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Bike Services Cleaning, drying, storage, and management

WINTERSTEIGER Bike Services – your one-stop supplier. The bicycle has changed dramatically in recent years, both from a technical as well as a "lifestyle" perspective. There is now much more awareness of its health and environmental benefits, which is reflected in the increased participation in cycling, including e-bikes. WINTERSTEIGER sees itself as a solutions provider: We apply our knowledge to educate ourselves of the latest sports trends and use that knowledge to develop concepts that meet our customers needs. WINTERSTEIGER remains as always, a one-stop supplier: We provide solutions for the cleaning and storage of bicycles, as well as hygienic storage and gentle drying of sportswear. We develop software for the management of bike rental, repair, and servicing operations. Bike cleaning accessories and tools, matched with our first-class after-sales service enhance the complete package provided.


Contents: Bike washing systems


Easyrent and Easywork software


Easystore bike hanging system


Drying solutions for sportswear, work, and business attire



WINTERSTEIGER – your one-stop supplier. Veloclean ■

■ ■

For manual bike cleaning or pre-cleaning of coarse mud and dirt Integrated water, cleaning agents, and lubricants Extremely low water consumption and drip tray for environmentally friendly operation Self-service operation with payment terminal

Easystore bike hanging system

Velobrush ■

Sturdy storage system for mounting to a wall or ceiling. Symbol photo

Fully automatic cleaning every 2 minutes Low pressure technology, therefore suitable for e-bikes and sensitive frames and components Environmentally friendly; approx. 1 liter (0.26 gal) of water used per bike

Bike Services

Symbol photo

Cleaning, drying, storage, and management


Drying solutions for sportswear, work, and business attire

Easyrent and Easywork

Supports bike commuters every day by drying and disinfecting their sportswear while they're at work.

■ ■

Specialized software for bike rentals Software module for bike service and assembly management



Die kraftvolle und dennoch besonders materialschonende Vorreinigung der Fahrräder. Die neue Generation an Fahrrädern ist technisch sehr hochwertig ausgestattet, ob bei Lagern, bei Brems- und Schaltsystemen oder der Elektronik. Starke Verschmutzungen müssen bereits in der Vorreinigung beseitigt werden. Die technische Ausrüstung des Fahrrades darf dabei nicht beschädigt oder beeinträchtigt werden! Gängige Hochdruck-Reinigungssysteme sind dafür ungeeignet. Wir

empfehlen die WINTERSTEIGER Velogun. Sie ist für den professionellen Einsatz in der Werkstatt oder Waschbox konzipiert und reinigt mit kraftvoller Pressluft. Dieser wird nur so viel Wasser beigemischt, wie für die Reinigung unbedingt nötig ist. Der Anwender steuert mit einem Stellrad das Mischverhältnis und kann aufgrund der präzisen Düsentechnologie auch sensible Stellen schonend reinigen.




Die Summe Ihrer Vorteile?

Technische Daten


Luftbedarf, Betriebsdruck

240 l/min. bei 5 – 8 bar


ca. 0,5 kg


Länge Reinigungslanze ca. 30 cm

Geräuschemission max.

ca. 80 dB (A)


Lanze, ca. 2 m Schlauch für Luftzufuhr und Wasseransaugung



Cleaning station for manual bike cleaning or pre-cleaning. The Veloclean cleaning station offers everything you need for the pre-cleaning or manual cleaning of a bike. It can be used as a stand-alone system both outdoors and indoors. Compressed air can be supplied by either an integrated compressor or with the use of an existing external compressor. Two liquid containers are used to store clean water and cleaning agents to wash up to 100 bikes.

Cleaning the bike takes place at a comfortable ergonomic working height, making it the ideal device for a variety of applications, from self-service terminals to professional bicycle rental and repair shops.

Symbol photo

Symbol photo


Symbol photo

Your benefits summed up: ■

A mobile system mounted on wheels, so it can be placed exactly where it is needed Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning of extremely dirty bicycles Extremely low water consumption – approximately 0.2 liters (0.05 gal) per bicycle Integrated compressor, containers for water, cleaning agents, and lubricants – can therefore be used outdoors without direct access to running water

■ ■ ■

Drip tray for environmentally friendly and proper disposal of waste water Convenient, ergonomic height Suitable for minor servicing work The lubrication of the chain and components can be carried out by using an integrated oil dispenser Can be used as a self-service terminal or for professional use in bicycle rental or repair shops

Symbol photo

Symbol photo

Everything in its place: foam nozzle and cleaning hose with water/air vaporization jet Symbol photo

Everything within easy reach: practical storage compartment for cleaning and care products

Bike mount with quick release fastener

Technical data Supply voltage

1 AC 230 V, 50 Hz*

Connected load

2 KW / 2,68 HP*

Rated current

10 A*


320 kg (705 lbs)

Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm (in)

2200 x 1200 x 1400 mm (86.6 x 47.2 x 55.1")

*Depending on component configuration. Technical data are subject to change.



