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INFRASTRUCTURE ACADEMY MODULES SEMESTER 1: Infrastructure Systems Module 1: Infrastructure Systems Module 1A: Introduction: Natural Resources and the Built Environment • The Infrastructure Academy: Expectations and Norms for the course • Raw materials, production, use, disposal • Economic externalities and the Tragedy of the Commons • Environmental standards and regulation • Sustainability • What is green? • Green jobs Module 1B: Our Footprint – our shoes are too small! (New) • Carbon footprint • Water footprint o Quantitative school water usage analysis o Personal water usage analysis o School water audit • Energy audit Module 1C: Fossil Fuels & Climate Change • Analysis of fuels energy and carbon output • Carbon usage • Global warming effects and scientific evidence • Scientific process Module 2: Intro to Energy • Definition of energy • Ohm’s Law • Sources of energy • Electricity • Fuels • Measurement Module 3: Renewable Sources of Energy • Types of renewable (wind, solar, hydro, biomass) • Growth projections for renewable energy

Module 4: The Urban Water Cycle Module 4A: Sources of Water (was 4) • Hydrologic Cycle • History of water and Los Angeles • LA Aqueduct, Colorado River, State Water Project • Desalinization • Graywater (new) Module 4B: Water Conveyance, Distribution (was 5) • Engineering • Water movement • Aqueducts, reservoirs, water pipes • Hydroelectric power (new) • DWP and water careers Module 4C: Watersheds, Wastewater, Water Pollution, and Treatment (was 12: treatment moved from 5) • Local watersheds • Water pollutants • Residential vs. industrial waste • TMDLs in local water channel • Sewer system • Water quality levels into Bay • Reclaimed water (new) SEMESTER 2: Solutions and Strategies Module 5: Landscape and Urban Agriculture (was 8) • Types of plants and water usage • California friendly plants • Analysis of types of plants on campus • Agriculture vs. residential vs. commercial use of water • Green roofs • Organic vs. pesticide farming Module 6: Piping and Irrigation (was 9) • Plumbing • Equipment and materials • Plumbing career opportunities • Sprinkler systems • Data analysis and tweaking • Drip irrigation and bubblers

Module 7: Energy Generation and Distribution (was 6) • AC and DC power • Transmission grid • Smart grid • Distributed generation • Energy careers • Principles of combustion pressure Module 8: Conservation Module 8A: Energy Efficiency (was 10) • Residential energy usage • Energy efficiency opportunities • Obama Plan Module 8B: Water Conservation (New) • Residential water usage • Water conservation methods Module 9: Building and Products (was 7) • Architecture, construction, maintenance process • LEED Standards • Products and appliances • Refrigerator exchange program Module 10: Global Water Issues (was 13; still last module) • Water scarcity • Impacts of Climate Change • Water Pollution and Treatment Solutions

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