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Parents' Bulletin  –  Friday  9th  November  2018   Key  Dates     12th  -­‐  16th  November   Children  in  Need  Week   Monday  12th   Red  &  White  for  Ryan  Day  £1   Tuesday  13th   Wear  Any  Tie  Day  50p   Wednesday  14th   Wear  Any  Hat  Day  50p   Thursday  15th   Trainer  Day  50p   Friday  16th   Non  School  Uniform  £1     15th  November   Dance  Showcase,  7pm     23rd  November   INSET  DAY  CLOSURE  (4)     26th  November   INSET  DAY  CLOSURE  (5)     30th  November   Christmas  Jumper  Day   Xmas  Fayre  and  Lights  Switch   On     4th  December   Y11  Geography  Trip  to  London   Parent  Voice,  5.30pm     6th  December   Y7  &  8  Trip  to  Blist's  Hill     10th  December   Pantomime  Matinee   Performances  for  Primary   Schools     11th  December   GCSE  Presentation  Evening  for   last  year's  Year  11,  6.30pm     12th  -­‐  14th  December   Pantomime,  7.00pm     13th  December   Parental  Safeguarding  Support,   6pm     19th  December   Carol  Concert,  St  Mary's   Church,  7pm     20th  December   Parental  Safeguarding  Support,   6pm     21st  December   Students  break  up  for   Christmas  Holidays  

This has  been  a  very  sad  week  for  Winton  and  our  thoughts,  love  and  prayers  go  out  to  the  family  of  Ryan  Hoar  who  sadly   passed   away   this   week.   Ryan   was   due   to   join   us   last   September   as   a   new   Year   7   but   was   diagnosed   with   cancer   at   the   beginning  of  the  Summer  2017.  Last  year  students  and  staff  raised  money  for  Macmillan  and  Ryan  was  able  to  have  his  first   day  in  a  Winton  uniform.  Ryan  was  determined  to  return  to  school  and  enjoy  being  a  normal  student  with  his  friends  and   peers,  this  year  he  achieved  that  aim  with  determination  and  a  huge  smile  on  his  face.  For  a  few  weeks  he  lit  up  our  lives   and   was   able   to   be   in   the   community   he   has   always   been   such   an   important   part   of.   Over   the   last   few   weeks   Ryan   had   deteriorated  rapidly  and  on  Wednesday  we  heard  the  tragic  news  of  his  passing.  Ryan  was  a  wonderful,  happy  and  inspiring   young  man  and  his  memory  will  live  on  in  our  hearts  forever.  His  two  great  loves  were  Liverpool  football  club  and  Lego,   therefore  we  would  like  to  make  his  memorial  out  of  Lego,  if  you  are  able  to  spare  a  few  blocks  as  part  of  our  collection  we   feel  we  can  use  this  to  make  a  fitting  tribute  to  a  brave  and  brilliant  young  man.      

  Students  have  requested  a  Red  and  White  for  Ryan  day  on  Monday  12th  November.    If  students  bring  in  £1  they  can  wear   red  and  white  clothes  -­‐  all  proceeds  will  go  to  charity.     Thank  you  to  all  parents  who  attended  Year  7  parents'  evening  on  Wednesday,  125  families  attended  the  event  which  also   including  a  small  exhibition  of  some  of  the  excellent  work  which  Year  7  have  created  since  joining  us.  If  you  have  any  ideas   about  how  such  evenings  can  be  further  improved  I  look  forward  to  hearing  about  them  through  parent  voice.  Our  most   recent  parent  voice  meeting  was  on  Tuesday  which  was  very  constructive  with  two  excellent  presentations  from  staff,   thank  you  to  Mrs  Tucker  and  Mrs  Chivers.  The  group  also  raised  merits  and  them  being  given  fairly;  issues  around   communication  by  letter;  a  second  hand  uniform  shop  which  they  are  setting  up;  the  canteen  which  we  are  working  on   with  students  and  lots  of  positives  about  the  Friday  run  and  the  new  one  way  system.  Please  find  the  minutes  attached.       The  plan  for  all  letters  moving  forward  is  that  they  will  all  be  emailed  to  both  the  students  and  parents  and  all  available  on   the  website.  If  we  are  sending  a  paper  letter  home  we  will  text  parents  so  that  they  know  it  is  coming.    