Cleaning station for fully automated bike cleaning Delicate components, the electronics on e-bikes, and sensitive high-tech carbon frames need to be cleaned extremely gently. One reason why manual cleaning has typically been favored for top-quality bikes...until now! The WINTERSTEIGER Velobrush cleaning system can be used to thoroughly clean all types of bikes using low pressure and a gentle brush technology. It offers time savings and makes the cleaning process easier – in both servicing workshops and professional bike rental stores. Innovative cleaning concept. The Velobrush impresses with its innovative concept using horizontal rotating brushes. An independent cleaning unit

ensures tires and rims are cleaned. The closed yet attractive design guarantees cleanliness while the system is in operation, as no water escapes during the cleaning process. The waste water drip tray is easy to remove for disposal of mud and for easy cleaning. The integrated powerful filter system reduces water consumption to approx. 1 liter per bike. The bicycle is fed into the machine via a technically and ergonomically optimized transport frame. The system is equipped with wheels for use as a mobile station, or it can be used in a stationary position with the integrated feet.

Symbol photo

Symbol photo


Symbol photo

Your benefits summed up: ■ ■

For both indoor and outdoor professional use Closed system with a capacity of up to 25 bikes per hour Suitable for all types of bicycles, including e-bikes and carbon frames, thanks to low pressure and brush technology in the frame area Professional high-pressure tire and rim cleaning

Symbol photo

■ ■

Extremely low water and energy consumption Outdoor use also possible without direct access to water Environmentally friendly and professional treatment and disposal of waste water

Symbol photo

Innovative bike mount

Gentle cleaning at a low pressure and horizontal brushes

Technical data Supply voltage

3/N/PE AC 400 V 16 A 50 Hz

Connected load

3,5 kW

Rated current

15 A

Supply voltage

240 V 60 Hz Single Phase, 120 / 240 V Grounded Center

Connected load

* / **

Rated current

* / **


700 kg (1,543 lbs)

Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm (in)

2200 x 1350 x 1600 mm (86.6 x 53 x63")

*Depending on component configuration. **Current data were not yet available at the time of publication. Technical data are subject to change.



Easyrent and Easywork Rental software for bikes.

Use the Easyrent rental software and Easywork software module to manage the rental, service, repair, and assembly of bikes. Keep on top of the entire process, from order acceptance to billing! Easycheckin – Customer registration ■ Quick and easy customer pre-registration ■ Touchscreen or keyboard/mouse operation ■ The customer can select and confirm insurance, protection, and general terms and conditions in advance ■ Automatic search for regular customers Easywork – Servicing management/ processing ■ Order entry ■ Product compilation – bike, accessories, etc ■ Insurance ■ Digital signature for order confirmation ■ Assembly processing ■ Employee planning ■ Daily overview of open orders ■ Clear order list for the respective workshop employees ■ Notification sent to customer via SMS or e-mail with one click ■ Servicing management ■ Recording of bike service with

definable service articles Scheduling so that every service can be completed on time The service history is stored for every customer and all of their bikes Cost control with warning to the employee if the maximum amount is exceeded

■ ■

Easyrent – Rental management ■ Management of the rental bikes ■ Rental functions – issue, exchange, return ■ Flexible pricing based on price lists, price definition, structures ■ Reliable document capture – by webcam, passport scanner, magnetic card reader ■ Cash desk functions with touchscreen and special Quickbar ■ Clear lists for sales and payments as well as an invoice search function ■ Extensive statistics and evaluations

Different reservation types depending on the type of equipment, rental group, model-specific, articlespecific Availability check – no more overbooking Clear reservation list so that the rental articles can be prepared in time Manual or online reservation Connection to various reservation platforms (Intersport Rent, Sport 2000, Skiset, Waldhart, Alpinresorts, Snowell, Skimium, Best Price, Skibay, Skirentalresorts)

Analysis ■ Turnover analysis ■ Daily cash report ■ Complete overview of the rental business (open rental journal, overdue rental articles, outstanding accounts) ■ Sales analysis ■ Service analysis

Easyreservation – Reservation ■ Individual or group reservation

To find out more about Easyrent , request a copy of our Easyrent brochure or visit our website at www.wintersteiger.com/easyrent


Easystore bike hanging system

Sturdy storage system for fitting to a wall or ceiling. In contrast to other systems, the Easystore bike hanging system uses spring-loaded hooks, making the mounting and removal of the bike much easier. The hooks are very tough and can hold weights of up to 50 kg: From lightweight racing bikes to fatbikes, every type of bike can now be stored quickly and easily.

can be easily repurposed during the summer for bike rentals. The hooks have to be ordered separately, but can be installed very quickly. The hanging system can be installed on a wall or on the ceiling. Make best use of the available space with a bike hanging system: Create storage space for twice as many bikes compared to storing them next to each other.

The bike hanging system is compatible with the proven Easystore ski storage system, so the Easystore ski racks

The bike hanging system is compatible with the proven Easystore ski storage system. Find out more about Easystore by requesting our Easystore brochure or visit our website www.wintersteiger.com/easystore


















Drytech Drying solutions for sportswear, work and business attire. Cycle to work. Our drying lockers fulfill all the expectations that bike commuters and leisure cyclists have with regard to the hygienic drying of their sportswear and work attire. The Sterex plasma technology disinfection process is harmless; it prevents that musty smell when clothing is put away wet and gets rid of any unpleasant body odors. This

means that protective clothing and sportswear does not have to be washed as often, which is good for the material (especially the impregnation) and the environment. The trip home or onward journey will always start with fresh, dried clothing and equipment.



Rapid air circulation drying.

Energy-efficient condensation drying.

A high-quality air circulation fan combined with heated air ensures material-friendly and energy-saving kit drying.

As well as recirculation drying, Drytech drying solutions also offer highly energy efficient and economical condensation drying. The lockers use up to 60 % less energy than comparable products!

New to the range: Our Talentum series for the home, which stands out due to its customizable design options and cloakroom character.

Sterex plasma technology. Make germs and unpleasant odors a thing of the past! The Drytech drying solutions use cold plasma to efficiently kill bacteria, molds, viruses, and spores in an environmentally friendly manner.

Both the closed and open drying systems have proven their worth and impress with their energy savings, quick, and gentle drying.

To find out more about our drying systems, request a copy of our Drytech brochure or visit our website at www.wintersteiger.com/drytech



WINTERSTEIGER. A Global Player. WINTERSTEIGER AG is an international machinery and plant engineering group. Founded in 1953, it has gradually established itself as a leading provider of innovative solutions for customers in technically sophisticated niche markets. The business fields of the company consist of:

SEEDMECH Turnkey solutions for plant breeding and research

SPORTS One-stop supplier for the rental and servicing of sports products Systems for hygienic drying of sports goods and work clothes Custom solutions for feet

WOODTECH Process solutions for precision thin-cutting, wood repairs and cosmetics Saw blades for wood, food, and metal Machines for mobile and stationary sawmills Plants and automation solutions

METALS Levelling technology machines and systems

Headquarters at Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria


Austria: WINTERSTEIGER AG, 4910 Ried, Dimmelstrasse 9, Tel.: +43 7752 919-0, Fax: +43 7752 919-52, sports@wintersteiger.at For customers in Germany only: Tel.: +49 3628 66399-1970, Fax: +49 3628 66399-1973

International Companies: Canada: WINTERSTEIGER Inc., CDN-Laval Q.C. H7L 5A1, 964 Bergar Street, Tel.: +1 450 6637800, Fax: +1 450 6632896, info@canada.wintersteiger.com France: SKID-WINTERSTEIGER S.A.S., Parc d΄Activités Alpespace - 102 voie Galilée, 73800 Ste. Hélène du Lac, Tel. : +33 479 25-1160, Fax : +33 479 25-1161, office@skid-wintersteiger.com Italy: WINTERSTEIGER Italia s.r.l., 39036 Badia (BZ), Fraz. La Villa – Strada Ninz 82, Tel.: +39 0471 844 186, Fax: +39 0471 188 1664, info@wintersteiger.it Russia: OOO WINTERSTEIGER, Krzhizhanovsky Str. 14, Build. 3, 117218 Moscow, Russia, Tel.: +7 495 645 84 91, Fax: +7 495 645 84 92, office@wintersteiger.ru Switzerland: WINTERSTEIGER Schweiz AG, 6331 Hünenberg, Chamerstrasse 44, Tel.: +41 41 780 23 22, Fax: +41 41 780 23 90, office@wintersteiger.ch USA: WINTERSTEIGER Inc., 4705 Amelia Earhart Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84116-2876, Tel.: +1 801 355-6550, Fax: +1 801 355-6541, mailbox@wintersteiger.com

Representations: Argentinia, Australia, Benelux, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Repuablic, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey. Contact details for our representatives are available on www.wintersteiger.com/sports.



Bike Services, Version 11/2020, Print 11/2020. Photo: WINTERSTEIGER, innpuls Werbeagentur, Adobe Stock. Copyright © WINTERSTEIGER AG.

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