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T H E W I N STO N -SALEM FO UNDAT IO N 2016 Donors to Other Named Funds


Donors to Other Named Funds A. Tab Williams Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Ms. Sarah Alston

AB&I Foundry ABAR, LLC

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals and organizations that made contributions to named funds at the Foundation during 2016.

Mr. Jacob Armstrong

Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Baker, Jr.

American Endowment Foundation

Ms. Loretta Arnn

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Baldridge

American Institute for Foreign Study Foundation

Anne and Bill Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Baldwin III

Ms. Jennifer Abbinett

American Pipe & Supply

Mr. Douglas Arnold and Ms. Lynn Calhoun

George W. Ballentine, Sr.

Abe and Miriam Brenner Foundation

American Water Heaters

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Arnold

Ms. Elizabeth Balser

Ms. Linda Absher

Ms. Carmen H. Ames

Dr. and Mrs. Philip R. Aronson

Mrs. Amanda G. Balwah

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Absher

Ms. Carolyn Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Arpano

Dr. Wanda Balzano

Ms. Katherine D. Acenas

Ms. Edith S. Anderson

Ms. Barbara L. Arron

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

ACEY Group

Mr. Lus A. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Arron

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

Ms. Suzanne Ackert

Ms. Gayle N. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Arron

Mr. James L. Banning

Dr. Sandra P. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Ruskin Anderson

Mr. and Ms. Dan Ashe

Mrs. Tollie C. Barber

Mr. Thomas R. Adams

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Askew, Sr.

Dr. Ann L. Barefield

Ms. Sharon K. Adler

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Anderson

AT&T North Carolina

Mr. Charles D. Barham and Dr. Ann Barham

Adrian R. Shore IRA

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Atkinson

Ms. Zedena Barker

Dr. Harley P. Affeldt

Dr. M. R. Andrews-McCall

Atlas Lighting Products, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Art R. Barnes

Dr. Azeez A. Aileru

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andrus

Mrs. Carol B. Atwater

Mr. Richard Barnett

Dr. John Albertini and Dr. Laurie Wong Albertini

Ms. Pamela Anglin

Mr. Roger Austin

Mrs. Wrenna Barney

Ms. Hannah Albertson

Ann Lewallen Spencer Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Averill

Ms. Amy P. Barnhardt

Ms. Martha Albertson

Ms. Betsy Annese

Ayco Charitable Foundation

Mr. M. Lloyd Barnhardt III

Dr. David Albertson and Dr. Liz Albertson

Annese Public Relations

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Babcock

Ms. Sarah B. Barnhardt

Dr. Betty A. Alexander


Ms. Eve J. Bacon

Ms. Megan Barnhart

Miss Sania Ali

Mr. and Mrs. John Appel

Mr. John Baicy

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barr

Alice Myers Wald Memorial Fund


Dr. Judith I. Bailey

Mr. Russell Barringer

Mr. Worth Allen

Arbor Investment Advisors

Mrs. Edith M. Bailey

Mr. Chris Barry

Dr. and Mrs. David H. Allen

Dr. and Mrs. Guy Arcuri

Mrs. Anita W. Bain

Ms. Peggy S. Bartlett

Dr. and Mrs. Elms L. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Armentrout

Ms. Katherine Baker

Mr. Marshall B Bass

Dr. Laura Allen and Mr. Jeff Allen

Ms. Lucy F. Armfield

Ms. Kimberley K. Baker

Mr. Theron H. Bass, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller Allen

Ms. Adair P. Armfield

Mrs. Linda Baker

Mr. Stephen P. Batchelor

Mrs. Molly Allred

Mr. Paul W. Armfield

Ms. Cleta Baker

Rabbi Graham Baucom

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Alspaugh, Jr.

Mr. Howard Armistead

Dr. Laura D. Baker

Mr. Jonathan Baucom

[ 2 ]

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Ms. Kaylan Baxter

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Bettis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Cory P. Boyte

Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Bazemore, Jr.

Bienville Capital Management

Bradford White Corporation

Ms. Janice P. Broome

Dr. Carthene R. Bazemore-Walker

Ms. Coretta J. Bigelow

Ms. Penni P. Bradshaw

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Broughton


Ms. Sami O. Bills

Mr. John B. Brady

Ms. Allison Brouillette

Ms. Ashley Beach

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gordon Bingham

Ms. Wilba P. Brady

Mr. Henry A. Brown III

Ms. Beth Bealle

Mr. Samuel M. Black

Ms. Sheila Brame

Mrs. Mary Lee Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Beason

Mr. and Mrs. Isiah A. Black, Jr.

Dr. James David Branch

Mr. Robert H. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. T. Stewart Beason

Ms. Elsie C. Blackman

Mr. Christopher Brand

Ms. Susan B. Brown

Ms. Toyoko Beaty

Gwen and Edward Blackmer

Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Brandon, Jr.

Ms. Betty L. Brown

Drs. Elijah and Victoria Beaty

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Blackwelder

Dr. Chris Branner

Mr. Cliff Brown

Ms. Molly L. Beck

Mr. Mark L. Blanchard

Mr. Lionel Branscomb

Mr. David T. Brown

Robert E. Bednar, Jr., PA-C

Sally and David Blanco

Dr. Allison Brashear

Ms. Emily Brown

Mr. David Beischer

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Bland

BrassCraft Manufacturing Co.

Mr. Gregory F. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Beischer

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bloom

Ms. Ashley Braswell

Ms. Candice W. Brown

Ms. Marian Bell

Mrs. Pamela Bloom

Mrs. Mildred Braxton

Ms. Janice A. Brown

Mr. Richard G. Bell

Dr. Frederick A. Blount

Ms. Carolyn Breese

Ms. Rebecca F. Brown

Ms. Minta H. Bell

Dr. Morris A. Blount, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Breitbach

Mr. T.L. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Bell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry B. Blue

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Brendle II

Mrs. Winanne C. Brown

Mrs. Cheryle Belo

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Blue, Jr.