A small  group  of  parents  are  going  to  support  us  in  setting  up  a  second  hand  uniform  shop.  If  you  have  uniform  which   students  have  outgrown  and  you  are  able  to  wash  it  and  bring  it  into  reception  to  donate  we  would  be  most  grateful.  The   plan  is  to  open  the  shop  in  January.       We  had  an  excellent  meeting  with  the  caterers  and  students  this  week  about  improvement  to  queuing  quality,  variety  and   prices  in  the  canteen,  expect  to  see  some  radical  changes  in  a  few  weeks  time.       Congratulations  to  Mr  Head  and  team  for  the  events  which  have  been  on  this  week  relating  to  STEM,  two  groups  have  been   out  with  great  success,  Year  10  at  Anton  Business  Park  and  we  were  one  of  the  winning  teams  in  Wednesdays  STEM   challenge  and  Year  9  were  out  today  at  the  Festival  of  Engineering.  In  addition  as  part  of  STEM  week  we  were  extremely   fortunate  to  have  a  visit  from  Duncan  McIndoe,  Director  at  global  firm  Turner  &  Townsend.     Thank  you  to  Mrs  Webster  and  Mrs  Crockford  for  organising  the  LEST  WE  FORGET  memorial  as  part  of  the  215  project  to   commemorate  the  215  men  from  Andover  who  died  in  the  First  World  War,  three  fabulous  pieces  which  will  be  displayed   on  Saturday  in  Vigo  field.       Thank  you  to  Mrs  Franklin  and  team  for  giving  up  their  time  to  support  at  the  talent  show  this  week,  some  amazing  acts   and  it  promises  to  be  a  tough  decision  in  tonight’s  final.  Some  amazing  individual  and  group  performances.       Congratulations  to  the  following  students  who  were  nominated  for  the  Book  of  Distinction  this  week:    For  English  -­‐  Jamie   Slack,   Grace   Watts,   Kayleigh   Cutting,   Brooke   Dabbs,   Megan   Leighton,   Tymisha   Thapa,   Finley   Thomas,   ,   Sophia   Pitt   and   Brooke   Wahnon;   For   Dance   -­‐   Rianna   Bishop;   For   PE   -­‐   Jamie   Slack,   Jodi   Gladwin,   Megan   Hammond,   Lucy   Wedge,   Rianna   Bishop,   Alex   Helsdon,   Erin   Nash   and   Ruta   Lingyte;   For   Maths   -­‐   Jade   Hill,   Bethany   Fitter,   Jack   Gallagher,   Megan   Leighton,   Lucy  Wedge,  Lucia  Curtis,  Alinnson  Cunha;    For  Art  -­‐  Lucia  Curtis;  For  Student  Reception  -­‐  Megan  Hammond.         Safeguarding  update.       As  we  move  into  our  second  Fornite  Dance  house  competition  this  week  I  thought  an  update  for  parents  on  safeguarding   around  the  game  may  be  useful.       Fortnite  Battle  Royale  parents’  guide  to  keep  kids  safe  while  gaming   ">Try  watching  this  video  on</a>,  or  enable  JavaScript  if  it  is  disabled  in  your  browser.</div></div>   Fortnite  is  the  latest  game  for  teenagers  to  flock  to.  It  offers  a  knife-­‐edge  gun  battle  that  requires  practice,  skill,  teamwork   and  fast  reactions.  The  challenge  for  parents  is  to  mitigate  risks  and  maximise  benefits  from  Fortnite.  Screen  time,  stranger   chat,  rage  at  losing  and  escalating  costs  can  seem  insurmountable  but  with  the  right  advice,  this  is  a  game  that  parents  can   make  healthy  and  valuable  for  their  children.     What  is  the  age  rating  for  Fortnite?     In  the  guide,  I  provide  a  visual  summation  of  the  ratings  information  for  Fortnite.  In  the  UK  the  Video  Standards  council  rate   Fortnite  as  PEGI  12  for  frequent  scenes  of  mild  violence.  In  the  US  the  ESRB  rate  Fortnite  as  Teen  only  suitable  for  those  13   years  and  older.  iTunes  rates  the  game  only  suitable  for  children  12+  for  Frequent/Intense  Cartoon  or  Fantasy  Violence  and   Infrequent/Mild  Medical/Treatment  Information.  Parents  know  their  children  better  than  any  rating  body  and  can  use  this   information  to  make  an  informed  decision.     Monitoring  who  they  are  talking  to.     Along  with  suitability,  it’s  worth  checking  the  online  communication  settings  on  the  game  to  ensure  children  aren’t  talking   to  strangers.     Managing  in-­‐app  purchase  on  the  game     The  game  has  considerable  in-­‐app  purchases  that  you  need  to  be  aware  of  as  well,  and  set  up  passwords  on  credit  cards   associated  with  the  system.     Setting  time  limits  on  Fortnite     Finally,  it’s  important  to  have  some  limits  in  terms  of  play  time  for  the  game.  This  is  something  you  can  agree  with  your   child  once  you  understand  how  the  game  works.   Ultimately,  families  will  get  the  most  out  of  the  game  where  parents  join  in  and  turn  it  from  something  played  in  bedrooms   to  a  game  for  the  family  room  that  everyone  enjoys.      

