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Centre for Health and Social Practice

Master of Nursing (Level 9) Programme Codes:

Wintec: HL0502

Programme Level:

Level 9



Effective Date:

January 2013

MoE: WK2539

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute’s Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations. 1.

Admission, Entry and Selection 1.1. Applicants are required to have gained: • •

a Wintec Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing, with a grade average of B or better, or candidates from another tertiary organisation must have an equivalent qualification with a grade average of B or better and deemed to have reached the learning outcomes of the compulsory modules of Wintec’s Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing programme.

1.2. An International candidate must be a New Zealand registered nurse and comply with 1.1 within these regulations. 1.3 Candidates who have English as a second language are required to have an International English Language Test Score (IELTS) of 7.0 across all bands, which must have been completed within 12 months of the first test attempt. 1.4 All candidates are required to have graduate nursing experience in the health sector demonstrated in a professional portfolio. 1.5 Candidates must complete their application for selection at least two months prior to the commencement of the programme.

2. Transfer of Credit Students may apply for transfer of credit towards one of the optional modules. Applications for transfer of credit are required to be made to the Programme Director for approval by the relevant committees.

3. Programme Requirements 3.1 Every candidate for the Master of Nursing programme shall to the satisfaction of the Academic Board complete a programme of study for a period of normally not less than two semesters or an equivalent programme of part-time study. 3.2 Each candidate’s programme of study will comprise modules totalling 120 credits. Candidates will be required to complete one of the following two options: 3.2.1

Option 1 – Candidates are required to complete all the compulsory modules in Group A and one optional module from Group B.


Option 2 – Candidates are required to complete all compulsory modules in Group C.

Version:12.02 AAC: 13.07.12

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4. Progress through the Programme 4.1 To undertake Dissertation (HLNU903) candidates must be approved by the School of Health Postgraduate Programme Committee and have at least a B grade in the module Nursing Research (HLNU901). 4.2 Candidates who fail a module will only be permitted one more re-enrolment into that module.


Te Reo Maori Assessment Opportunities The use of Te Reo Maori in any 30 credit module is available on application at the commencement of the module.


Supervision, Reporting and Assessment 6.1 Each candidate who undertakes Research Project (HLNU902) in Option 1: 6.1.1 Will be appointed one Lead Supervisor. 6.1.2 Will be appointed one internal examiner for marking. 6.2 Each candidate who undertakes Dissertation (HLNU903) in Option 2: 6.2.1 Will be appointed a Lead supervisor and a Second Supervisor; 6.2.2 Will be appointed one internal and one external examiner for marking. 6.2.3 Where the student’s research is within a clinical speciality the student will be required to have a Practice Mentor. 6.3 Candidates should consult the current student handbook for specific requirements regarding additional requirements for supervision, parameters for research and submission.

7. Completion of the Programme 7.1 A candidate may take up to three years to complete the Master of Nursing programme, unless an extension is granted by special permission of the Postgraduate Programme Committee. 7.2 The School of Health Postgraduate Nursing Programme Committee may grant a short extension of time (up to 3 months) to a student who has not completed the dissertation by the end of their enrolment. 7.2.1.

Candidates granted an extension may incur payment of extra fees.

7.3 In exceptional circumstances, the Postgraduate Programme Committee may approve the suspension of a candidate’s enrolment. 7.3.1 8.

The suspension shall not normally be in excess of one semester.

Award of Qualification 8.1 Candidates who successfully complete the programme requirements as stated in section 3 of these regulations, and gain an average grade of 75% (A–) or better for all of the modules in their programme of study (including any failed modules), will receive the award of the Master of Nursing with Distinction. 8.2 Candidates who successfully complete the programme requirements as stated in section 3 of these regulations will receive the award of the Master of Nursing.

Version:12.02 AAC: 13.07.12

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Schedule of Modules Group A – Compulsory modules for Option 1 – Course Work Module Code Module Title Pre-requisites HLNU801 Nursing Research HLNU902 Research Project HLNU904 Advanced Nursing Practice

Credits 30 30 30

Level 8 9 9

Credits 30

Level 8



30 30

8 8



30 30 30 30

8 8 8 8



Group B – An optional module can be chosen from the following: • Wintec Postgraduate Nursing modules as listed in the table below; Module Code NUPCD33 or

Module Title Reasoning in Practice


Te Whiriwhiri Oranga Maori

NUPCD04 or

He Rangahau Tapuhi Maori


Professional Practice within an Organisational Context

or NUPCD34 Integrated Science and Assessment : Acute Care or NUPCD35

or NUPCD36

Integrated Science and Assessment: Primary Health Care

Integrated Science and Assessment: Child/Tamariki

Pre-requisites NUOPG01 or NU0NK01 Nursing Knowledge or equivalent

NU0PG89 or NU0NMR1 Nursing/Midwifery Research or equivalent Assessment papers – entry requirements for the Programme Practice Mentor

Integrated Science and Assessment: Older Adult or NUPCD37 NUPCD5A NUPCD09


NUPCD20 Version:12.02 AAC: 13.07.12

Special Topic Pharmacology for nursing practice

Leadership and Management in Nursing Child Health Nursing Evidence and inquiry in Practice Teaching in Professional Practice Health Development in a Cultural Context

He Ara Whai Matauranga

Advanced assessment and clinical reasoning (NUPCD34, NUPCD35, NUPCD36 or NUPCD37)

Evidence of cultural studies work at undergraduate level or above; and child and family nursing practice experience

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He Ara Rapu Waiora Advanced Diabetes Nursing Practice Health and Wellbeing in the Primary Health Care and Community context Cardiac Nursing Advanced Nursing Practice in Breast Care Nursing the Critically Ill Person Primary Health Care Nursing in Context Nursing practice with the older adult


Entry requirements for the Programme Practice Mentor

Entry requirements for the Programme Practice Mentor

30 30

8 8



30 30

8 8

30 30

8 8



HSHS802 Professional Supervision 1 30 8 or • a prescribing module from a Nursing Council of New Zealand approved tertiary provider; The Nursing Council of New Zealand has approved six providers for nurse prescribing recognition:      

University of Otago Otago Polytechnic Massey University Auckland University of Technology Eastern Institute of Technology University of Auckland

or • a level 8 module from another tertiary provider of postgraduate nursing. Group C – Compulsory modules for Option 2 - Dissertation Module Code Module Title Pre-requisites HLNU801 Nursing Research HLNU903 Dissertation

Version:12.02 AAC: 13.07.12

Credits 30 90

Level 8 9

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