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Parent Bulletin  –  Friday  17th    May  2019   Key  Dates  

  21st  May   Prefect  Interviews     22nd  May   Year  9  &  10  Area  Athletics  at   Charlton   Prefect  Interviews   Year  6  Tea  Party     24th  May   Y10  Geography  Trip  to   Hengistbury  Head     27th  May  –  2nd  Jun   HALF  TERM     4th  June   Parent  Voice,  5.30pm     17th  and  18th  June   Year  5  Days     19th  June   Year  5  Sports  Event     20th  June   Teentech  Trip     29th  June   ASDA  Bag  Pack     1st  July   Family  Evening  for  Year  6     2nd  July   Y9  Take  Your  Child  to  Work  Day   Family  Day  for  Year  6   Parent  Voice,  5.30pm     3rd  July   VPA  Day  for  Year  2  Feeder   Schools     4th  July   Year  11  Prom     10th  –  12th  July   Summer  Production     12th  July   Athletics       15th  July   Sports  Day     16th  July   Community  Daty      17th  –  19th  July    Motion  &  Commotion    

Wow! What  a  quick  half  term!  One  week  to  go.  Not  a  great  deal  to  report  from  this  week.  Exams  have   gone  well  and  the  Year  11s  are  working  hard.  Revision  sessions  continue  over  Easter  and  there  is  a   maths  revision  session  this  weekend  on  Saturday  between  10am  and  12  midday.  Next  week  is  a  really   busy  week  for  GCSEs  please  make  sure  you  keep  the  pressure  on  at  home.       Yesterday  we  appointed  two  excellent  English  teachers  for  September,  they  both  have  a  huge  amount   of  experience  and  will  ensure  English  is  able  to  continue  to  develop  in  September.       Next  week  we  have  the  Year  6  tea  party  on  Wednesday,  with  lots  of  our  wonderful  Year  7s  serving  tea   to  our  new  year  group.  On  Wednesday  we  have  Years  9  and  10  area  athletics  and  on  Friday  a  group  of   Year  10  students  are  going  to  Hengistbury  Head  for  Geography.  Finally  on  Tuesday  and  Wednesday  we   have  the  prefect  interviews.       Congratulations  to  the  following  students  in  the  Book  of  Distinction  this  week:    For  Dance  –  Jack  Stuart;   For  Science  –  Rianna  Bishop.     Next  week  will  end  with  a  staff  v  Year  11  students  rounders  house  competition!     Have  a  lovely  week  end.          

We have  secured  50  tickets  for  the  Euro  2020  qualifier  match  where  England  will  take  on  Bulgaria  at   Wembley  on  Saturday  7th  September.    This  is  a  community  event  that  is  open  to  all  members  of  our   school  community  as  well  as  staff,  parents,  family  members  and  friends.     Tickets  and  transport  will  cost  £40  for  adults  and  £25  for  children(U18yrs)   Letters  will  be  available  from  student  reception  on  Monday  and  tickets  will  be  allocated  on  a  first   come-­‐first  served  basis.    Any  questions,  please  see  Mr  Ashworth.                          


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Parent Bulletin 32  

Parent Bulletin 32