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Small markets with big potential Russia, China and India are the world’s top three potato producers but are yet to catch up with rest of the world in terms of processing. And they are starting to. Equipment manufacturer Wintech Taparia explains how India is offering potato processing at an affordable price.

fter set ups initiated by Transnational, India’s processing industry is now becoming active too. One common constraint is that entrepreneurs can’t afford to invest in equipment from Europe or America or take risks in new ventures. Many other developing countries have a similar story to tell in terms of new entrepreneurs. Besides the cost of equipment, owners of a small project like a 200 kg/hr potato chip plant in a remote place cannot afford high start up costs or in-house training with established equipment suppliers charging €500 or $US800 per man, per day. The solution lies in getting high-tech POTATO PROCESSORS IN ALGERIA. potato processing equipment at an affordable price. This should also be combined with reasonably priced services. Wintech meet market demand, where they are the Taparia Ltd. in India (Wintech) is one such supplier unquestioned brand leaders. of affordable technology, equipment and services for The leading Indian biscuit company, Parle has potato processing industry worldwide. also grown quickly: in 2008 they started their first Wintech worked with PPM, Swedish licensee in project to produce 750 kg/hr of potato chips near India and established projects using PPM’s Mumbai, with the full support and equipment from expertise. They set up workshop to fabricate Wintech and their international associates. Now, machines with the full support from the late Cleas they are to commission another unit of a similar Friberg, PPM’s (then) managing director in 1987 capacity near Delhi by March in time for the 2009 and his team of experts. potato harvesting season. They are also establishing The Balaji Wafers success story is well known in a private label production operation in Kolkata and chip industry throughout India. Balaji established have several other projects in progress in southern the first continuous plant from Wintech to produce India. about 500 kg/hr of potato chips in 2000. Balaji There are many more success stories in managing director Chandubhai Virani, led the developing countries, such as Algeria in Africa or company from strength to strength and installed a Muscat in Middle East or far off islands like in Fiji, PPM, sweden chip plant of 1200 kg/hr capacity. all using Wintech equipment. And recently Balaji commissioned a 2000 kg/hr On the other hand, for a developed market like chip plant in the western Indian state of Gujrat to Holland, a company is using Wintech’s low cost



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high-tech to produce organic chips. The companies, who like to risk minimum investment on new development programs, like to take this approach. One such company bought a Wintech Pellet Snack Line in the UK – all equipments marked ‘CE’ (an EU requirement) again at a fraction of the cost of a European supplier. Indian firm Haldiram Group is a traditional snack food leader and one of the oldest players in the industry (with sales of €250 million). Haldiram initially set up chip factories in conjunction with Wintech as well as many snack production lines. They also source special application snack fryers, up to 1000 kg/hr capacity from Wintech from time to time.


LOW COST, HI-TECH Wintech have supplied equipment for potato seed production for many years, to help the potato processing industry in India. They work together with well known companies in business over a long time, such as US-based Kliklok Woodman and Smalley Manufacturing Company and Yamato from Japan for their weighers to give total turn-key projects. Very successful with low cost – high technology, Wintech also set up India’s first potato flake project. Global giant McCain Foods Ltd uses Wintech equipment for their flake lines in India. More and more projects for potato French fries and flakes are being set up in India based on technical support from pioneers in this area, Wintech. Total service assistance is vital to the entrepreneurs in developing countries, starting with engineering assistance to plan the project to startup services and after sales service. At sites in odd places, engineers are stranded for months together for want of materials to commission the project. Clients can’t afford expensive engineers and they look forward to suppliers like Wintech who have technicians working hard in sometimes hostile or risky locations. The Indian subcontinent i.e. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka consisting of 1.6 billion people offers huge opportunity in terms of potato processing. Led by Frito Lay in potato chips business there are many more players are there in India. A growth rate of 26 per cent in Snack Food market is a pointer towards the shape of things to POTATO PROCESSING

MarchApril 2009

come. More factories are being set up for other Potato products, including Frozen French Fries, Flakes & specialty Potato products in this region. Many big developing countries, be it Bangladesh in South East Asia or Nigeria in West Africa, offer similar opportunities. Sarl Snax of Algeria is a case in point. Having got a small potato chip line from Wintech a few years back, they are planning to go in for 1000 kg/hr Potato Chip line, apart from other snack lines.  Further information: Email : UK Contact : Rahul Taparia : 0777 852 9261


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