Ms. Frances Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Brown, Jr.

Mr. Graham F. Bennett

BMO Capital Markets

Ms. Susan Brenner

Dr. and Mrs. David G. Brown

Ms. Charlotte S. Bennett

Ms. Katherine H. Boaz

Mike and Wendy Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brown, Jr.

Mr. Bobby Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. E. William Boehmler

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dayton Brown

Kelly Bennett and Laura Giovanelli

Ms. Tara L. Bohley

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Brewer

Mr. and Mrs. Kenton R. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Bennett

Ms. Jeanne Bohrer

Ms. Tree Bright

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Brown

Ms. Ann Bennett-Phillips

Ms. Betsy Bombick

Mr. Stacy Brinson

Rodney and Martha Brown

Mr. William G. Benton

Mrs. Frances W. Bond

Ms. Phyllis Britnell

Mr. and Mrs. Royall R. Brown, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Berg

Mr. Martin M. Boney

Ron and Lisa Britt

Mrs. and Mrs. Samuel I. Brown

Dr. Sarah Berga

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke

Ms. Susan Brittain

Scott and Allison Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Berlin

Mr. C. P. Booker

Ms. Katherine B. Broadhurst

Ms. Wanda K. Brown

Bernard Robinson & Company, LLP

Dr. Donna Boswell

Ms. Lucinda M. Brogden

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert F. Brown

Dr. Carolynn B. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr.

Ms. Brenda Bronk

Bruce T. Brown 2012 CLAT

Dr. Deborah L. Best

Ms. Becky Bowen, J.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brookby

Mr. and Mrs. William Patton Brugh

Beta Sigma Phi

Mrs. Heather Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Brooker

Mrs. Ashlyn Bruning

Bethlehem Community Center

Ms. Sandra C. Boyette

Ms. Stephanie T. Brooks

Mrs. Ruth M. Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Bethune

Randy and Joan Smith Boyles

Ms. Brianna Brooks

Ms. Barbara Bryant

Donors to Other Named Funds


Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Ms. Beth Bryant

Ms. Susan M. Cameron

Ms. Pam Carter

Ms. Sandra Chitty

Ms. Christine Bryant

Mrs. Honey Campagna

Ms. Selina Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Marlon M. Choate

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bryant

Ms. Susan S. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caruso

Mr. Melvin E. Chrestman, Jr.

Mr. Thailer A. Buari

Ms. Dianne N. Campbell

Mr. Christopher Carver

Chris Paul Family Foundation

Dr. Christy Buchanan

Ms. Susan F. Campbell

Mr. Nathan Carver

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Chrisco

Dr. William Buchanan

Mr. Edwin J. Canter

Carver High School Class of 1965

Chris-More Inc.

Vardaman and Sherry Buckalew

Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Canter

Ms. Jennifer Casey

The Christopher Fund

Buckhorn Coal Co.

Ms. Patricia W. Capps

Mr. and Mrs. William Casey

Mr. and Mrs. F. Hudnall Christopher, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Budd

Capture Public Relations and Marketing

Mr. D. Christopher Cash

Christy and John Mack Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Budd

Ms. Alexandria Card

Ms. Barbara A. Cassidy

Mr. Charles Ciccotti

Budd Group

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Card

Mr. Bernard Casterlow

City of Winston-Salem

Mr. Hoan Bui and Ms. Ngoc Nguyen

Dr. and Mrs. W. Douglas Cardwell

Mrs. Mackenzie Cates Allen

Claire Bristow Interiors

Ms. Tracey Ann Bullock

Ms. Karen Estelle Carey

Ms. Virginia Caudill

Ms. Pat S. Clark

Mr. Steve Bumgarner

Mr. Andy Carmen

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Causey, Jr.

Mrs. Tracy Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Bumgarner

Ms. Carol Carmichael

Ms. Claudette Cave

Ms. Wilma Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Bumgarner

Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp.

Ms. Jane Caviness

Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Clark

Ms. Deb Burcombe

Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Caroway

Mr. M. Campbell Cawood

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Greig T. Burdick

Mr. Coy C. Carpenter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Hobart G. Cawood

Mr. and Mrs. Willie L. Clark, Jr.

Dr. Jennifer J. Burg

Mrs. Sherry R. Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Cawood

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Clary

Mrs. Johnsie P. Burgess

Ms. Stephanie Carpenter

Centenary United Methodist Church

Mr. George Clay

Ms. Donna M. Burke

Mrs. Anne S. Carr

Center for Clinical Research, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. W. Alex Clay

Ms. Jeremy P. Burnett

Ms. Genie Carr

Ms. Debbie Cesta

Mrs. Katie Clayton

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burns

Mr. Wayne Carr

Chad’s Chai & Tea Co.

Ms. Mary Claytor

The Honorable and Mrs. Richard M. Burr

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Carrison III

Ms. Kay H. Chalk

Ms. Catherine Clegg

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress III

Mr. Joe W. Carroll

Ms. Hannah G. Chalmers

Kate and Alex Clegg

Ms. Jean M. Burroughs

Ms. Nichelle C Carroll

Ms. Christie Chance

Mr. George M. Cleland III

Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Burrows

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Carson

Ms. Shannon Chang

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Clements

Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Butler III

Ms. Susan K. Carson

Mrs. Anne P. Clifton

Dr. Michael Butler

Ms. Jo Ellen Carson

Mrs. Jennifer Chan-Huang and Dr. William Huang

Mrs. Taryn Butler

Ms. Susan Cobb Carson

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Chapman

Mr. D. Elwood Clinard, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cabaniss

Carswell Distributing Company

Mr. Kevin Cheek

Mrs. Brenda K. Cline

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Caldwell

Peggy Carter

Ms. Latoya D. Cheek

Ms. Rebecca N. Clingman

Ms. Michelle Caldwell

Mrs. Rhea Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cheek

Ms. Susie Clodfelter

Mr. and Mrs. Rence Callahan

Ms. Isabel M. Carter

Mr. Paul W. Chellgren

Club of Twenty Gardens

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Calloway, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jere Carter

