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Dog eats baby in Winterveldt

The spot where the baby was found. Photo by Samuel Kgwele

By Heather Kunene & Seiso Modisenyane


he residents of Winterveldt, North of Pretoria were left in a shock on the August 26th after a baby was found dead in the evening nearby the road. It is alleged that a passer-by saw a dog eating something that looked like a baby in the evening near Mabunda Stand on Phalama road. Zanele Zitha said that she was passing when she saw the dog eating a baby that was inside a plastic and called the police immediately after chasing the dog away.

More free Wi-Fi services for Pretorians

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Police spokesperson Constable Moreme said the baby was found without hands and legs, “The mother of the child is still unknown and we suspect that she was terminating pregnancy. The case of concealment of birth was opened at Loate Police station for further investigation”. Sinah Mnisi (49) a resident of Winterveldt blames the darkness in their area for the cause of the horrific occurrence, “I think maybe this was not going to be possible if

Malema addresses students in Soshanguve

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The mother of the child is still unknown and we suspect that she was terminating pregnancy

we had the lights on the street. We don’t have streets lights in our area and I think that might have been a contributing cause. Perhaps this will be enlightening to the municipality to erect street lights in our area”. Furthermore Ms Mnisi said that is recommended that pregnant women should be taught about the pregnancy prevention, “Those that are pregnant need to be taught

A 7 year old killed by his father in Winterveldt

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about the advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy. It is sad and heart-aching to see an innocent tiny human being eaten by a dog. What I saw there was horrific and that gave me a nightmare” Constable Moreme further said that the investigation is still on and anyone with information is urgently requested to contact the police.

Jabulane United gets a superlative beating

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Renovated airport links Tshwane to Troublesome landlord in Cape Town Mabopane

By Heather Kunene

17;30 Flight from Wonderboom airport to Cape Town. Photo By Sibusiso Masango

By Sibusiso Masango


n Saturday the 16th of August marked the opening of the Wonderboom airport in the north of Pretoria. Airlink in partnership with South African Airways (SAA) launched an inaugural domestic flight to travel from the City of Tshwane in the upgraded Wonderboom airport to Cape Town International. This partnership has been going on for 20 years and since 1997 Airlink has been a franchise of SAA. According to Roger Foster Chief Executive Officer of Airlink the birth of these flights is a child of a new democracy in South Africa. “We are proud, we are privileged to be part of the return of scheduled air services to Tshwane here at Wonderboom airport” he said.

This initiation will enhance travel patterns by providing options for Tshwane residence and save time. “It is quite exciting that for the first time we are linking City of Tshwane and the City of Cape Town for both business and leisure travelers”, said Lusanda Jiya SAA General Manager. The flights will takes off three times a day to and from Cape Town. On a daily basis the flights are scheduled to depart Wonderboom for Cape Town at 06:45 in the morning with a second morning flight at 09:45, then departing Wonderboom in the afternoon at 17:45. The flights that fly from Cape Town to Wonderboom depart at 06:45 in the morning with afternoon flights departing at 15:00 and 17:30. All those who will be flying will enjoy free WI-FI courtesy of Tshwane

This was also done as part of the City of Tshwane’s ongoing process to transform, modernize and re-industrialize Gauteng as stated in the province speech 2015. The City of Tshwane has adopted a comprehensive strategy of a single labour market and functional economy. “It is important for us as a City to birth a comprehensive strategy to take us to a different face”, said Executive Mayor of Tshwane Kgosientso Ramakgopa . According to Gauteng Premier David Makhura a city without its airport is a very poor city. “Not only have we built an airport here, but it’s a new economy, the airport will be a catalyst of many more developments to be a city”, he said.

