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NEW ZEALAND DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS (LEVEL 6) NZDipBus(L6) Programme Codes: Programme Level: Credits: Effective Date:

Wintec: BS0864 Level 6 240 January 2012

MoE: NC5121

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute’s Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations and the relevant NZQA qualification requirements. 1. Admission and Entry 1.1. Candidates are required to have gained: 1.1.1 42 credits at NCEA level 3 or higher including a minimum of 14 credits in each of two subjects from an approved subject list, or equivalent , or 1.1.2 50 credits at NCEA Level 2 across four subjects, of which a minimum of 8 credits must be literacy credits in English or Te Reo Maori and include 4 credits in reading and 4 credits in writing, and a minimum of 14 numeracy credits at level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau on the National Qualifications Framework, or equivalent. 1.2. Special admission may be granted to candidates aged 20 years or over who do not meet the specified entry requirements. These candidates may be required to demonstrate an ability to successfully complete the programme through a process of an interview and/or assessment. 1.3. Candidates who have English as a second language are required to have an International English Language Test Score (IELTS) of 6.0, with no individual band score of lower than 5.5. 2. Transition Arrangements This programme replaces the existing New Zealand Diploma in Business Studies Version 1 offered by Wintec. The previous Version 1 modules will be phased out and replaced with the new Version 2 modules from 1 January 2008. From January 2008 all candidates will be enrolled in the new modules. In accordance with NZQA transition arrangements, candidates will be able to choose to graduate with either Version 1 or Version 2 of the qualification providing they have fulfilled all the requirements for that version. 3. Transfer of Credit 3.1. No candidate shall receive formal transfer of credit for more than 8 modules towards the New Zealand Diploma in Business. 3.2. Informal transfer of credit is also available for this programme. 3.3. Candidates who have completed the Diploma in Business Studies (Level 5) may apply to transfer credits from this to the New Zealand Diploma in Business, provided the modules for which credit transfer is sought are among those listed in section 7 of these regulations. 3.4. All credit transfers will be granted in accordance with NZQA guidelines. 4. Programme Requirements 4.1 Each candidate’s programme of study shall comprise 12 modules from those listed in section 7 of these regulations totalling 240 credits. These 12 modules must include: 4.1.1 a minimum of six of the seven core modules in group A, and 4.1.2 a maximum 3 modules at level 4, and 4.1.3 a minimum of four modules at level 6.. Version: 12.00 PAC: 26.09.11

4.2 Every candidate must achieve a minimum result of 40% in the final examination for each module, where a final examination exists. 5. Award of the Qualification 5.1. To be eligible to have the award of the New Zealand Diploma in Business issued by Waikato Institute of Technology, a candidate must successfully complete the programme requirements as specified in these regulations and must, in addition, meet one of the following criteria. Of the 12 modules required to be awarded the New Zealand Diploma in Business: 5.1.1 at least four modules at level 6 must be completed at this institution, or 5.1.2 at least six modules must be completed at this institution, of which at least two modules must be at level 6. 5.2. A candidate who has met neither of the above criteria, but who has successfully completed the programme requirements, may apply to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority for the award of the New Zealand Diploma in Business. 6.

Admission to the College of Accounting Technicians of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) Candidates may, in completing this programme, select modules that will meet the requirements for admission to the College of Accounting Technicians. Candidates should consult their Programme Manager about the compulsory modules and module options required to be eligible for admission to the College.

7. Schedule of Modules Group A (core modules) Module Code BSQA400* BSQA510* BSQA520* BSQA530* BSQA541 BSQA550* BSQA560*

Credits 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

Level 4 5 5 5 5 5 5

Group B: (elective modules) Accounting and Commercial Law Module Code Module Title BSQA501* Accounting Practices* BSQA601* Financial Accounting* BSQA602* Management Accounting* # # BSQA606 Taxation BSQA610 The Law of Business Entities

Credits 20 20 20 20 20

Level 5 6 6 6 6

Banking and Finance Module Code BSQA603

Module Title Business Finance

Credits 20

Level 6

Module Title Principles of Tourism Marketing Research Buyer Behaviour and Communication Strategies Marketing Planning and Control

Credits 20 20 20

Level 5 6 6



Marketing Module Code BSQA580 BSQA642 BSQA644 BSQA648 Version: 12.00 PAC: 26.09.11

Module Title Accounting Principles* Introduction to Commercial Law* The Economic Environment* Organisation and Management* Fundamentals of Marketing Business Computing* Business Communication*

BSQA685 BSQA697 Management Module Code BSQA435 BSQA620 BSQA630 BSQA631 BSQA633 BSQA635 BSQA636 BSQA637

Tourism Industry Management Internet Marketing

Module Title Fundamentals of Small Business Managerial Economics Leadership Strategic Planning for Small Business Human Resource Management Employment Relations Applied Management Entrepreneurial Planning

20 20

6 6

Credits 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20

Level 4 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

Computing and Business Mathematics Module Code Module Title Credits BSQA430 Quantitative Business Methods 20 BSQA650 Applied Computing 20 * Candidates who intend to seek admission to the College of Accounting Technicians of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) should include these modules in their programme. # Candidates who intend to seek admission to the College of Accounting Technicians of NZICA should include one of these three modules in their programme.

Version: 12.00 PAC: 26.09.11

Level 4 6


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