Ms. Jewel Cherry

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Cluskey

[ 4 ]

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Ms. Wenda Clinard

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Ms. Kirtan Coan

Ms. Nicole Corn

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Crouch

Mr. and Mrs. L. Duane Davis

Ms. Mary Boone Coan

Faye S. Cornelius

Ms. Sara Crowder

Mr. and Mrs. Linwood L. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. John Cobb, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Corpening

Ms. Lila J. Cruikshank

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Cobb

Ms. Anne S. Corpening

Ms. Judith H. Culley

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Davis

Mrs. Ellen S. Coble

Ms. Florence P. Corpening

Anna Reilly and Matthew Cullinan

Bill and Betty Gray Davis


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Corpening

Mrs. Doris E. Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Davis

Ms. Jane L. Cochrane

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cotterill

Ms. Eileen R. Cunningham

Ms. Artina L. Dawkins

Mr. Chris Cockerham

Covenant Sales, Inc.

Ms. LaRue P. Cunningham

Ms. Joan Dawson

Ms. Louise L. Cockerham

Ms. Shari Covitz

Ms. Patsy L. Currin

Dr. Beth Day-Hairston

Ms. Harweda Coe

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cowan

Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cogdill

Jean T. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. David Daggett

Mr. Homer Dearmin

Ms. Elizabeth K. Cole

Ms. S. Gail Craddock

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D’Agostino

Mr. and Mrs. J. Carlton Deaton

Ms. Marcia Z. Cole

Dr. Suzanne Craft

Ms. Suzanne G. Dale

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deaton

Ms. Kathryn Colenda

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Cramer

Ms. Sarah Dalrymple

Mr. Jim DeCristo

Mrs. Kay H. Collare

Ms. Mary Cranfill

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dalton, Jr.

Ms. Tricia DeForest

Ms. Margaret Collins

Ms. Alison B. Cranford

Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Daly

Ms. Lindsay Deibler

Dr. and Mrs. David D. Collins

Mr. Galen Craun III

Dr. Kurt Daniel

Mr. Craig Daniel Delucia

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Colner

Mr. and Mrs. Thorns Craven

Ms. Deborah T. Daniels

Ms. Cathy Denning

Ms. Bernita P. Colvin

Mr. and Mrs. C. Penn Craver, Jr.

Mrs. Judith Daniels

Ms. Nancy Dennis

Commonwealth Cares Fund

Ms. Cassandra Crawford

Ms. Sadie R. Daniels

Dennis McNeil Insurance Agency

Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation

Ms. Georgette Crawford-Crooks

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. Darden II

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Creative Corridors Coalition

Ms. Linda W. Darden

Department of Surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Health

Community Foundation of Western NC

Mrs. Sarah Creed

Ms. Caroline Davenport-Ersoff

Community School of the Arts

Cregger Company, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Daves

Mrs. Sarah H. Comstock

Ms. Mary Grace Crerand

Mr. Alan H. Davis

Concord Properties

Ms. Joan Crewson

Ms. Linda G. Davis

Ms. Grashia A. Connelly

Ms. Lynn D. Cribb

Dr. Courtland H. Davis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Connors

Mrs. Dale Anne Price Crim

Ms. April S. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Cook

Crisis Control Ministry

Ms. Heather J. Davis

Ms. Michelle M. Cook

Brother Peter Crispell

Ms. Judy C. Davis

Ms. Bonnie S. Cook

Ms. Elizabeth W. Crockett

Ms. Kirsten S. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cook

Dr. Jerry Crook

Mr. Ronald R. Davis

Cook Medical

Crosby Scholars Community Partnership

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Davis

Carole Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. O. Roane Cross, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis

Ms. Virginia B. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus B. Crotts

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III

The Honorable Judson DeRamus and Mrs. Susan DeRamus Mrs. Sylvia Anne Derrick Ms. Lawren Desai Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Mr. Joseph M. Devine DeVore & Johnson, Inc. Mr. G. Steele Dewey Dr. and Mrs. James P. Dickerson Ms. Cheryl Dickson Ms. Sandra Dickson Mrs. Kelley Dietz Ms. Brenda B. Diggs Mrs. Douglas Dillard

Donors to Other Named Funds


Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Ms. Kay K. Dillon

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Dunnagan

Ms. Grace Ellis

Estate of William W. Avera

Ms. Terri L. Dillon

Ms. Phyllis H. Dunning

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ellis

Ms. Sandra Etlinger

Discovery Land Company Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Julian F. Dunton

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Elmore, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Etlinger

Mr. Donald O. Dixon

Dr. Vanessa Duren-Winfield

Ms. Jeanine Elster

Ms. Brenda K. Evans

Ms. Mary Ruth Dobbins

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Eagan

Ms. Susan C. Elster

Ms. Diane K. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dobbins

Mrs. John T. Eagan, Jr.

Mrs. Edyce Elworth

Ms. Kathleen Evans

Mrs. Tracey Dobson

The Eason Foundation

Sonja and Calvin Emanuel

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Evans, Jr.

Ms. Myrna L. Doernberg

Ms. Jean Eastwood

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Embry

Mr. Thomas C. Everhard

Ms. Ann T. Doherty

Ms. Rotunda L. Eaton

Mr. Richard Emmett

Mr. Alexander C. Ewing

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Donahue

Ms. Liz Ebeling

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Engram

Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Faircloth

Ms. Susan R. Doran

Mr. and Mrs. Tim C. Ebert

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Enos, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Falken

Ms. Julia Doub

Ms. Margery A. Edgerton

Enrichment Center

Mr. Walter Farabee and Dr. Eboni Ellis

Ms. Jane T. Dougherty

Ms. Ashley Edwards

Ms. Suzanne Epermanis

Dr. and Mrs. John C. Faris

Ms. Christina Douglas

Ms. Martha Shore Edwards

Eric J. Sadler DDS & Associates PA

Ms. Hilda H. Farmer

Dr. Christopher Douglas

Ms. Colleen L. Edwards

Eric J. Sadler DDS, PA

Mrs. Carla Farmer

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Douglas

Mr. Frank H. Edwards

Mr. Ned S. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. Sandlin M. Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards

Drs. Rick and Megan Erickson

Ms. Susan L. Faust

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Douglas III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Egleston

Mr. and Mrs. William Ericson

Ms. Lisa R. Featherngill

Mrs. Graham P. Dozier III

Ego Hour Staff

Mrs. Kristy Ernst

Ms. Lynn Felder

Dr. Thomas E. Shown Advised Fund

Mrs. Jaymie Eichorn

Mr. Greg Errett and Ms. Carmen Caruth

Mrs. John H. Felts

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Driscoll

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Eisenberg

Ms. Turquoise B. Erving

Ms. Beth Fenimore

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll

Elaine Stephenson Interiors, Inc.

