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Conference Broadcasts,  Inc     The  explosion  of  the  digital  spectrum  has  created  an  opportunity  for  schools  and   conferences  with  great  tradition  and  compelling  stories  to  elevate  their  market   presence.  Conference  Broadcasts  Inc  (CBI),  a  consulting  firm  that  assists   institutions  in  leveraging  and  monetizing  their  brand  across  multiple  media   platforms,  provides  your  conference  with  a  knowledgeable  partner  who  will  guide   your  athletic  programs,  brands  and  traditions  into  the  21st  century.       CBI  provides  clients  with  four  key  outcomes:       • We  tell  your  story.  CBI  uses  your  traditions,  your  alumni,  your  faculty,  and   current  students  to  elevate  your  message  to  a  wider  audience  and  raise  your   profile.   • We  show  you  the  way.  By  walking  you  along  a  clear  path  towards  using  new   social  and  digital  technologies,  we  promote  your  values  and  strengths.       • We  protect  your  reputation.  We  exercise  the  necessary  due  diligence   before  engaging  outside  partners;   • We  take  your  conference  to  another  level.  Once  all  equity  parties  approve,   we  have  the  expertise  to  take  your  vision  to  the  best  possible  partners  in  the   marketplace,  creating  maximum  leverage  for  your  brand  and  message.     CBI  works  with  those  conferences  that  want  “in”  on  the  next  social  media  and   digital  video  revolution  and  who  want  to  break  away  from  their  competitors.       Savvy  institutions  know  they  need  a  knowledgeable  partner  to  help  them  navigate   the  broadcast  media  rights  landscape.  Today,  many  schools  are  approached   haphazardly  by  video  services,  local  cable  channels  and  distribution  companies  to   broadcast  games.  CBI’s  expertise  allows  each  organization  to  define  their  own   marketplace  opportunity,  rather  than  allowing  the  video  company  to  set  the  terms.   CBI  will  provide  each  institution  with  an  assessment  of  their  financial  and  brand   enhancement  potential  in  today’s  market.  We  provide  unbiased  information  and   thinking  that  changes  the  discussion.  When  you  know  all  the  possibilities  upfront,   your  conference  can  negotiate  from  a  position  of  strength,  rather  than  reacting  to   each  new  proposal  that  comes  along.       CBI  also  guides  stakeholders  in  how  to  control  their  message,  their  content,  their   access  and  their  brand  while  presenting  themselves  to  video  and  broadband   partners.  Negotiating  an  equitable  and  cooperative  agreement  among  all  internal   stakeholders  is  critical  to  building  a  successful  media  presence.  CBI  will  work   closely  with  campus  constituents  to  ensure  both  short  and  long-­‐term  success.       In  an  era  where  state  and  federal  funding  is  shrinking,  enrollments  are  harder  to   maintain  and  companies  are  redirecting  marketing  budgets  away  from  broad   targets  to  focus  on  a  narrow  band  of  likely  consumers,  targeted  regional  sports   networks  remain  one  of  the  few  entirely  new  revenue  streams  available  to  colleges  

and schools.  CBI  offers  institutions  the  ability  to  control  and  enhance  their  brand  as   never  before  along  with  the  expertise  to  create  a  network  for  your  school.     Principal     Karen  Weaver,  EdD  is  recognized  as  an  expert  in  broadcast  media  rights  for   collegiate  sports.  Her  expertise  in  the  area  of  institutional  advocacy  for  protection  of   current  and  future  video  content  rights  has  been  called  visionary.  She  has  spoken     about  collegiate  broadcast  media  rights  and  the  Big  Ten  Network  at  numerous   venues,  including  the  University  of  the  Sorbonne  in  Paris,  at  the  NCAA  Convention,   and  to  collegiate  sport  conferences  around  the  United  States.  She  has  been  quoted,   published  and  interviewed  by  some  of  the  leading  news  outlets  in  the  world,   including:  BBC,  USA  Today,  Orlando  Sentinel,  New  York  Times,  Indianapolis  Star,   Detroit  Free  Press,  and  Minnesota  Public  Radio.  She  has  written  extensively  in   leading  trade  publications,  including  Athletic  Management  Magazine  and  the  Sports   Business  Journal.    Since  2007,  she  has  served  as  a  color  analyst  for  the  Big  Ten   Network  and  CBS  College  Sports.  Her  perspective  as  a  former  coach,  higher   education  administrator,  scholar  and  practitioner  has  given  her  unmatched     perspective  into  the  process  of  creating  and  building  a  targeted  regional  sports   network.  She  also  is  the  Director  of  Athletics  at  Penn  State-­‐Abington,  overseeing  a   program  that  has  tripled  in  size  in  just  four  years.       Educational  Background     Ed.D.   University  of  Pennsylvania   Higher  Education  Management   Dissertation:  "The  Launch  of  the  Big  Ten  Network:  How  11  Universities  Created  Their   Own  Television  Network  and  Changed  the  Landscape  of  College  Sports"    

M.S. Purdue  University     Sports  Sociology/Administration   B.S.   Lock  Haven  University   Physical  Education/Biological  Sciences     Complete  resume  and  bio  available  upon  request.         For  more  information,  contact  Conference  Broadcasts,  Inc  :     Karen  Weaver  215-­‐870-­‐8305   via  email   Twitter:  @CollegeAthlete          

Conference Broadcasts, Inc.  
Conference Broadcasts, Inc.  

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