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AB4 – 3/99(A)

Policy: Transfer of Credit


Student Entry

Policy Number:

AB4 – 3/99(A)


Transfer of Credit

Date Approved:

13 May 2010

Prepared by:

Academic Manager

Date of Last Revision:

May 2010

Authorised by:

Academic Approvals Committee

Next Review Date:

May 2013


Purpose and Scope Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) supports the concept of Transfer of Credit (TOC) as an educationally valid way in which a student’s previous relevant learning and academic achievements can be formally acknowledged prior to the commencement of their programme of study and credited towards new or further qualifications TOC arrangements at Wintec will be transparent, easily audited, and publicised to students via electronic and print publications. The procedures to this policy provide guidance to the organisation in meeting the regulatory requirements and a coherent and reliable system for TOC for both informal and formal learning. This policy will also align with the “Supporting Learning Pathways – Credit Recognition and Transfer Policy” published by NZQA in December 2002.


Policy Through this policy Wintec will:      

Ensure TOC procedures are effective and consistent Develop robust mechanisms for students to have their previous academic achievements recognised Clearly convey information about TOC processes to all parties involved Define the roles and responsibilities of all parties in the TOC process Define and convey the limits to TOC to all parties Record and store the outcomes of all applications for TOC

Refer Part B (Procedures)  Waikato Institute of Technology

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