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Hicks Trust Scholarship 2013 Conditions 1.

The Scholarship shall be known as the Hicks Trust Scholarship.


The purpose of the scholarship is to promote all forms of farming in New Zealand or to undertake in New Zealand research into matters concerning the objects of the trust (as outlined below, in page 3).


One scholarship of $5,000 will be offered in 2013.


The scholarship is open to students enrolled in full time study at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) and in their second or third year of study in 2013.


Applicants for the scholarship must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents


Only applications submitted on the offical application form will be considered. Application forms are available from the Wintec Student Life office or from Each application must include: a)

the completed application form;


a copy of the applicant’s current academic transcript;


a brief curriculum vitae of no more than two pages;


a brief written statement outlining how the Hicks Scholarship would assist the applicant, with particular reference to their area of study and


a brief written statement outlining the intended subject matter of the applicant’s research and/or projects during 2013 including an explanation of how this research and/or project will benefit the farming industry or rural community in the foreseeable future.



The closing date for applications is Wednesday 10 April 2013, 4.00pm. All applications must be submitted to the Student Experience (Scholarships), Private Bag 3036, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240. Wintec will forward all applications to the selection panel.


Short listed applicants may be required to attend an interview with the Scholarship selection panel.


The scholarship selection panel will comprise one representative from Guardian Trust, the Wintec Head of School (School of Engineering, Science and Primary Industries) or nominee, and one other Wintec academic staff member. 1


If in the Selection Panel’s view there is no applicant of sufficient merit the selection panel reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship from offer for 2013.


The scholarship winners shall be announced by end of May 2013.


The offer of a scholarship must be accepted by the date indicated in the letter of offer. If the candidate offered the Scholarship declines the offer, Wintec, on the Selection panel’s recommendation, may offer the scholarship to an alternative applicant.


The Scholarship may be held in conjunction with any other bursary, prize or student allowance unless the condition of the other funding source prevents this.


If warranted, and in special circumstances, the selection panel may decide to split the scholarship monies ($5,000) between two applicants of equal calibre.


The scholarship funds will be credited directly to the scholarship recipient.


By accepting the scholarship, the Recipient agrees to participation in publicity about the scholarship as arranged by the Guardian Trust and/ or by Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec).


The scholarship recipient will be required to present two progress reports relating to the research and/or project to the appropriate Wintec staff member (supervisor / tutor,and scholarships advisor): the first at the end of the first semester and the second at the end of the second semester. On receipt, Wintec shall submit these reports to Guardian Trust.


The Selection Panel may terminate the Scholarship at any time if it is not satisfied that the holder is following the approved programme of study or is not otherwise complying with the regulations of the Scholarship. The Scholarship holder will have the right to appeal a decision to terminate the award.


The selection panel reserves the right to require repayment of the Scholarship in whole or in part if the recipient withdraws from the course of study. The decision to require repayment will be made on a case by case basis, and will take into account matters including but not limited to, the circumstances and timing of the withdrawal.


The decision of the selection panel will be final and no correspondance will be entered into.


Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) may, from time to time, vary these regulations and when applicable, this will be undertaken following consultation with Guardian Trust.


THE HICKS TRUST OBJECTIVES The Objects of the Trust are: (The First Schedule) (i)

To promote in New Zealand all forms of farming and in particular to develop the better understanding of the methods involved in the further development and improvement of agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, viticulture and other systems of farming in its widest sense.


To establish in New Zealand a scholarship or scholarships each to be known as "The Hicks Scholarship" and to pay and provide the whole or any part of the costs and expenses of any person who the trustees may from time [to time] select and who is engaged in or undertaking or about to become engaged in or to undertake at any University, Polytechnic, Establishment or Institute in New Zealand any course of study or research wholly or partially involving : (a) Agriculture (b) Horticulture (c) Arboriculture (d) Viticulture (e) Animal husbandry or any aspect of the above or farming in its widest sense that may be approved by the Trustees and otherwise in accordance with the Scholarship Rules set out in the Fourth Schedule.


To promote the study of and research into methods of propagation breeding and the development of flora and fauna in New Zealand.


To promote the study of and research into methods for the eradication of all noxious plants and animals in New Zealand whether exotic or indigenous.


To award any prize, medal, or other form of recognition to any person or body who has in the opinion of the Trustees made a significant contribution to the furtherance of the objects of the trust or any one or more of them by way of original research, literary contribution, or any other way.


To give grants to any person, educational or research establishment which in the opinion of the trustees is undertaking or proposing to undertake in New Zealand research into any matters concerned with the objects of the trust or any one or more of them.


To promote or assist in the promotion establishment or the setting up of any Trust which has objects which are similar to any one or more of the objects of this trust or are partly or wholly compatible with the objects of this trust or any of them.


To disseminate the results of any research into and knowledge generally in respect of the objects of the trust or any of them by the publication of and/or the distribution of papers, journals, other publications or by any other means which seems appropriate to the Trustees.


At any time and from time to time to pay or apply the whole or any part of the Trust Fund (including income and accumulations of income) for the forgoing objects or any one or more of them or for such other charitable purpose or purposes in New Zealand as the Trustees may in their absolute discretion decide.



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