Dr. Michael Erwin

Ms. Dinah Ferguson

Mr. Michael N. Drucker

Mr. and Mrs. Adel G. El-Ghazzawy

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Esch

Ms. Mary J. Fergusson

Mr. and Ms. Darrell Drummond

Estate of Egbert L. Davis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ferrell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Duckett

Elizabeth T. Williams Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Estate of Elaine D. Dowdell

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Duckett

Elkay Manufacturing Company

Estate of Elmer H. Collins

First Tennessee Bank

Mr. Christopher H. Dudley

Elkin Public Library

Estate of Frank B. Hanes, Sr.

First Tennessee Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Dudley

Ella Ann L. and Frank B. Holding Foundation

Estate of Henry M. Carter

Ms. Pamela J. Fish

The Duke Endowment

Mr. Richard Elledge

Estate of John Taylor

Mrs. Gail Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell Duke, Jr.

Mrs. Aurelia Eller

Estate of Mabel H. Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Dull

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Eller

Estate of Margaret V. Hill

Wanda Starke and Ron Fisher

Ms. Kate Duncan

Ms. Martha E. Eller

Estate of Marie V. Bellin

Ms. Karen Fitzgerald

Mrs. Lauren D. Dunn

Ms. Margaret P. Elliott

Estate of Miriam P. Brenner

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Ms. Nancy W. Dunn

Mrs. Inez C. Elliott

Estate of Pamela Westrick

Mr. Harry Q. Fitzgerald

Mr. Noel Lee Dunn and Ms. Mia Celano

Dr. and Mrs. J. Grady Elliott

Estate of Ralph W. Yokeley

Mrs. Laurie Fitzgerald

[ 6 ]

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Mr. Wayne M. Fitzgerald

Ms. Jan Fox-Cain

Ms. Jaime Gallimore

Ms. Tory Gillett

Mr. John F. Fitzhugh

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Francis

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Gallins

Ms. Deidra R. Gilliard

Ms. Martha Fleer

Mr. and Mrs. John Franck

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Gallisdorfer

Mrs. Jean Abell Glass

Mr. Richard E. Fleming

Frank Borden Hanes 2012 CLUT

Mr. Steven B. Gallo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Glaze


Frank L. Blum Construction Company

Mr. and Mrs. Alex H. Galloway, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kirk Glenn, Jr.

Flex Crew

Mr. and Mrs. David Freedman

Dr. Elizabeth Gamble

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Godfrey

Mrs. Ann Flinchum

Dean Gerald Freedman

Ms. M. Caroline Gamble

Ms. Kheim Goins

Mr. and Mrs. James Flippin

Ms. Ruth Freeman

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Goins III

Ms. Stephanie Flores de Valgaz

Mr. Randall B. Freeman

Ms. Deborah Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Golding

Flow Foundation Inc.

Ms. Elizabeth B. Freeze

Ms. Layla Garms

Mr. Evan Goldman

Mr. Gary Flower

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Frekko

Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Garner

Ms. Bonnie Flythe

Mr. and Mrs. Lee French

Ms. Patricia F. Garner

Mr. Dennis Goldstein and Mrs. Robin Rogel-Goldstein

Mr. Charles L. Fogleman

Mr. Robert Friend

Mr. John Keith Garrett

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Goodson

Mr. and Mrs. McDara P. Folan, III

Ms. Donza Friende

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Garrity

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Goodson III

Ms. Anna Scott Folwell

Friends of the Southside Branch Library

Mr. and Mrs. John L. W. Garrou

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Goodwin

For Katie’s Sake Fundraiser

Ms. Eileen Frost

Ms. Anne Garvey

Ms. Cynthia S. Gordineer

Ms. Alberta Ford

Ms. Julie Frye

Brittney J. Gaspari

Ms. Susie Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ford

Ms. Mildred B. Frye

James E. Gay

Gordon Pfefferkorn Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Mr. George S. Forester, Jr.

Mr. David W. Fuller

Ms. Carol E. Gearhart

Ms. Sherry A. Gore

Ms. Kendall M. Forester

Mrs. Iona Fuller

Mr. Kurt Gehsmann

Dr. Louise Y. Gossett

Forsyth County

Ms. Lori Fuller

George Franklin Davis CLAT

Dr. Louis N. Gottlieb

Mrs. Charles W. Fortune

Ms. Brenda Fulmore

Mr. James Gerald

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Gottlieb

Forward Together Winston-Salem

Mrs. Vera V. Fulton

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gerding

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gottlieb

Dr. Mary Foskett

Ms. Cici Fulton

Ms. Barbara F. Gerhard

Mr. Vergil H. Gough

Ms. Betty W. Foster

Mr. Paul Fulton, Jr.

Mr. Douglas Gerringer

Mr. Matt Grace

Ms. Gene Foster

Ms. Sheryl D. Funderburk

Ms. Christa Geyer

Simone Grace

Ms. Jeanne Marie Foster

Mr. John Funkhouser

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gfeller, Jr.

Mrs. Carolyn P. Graham

Ms. Susan K. Foster

Ms. Debbie L. Furr

Ms. Peggy Gheesling

Mr. and Mrs. James Conrad Graham, Sr.