Solution to land pollution in Winterveldt

Tenants are not at peace in their rental rooms in Mabopane Block A. Bunch of tenants held a meeting outside their rental home after a long struggle between them and their landlord. They are complaining that Mr Sipho Ngwenya (53) has been ill- treating them for 3 years. According to tenant they don’t use electricity and water the way they want. Ms Tina (32) who is the owner of the Salon in Mr Ngwenya’s yard said she has lost a lot of money and customers because of electricity that is being switched off any minute while working. “I’m moving out this month, I can’t do business like this, yesterday I had to go to a customer’s home to hair dry her because my landlord switched off electricity while I was busy relaxing hair, “He told me that he wants to use his room he is giving me 10 days to pack my things and leave and according to the law he must give me 3 months notice, but I’m done now I don’t want to be here anymore.” Said MsTina Another tenant who didn’t want to be named said Mr Ngwenya is just a Christian who is cold hearted and hiding his wickedness in his church uniform. “I am very worried that my children won’t have a place to sleep next week because the landlord says he want R1000 for a pipe that was burnt by mistakenly by my kid last night. He said that if I don’t pay it, I must leave his yard in 10 days, where can I get that kind of money, I’m struggling to pay R400 for rent every month.” She said. Mr Ngwenya in a meeting was told to fix electricity and water which affect badly the tenants especially those who have businesses in his yard. Alemu Abera who is a tuck shop owner in the yard said electricity and water are not just a problem he has with the landlord, but his business is going down because of the landlord. “He asks for R50 everyday and takes a lot of stuff without paying and I have to pay R2500 every month for rent, my brother left because of him.” Mr Ngwenya said that if the tenants want to move out his premise, they must go “I won’t be ruled by the tenants, this is my yard, the rent is very little and there are a lot of people who need rooms.”

By Kamva Dalasile

Waste disposal in the winterveldt community. Photo by Kamva Dalisile

I think it is a blessing for the municipality to appoint local contractors, because we know the place very well.

Among the many shameful crimes that take place in local communities, the most disgusting and unavoidable crime to mother earth is land pollution. Goodman Mashingo (36) and Andries Mdagane (46) work together as the local contractors in Winterveldt and neighboring communities to clean the area. Mr Mashigo and Mdagane have been appointed by the Tshwane Municipality .On 21 August these two seemingly diligent men were using a TLB truck and a dipper truck to escort waste materials near Kgabo clinic. A resident who refused to be named exclaimed, “Sometimes I have to enclose the smelly waste into plastic bags to keep the smell from coming out, and the waste stays there for long before it is taken away.” “This filth has been there for months before it was removed, and this condition could

be detrimental to the lives of many who live in this area”. Whenever there is a complaint to the municipality concerning waste in the neighboring townships, Goodman and Andries are the agents for the job, but like any other contractors under business, they react to orders from the municipality. “I think it is a blessing for the municipality to appoint local contractors, because we know the place very well” said Goodman. Mr Mashigo also shared with Winterveldt News that they are also involved in other community projects like raising funds for funerals. “The area is one of the poorest areas, and whenever there is a funeral at hand we contribute to raising the funds necessary to make sure that the person is buried in dignity,” He said.


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More free WIFI services for Pretorians By Heather Kunene It has been almost a year now since the City of Tshwane launched free Wi-Fi TV where people get to watch the movies, music current affairs and other programme. The launch of Wi-Fi TV created jobs opportunities for the youth and enabled the residents of Tshwane to watch through WiFi free of charge. The free Wi-Fi is available in different hotspots in Tshwane such as schools, libraries, clinics, transport venues. The Tshwane free Wi-Fi allows the usage of 250 megabytes per gadget daily. The non-profit organisation Project Isizwe and City of Tshwane recently launched the three Value Added Services (the Wi-Fi voice, drive-in and chat) for users of the Tshwane Free Wi-Fi network to enjoy. The drive-in service is a video-on-demand service enabled at specific Wi-Fi locations that allows users to watch a selection of the latest movies on their personal mobile devices. This service is only available on weekends. The Wi-Fi chat service allows the city and users to have closer interaction. It also serves as a service delivery mechanism for users to log queries and complaints. Wi-Fi-voice allows for free calls between users of the app to call each other at no cost when connected to the Wi-Fi service. The COO of Project Isizwe Zahir Khan said that the high cost of voice calls creates a barrier to stimulating economic growth and creating opportunity for the youth and the City of Tshwane will effectively reduce the

The free Wi-Fi hotspot in Winterveldt Library. Photo by Heather Kunene cost of doing business in and with the city through the Tshwane Wi-Fi Voice app. “We envisage that this site will offer a secure environment where people can congregate and be entertained. It is important for the city to create environments for family entertainment where citizens can break away from their usual routine and engage in a unique, ground-breaking experience.” He said A resident in Winterveldt, Thato Mogale (24) says he uses the free Wi-Fi daily, “I’ve been using Wi-Fi for the past few months and I really enjoy every second of it because

not everyone gets an opportunity to access internet for free”. He further said “I look for job posts online and send important emails and the Wi-Fi TV is the coolest”. Not everyone is happy about the free Wi-Fi, Sphiwe Saliwe (28) from Mabopane told Winterveldt News that the City of Tshwane still has a lot to do, “I am not excited about the new services of free Wi-Fi because sometimes it is difficult to access it and the network is always low and the 250 megabytes is not enough daily. The megabytes must be increased because they get finished finish faster,” He said.

