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The future of rental






Ski & Equipment



• Online reservation

• Digital check-in station

• Electronic measurement of customer boots

• Signature pad – paperless

• Drop off, account check, done

• Tour operator voucher

• Online check-in

• Automatic boot recommendation and availability check

• Electronically calculate Z-score for binding adjustment

• Paperless rental - digital, legally binding signature with print option

• Data saved for next time

• Reservation lists / import

Rent / Own

• Selection by employee based on available data • Recommendation & sale of BOOTDOC soles or HOTRONIC Heat Socks

3D Scanner ER_WIN Self-serve ER_WIN foot scanner measures customer foot without need for physical contact by staff. the result is displayed on a 15-inch screen in seconds.

Barcode scanner Wired and wireless scanners, as well as new freehand scanners enable an optimized rental process that keeps your operations running quickly and efficiently.

Sizefit Caliper The Caliper is used to measure the customer ski boot for accurate binding adjustment. The ski boots in your rental fleet can be measured in accordance with ISO5355 prior to the season: Type A (Adult) and Type C (Child).

Safetronic The Safetronic ski binding adjustment and testing device can be connected to provide consistent, accurate, and quick adjustments for shorter waiting times. A tablet display with touch function provides a clear overview of the data, making data input faster. Digital documentation of the measurement data ensures legal compliance and provides paperless data storage.

• Distribute equipment


• Payment processing

Sizefit Home Sizefit Home acts as a drive and control unit for the electromechanical adjustment of the binding in accordance with Sizefit Sole A / Sole C sole lengths recorded in the database.

Signature pad Document scanner A digital signature pad ensures a completely paperless rental process – digital certificate and biometric signature for protected, legally binding documents. Maximum security is provided thanks to ID registration with an external OCR reader for passports, ID cards, driver‘s licenses, and credit cards.

Easygate In-store digital queue management system using the Easyrent Easygate module to guide the customers through the store. Simple customer pre-registration upon entry to the store or online from home.

Payment terminal connection Compatibility with several payment terminals and payment processing providers for fast, secure, accurate error-free, payment processing.

Your benefits Reservation


• Secure online reservations completed in advance for quick and accurate check in

• Faster in-person processing for shorter wait times and smoother customer experience

• Optimized Inventory planning due to advanced reservation

• Greater accuracy

• Advanced equipment reservation/preparation

Ski & Equipment • Skis can be adjusted without boots for ease of rental and greater customer comfort

• Less queuing stress • More time for potential add-on sales

Check-Out • Sustainable: No paper wasted

• Increased staff safety and hygiene with less equipment handling

• Digital overview of open items and outstanding rentals for more efficient staff planning and scheduling

• Legally binding, paperless documentation

• No paper files to organize, keep track of and store

Boots • Fun, interactive, high tech experience with ER_WIN • Automated process enabling shorter lines means less time standing around • Not dependent on staff experience • Data collection for upsells (socks, insoles, etc.)

Return • Fast processing (customer data in the system)

• ISO-compliant


78-700-701 The future of rental Version 11/2022, Print 11/2022. Photo: WINTERSTEIGER, innpuls Werbeagentur GmbH, Bründl Sports/Christian Wöckinger. Adobe Stock. © WINTERSTEIGER AG.