Foundation for Science, Art, Life and Technology

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Fusco

Ms. Ann S. Gibbs

Gramercy Research Group

Foundation for the Carolinas

Mr. Ted C. Fyock

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Gibel

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Grant

Ms. Bonnie S. Fowler

G. Ballentine IRA

Ms. Rebecca G. Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. W. Patrick Grantham

Ms. Daisy G. Fowler

Ms. Trisha M. Gadson

Ms. Claire Giffin

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Graper

Dr. T. Sharee Fowler

Dr. Candelas S. Gala

Dr. Olivia Gilbert

Ms. Kristin Grapes

Ms. Sara Fox

Ms. Ginger Gallagher

Mr. Eric B. Giles

Mrs. Cassandra Graves

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fox

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Gallaher

Ms. Julie C. Giljames

Ms. Elizabeth L. Graves

Donors to Other Named Funds


Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gray

Dr. Jason Haag

Ms. Erin Harris

The Honorable Gardenia Henley

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gray, Jr.

Ms. Carol L. Habegger

Mrs. Lila Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Henley

Mr. C. Boyden Gray

Ms. Sarah Haigh Molina

Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison

Mr. M. N. Hennessee

Ms. Diana Gray

Ms. Carolyn Y. Hairston

Mr. and Mrs. Miles Harry

Ms. Shannon Henry

Mr. and Mrs. Murray C. Greason, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Romas Hales

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hensel

Mr. and Mrs. Murray C. Greason III

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Richard Hall

Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott Hart

Ms. Carol L. Hermann

Dr. and Mrs. Gary M. Green

Ms. Shannon Hall

Ms. Marie W. Hartsfield

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Herring

Ms. Edna Green

Ms. Katherine B. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Harvey

Mr. and Mrs. Jerone Herring

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos L. Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Hatchell

Dr. Deirdre A. Herrington

Ms. Diana Greene and Mr. Mark Hall

Ms. Temple J. Halsey

Ms. Donna Hatchett

Ms. Anne L. Hester

Ms. Heather H. Greene

Mr. Jonathan D. Halsey

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hauser

Ms. Emily Millis Hiatt

Meriel Mitchell Gregory

Ms. Judith B. Halverson

Mr. Ricky N. Hauser

Monique Hibma

Ms. Janet Gresh

Ms. Donna Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hauser

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Hickman

Dr. Kathryn Greven

Mr. Robert Hamilton

Mr. Peter E. Hawley

Ms. Bettye J. Hicks

Mrs. Caren Grice

Ms. Frances Hammett

Ms. Jennifer W. Haydon

Mrs. Sandy High

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Griffin

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Hammon, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Culous M. Hayes, Jr.

Ms. Barbara Hill

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Griffith, Jr.

Ms. Casie Hammons

Ms. Leslie Hayes

Ms. Gale E. Hill

Ms. Mary Grigg

Mr. James A. Hancock, Jr.

Ms. Jacqueline Haynes

Mr. L.P. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Griggs

Kelley and Drew Hancock

Mr. Curt Hazelbaker

Mr. and Mrs. Brent C. Hilleary

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grosswald

Ms. Wanda Hancock

Mr. Darryl Head

Ms. LaTaya Hilliard-Gray

Ms. Pecolia Josey Grove

Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr.

Ms. Laura W. Hearn

Ms. Sarah E. Hinshaw

Mr. Irving M. Groves, Jr.

Mrs. Charlotte M. Hanes

Dr. Edward M. Hedgpeth, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hite

Mr. and Mrs. Ron G. Guerra

Ms. Julia T. Hanes

Mr. Joseph C. Hedgpeth

Ms. Sandra L. Hoback

Mr. Erik W. Guinther

Ms. Robin M. Hanes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hege

Angie and Chuck Hobbs

Ms. Sally H. Gulley

Mr. Eldridge C. Hanes

Ms. Shana Heilbron

Ms. Linda A. Hobbs

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Gulley

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hanes III

Mr. Brent Helms

Ms. Kim Hobin

Mr. Thomas J. Gunn

Ms. Carissa Hanson

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Helvey III

Dr. Fred Colby Hobson, Jr.

Mr. Michael D. Gunter

Ms. Sandy W. Harjes

Ms. Olivia Hempstead

Mr. Jay W. Hobson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard R. Gunzenhauser

Ms. Regina Harmon

Mr. Charles R. Hemrick

Ms. Jane Hobson and Mr. Fred Boring

Ms. Diana Guzman Cisneros

Ms. Sue J. Harmon

Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin K. Hodge

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Gwyn

Ms. Martha D. Harper

Ms. Susan L. Henderson

Ms. Brenda T. Hodge

Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn

Ms. Frances B. Harrington

Ms. Marjorie Hendrix

Ms. Patti Hoffman

H. C. Woodall, Jr. Family Charitable Remainder Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harrington

Mr. Paul C. Hendrix

Ms. Patricia Hogan

Ms. Angela M. Harriott

Mr. L. Stephen Hendrix and Mrs. Ann S. Hendrix

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hoggard

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Haaf

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron M. Harris

Ms. Leora Henkin

Mrs. William F. Hohman

[ 8 ]

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Mr. and Mrs. Hayes R. Holderness

Ms. Lucia M. Hughes

James A. Gray High School Class of 1958

Dr. and Mrs. Beverly N. Jones III

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hollan III

Ms. Patricia W. Hull

James G. Hanes Memorial Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Cleve C. Hollar

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Humphrey

James N. and Rose S. Andrews CLUT

Mr. and Mrs. Halbert M. Jones, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Holliday, Jr.

Ms. Cashin Hunt

Ms. Mary Jamis

Ms. Donna M. Jones

Ms. Sandra Holman

Ms. Jaime Lynn Hunt

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Janeway

Mr. Raymond C. Jones

Ms. Stephanie L. Holmes

John and Patricia Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Jarmond, Jr.

