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2013 create your world

WELCOME TO WINTEC! Your’e on your way to creating your world. Join a community that’s totally focused on helping you get to where you want to go. It’s exciting and inspiring! Everyone here wants you to succeed. So don’t hold back! When you need help, we’ll be there. Just ask.

HI! I’M WINI. Keep an eye out for me around Wintec. I‘ll show you where help and support is available. 2

Induction Handbook 2013


CONTENTS Welcome to Wintec!


Calendar of Events


Student Support Services


Computers: Learning and Support


Free Workshops


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Student Life!

Orientation, Induction and Timetables


Clubs and Accommodation


Other Campus Services



WELCOME! NAU MAI! You’re on your way to creating your world! You’ve chosen to study at one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected Institutes of Technology. Wintec offers internationally recognised programmes that have been developed in association with respected industry professionals. This means you’re learning the practical skills that

employers are looking for. It’s the perfect first step to launching your career! In this handbook, find the information that you need to get the most out of your time here. Support services, free workshops, induction and orientation information... Keep reading to find out more.

“I felt really well supported at Wintec. Student Learning Services helped me get started and the people at the helpdesk and library always helped find solutions and alternatives when I needed it. I particularly appreciated the help from Te Kete Konae – they always made the time to work with me, whether it be to better understand my assignments, or to practice my presentations, or just to have a chat. I found them really friendly and welcoming.” Kai Quan Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Social Work)


Induction Handbook 2013

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Events and activities with fellow students are all part of your campus experience and a great way to meet new people! Throughout your time at Wintec there will be plenty going on so make sure you don’t miss out. Here are just a few key events during Semester 1 2013... For more information about events: • •

MAPS Find copies of Hamilton City and Rotokauri Campus maps on pages 12 and 14. You can also find campuses information and maps online

KEY DATES Induction Various dates from Jan - April. New students must attend Induction Day! Get the resources and information that you need for your studies. • For information visit: Semester One Starts 11 February Pöwhiri Wintec welcomes all new students to Wintec with a Pöwhiri. • Hamilton City Campus (Marae) - 11 February • Rotokauri Campus (Windows Restaurant) - 4 February Orientation

• • •

Hamilton City Campus: 18 - 21 Feb Rotokauri Campus: 27 Feb For information visit:

Wintec Te Köpu Mänia Graduation Ceremony (City Campus) - 15 March Wintec Graduation Ceremonies (Founders Theatre, or WIntec Marae, Hamilton City) Various times, from 19 - 21 March. • For information visit: Semester Break Beginning 22 April - 3 May Semester 1 Ends 28 June


STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES Worried that you won’t be able to get the marks you want? Not sure how to start an assignment? Having trouble managing your workload? Don’t worry, Wintec’s got support services to help you. STUDENT LEARNING SERVICES For whatever reason, if at any time you need help with your studies, there’s a team of people at Wintec whose job it is to provide that help. Student Learning Services (SLS) Staff give you the learning support you need. They offer free workshops, individual or small group tutoring, support in understanding English or your topics ranging from: introduction

to study; reading and essay writing, to science, maths and advanced study skills. They also provide academic learning consultations. Location Hamilton City Campus – Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Phone 07 834 8815 Email

“When I started at Wintec I found it hard, but then Student Learning Services helped me. They found me a peer tutor who helped me to understand what I didn’t in class and helped me to find resources for my assignments. I am having no problems now.” Skyla Ha, Diploma in International Tourism


Induction Handbook 2013

TE KETE KÖNAE “Mä te mätauranga, te rangahau, me te whai mahi e ora ai te iwi”. The Mäori and Pasifika Learning and Support Centre is a warm welcoming space that provides academic, cultural and pastoral support to all students and their whänau. Location Hamilton City Campus – Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Email

CHECK OUT THE LIBRARY Libraries are located at both the City and Rotokauri Campuses. Services are also offered to distance learners. Our friendly Librarians are happy to help should you have enquiries or require assistance to access resources. Individual and group study space is available at the Wintec libraries. For more information please visit: Location Hamilton City Campus - Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Phone 07 834 8866 Email

STUDENT ENROLMENT AND INFORMATION CENTRE If you haven’t completed your enrolment requirements you need to visit the Student Enrolment and Information Centre (SEIC). They’ll help you sort out your enrolment details, parking permits, and your student ID card - a photo will be taken so remember to SMILE. You can use this card to photocopy, print and scan, access some buildings on campus after hours, access some car parks and for library loans so it is important. When you sign your ID card you are also agreeing to Wintec’s computer use policy. The SEIC team are also the people you need to speak to when you want to change programmes and re-enrol for next year. Location Hamilton City Campus – A Block Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Phone 0800 2 WINTEC (0800 2 946 832) Fax City 07 858 7513 Fax Rotokauri 07 838 6393 Online