Feast of the clowns march in Pretoria By Heather Kunene The feast of the clowns marched in the streets of Pretoria on Saturday morning the 15th of August in the woman’s month. The aim was to raise social awareness on issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, xenophobia, greening the city, HIV and aids, gender equality and woman abuse. This was the fifteenth annual event which started in 2000. The event organiser Joel Mxolisi Mayephu said that they marched to the University of Pretoria on Wednesday where they had a mini march in the premises and ended in an auditorium. During their march they had a documentary movie on their first Constitutional Court Chief justice Albie Saches with their theme this year “....and a child shall lead them....” “ The event was also for celebrating the developing artists with 900 participants in their parade of clown , even though numbers dropped this year because the City of Tshwane didn’t venture with us however the event was a great success, with sponsors such as Lottery, private businesses and churches “

The feast of clowns take it to the streets of Pretoria to raise awareness. Photo by Virgilatte Gwangwa

Local artists showcased their talent in three different stages; one of the musicians Patmuso said that he is one of the men, who are against woman abuse, “This is the month that I celebrate the women in my life and I am what I am today because of the women, we don’t want abuse,

we don’t tolerate it” he said. Kathlin Telges one of the marchers said that there is still more to be done, “Women’s Day means a lot to me and the women are not fully equipped compared to men and we still have a lot to do to balance equality”.

B-Wise launch for young people. “I believe that abuse begins at adolescent stage and if we solve these sorts of problems from adolescent, then we would also be solving adult problems,” He said. The Minister also encouraged every young person to subscribe to the website B-Wise.mobi of which they could access on their cell-phones to start interacting with him and his department. He said that the mobi-site will have different experts working on it, such as psychologists, social workers, religious leaders and the Minister Motsoaledi himself to discuss various topics. The new platform has different categories which include being of assistance to young adolescent from ages 10- 14 years,

older adolescent 15-19 and the youth 20-24 years. Motsoaledi explained that before the launch, a competition was run for young people to come up with a suitable name for the program and Tshepo Mofokeng (22) from Free State came up with the name “B-Wise” therefore he then won the competition. Lindiwe Matshika, a nurse practitioner who attended the event said that she learned a lot from the Minister and she is happy that young people are finally being given a chance to voice out their views. Lastly the Minister Motsoaledi urged the youth to stop using drugs and said that addiction has no cure, “If you are hooked- you are hooked, therapy might or might not help so the best thing is never to start,” He said.

Health minister reach out to the youth By Virgilatte Gwangwa

Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi launched a mobi-site called B-Wise, at the KT Motubatse clinic in Kopanong, Soshanguve on August the 20th. Similar to ‘Mom connects for pregnant women’ which was launched last year; BWise was launched for young people. The platform allows young people to interact with the Minister and his department about teenage problems, be it about substance abuse, mental health, social or sexual health and anything that needs to be addressed. Motsoaledi said that most problems begin at an early age and once people have grown, it becomes difficult to manage certain issue, therefore that’s why there is a



Kgomotso Senauwa (Center) and the Kgomotso Girls of Success. Photo by Nelson Mahlangu

KCC launches Girls of Success By Nelson Mahlangu In a bid to commemorate the women of 1956, Kgomotso Children’s Centre a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Tshwane launched a new project called Kgomotso Girls of Success at block NN in Soshanguve on the 8th of August. The ultimate purpose of the project is aimed at empowering teenage girls through regularly workshops to engage social issues they come up against. To begin with vigor, the youngsters of Kgomotso Girls of Success produced fine performances ranging from dance and lively theatre drama. Guest speakers shared their motivation with the girls and replicated an illustrious saying; that says ‘You strike a woman, you strike a rock’. “The program is specifically intended at supporting and educating the girls to take care of themselves when they are faced up with societal issues through monthly workshops that will enhance guidance and instill them with motivation” said Kgomotso

