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School of Information Technology

GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GradDipIT Programme Codes: Programme Level: Credits: Effective Date:

Wintec: IT0101 7 120 January 2012

MoE: WK2473

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute’s Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations. 1. Admission and Entry Candidates are required to either: 1.1 have gained a degree conferred by a New Zealand tertiary education institution, or 1.2 have an equivalent qualification approved by the Bachelor of Information Technology Programme Committee, or 1.3 be able to demonstrate appropriate equivalent practical, professional or educational experience to the satisfaction of the Programme Committee. 1.4 Candidates who have English as a second language are required to have an International English Language Test Score (IELTS) of 6.0, with a minimum of 5.5 in the written band.

2. Transfer of Credit Candidates may receive a maximum transfer of credit of up to 30 credits towards this programme. 3. Programme Requirements 3.1. Every candidate for the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology shall to the satisfaction of the Academic Board follow a programme of study for a period of normally not less than one year. 3.2. Each candidate’s programme of study shall comprise compulsory and elective modules as listed in section 6 of these regulations, totalling 120 credits, as follows. 3.2.1 Candidates are required to complete the three compulsory modules in group A. 3.2.2 Candidates are also required to complete seven modules from group B, including at least five modules at level 7. 4.

Completion of the Programme A candidate may take up to two years to complete this programme, unless an extension is granted by special permission of the Head of School or authorised nominee.


Award of the Qualification Candidates who successfully complete the requirements in section 3 of these regulations will be awarded the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.

6. Schedule of Modules Group A (compulsory modules) Module Code Module Title ITB6G20 Systems Analysis and Design ITB6G30 Software Development ITB6G25 Databases Group B (elective modules) Module Code Module Title Version: 12.00 AAC: 26/09/11

Credits 5 5 5

Level 6 6 6




Information Technology in the Business 15 Environment* ITB6220 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 15 ITB6225 Intermediate Databases 15 ITB6227 Web programming for e-Commerce 15 ITB6230 Data Structures and Algorithms 15 ITB6233 Multimedia for the Web 15 ITB6235 Programming Operating Systems 15 ITB6244 Data Communications 15 ITB7305 Artificial Intelligence 15 ITB7310* Introduction to Research Methods* 15 ITB7321 Information Systems Management 15 ITB7323 Decision Support Systems 15 ITB7325 Advanced Databases 15 ITB7326 Database Administration 15 ITB7327 e-Business Systems 15 ITB7330 Professional Programming Practice 15 ITB7331 Games Programming 15 ITB7334 Advanced Multimedia 15 ITB7336 Data Visualisation 15 ITB7345 Advanced Networking Technology 15 ITB7350 Project Management 15 ITB7380 Special Topic - Current Developments in IT 15 * Enrolment in these modules is at the discretion of the Programme Committee

Version: 12.00 AAC: 26/09/11

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