What’s new  in  fortnite?     As  the  popularity  of  Fortnite  continues  to  rise,  the  game  is  being  updated  and  expanded  to  keep  players  interested.   Most  recently  this  has  been  the  Season  4  Battle  Pass.  If  your  child  rushed  home  from  school  to  turn  on  the  PlayStation  or   Xbox  last  month  you  can  be  sure  it  was  to  see  what  the  developer  had  added  to  the  game.  The  new  Battle  Pass  has  a   superhero  theme  and  a  new  narrative  about  the  arrival  of  a  comet  that  introduces  a  number  of  changes  to  map  locations.       In-­‐purchase  ‘Battle  Pass’     For  parents,  it’s  important  to  know  that  although  the  game  is  free,  to  take  full  advantage  of  these  expansions  players  need   to  purchase  the  Battle  Pass.  This  then  enables  them  to  win  new  outfits,  characters  and  clothing.   Although  you  can  access  some  of  the  benefits  with  a  Free  Pass,  children  will  need  a  paid  Battle  Pass  for  the  best  rewards.   This  costs  950  V-­‐Bucks  which  translates  to  about  £8  /  $10.  It’s  also  worth  noting  that  when  the  next  Battle  Pass  comes  out   the  current  one  becomes  obsolete.     Now  available  on  iOS     The  game  is  also  now  available  to  play  on  iOS  devices.  It  will  come  out  for  Android  phones  and  tablets  later  in  the  summer.   Players  can  compete  across  these  systems,  although  the  player  controls  are  quite  different  on  each  and  can  frustrate   youngsters.     The  game  itself  is  also  being  changed  with  new  weapons  and  equipment.  Most  significant  is  a  new  Jetpack  that  lets  players   fly  and  shoot  at  the  same  time.     While  many  of  these  tweaks  will  make  more  sense  to  players  of  the  game  than  parents,  it’s  well  worth  keeping  abreast  of   developments  in  the  game  to  be  aware  of  possible  costs.  It’s  also  good  for  parents  to  be  able  to  talk  to  children  about  the   game  and  how  they  are  enjoying  it.  

Weekly Parent Bulletin  
Weekly Parent Bulletin