Senauwa, the founder and Programme Manager of KCC. She further added that the workshops will be utilized to provide the girls with fundamental basics such as toiletry, “The project will be used as a campaign to donate basic needs to girls in and around the community of Soshanguve with toiletries and sanitary towels”, she said. According to Kgomotso the workshops will include societal issues matters pertaining to self-esteem, self confidence, teenage pregnancy and informative sessions such as education and career choices. The drop-in centre also empowers vulnerable children into discovering their talents particularly in art and sports programmes. “Through Kgomotso Children’s Centre we are exposed to many developmental activities which include public speaking, fine art, dance and drama”, said Nthabiseng Nyalungo”.

ANC Woman’s League march against Oscar’s release on parole

Implant insertion gets mixed emotions from its users photo by department of health

Mixed emotions about the famous implant ANC woman’s League march for their rights as woman, Photo Thobeka Cholo

By Thobeka Cholo Over to hundred African National Congress Woman’s League came in solidarity, to support Reeva Steenkamp who was killed by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius, through a toilet door on Valentine’s day in 2013. They marched from the City Hall, Pretoria CBD to the Minister of Justice to submit a memorandum against the parole release of Mr. Pistorius. Deputy Commissioner received the memorandum on behalf of the Minister of Justice. The ANC Woman’s League said they demand a broad review on Oscar Pistorius case and that the parole release should be considered at least after ten years. ANC Woman’s League said that Oscar being released will send a wrong and bad message to the other people who kill woman and children out there and that will lead to an increase in the number of woman and chil-

dren being killed every day. According to the woman’s league they believe that the parole will give men power to can kill even more by getting a parole and get away with it easily. They further said that they believe in gender equality and the promotion of woman’s rights, “We hereby state out concerned of the wellbeing of woman in South Africa in general and members of the ANC in particular that the structure of the justice system in South Africa as it elects to gender based and domestic violence needs to be reviewed and improved”. Zakaria Modise who was also on the march said he promises that this matter will be taken into highest consideration and that he will see to it that a response is given. “Wathinta Abafazi Wathinta Imbokodo”, he said as he concluded.

By Heather Kunene The Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi in February 2014 introduced the implant contraceptive which lasts for 3 years and available in government clinics for free. The minister last year said the implant would decrease the level of abortions and teenage pregnancy. It has been over a year now since the implant was introduced however there are mixed emotions about the contraceptive. A resident in Mabopane Linda Mseleku (25) said that she went to a clinic to have a prevention injection that she normally have after three months. Ms Msekeku claims that the nurse recommended an implant and she agreed to do it, “I am tired of visiting a clinic and sometimes forget my dates to go for an injection. I was happy to do an implant but that happiness ended in a short period of time. She further said “I was feeling a lot of pains after the insertion of an implant but the nurse said it is normal, I went home and I waited for two weeks but the pain was unbearable and my entire arm was malfunctioning” Ms Mseleku said that she had to go to the private doctor to take out an implant and

said that she never felt such pain. Not everyone who did an implant is complaining about it, Ms Kgomotso Modise a resident of Soshanguve said that she wish the government had introduced an implant a very long time ago, “I am very happy about this method because I disappointed my family when I fell pregnant in the year 2012 and with this implant I know that I am very safe when it comes to pregnancy, I never had any problems after inserting it and it has been ten months now” she said. A spokesperson of the Department of Health in Gauteng Steve Mabona told Winterveldt News that in 2014/2015 100 000 implants were inserted and said that the negative reports are mainly myths that scare women to remove implants , “ It must be understood by the communities that these implants are very expensive ,the department is committed to conduct a community and social mobilisation in all five health districts in order to communicate accurately with relevant information to give appropriate education ,provide life saving counselling for better use of scarcely available resources and better health outcome,” he said.




