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Wintec School of Sport & Exercise Scholarship Conditions 2012 1. The applicant must be enrolled in full-time study and in their first year of an undergraduate programme within the School of Sport and Exercise Science at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec). 2. This must be the applicant’s first programme of tertiary study undertaken within the sport and recreation field within New Zealand or overseas. 3. The applicant must be a New Zealand citizen or have permanent New Zealand Residency. 4. All information supplied by the applicant must be true and accurate and evidence provided where requested. 5. Scholarship money awarded can be either credited towards fees payment or refunded to the person who paid the fees, or used in some other way as approved by the Head of School (for example accommodation payments or text books). 6. The Scholarship may be held with any other bursary, prize or student allowance unless the condition of the other funding precludes this. 7. The scholarship will be paid in yearly instalments of $1,000 over the duration of the programme enrolled in at the time of the scholarship application (i.e. one payment for the Certificate and/or the Diploma and maximum of three payments for the Degree). 8. Eligibility to receive each instalment will be reassessed yearly, conditional on a high level of attendance and academic progress. 9. If an applicant receives a scholarship then wishes to postpone studies, scholarship payments may be deferred or proportioned accordingly, at the discretion and only with the prior approval of the Head of School, School of Sport and Exercise Science, Wintec. 10. If a recipient changes from full-time to part-time study they may not be entitled to receive further scholarship instalments, as one of the conditions is that they must be enrolled in full-time study. 11. The Selection Panel may terminate a Scholarship at any time if it is not satisfied that the holder is following the approved programme of study or is not otherwise complying with the regulations of the Scholarship. The holder of the Scholarship shall have the right to appeal to the Dean of Wintec against any decision to terminate the award, by lodging a written application within 28 days of the decision. 12. If a student withdraws from a programme of study within the School of Sport and Exercise Science during the academic year, they may be required to refund the scholarship money awarded. 13. Students receiving scholarships must be prepared to participate in promotional activities for the School of Sport and Exercise Science and Waikato Institute of Technology as a whole. 14. Short listed applicants may be required to attend an interview with the Scholarship Selection Panel.

Waikato Institute of Technology Tristram Street, Private Bag 3036 Waikato Mail Centre Hamilton 3240, New Zealand

Telephone +64 7 834 8800 extn 8863 Fax +64 7 858 0219 Mobile +64 27 248 7669

15. The Selection Panel for the Scholarships will comprise of a minimum of three representatives from the School of Sport and Exercise Science, including the Head of School and relevant Programme Managers. 16. The Selection Panel may choose not to award the Scholarships if it finds no candidate of sufficient merit. 17. The decision of the Selection panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. 18. By acceptance of a Scholarship, each recipient agrees to participate in publicity concerning the scholarships as arranged by the Waikato Institute of Technology. 19. The closing date for applications is 5 pm, 12th March 2012. All applications must be submitted to the Student Experience Advisor (Scholarships), Wintec, Private Bag, 3036, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240. The applications will then be forwarded to the Selection Panel. 20 The Scholarship winners shall be announced by the end of April 2012.