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Knowing how to get women is a fantastic thing, I've gone ahead and provided some dating tips that will help you experience much more success with women. But first I'd like to quickly talk to you about what really attracts women. It is believed that, psychologically, women are attracted to high status men. This really dates back to when we were living in caves and things like protection and being provided for were key for a woman's survival. Hence, high status Alpha Males were what women wanted and needed. This may seem irrelevant in this day and age, what with government benefits and all the protection provided for us (at least in the Western world). But on a subconscious level this still plays the most important role for attraction. By understanding that this is what will help you get women, you should now realize that to attract a woman you will need to demonstrate higher value (DHV). When you are seen as higher value as a woman, she will tend to become attracted to you. There are a number of ways for doing this. But the best way is for her to see it for herself. For instance, women usually like dominant confident men. And if a woman perceives you to have this quality, then it will stick. And therefore make you more attractive in her eye's. So what other traits will help you get women? 1. By getting girls to laugh and have a fantastic time with you, they'll begin to associate the fun time with You! 2. A confident attitude towards life. Confidence indicates that you are successful and are to be trusted. 3. Being unique and original is loved by women. Stand out of the crowd and reap the rewards. So be spontaneous and different! There are a whole bunch of these (there's more on my blog) which will help you to know the kind of characteristics that will get women to like you.

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==== ==== For More on Dating a Woman Check This Out: ==== ====

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