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Do you have any idea how many diapers you will change with your new baby once they are born? Well, Pampers suggests that it is approximately 5,000 diapers which results in around 6 to 7 diapers a day, 200 diapers a month which will cost around $575 a year. In that case, you need to find the perfect diaper for you and your little one since you will go through so many. You will need to buy diapers a month before your baby is born so that you are prepared for their first day at home. One thing you can do is tell all of your friends and family to buy you a pack for a baby shower gift so you can spend your money on other goodies for your new little bundle of joy. The most popular brands of diapers are Pampers and Huggies. Pampers offers Pampers Swaddlers, Custom Fit Cruisers and Baby-Dry with Quick-Grips. Huggies is the other most popular brand. They offer Huggies Supreme, OverNites, Supreme Gentle Care and Natural Fit Diapers. Both brands are well known for their innovation improvements in diapers like extra comfort, a more natural fit, and their ability to reducing diaper rash. My girlfriends and I recommend Pampers for boys and Huggies for girls. When your child graduates to Pull-Ups I find that the Huggies Night Time Pull Up does in fact hold more urine during the night than the Pampers Pull Up. To find out which brand of diaper works better for your baby try samples of each.

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==== ==== For More on The Perfect Gift For a Baby Shower Check This Out: ==== ====

How to Find the Perfect Diaper For Your Baby