Winterveldt young one makes it for himself


From the writer’s perspective Gift Matlhoka


hildren, treasures that can never be found over the counter. Precious, priceless gifts from God. They are fountains of Peace, joy, unity and serenity. Regardless of how a child came to be, he/she isn’t a mistake. Every child needs to be loved, embraced, respected and mostly, well taken care of. However, if a parent doesn’t feel fit to raise a child, there is an option that could work to both the parents’ and the child’s advantage, which is very common; Adoption. Adoption gives the parent/parents the chance to move on with their lives knowing that their child is well taken care of. Every child at birth holds in their hands a purpose, purpose that the world desperately needs, it is only ideal that they are given a chance to grow and be whatever they want to be, to change the world. So, let every child be given the life he/she deserves, the life that’s rightfully theirs. Raise that soldier well, that doctor, teacher, lover, engineer, entrepreneur, peace maker, speaker, journalist, priest, president, professor, precious and priceless work of art. Be a voice of change, take care of that child, and don’t terminate that child, don’t abuse that child, report whoever abuses a child. And to you, the mother or the father to that child, treasure him/her; it may be your last.

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Mfanafuthi and his friends busy on the road . Photo by Tshepang Sekhaolelo.

“There is a lot of money in this industry. By Tshepang Sekhaolelo The unemployment and poverty were said to be the major contributing factors of crimes, according to the study conducted by the Centre for the study of Violence and Reconciliation that was released in 2008. Winterveldt young man acknowledges this statement, but says that he would never let the unemployment faced by Winterveldt community to discourage him to be on the wrong foot of the law. Mfanafuthi Nkosi is one of the youth who decided to challenge the jobless status quo of Winterveldt and started their own businesses; “No one wants to be an informal trader, but it is better than doing unlawful things” said Mfanafuthi. Although the little business that he owns cannot benefit the community at large, however he could still dish out advices to those who are interested in starting up their businesses, “The money that I’m making here is not much enough for me to help out the community,” he further said “I advise people to come up with a strong plan of the business that is unique, because the competition is too much, especially in informal trading industry”. Mr Nkosi told Winterveldt News that, the

reason why he established his business was the living condition at home, as his parents were jobless, “I had to use the grant money as a start-up cash, to support my family financially” he exclaimed. Although Mfanafuthi obtains no formal business training, he still wishes to grow big in the trading world, “if I go to school for formal training, who will look after the business?” asked Mfanafuthi. He further said “We as the youth should go to school because in the next five years things will be tough to start an informal trading. Every business has its own short-falls”. Mfanafuthi said challenges are everywhere and he finds challenges when customers come and ask the products that he sells, “most of the time motorists ask me how long does the dashboard spray last on the dashboard and that is really uncertain to answer”. Amongst other things the challenge that is mostly faced by informal traders is that most residence think that they are dishonest and criminals “We are faced by drug challenges in Winterveldt, which is robbing us of the upcoming Presidents and other prominent people” he exclaimed. “Winterveldt, amongst other

communities has drugs abuse predicament, which takes a lot away from people who can produce the best in community and the country at large”. Mfanafuthi condemned the use of drugs in the community “We see a lot of young people dropping out of schools, because of drugs”. A drop out who didn’t want to be named said “The use of drugs was the main reason why I decided to cut ties between myself and school” “All of us should not try to be business owners, we have to pursue different careers” Mfanafuthi explained; he said that many people leave schools, because they want to start their own business, which creates a lot of competition as they will be copying others businesses; “There is a lot of money in this industry” but it needs someone with entrepreneurial minds and great business plan,” he said. Mr Nkosi urged the youth that are still in school to study hard and remain at school and that no one should stay at the street corners”.

Malema addresses students in Soshanguve By Thobeka Cholo Just few hours before the commencement of the Student Representative Council elections, Julius Malema leader of Economic Freedom Fighters, visited Tshwane University of Technology Soshanguve South Campus to address his party’s supporters. It was not so long after his arrival when the members of the South African Students Congress (SASCO) started throwing stones at the EFF members while he was busy speaking to his members. The whole gathering turned into a huge chaos however with the presence of the police, the fight was easily and quickly managed. The EFF won last years’ elections, and they are hoping to do the same this year. “Should my party win this year, I promise to bring a list of performers and host a bash. On the list of the performers will include DJ Duo and hip hop artist Ricky Rick,” said Malema

PASMA member and educational student Nqobile Dhlamini said “It is sad to know that Julius Malema came here to only talk about Mr. President Jacob Zuma and throwing a bash for students if only his party won the elections”. Nombuso Mashele, who is also a student, said that the visit by Malema does not immediately confirm that the EFF had already won the election. TUT EFF Chairperson Given Mashabela said, “We are pleased to have our leader Malema in our campus to address the issues that mostly concern the students, and with that I refer to free education promised by our leader that every black person needs. EFF is here to rule and serve the needs of a black person”. Deputy Chairperson of SASCO, Sthembiso Ndlovu said that they are not shaken by Malema’s visit, “We are going to win the elections and prove it to him that EFF is not going to change any status of the students”.