Ms. Terry E. Jones

Mr. Stewart D. Holmes

Ms. Mary Kirk Huske

Dr. and Mrs. Ali Jarrahi

Mrs. Catherine M. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Holmes

Ms. Jamie E. Huss

Mr. Jesse H. Jarrell

Lewis Jones

Holton Law Firm, PLLC

Mr. and Mrs. Tam S. Hutchinson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Jarrell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Jones

Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem

Ms. Terry Hyland

Ms. Andrea M. Jenkins

Ms. Sandra Miller Jones

Hometown Auto & Credit Inc.

Mrs. Addie B. Hymes

Rev. and Mrs. Donald Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Jones

Mrs. J. Clyde Hooker, Jr.

I. L. Long Construction Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Jenkins

Jones Stephens Corporation

Ms. Marjorie T. Hoots

Mr. Charles Iacovou

Mr. Charles B. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Jordan II

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hoover

Ms. Etta Lee Idol

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice N. Jennings, Jr.

Ms. Keely Jordan

Ms. Ann Hopkins

IFB Solutions

Mrs. Lynne Jennrich

Mrs. Milbourne L. Joye, Jr.

Mr. Mark Hoppe and Dr. Betsy Hoppe

Immedia Print

Mr. and Mrs. Trent E. Jernigan

Ms. Cheryl D. Joyner

Mr. Jason Horton

Dr. Elwanda D. Ingram

Ms. Margaret Falkenberg Jerome

Mr. G. William Joyner III

Mr. and Mrs. C. Royce Hough

Inmar Enterprises, Inc.

Dr. Elizabeth H. Jeter

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Ms. Karen House

Integrated Solutions International

Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay

Mr. Peter Juran

Ms. Margretta H. Houston

Intermodal Logistics Consulting Inc.

Jewish Foundation of Greensboro


Mr. and Mrs. David R. Howard

Ms. Beverly A. Irby

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Johnson

Ms. Amy Justice

Mr. and Mrs. J. Connelly Howard

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Irvin

Ms. Betty W. Johnson

Ms. Maria Justice

Ms. Julianne K. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Irvin

Mrs. Dell C. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Frederic Kahl

Ms. Anne S. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Irvin

Ms. Jennifer Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Kaplan

Howell Construction

Ms. Annie W. Irving

Ms. Joia M. Johnson

Ms. Lucy Kaplan

Mr. Eric N. Hoyle

Ms. Norma-May Isakow

Ms. Kay B. Johnson

Mrs. Toni Kapp

Ms. Katherine Hoyt

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Iseman, Jr.

Ms. Marilyn Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Kappes

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Hubbard

J. William and Mary Helen Straker Charitable Foundation

Ms. Patricia W. Johnson

Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Mrs. Rachel Joyce Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Katz

J.P. Rider Charitable Remainder Trust dated 6/6/91

Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Johnson

Ms. Rachel Katzer

Mrs. Frances R. Huber Mrs. Jennifer Hudson Ms. Frances L. Huffman Mr. James M. Huffman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Huggins Ms. J. L. Hughes Dr. Doreen L. Hughes

Ms. Irma B. Jackson Mr. Richard H. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. James III Micha James James A. Gray High School Class of 1957

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Johnson

Dr. Don Kautz and Dr. Carol Ziel

Mrs. Marsha G. Johnsrude

Ms. Lisa D. Kay

Mr. Crews Johnston III

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Kay, Jr.

Ms. Dedee DeLongpre Johnston

Kay and Dave Phillips Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David Jolley

Mr. W. K. Keener, Jr.

Donors to Other Named Funds


Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Kehaya

Ms. Elisa M. Kirby

Ms. Lesley Anne Lamb

The Honorable Molly Leight

Ms. Tamisha Keith

Mrs. Lisa Kirkman

Dr. Nathan Lambert

Ms. Lindsay Leiter

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Keith

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Kirkman

Ms. Judy Lambeth

Mr. Curtis Leonard

Ms. Sherry A. Kellett

Mrs. Denise Kiser

Mr. James Lambie and Ms. Lisbeth Evans

Ms. Michelle Merritt Leonard

Dr. David L. Kelly, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Dalane Kitzman

Ms. Lucy S. Lancaster

Leonard G. Herring Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Sean J. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Laney

Leslie R. and Robert E. Warhover Advised Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Stanhope A. Kelly

The Mortimer and Barbara Klaus Family Foundation

Dr. Barbara Lankton

Ms. Trisha Lester

Ms. Chris Kelsey

Ms. Cindy Kluttz

Mr. and Mrs. Bret R. Larget

Ms. Lois Levin

Jason Kemp

Ms. Sue A. Kneppelt

Mr. John C. Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Lewis

Ms. Helene I. Kendle

Ms. Elen Knott

LASCO Fittings, Inc

Ms. Jeannette T. Lewis

The Senah C. & C.A. Kent Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Knott

Ms. Logan Lash

Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Lewis

Ms. Claudia A. Kennedy

Ms. Barbara P. Knouse

Ms. Nancy L. Lash

Ms. Cynthia Liberty

Ms. Kimberly A. Kennedy

Ms. Joyce Kohfeldt

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Lassiter

Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Lindemann III

Dr. Rick Kerensky

Kohler Co.

Ms. Roberta King Latham

Mr. Jeffery Lindsay

Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Kern

Kooken Family Foundation

Ms. Mary Law

Ms. Teresa B. Lindsay

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kerr

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Koontz

Law Offices of Frederick B. Adams, P.C.

Sayre Lineberger and Mike Tribble

Dr. Rogan Kersh and Ms. Sara Pesek

Ms. Sandra M. Kopchik

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lawler

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Lineberger

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Keshian

Mr. Thomas Korona

Ms. Patricia M. Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lineweaver

Dr. Terry Ketch

Ms. Hilary L. Kosloske

Mr. Robert E. Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lippard, Jr.

Ms. Gale Ketteler

Ms. Betsy Kraft

Mr. and Mrs. B. Thomas Lawson, Jr.

