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Dynamic Disc Plus

High-performance, tractor-mounted precision spaced planter. Maximum precision during seed placement - Precise seed singulation: avoiding skipped seeds and doubles Highly suitable for multiple crops - Machine for many different crop types: maize, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, barley, rape, beets - Frames available for flexible row spacing from 20 cm/8” to 75 cm/30” and 45 cm/18” to 96 cm/38” Flexible frame concept with modular system - 2-row to 8-row - 3-point frame for 2 to 6 rows - Pull-type frame for 4 to 8 rows - Adjustable frame for multiple crop use - Options: fertilizer, micro granulate, wind and rain cover, working lights, barcode scanner, variable fertiliser quantity per plot

Seed purity in the metering unit - Integrated flap for precise plot separation - New geometry of the extraction/suction channel Maximum planting speed - Sowing speeds up to 5 km/h (3 mph) Pioneering drive technology - Electric drive of the seed metering unit allows for different seed population from row to row (row-independent) Modern Easy Plant planting software - Simple and intuitive operation - Operational reliability - Enhanced diagnostic options (remote diagnosis) - Precise planting documentation - Simple planning of test fields

Dynamic Disc Plus Figures. Data. Facts. Technical data

3-point hydraulic system on tractor, towed version (pull type)

Track width

Depends on the basic machine selected

Number of rows

2 – 8 rows, 12 rows for kits; different numbers of rows available on request

Row spacing

20 cm – 96 cm (8 – 38”) depending on the configuration of the machine, hydraulically adjustable frame available

Seed spacing

Continuously adjustable – can be selected for each row using the electric drive

Supply unit drive

Via PTO shaft or via tractor hydraulics

Feeding options Single funnel

One filling funnel per row

Central seed distributor

Seeds are spread out over 2, 4, or 6 rows

Magazine unit

4- or 6-row magazines are filled with seeds and these seeds are fed automatically Double disk opener for row spacing intervals from 45 cm (18”)

Available openers

Double disk opener for row spacing intervals from 20 cm (8”) Suffolk coulter version for row spacing intervals from 20 cm (8”)


Additional outputs: micro granulate, fertilizer Wind and rain cover, working lights, barcode scanner

Dimensions Length

3 point: from approx. 1900 mm (75”)


From 2500 mm (99”)


Approx. 2200 mm (87”)


From 1700 kg (3,740 lbs)

We reserve the right to make technical alterations.



Maize, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, barley, rape, beets, beans, peas

Mounting option

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