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HEALTH This school offers programmes in health studies, nursing, midwifery, natural therapies and occupational therapy.


8.30am-5.00pm for four days over four week period Where City Campus, Hamilton Applications Close 1 April and 1 September Starts 12 April and 6 September Fee Guideline $1233.75

Screening Programme’s Standards of Practice.

Please do not include money with these forms.


Please note: Definition of a Certified Copy of your Practising Certificate

Applicants must hold a New Zealand Health qualification and a practising certificate. They will also need to have professional/personal indemnity insurance. Applicants will need to be able to provide proof of available support and supervision by an accredited smear taker for the practical component of the training. They will also need to show that they are able to access priority groups of women to meet the annual certification requirements of 30 smears per year.

This course is designed to give health professionals up-to-date knowledge and skills in order to develop confidence to become Cervical Smear Takers, conforming to the National Standards for competency. It is expected that you will make a commitment to uphold the policy and protocols of National Cervical Screening Programme and the Register.

There is a lot of interest in the course and priority will be given to those who are presently in a position to take cervical smears in the Waikato (e.g. General Practice) or intend reaching priority group women i.e. women 35 years plus, Maori and Pacific Island women.




You will study: Women’s health Anatomy and physiology Cytology Communications Cultural issues Follow-up and referral Women’s sexuality Legal / Ethical issues and education National Cervical Screening Programme and Register • Client assessment and history taking • Smear taking

In the enclosed pack you will find information and the necessary forms for you to complete your application. Please include the following when you return your application to Wintec: • Your current annual practising certificate or a certified copy • A letter of support from your employer and / or supervising smear taker • Completed supervision agreement • Professional Indemnity Insurance Form • A copy of your Birth Certificate / Current Passport • Wintec Application Form

The programme will involve 2 two day blocks of theory training and a practical component. You are required to undertake a series of smears to ensure that you can achieve competent practice. You will achieve certification after completing 30 smears and demonstrating the necessary competency skills as described in the National Cervical

Please return your forms as soon as possible indicating which course you are interested in, to:

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Course One 12 and 13 April and 10 and 11 May Course Two 6 and 7 September and 4 and 5 October

School of Health Consultant Student Enrolment and Information Centre Private Bag 3036 Hamilton 3240

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the content of this flyer is correct at the time of printing. The fee guideline is applicable to NZ citizens and permanent residents. Reorder WT0160/1003

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