Mr. James E. Lippard

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey J. Kierstead

Ms. Mari Krane

Ms. Jennifer Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Little, Jr.

Rita and Ron Kilgore

Ms. Mary Krautter

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lawyer

Constance Little

Ms. Ellen P. Killens

Janis Krebs

Ms. Vickie Lazaris

Ms. Amy Litz

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Ms. Suzanne Krebs

Ms. Luci Lazorchak

Adrienne Amos Livengood

Mr. and Mrs. D. Gray Kimel, Jr.

Ms. Bebe A. Krewson

Mr. Christopher B. Leak

Mr. Rob Livengood

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur T. King

Ms. Heidi Krowchuk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Leak, Sr.

Ms. Katherine Llewellyn

Mr. and Mrs. John M. King

Ms. Kristin B. Krueger

Ms. Amy Leander

Ms. Faith B. Lockwood

Mr. Alex King

Krupa Family Foundation Inc.

Ms. Ellen Lebo

Mrs. Janie Locus

Mr. Dale M. King

Ms. Andrea S. Kurtz

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ledbetter

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Loew

Ms. Kayce King

Kurtz Family Foundation

Ms. Valeria J. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Whitman P. Loflin

Ms. Marylynn G. King

Mrs. Ellen Kutcher

Ms. Kay Lee

Mr. and Mrs. W. Randolph Loftis, Jr.

Ms. Melba J. King

Ms. Jo Ann Kyslinger

Ms. Elizabeth Lees

Mr. Joseph P. Logan

Ms. Patsy King

Mr. Bryan Laird

Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Lefler

Ms. Martha Logemann

Ms. Katie King

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gilmour Lake

Legatus Foundation

Ms. Jeannette M. Loggins

Ms. Cheryl L. Kingman

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold N. Lakey

Dr. Claudine Legault and Mrs. Virginia R. Weiler

Mrs. Deborah Millis Long

[ 10 ]

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Ms. Emmie Long

Mrs. Constance Mallette

Mr. and Mrs. David McBride

Ms. Gail McNeill

Ms. Lisa C. Long

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Malloy, Jr.

Ms. Susan McBurney

Ms. Drew H. McNeill

Longley Supply Co.

Mr. A.J. Maloney

Dr. and Mrs. William McCall, Jr.

McPherson Real Estate Group, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. William Longyard

Maloy Family Foundation

Ms. Madelyn McCaully

Mr. and Mrs. William L. McSwain

Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Lord III

Ms. Patti Mandel

Dr. and Mrs. John D. McConnell

Dr. Allison McWilliams

Ms. Lynda Summerlin Lotich

Mrs. Shirley Maney

Dr. James A. McCool

Ms. Sally H. Meehan

Mr. John H. Loughridge, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mann

Ms. Paula J. McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Meeks

Dr. Cheraton Love

Mr. Matthew Marceron

Jeanne and Timothy McCulloch

Meghan Thumm Mackey Conservation LLC

Love’s United Methodist Church

Margaret W. Parker Charitable Lead Unitrust

Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough

Ms. Lisha Mejan

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lovett

Dr. Gail S. Marion

Mr. Ken McDaniel

Ms. Barbara A. Mellin

Ms. Mona W. Lovett

Ms. Holly Marion

Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter McDowell III

Dr. Paige Meltzer

Mr. Blake D. Lovette

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McDowell

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Lowder

Mr. Daniel Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. William H. McElwee III

The Honorable Lisa Menefee and Mr. Anderson Cromer

Mr. David R. Lowe

Ms. Debbie Marshall

Ms. Byah McGee

Mercedes-Benz of Winston-Salem

Lowe’s Buchan Club

Mrs. Kimberly Marshall

Dr. Katherine Tucker McGinnis

Ms. Linda W. Merchant

Ms. Elizabeth W. Lubin

Ms. Lucia J. Marshall

Michael and Teresa McHugh

Dr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Meredith

Ludy M. Strother Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Martha F. McNair Trust

Mrs. Patricia A. McKay

Mr. Robert E. Merritt

Ms. Rebecca S. Luffman

Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Martin, Sr.

Mrs. Rebecca McKee

Ms. Jessica Meurer

Lunsford Richardson Preyer Charitable Lead Unitrust

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin

Mr. Robert L. McKee III

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Meyer

Ms. Nancy L. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ray McKinney

Ms. Tamara Michael

Ms. Joanna M. Lyall

Mrs. Theresa E. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Emm McKinnon

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mickey

Ms. Gail E. Lybrook

Ms. Elizabeth Martin

Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKinnon

Mid America Marketing

Ms. Annette P. Lynch

Mr. James P. Martin

Ms. Laura Hart McKinny

Ms. Johnnie L. Midyette

Lyndhurst Dental Associates

Mr. Raymond A. Martin

Mrs. Kay McKnight

Ms. Sandra H. Mikush

Mr. Chris Lyon

Martin Joines

Mr. and Mrs. Dan McLaughlin

Mr. and Mrs. B. Hofler Milam

Ms. Amy Lytle

Ms. Martha Y. Martinat

Ms. Jean McLaughlin

Rev. and Mrs. Judson J. Milam

M.B. Kahn Construction Co., Inc

Ms. Candy Martinez

Mrs. Betsey McLawhorn

Millennium Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. MacDonald

Ms. Tricia A. Mason

Ms. Edithe B. McLean

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Miller

Ms. Kristen Machado

Ms. Meredith Masten

Ms. Sally R. McLeod

Dr. Henry S. Miller, Jr.

Ms. Claire Machamer

Mr. Donald W. Masura

Mr. and Ms. Dalton L. McMichael, Jr.

Ms. Carol V. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Macklin

Mr. Daniel E. Mattingly

Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank McNair IV

Ms. M. Gail Miller

Ms. Gay Macon

Ms. Margaret S. Mauney

Mrs. Grover C. McNair, Jr.

