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"Awareness is the Key to Change" By Jon Satin

Most of live our lives solely on the basis of our thoughts, conditionings and belief systems...most of which do not serve our highest good. Imagine being out in the middle of the ocean on a boat. You take a bottle cork and proceed to toss it overboard. Notice how the cork is tossed around at the mercy of the waves. That is how most people live on a daily basis: buffered about by their thoughts and beliefs, as well as worrying about what others will think and believe about them. What an exhausting way to live! At best (or worst) this is a life of a victim of circumstances, situations and events. To create positive change in your life today you want to develop a willingness to go beyond thinking. This higher level of consciousness is called "mindfulness." This can also be called awareness. Once you possess awareness you set the wheels in motion for change. It is through the power of choice, one decision you make on your behalf, that alters the results you receive in your life. Awareness literally expands your mind and a mind expanded can never return to its' former self. In any given moment, you can consciously become aware of what motivates you to behave the way you do. It is as if you are witnessing yourself. Observe yourself today and take an inventory of how your thoughts and beliefs navigate you through your day. Notice yourself before, during and after you complete a task or interact with other people. What are your dominant thoughts? Based on these thoughts that you have ask yourself this question: "Who do I believe I am?" Listen for the answer. You are on the road to positive change!

Awareness is the Key to Change  

By Jon Satin