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Parami Energy Charity Activity Recipient:



Pa-An Township, Kayin State

Number of Beneficiary:

Environment / 61 students + 4 teachers

Type of Aid:

Tree planting

Start of Aid:

July 2012

Duration of Aid:


Amount of Aid:

Ks. 38,000,000 Ks. 830,000 (1 power generator) 61 students + 4 teachers

Parami Energy Group of Companies actively promotes a green policy to protect the environment and conserve biodiversity. In line with the green policy, the company is committed to planting 500,000 trees throughout the country by 2015. In July, more than 50 Parami Energy employees, led by CEO, travelled to Pa-An Township in Kayin State, where 200,000 long-term trees were planted in special designated, recommended by local authorities. The company's scouting team travelled to the State in advance and reported back it findings to the company headquarters for better preparation of plating long-term trees that are beneficial to the environment protection. The team did initial assessments, with the help of local authorities, for successful implementation of the green project and other aid programs. The scouting team discovered parahita Buddhist monastic schools in the township. The Kayin State Education officials provided actual information about the monastic schools. The team began to distribute young plants to various government schools in the township. During the tree-planting trip to Pa-An, Parami staff were joined by hundreds of local people, who helped plant the trees at pre-designated locations, that are quite safe to conserve the environment in the long-term. As part of the biodiversity project, the staff also released fish and turtles into natural ponds.

In Kyar Inn Seik Gyi Township, Parami staff donated a power generator to a Buddhist monastic school, which helped lighting up classrooms for 61 students and 4 teachers. Soy bean milk was also offered to the students as part of the nutritional program. It was an enlightening project for Parami staff, as it paid the way for them to get involved in more similar project to protect the environment. ---x---

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