GSS-13-00402 TRIMJET 2

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TRIMJET 2 AUTOMATED BASE AND SIDE EDGE CERAMIC DISC MACHINE GSS-13-00402 Year of construction: Working hours (Appr.): Serial number: Manufacturer:

2016 8490-0081 Wintersteiger

The TrimJet has been a prime example of how first-class performance can be combined with high efficiency levels for years now. This makes the fact that the new updated version of this automatic edge grinding machine has many improvements and therefore even more benefits all the more remarkable. Fetures include, Individual and independent angle adjustments, user friendly operation on a touch screen display with an “easy go” quick selection button, and ginding without bridges. These provide the best possible edge finsish with Precise edge geometry, longer lasting edges, and smooth frictionless glide. The TrimJet can accommodate all skis and snowbaords in a smi-automatic operation.

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