Malema speaks to his supporters. Photo by Thobeka Cholo



Yo Vibes... Hunder Huku hosts a beauty contest in Winterveldt.

From left to right Portia Skhosana the 1st princess, Miss Hunder Huku Thandeka Mahlangu, and 2nd princess Pretty Hlongwana

By Sibusiso Masango


under Huku a Winterveldt clothing brand and entertainment production hosted their first annual beauty contest for miss and Mr. Hunder Huku on Saturday the 29th of August. The contest was mainly aimed at exposing the talent that is within Winterveldt, “Winterveldt is undermined and regarded as a failing township, we want to remove that stigma by bringing together talented individuals to express themselves”, said Kedibone Mohlala the cp-founder of Hunder Huku. Artists from different parts of Win-

terveldt were invited including dancers. The atmosphere moved when The GeniusTouch opened the event with his title song ‘Ke Stele’. He was then followed by other different artists namely CID, Revolution, and CBH who left the audience stunned with their quick feet. More than 19 boys and girls were in the competition for the ultimate price to be Mr. and Miss Hunder Huku.

Trevor Mtshali was crowned Mr Hunder Huku with Lacie Chiloane and Bafana Mohotvane being 1st and 2nd prince respectively. On the ladies Thandake Mahlangu was crowned Miss Hunder Huku, with Portia Skhosana and Pretty Hlungwane awarded 1st and 2nd princess. The winners

did not go home empty handed they received prices. However Miss and Mr Hunder Huku will also be ambassadors for the Hunder Huku clothing brand. “I am very happy for this initiative and winning, I also urge other young people to come and join us, their fears must not stop them from moving forward”, said Trevor Mtshali Mr. Hunder Huku. The audience was excited about the show and this was evident when they were heartbroken for the ending of the great show. “I loved the show, the audience was alive, the contestants were all stunning and entertaining”, said Annah Ndlovu an attendee.

The annual tribute concert of music By Ntuthuko Mncanyana On the 22nd of August the Eskia Mpahlele Library was full as there was an annual tribute concert music workshop sponsored by Premier Hotels and Resort. The concert was also hosted by none other Sam Mhangwani former play writer of the Drakensburg Promotions assisted by Heritage of Music and featured Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hepter Mailula of the Association for Entertainment of South Africa (AESA), Amongst the guests, there was also Glen Masokoane of the National Department of Arts and Culture with Jimmy Nkosi Zakheni

and many more. The vision of this workshop was aimed at imparting business skills to musicians and related sectors. When Sam Mhangwani was being asked on why they hosted this type of events, he said that by nature he likes events where people can get together and rejoice and forget about their sorrows, “This concert has helped a lot of people from Boomshaka, Arthur Mafokate and Brandafassie. Sipho Sithole a PhD graduate who was one of the spokespeople said. “This is not just a concert as it is educational on how about to go on with the music industry, and not just end at singing and blaming the industry by saying that it is robbing you while you do not understand it”

Mr Sithole has excessively educated the musicians on how to choose and to choose on record deals, losses and success. He also taught the music artists that when an artist is sending a CD to a record label it must have a (ISR CODE) this code will help an artist on recognising his song anywhere as the titles might be the same. Furthermore he reminded the young musicians that the school is the first stone. Masokoane enforced that young musicians must focus and not always being spoon fed, “We as South Africans blame everyone and why don’t we take the initiative to do things?” he asked. He further explained on how every musician can make it without spending a

cent from his pocket by just visiting the Department of Trade and Industry (Dti). “The music industry in South Africa is not well supported, and which might be the downfall of South Arica as it can produce a lot of money”, he said. ISA in partnership with AESA brings good news to all the artists out there with a Burial Scheme Fund which in the time off passing one will get a casket, a tombstone of the instruments which the artist was playing and a short biography on the tombstone. The ISA and AESA said that they are tired of the artists passing and being buried without dignity and secondly they will be launching an Entertainment bank.



Community raises awareness against drugs and substance abuse

The house where the boy was found. Photo by SAPS.

Members of the community that took part in the fun walk. Photo by Virgilatte Gwangwa

By Virgilatte Gwangwa The community took to the streets of Soshanguve and walked against drugs and substance abuse. It was on the 29th of August when community members of all ages gathered at Soshanguve plaza to prepare for their 15km walk. Their walk included distributing drug awareness pamphlets to other community members who were not part of the walk and to everyone they came across. Many participants took part for different reasons; one of the participants by the name of Sarah who took part in the walk said that she saw it fit to take be in the walk as the world is losing family members due to drugs. “I am actually motivated by my brother who smokes Nyaope to take part in this walk. It is about 10 years now since he has been smoking Nyaope and he refuses any form of help from the family, he even moved out at home”. Sarah also said that his brother can bare-

ly walk as he has some severe pains under his feet and he depends on Nyaope in order for him to walk normally. Jabu Mahlangu, Chairperson of the Soshanguve local drug action committee (SLDAC) said that the main aim behind the event was to raise awareness to those who have not yet indulged in using the drugs. “We hope that with this march they will see how drugs will affect them if they ever start using, hence we urge them to never start using drugs”, he added, “Not more than 100 people attended the march but over 200 people attended the event and we hope that the awareness that we are trying to raise will reach people and make a difference in their lives”. Pastor Edith Ndlovu said that she was there to make sure that those who went to rehab were involved and active in such activities; “With the theme (I want to walk with you against drugs and substance abuse) the event was a success”.

A 7 year old killed by his father in Winterveldt By Heather Kunene A 25 years old man whose name is with-held was arrested for allegedly killing his son in Winterveldt North of Pretoria on Wednesday morning on the 1st of September. According to a family friend Salome Mokaba the child always goes to her house after school and his father usually fetch him when he is back from work, Ms Mokaba said that she was woken up by the suspect in the morning . “When he came in my house I was still sleeping and he was crying telling me that he killed the boy, I then called my younger brother and everything happened so fast.” Ms Mokaba further said that they are all from Soshanguve, “I didn’t suspect any-

thing the last day when he fetched the son”. According to Salome, the father doesn’t know who called the community or the police. The suspect was beaten up by the community members after trying to run away from Mokaba’s home, however he was rescued by the Loate police and he was taken to the hospital, “The suspect is in hospital for medical attention, he will appear in Garankuwa magistrate court as soon as he is charged. The 7 year old deceased was found lying on the floor and covered in bruises all over his body and face”, said Police spokesperson Constable Chabangu.

Winterveldt community gather to talk about abuse

Winterveldt community members gathered in the talk of abuse, Photo by Heather Kunene August.

By Heather Kunene

The event started by the serving of the

The Social Development in partnership with

soup from Shoprite to the community, the

Loate police station raised awareness against

event organiser Hilda Relela said that the

women abuse in Winterveldt on the 28 of

purpose of this event was to show that wom-


en have the strength to nurture the world. “As we were working with clients we realised that there are a lot of women who are being abused and no one realises that a woman can do everything in the community and her household” , “We partnered with Loate Police station because the station gave us accommodation and as the victim empowerment when the case comes in the police station, a victim is sent to us to get counselling and to be accompanied to the hospital for medical examination”. Ms Relela added that there are support groups for victims to realize that they are not alone whether they are being abused domestically or raped so that they must not consider committing suicide. The event was attended by different high schools and elders of the community and the Councillor of ward 19 in Winterveldt Lenda Kwenda Sesoka. The Councillor said that the women of South Africa have achieved a lot and there are a lot of women in power and there is still a lot to be done for young women, “Even if the young women have babies,

we must not give up on them, we must encourage them to go on and do the best. In my ward, the women are working in cooperate world; I am currently doing a door to door campaign to listen to the women”. The councillor also said that sugar daddies are a major problem to the youth and that is why she started programmes such as computer skills that will empower women to have a brighter future. A community member Pastor Rosina Ntlatleng said that the event is annual and very helpful to women because it reminds them of what the brave women did during the apartheid when they marched for freedom. “Abuse is in different types, the women are being raped and physical abused and the police in Loate are helping a lot. The attendees are learning a lot from this event because now they will teach those who didn’t get the opportunity to come, “We are strong and rocks, so we must talk about being abused. Grannies in our area are being abused by their children who take their grant money from them and beating them, so we are saying that must stop”.