KIDZ@WINTEC A great on-site child-care centre is available for Wintec student’s children of up to five years old. Please enquire very early, as there are limited spaces available. Location Hamilton City Campus – Gate 3 Contact Phone 07 834 8812


STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES If you would like short term or long term support due to a disability, come and meet our Disability Services Coordinator- Wade, or for more information please visit: Location Hamilton City Campus – Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Wade Limpus Phone 07 834 8800 Email

INTERNATIONAL CENTRE The International Centre helps international students with accomodation, settling into study, and pastoral care. Pick up a copy of the International Student Handbook from the International Centre or view online: Location Hamilton City Campus (B Block) Contact Phone 07 834 8800

SECURITY HEALTH, COUNSELLING AND WELLBEING CENTRE We want to provide you with support to ensure that the time you spend at Wintec is a positive one. If you would like to share any problems or issues, you can drop in and talk to a nurse or make an appointment with our Chaplin or a Counsellor. Remember to keep yourself healthy and make an appointment with a registered Nurse or Doctor when required. For more information please visit Location Hamilton City Campus – A Block Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Phone 07 834 8869 Email


Here at Wintec, we pride ourselves on providing you with a safe campus environment. Security staff patrol Wintec buildings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can assist you with car parking, access, lost property, security advice and emergencies. They’re also available to escort students around campus and to their vehicles after hours. Please make sure you follow the directions of security staff at all times and if asked, produce your current student ID card. Bright yellow emergency phones located outside B block and in the large Collingwood Street student car park on the City Campus connect directly to Security. In an emergency always dial 111. Location Hamilton City Campus – N Block Rotokauri Campus - M Block Contact Phone - City 07 8348800 ext 9000 Phone - Rotokauri 07 8348800 ext 8149 Email

Induction Handbook 2013

UNDERSTAND YOUR PARKING OPTIONS If your studying at or dropping into Hamilton City or Rotokauri Campus, find up-to-date parking information (including permits) online: Hamilton Gardens Campus - Number 2 car park, accessible from Cobham Drive, Gate 2. Thames Campus - Danbuy Field car park. Otorohanga Trade Training Centre / Te Kuiti Campus - Free parking available around the building.

SCHOLARSHIPS Winning a scholarship could make all the difference! To find out more, visit Location Student Life Office, Hamilton City Campus – A Block Other Campuses - by appointment Contact Email

FINANCIAL HARDSHIP GRANT Contact the Health Centre for more information about the Hardship Grant: Email or Phone 07 834 8869.

STUDENT FEEDBACK Wintec welcomes student feedback (concerns, complaints or compliments). To provide feedback: • Follow instructions on touch-screen computers in the Hub at City or Rotokauri Campus. • Fill in a InformUs feedback form which can be found next to the red submission boxes in various campus locations.

STUDENT LIFE OFFICE The Student Life Office team specialise in providing students with career support, scholarships, and enhancing Wintec students experiences- so if you have any concerns or issues, let them know so that a solution can be found. Providing student support, advice and guidance is what they do! Location Student Life Office Hamilton City Campus – A Block Rotokauri Campus and Hamilton Gardens Campus by appointment only Contact Phone 07 834 8800 extn 7729 Email

SAWIT Wintec Students’ Association (SAWIT) acts as a source of independent advocacy, information and representation for students studying at Wintec. Membership of SAWIT is voluntary and makes you eligible for all sorts of benefits, including subsidised USBs, binding, advice and much more. SAWIT is also the point of contact for Student Job Search for all Wintec students. Please see the team at SAWIT for membership options. Location Hamilton City Campus – Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Phone 07 838 0557 Email


COMPUTERS: LEARNING AND SUPPORT FIND YOUR NEAREST COMPUTER LAB Hamilton City Campus Gallagher Hub, open 24 hours Rotokauri Campus Rotokauri Hub Hamilton Gardens Campus

RESERVE A COMPUTER The Gallagher Hub at City Campus can get quite busy, but you can reserve a computer for use within specific times. Just go to Mytec under Wintec Links and look for ‘Book a Hub PC Now’. You can even make a booking from home! To learn more about it go to:

Computer suite

ACCESS MYTEC Not sure of your timetable? Want to check your email? Study online? Find out your results? Mytec allows you to do it all in one place, online, day or night, anywhere you have internet access. It’s also where you will find out about student discounts, upcoming events and access student notices. Go to to see how it can work for you.

FIND OUT ABOUT MOODLE Moodle is Wintec’s online learning and teaching tool containing programme material which may include lecture notes, research material and practice tests. Your tutor will show you how Moodle can work for you, or you can attend one of the free technology workshops (see page 11).


Note: Stapling is now an option from the print menu on the PCs. Simply select how you want your document stapled in the print properties of your document. For more information see the posters located in the City Campus Hub, or enquire with ITS Service Management.

