  at   home.   If   they   don’t   have  any  homework  they  can  always  continue  with  the  reading  book  and  fill  in  their  reading  log.      


Over the  next  two  weeks  the  Year  7s  are  out  as  a  whole  year  group  on  two  trips.  On  the  24  September  they  are  going   th to  Marwell  Activity  Centre  and  on  the  6  October  they  are  all  going  to  London.  We  also  have  trips  to  London  with   theatre  studies  and  Fujitsu  are  coming  in  to  work  with  students  in  business  studies.  If  you  still  have  reply  slips  for  trips   please  return  them  to  reception  a.s.a.p.         th Our  open  evening  this  year  will  be  on  the  28  of  September.  If  you  have  students  in  Years  5  or  6  please  come  along  to   see   what   we   have   on   offer.   Lots   of   students   will   be   involved   in   this   evening,   letters   will   be   issued   on   an   individual   basis.       Ipads  should  be  with  students  from  Monday  although  watch  this  space!  We  have  uploaded  ios9  but  are  having  a  few   issues  with  some  of  the  software.  As  soon  as  they  are  ready  they  will  be  in  classrooms.       Our  new  Café  the  ‘Coffee  Pod’  is  going  well  making  a  few  pounds  a  day  to  add  into  the  school  fundraising  drive.  The   mayor   is   on   site   today   talking   to   Mrs   Robertson   about   how   she   can   get   involved   to   support   us.   Just   buying   the   occasional  coffee  will  support  our  fundraising  goals.       High   School   Musical   rehearsals   are   going   well   thank   you   to   Mrs   Morgan   and   the   team.   Lots   of   PE   clubs   and   maths   revision   have   also   started.   Staff’s   commitment   to   extra   curricular   is   fantastic.   A   full   programme   of   extra   curricular   activities  will  be  available  in  the  next  few  weeks.         Three   students   in   the   book   of   distinction   this   week.   Kira   Miller   for   Maths,   Hannah   Sexton   for   Art   and   Jennifer   Batchelor  for  English.    Congratulations  to  them  for  some  excellent  work.         Thank  you  for  your  continued  support.      

Mr N  Thomas  

Parent bulletin 18th september 2015  
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