WINTERVELDT SPORT TUT and Reserve Bank share spoils

Mapule player of Reserve Bank

By Thobeka Cholo


shwane University of Technology Sosha played out to a 2 – 2 draw against Reserve Bank in the ABSA League encounter on Saturday the 9th of August at Soshanguve Block L. The Reserve Bank players started the game at a very speedy pace that TUT could not keep up with. Six minutes of commencement into the game TUT Sosha struggled to find their feet and that led to them making a countless blunders. The Reserve Bank side managed to surprise the TUT goalkeeper with a glancing goal by Zanele Matchebe who made it 1 – 0. The electrifying first half saw TUT grabbing an equalizer after they were awarded with a penalty and Katlego Motsitsi the Captain hit the back of the net to make it 1 – 1 all. Nokwanda ‘Yeye’ Shabangu pulled one goal back before halftime through a fine curled ball to see the TUT side leading 2 - 1 for the first time in the game. In the second half, Reserve Bank came back with more gumption, and managed to grab an early equalizer on the 57th minute through a fine play by Mpule Ramatonono to make it 2 – 2. The goal became an alert to TUT players as they needed to change the complexion of the game in order to revamp their pace. Reserve Bank started to attack TUT Sosha enormously with their quick wingers through counter-attacks, but failed to get goals. The TUT side lacked fitness as the

Mapule of Reserve Bank dribles past two TUT players. Photo by Thobeka Cholo game progressed but managed to keep shape and created goal scoring opportunities. On the 75th minute TUT Sosha striker Nokwanda missed a golden attempt to steal a late winner but made a careless mistake with only the goalkeeper to beat.

Jabulane United gets a superlative beating

Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite attack Jabulane United. Photo by Nelson Mahlangu

By Nelson Mahlangu Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite recently crushed Jabulane United 7 – 0 in a nail-biting under 13 SODIFA Super League fixture at Giant Stadium in Soshanguve. The highly anticipated game started with both teams having a rather conventional approach in the opening few minutes of the encounter. Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite were rewarded with a goal after a fine play by Thami Motau who scored a brilliant long-range stunner to break the deadlock on the 4th minute to put ‘Bafana Ba Style’ 1 – 0 ahead. It was end-to-end action in the game

before Thami Motau the goal scorer got a straight red card after he deliberately attempted to score a goal using a hand. Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite stood firm as they were down to 10 men and looked comfortable on the ball as they continuously attacked their opponents robustly. Jabulane United added more players into attack on the 17th minute as they got their first scoring chance to level matters but failed to convert. Kealeboga Rrasegatlha grabbed a second goal from close range for Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite on the 19th minute through a glancing shoot and made it 2 – 0 against the poor defensive Jabulane United. Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite had a very

Both coaches expressed their feelings after the game and it was clear that they were not happy with the missed opportunities. “It was a nice game, we had more chances before half time, and we could have done better, but I’m glad we kept our shape regardbright second half as they sustained their ball dominance over the pitiable Jabulane United and kept testing different combinations to create more goals. The contest was later reduced to a one sided game as goals began pouring like water with two incredible goals in the 47th and 51th minutes to make it 4 – all, while the United goalkeeper made a tremendous save to deny their opposition a fifth goal. Jabulane United was later presented with an increasing deficit as ‘Snider’ wearing jersey number 10 scored the fifth goal for Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite on the 55th minute firing into the far corner and later completed his brace on the 60th minute with a spectacular volley to find the top corner and made it 6 - 0. Katlego Rangane (11) sealed the game and ensured his side maximum points as he fired an acrobatic header with only three minutes left to make it 7 – 0 against the helpless United side. “Am glad that today I scored away from home as I created many goals for my team and filled up the spaces going forward”, said Katlego Rangane. Mamelodi Sundowns Starlite coach, Ali Mocheke praised his team for the performance they displayed as they totally outplayed their opponents. “I am happy with how the boys played today as they passed the ball very well and structured themselves properly to create more goals against our poor defensive opponents”, he said. Meanwhile Jabulane Mhlanga poured cold water saying his side would improve as it is their first season in the SODIFA League.

less of being one player down”, said Bisto Mulaudzi the coach of Reserve Bank. Vongani Shirinda, TUT coach said that the game started well, but poor communication caused them goals and their goalkeeper was flatfooted throughout the game.

Katlego Rangane strikes a shoot against Jabulane United

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