ITS SERVICE MANAGEMENT TEAM Get computing and technology support from the ITS staff including user account enquiries, PC booking, Mytec, Moodle and printing. Make sure you attend a technology training session (page 11) you’ll find it all so easy when you know everything from the start! Visit to reset or change your password. Location Hamilton City Campus – Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Contact Phone 0800 587 500 or 07 834 8800 extn 7000 Email

Induction Handbook 2013

FREE WORKSHOPS As a student, at times things might feel overwhelming. It doesn’t need to! Take advantage of these FREE workshops to help you get the results you want during your studies. TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS You will get so much more out of your time at Wintec if you know how to use the technology that is available to enhance your learning. We offer free workshops at:

• •

Wintec City Campus (Hub): 11.00am, 12 noon and 1.00pm on the 12th, 13th and 14th of February. Rotokauri Campus (Hub): 9.00am and 11.00am on 4th February.

At the workshop you’ll learn:

• • • • • • •

Mytec Moodle Password Portal Live@Edu SkyDrive PC Booking System Multi Function Devices

Book in for one of these sessions at the Library Information Desk or email your booking through to For more information contact the ITS Service Management Team:

Phone 0800 587 500 or 07 834 8800 ext 7000


STUDY SKILLS - WORKSHOPS The step from school to Wintec, or getting back into study after some time out can be a bit daunting. Our workshops will help you study effectively and successfully:

• • • • • • • •

Assignment Writing Managing Time Learning Strategies Note Taking Reading and Research APA Referencing Learning Science Strategies Many more useful skills to help you to be successful in your studies.

Find out more about upcoming workshops and book in for the courses you want to do: Student Learning Services Location Hamilton City Campus – Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Email or Te Kete Könae Location Hamilton City Campus – Gallagher Hub Rotokauri Campus - Rotokauri Hub Email



Car Park Access



Waikato Chamber The Long Room



Bill Gallagher Centre

Te Kete Könae

T Män

The Atrium Computers Library




Student Life Office

Health Centre




Car Park Building

Student Parking







Student Enrolment Centre







International Centre







Induction Handbook 2013

GATE 6 Reserved Visitor Parking TO BE CO NS TR UC TE D

Disabled Parking

Te Köpü nia Marae

Walkway Walkway under construction


Car Access


Ramp Gallery











A BLOCK ACE & Centre for Foundation Studies (Administration) Chaplin Finance Cashier Health and Counselling Literacy Waikato Student Enrolment and Information Centre Student Life Office (Scholarhsips, Career Services)

WINTEC HOUSE Hairdressing Beauty The Long Room The Atrium Waikato Chamber Opportunity Hamilton

B BLOCK Reception International Centre Centre of Foundation Studies Corporate Offices

Q BLOCK Childcare Centre – Kidz@ Wintec

C BLOCK Business Tourism D BLOCK Health and Social Practice, Nursing, Midwifery Science E BLOCK Social Development Education Centre for Languages GALLAGHER HUB Computer Drop-in Centre Disability Support Services Cafeteria Library Student Learning Services Event Rooms 1 & 2 Te Kete Konae The Globe SAWIT

Kidz@Wintec Child Care Centre

N BLOCK School of Information Technology Built Enviroment

R BLOCK Media Arts TE KÖPÜ MÄNIA MARAE Kaumatua W BLOCK MAX FM Student Radio /station Media Arts Research Centre STUDENT ENROLMENT & INFORMATION CENTRE HOURS: Monday: 7.30am - 5.00pm Tuesday: 9.30am - 5.00pm Wednesday: 7.30am - 6.00pm Thursday: 7.30am - 5.00pm Friday: 7.30am - 5.00pm EMAIL: PHONE: 0800 2 Wintec ADDRESS: Tristram Street Private Bag 3036 Waikato Mail Centre Hamilton 3240, NZ






Student and Staff Parking



Security 14


MB - Mobility Park Induction Handbook 2013

Security MB - Mobility Parking

ROTOKAURI HUB · Café · Library · Computers · Health, Counselling and Wellbeing Centre · Students Association (SAWIT) · Te Kete Könae · IT Helpdesk · Cashier Student Enrolement and Information Centre

C, D, E, F, G, H and I BLOCK





· C Block - School of Trades – Reception · E,D,G, H,I & F Block - School of Trades – Workshops

L BLOCK Accommodation Parking

· Centre for Hospitality · Windows Trainee Restaurant

N BLOCK · School of Engineering, Science and Primary Industries - Animal Handling

Q BLOCK · School of Sport and Exercise Science

M BLOCK · Security




You’re about to start a really exciting journey! You’ll have experiences you remember forever and what you learn will set you up for the career of your dreams. There will be some challenging times, but remember you are never alone! Wintec wants you to succeed so all of the support you might need is in place and we will always be happy to help!

students just to check on how they’re going, so whether we contact you or you contact us, never be afraid to talk to us about your experience!

