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CUBUSAN ACTIVE AIR DISINFECTION Permanent real-time protection. Completely natural.

Why is indoor air disinfection so important? It has now been scientifically proven that infections are most commonly transmitted through aerosols in the air. The probability of infection in closed rooms is between 20 and 30 times higher than it is outdoors. Depending on the room conditions and type of germs, aerosols exhaled by people that contain germs and bacteria can remain in the ambient air for up to six hours. There is therefore an increased risk of infection when several people spend time in closed indoor rooms. In order to reduce this risk, the WINTERSTEIGER Group, together with an Austro-German research team, has developed an innovative indoor air purifier.

What distinguishes the Cubusan from conventional air filter units? In conventional air purification systems, the room air is swirled around strongly, circulated, and only gradually cleaned via the filter or other methods such as UV-C. This spreads bacteria and viruses around the room so that keeping your distance to others is of less benefit. These processes are often also very time and energy consuming and not to mention noisy. The devices themselves usually require regular cleaning and maintenance.

The Cubusan, on the other hand, neutralizes germs without air circulation – and all right at the source. Before entering the room, the air is saturated with hydroxyl radicals (OH) using ionized plasma and the room completely disinfected. When people now enter this room, any aerosols that they spread are immediately neutralized and the germ load remains at a consistently very low level. As a result, the probability of infection is very low.

Germ load 100 %

Room 50 m2 (120 m3)

Conventional air purifier 50 % 8 people in the room

0 people

Cubusan CP-120

Critical limit value 0% 0h

60 min


Cubusan CP-120



How does STEREX PLASMA TECHNOLOGY work? The Cubusan uses STEREX plasma technology. STEREX is a method for disinfecting the air indoors, which – without the use of chemicals – uses oxygen and water vapor in the air and creates an atmospheric low-pressure plasma to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH). These hydroxyl radicals (OH) have a very high disinfecting effect on enveloped viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores. Ionization by means of electrical corona discharge forms the base technology here. In contrast to conventional plasma tubes, this plasma source creates up to ten times more ions and therefore hydroxyl radicals (OH). The plasma used is an atmospheric low-temperature plasma with a max. potential difference of 1.75 kV, so it does not exhibit higher amounts of ozone or nitrogen oxide values.

The STEREX plasma technology has been examined according to EN 14476 by a laboratory with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation (DAkkS Berlin) and the results validated by universities. The virucidal effect of cold plasma has already been documented in various published studies and scientific publications. Cold plasma has been used to disinfect air in hospitals in Asian countries for many years now. Disinfection by means of cold plasma is also used in medical products.

Completely natural The Cubusan is modeled on nature and produces small summer storms almost permanently. The disinfection performance is based on the action of hydroxyl radicals (OH). These are molecules that also occur in the natural atmosphere and are produced by UV radiation from the sun or lightning discharges. You can clearly feel the effect in nature after a storm, when the first rays of sunshine come through the clouds. Then the air is noticeably fresher and cleaner. Hydroxyl radicals are therefore sometimes also referred to as the "detergent of the atmosphere".

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The Cubusan needs to be viewed as one part of an overall hygiene concept. All valid national government guidelines and provisions on the topic of hygiene should naturally continue to be observed: sneezing hygiene, hand washing, distancing, ventilating, and so on. The effectiveness and safety of the Cubusan are ensured, scientifically validated, and certified – and can help make a significant contribution to reducing infection numbers.

approx. 30 m² (with maximum room volume of 70 m³)

Cubusan CP-120

approx. 50 m² (with maximum room volume of 120 m³)

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Cubusan CP-70

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One unit is sufficient for rooms of: