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Easy Breed is a user-friendly data management system for plant breeding. It organizes field test data, phenotyping data, marker data and pedigree information for optimal use for the breeding process. The software is useable for all crops. The software provides support in generation and management of crosses, in creation of randomized or unrandomized field trials, in preparation of field books or work lists. Your data automatically imports to the software’s database and can be directly analyzed using integrated analysis modules. Your data, your results are clearly visualized in structured reports or graphics. The selection of promising genotypes for further breeding processes becomes very simple and effective. Easy Breed is available as a stand-alone version with an embedded database or as multi-user version connectable to a central server-based database. Easy Breed uses the open source software R and provides open interfaces for integrating individual analysis visualization and reporting workflows. CROSSES

Your benefits summed up: Minimal time for implementation and introduction Comprehensive set of functionalities Support in the entire breeding program Interface to your hardware Individually expendable Cost efficient solution Take advantage of our community Compatible with WINTERSTEIGER Easy Plant and Easy Harvest






WINTERSTEIGER AG, 4910 Ried/I., Austria, Dimmelstrasse 9, Tel.: +43 7752 919-0, Fax: +43 7752 919-57, seedmech@wintersteiger.at www.wintersteiger.com






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More time for breeding. Crossing, designing experiments, examining, performing laboratory experiments, analyzing data, selecting off springs, acquiring yield data and making the right decisions. These factors count to be successful in plant breeding. Would you like to have more time for these breeder tasks?

single tables or inflexible databases is not efficient considering the growing data volumes and the increasing data diversity. The development and maintenance of proprietary database solutions are expensive and often not sustainable. The management of data in obsolete systems conceals a mayor risk.

Good to know. Easy Breed offers you perfect support without restricting your freedom. All breeding steps connect seamlessly. Wellarranged data meaningfully displayed. Your decisions supported with the sound database. Easy Breed acting swiftly and precisely will allow more time for your breeder tasks.

Efficient and sustainable. Easy Breed was developed together with plant breeders who are themselves users of the system. The cost for continued development are shared by the whole Easy Breed community. Our users can set goals for future software developments. This way the software grows with each new requirement and idea and the software user is always up to date.

Data management. Easy Breed optimally structures your data. A solid data basis is crucial to make the right decisions. Working with

WINTERSTEIGER AG, 4910 Ried/I., Austria, Dimmelstrasse 9, Tel.: +43 7752 919-0, Fax: +43 7752 919-57, seedmech@wintersteiger.at www.wintersteiger.com

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