In fact, we care so much that people from our Student Contact Centre phone

WINI CHECK LIST I have attended a student Mytec and Moodle technology session (page 11) I know what Student Learning Services can offer me help with (page 6) I have been to the library and/or know how to use the library facilities (page 7) I have my student ID card (vist SEIC, page 7) I know about Te Kete Ko ¯ nae (Ma¯ori and Pasifika Support) services (page 7) I know where the Health, Counselling and Wellbeing Centre is located and the services they provide (page 8) I am aware of student events and activities on campus (see page 5 and pages 20) I know where to park and have my parking permit (page 9) I know about Orientation, Induction and how to access timetable information (page 20)

I know that Wintec is a smokefree place I know where to find campus information and maps (page 5)


Induction Handbook 2013


“My advice would be - if you need help, ask for it and if you have help to give, give it. You’ll be rewarded either way.” Damien Puddle Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (Honours) student


! E F I L T N E STUD One of the great things about being a student‌ is being a

student! Here is some additional information so that you can have the best possible student experience during your time here at Wintec!


Induction Handbook 2013


CONTENTS Student Life!

Orientation, Induction and Timetables


Clubs and Accommodation


Other Campus Services



ORIENTATION, INDUCTION AND TIMETABLES To help you settle into student life, be sure to attend Induction and take part in Orientation Week activities! ORIENTATION Hamilton City Campus: Monday 18 – Thursday 21 February Rotokauri Campus: Wednesday 27 February We’ll update the web with O-Week information and activities in early February - visit: For information about Wintec events and activities happening throughout the year please visit Hamilton events information – visit


INDUCTION It is compulsary for new students to attend Induction - This is the day you’ll be welcomed to Wintec and be provided the resources and information beneficial to your studies. For information please visit or text your programme code to 8283 (eg: text ES0402 to 8283).

TIMETABLES Check out your timetable on Mytec or at (be sure to re-check it as last minute room changes may occur).

Induction Handbook 2013

CLUBS We have a Kapa Hakak Group, SIFE Group (Students In Free Enterprise), Cricket, Touch Rugby and Soccer teams. If you’re interested in joining a club please let Student Life Office know (A block, City Campus) and they’ll provide you the information you need to join.


ACCOMMODATION STUDENT VILLAGE Our Student Village is a safe, secure environment situated close to the City Campus on Collingwood Street. Fully furnished accommodation includes a TV lounge, games room, laundry and BBQ facilities with catered meals available Monday to Friday. For more information on the Student Village go to accommodation. FLATTING AND PRIVATE BOARD For further information on your accommodation options in Hamilton, consider the YWCA or check out the student rent website

Wintec Student Village


OTHER CAMPUS SERVICES If you’re studying at one of the campuses in Hamilton, take advantage of these other services available to all Wintec students: COMPUTER ACCESS Computers are available to all enrolled students at Wintec campuses. The Gallagher Hub at our City Campus has over 130 computers for students to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The City and Rotokauri campuses also have wireless hotspots and IT helpdesks to assist with using the computers, printers, scanners and Mytec. For information about computers, learning and support please see page 10 of this handbook.


CAMPUS CAFÉS You’ll never go hungry at Wintec! Both the City and Rotokauri campuses have excellent cafés serving a tempting array of hot and cold food and espresso coffee. In the student areas of all our campuses there are microwaves, hot water and snack vending machines.

URBAN HAIR AND URBAN SPA Located in Wintec House on the City Campus, Urban Hair and Urban Spa offer a full range of inexpensive hair and beauty services from their modern refurbished facilities. For more information please visit

Induction Handbook 2013

WINDOWS TRAINING RESTAURANT At Windows you’ll be spoilt for choice from a varied seasonal menu, beautifully prepared and served by our Centre for Hospitality students. Windows has been refurbished recently and offers you the option of dining in a modern, peaceful environment at the Rotokauri Campus at extremely good value. It’s a great, low-cost dining option for you and your friends or family! For more information please visit

PRAYER ROOM The prayer room is available for student use and has washing facilities. It is located in the Gallagher Hub at the City Campus.

BENNETTS BOOK SHOP Bennetts Book Shop has a presence in the Gallagher Hub Library. Bennetts stock prescribed text books, stationery and course-related materials. For more information please visit, or email: or phone 07 8566813

EMPLOYMENT ADVICE AND SUPPORT If you need help with preparing your application for your holiday job, parttime work or in preparation for your first graduate role, go to Student Life Office. They can also help with your CV, interview techniques and any employment advice. See page 9 of this handbook for more information.


create your world

Student Handbook 2013  

Student Handbook 2013