Ms. Wendy J. Miller

Mrs. Corey Madden

Ms. Tracey S. Maxwell

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. McNames

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller

Ms. Diane M. Madison

Ms. Mary McAfee

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. McNeil

Mr. and Mrs. Ward B. Miller

Ms. Phyllis Malanka

Mr. Lonnie J. McAllister II

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. McNeil

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Millis, Jr.

Donors to Other Named Funds

[ 11 ]

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Mr. William B. Millis

Ms. Martha J. Morphis

David L. Neal and Jennifer Weaver

Ms. Dorothy O’Beirne

Ms. Joann S. Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Rock Morphis

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Neal

Ms. Sylvia Oberle

Ms. Piper Millsaps

Mrs. Susan Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Lucian H. Neal

Dr. and Mrs. David Reese O’Brien, Jr.

Mrs. Lillian R. Mims

Ms. Debbie Morris

Ms. Mildred H. Neal

Mr. and Mrs. J. Brice O’Brien

Ms. Elsie H. Min

Ms. Vickie S. Morrison

Mr. Stephen L. Neal

Bob and Mindy Ogburn

Dr. Challie Minton

Mrs. Typhany Morrison-Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. T. David Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Ogburn, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Moss

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Nelson

Old Hickory Council, Boy Scouts of America

Mr. and Mrs. Guy K. Mitchell, Jr.

Ms. Elisabeth M. Motsinger

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Oliver

Mrs. Rodessa Mitchell

Ms. Lynn E. Mounce

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Nelson III

Ms. Siobhan Olson

Ms. Dina Mitchell

Ms. Jo Ann Mount

Dr. Anne Nelson

ONEHOPE Foundation

Mitchell Industries Foundation

Kenneth F. Mountcastle

Ms. Stephanie Nelson

Ms. Spence B. O’Neill

Modern Automotive

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Mountjoy

Network for Good

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Neill

Ms. Megan Moen

Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro

Mr. Richard R. Newell

Ms. Kathy Orms

Allison Bare Moise and Steve Bare

Ms. Audrey Muck

Mr. and Mrs. Ancrum B. Newman

Ms. Roanne F. Ornelles

Ms. Ellen N. Monahan

Mr. Charles M. Mull

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Newman

The Orr Group

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monk

Ms. Laura K. Mullin


Mr. and Mrs. L. Glenn Orr, Jr.

Ms. Helen Monroe

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Niblock

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Osborn

Ms. Laura Monsen

Ms. Ellen Murphy

Mr. James Nicholson

Mr. and Mrs. Brown Osborne

Dr. William G. Montgomery

Ms. Martha Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Claude B. Nielsen

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Osman

Mr. Robert A. Moody

Ms. Mary Jo Murphy

Mr. Bill Nifong

Ms. Andrea Ostberg

The Moore Charitable Foundation

Mr. R. Frank Murphy

Mr. Lawrence Noe

Mr. and Mrs. Derek E. Ostergard

Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Moore

Mr. Timothy G. Murphy

Ms. Patricia Noel

Ms. Susan B. Ott

Mrs. Linda Moore

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Murray

Mr. Paul Norby

Ms. Katherine W. Otterbourg

Dr. and Mr. Mary Lou Moore

Ms. Beth W. Murray

Ms. Margaret Norfleet-Neff

Mr. and Mrs. John Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Norris, Jr.

Ms. Lois P. Owens

Ms. Peggy C. Moore

Murray Supply Company

North Carolina Fine Wines Society

Ms. Mildred W. Paden

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. F. Bradford Myers, Jr.

North State Property Company

Mr. Derwick Paige

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Morgan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Myers

Ms. Allison Norton-Rimron

Ms. Theresa Palmer

Mr. J. Griffin Morgan

Mrs. Adeen T. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Christoph Nostitz

Mr. David Pannell

Ms. Jennifer Morgan

Ms. Rebecca Nagaishi

Novant Health

Ms. Alice Z. Pannill

Ms. Karlynn Morgan

Narsihji Temple USA

Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center

Mr. William Gordon Pannill II

Olivia E. Morgan

Ms. Diane Nations

Mrs. Julee Nunley

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Pardue, Jr.

Ms. Toni Morgan

Dr. Cecile E. Naylor

Mrs. Ann Googe Nusbaum

Mr. William Park

Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Morgan

NC Academy of Physician Assistants

Ms. Rebecca Nussbaum

Mr. David N. Parker, Jr.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

NC Flight

Mr. Chester T. Nuttall, Jr.

Ms. Emily H. Parker

[ 12 ]

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Ms. Pauletta R. Parker

Ms. Patricia Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Porter

Dr. R. C. Ray

Ms. Carol Parker

Dr. Randy Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Raymer

Mr. Charles N. Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Petersen

Ms. Kathleen Pounds

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reames

Ms. Demarais F. Parker

Mr. Harold Peterson

Ms. Elmira J. Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Rearden

Mrs. Lauren Parker

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Petree, Jr.

Ms. Janet A. Powell

Mr. James K. Reaves, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Parker

Ms. Roberta L. Pettit

Mrs. Jessica Powell

Ms. Cynthia D. Reavis

Mrs. John Stephen Parks

Ms. Jane M. Pfefferkorn

Ms. Maclyn H. Powell

Mr. Michael Reavis

Mrs. Velma Gray Parnell

L. Gordon Pfefferkorn, Jr.

Ms. Teresa Powell

Ms. Takeisha Redd

Ms. Lisa Parrish

Ms. Susan Pfefferkorn

Ms. Judith A. Pozniak

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reed

Mrs. Susan Parrish

Ms. Laura Phail

Ms. Karen Pranikoff

Ms. Shagail R. Reed

Ms. Ellen C. Parsley

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Phelps

Ms. Esther K. Preston

Ms. Evelyn J. Reeves

Ms. Barbara Ann Parsons

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Phillips

Ms. Marcia M. Priddy

Ms. Erin Brady Rega

Dr. Linn Parsons

Ms. Renee L. Phillips

Primo Water Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Reibman

Patrick Lane Electric Co.

Ms. Kay McGee Phillips

Mr. J. Timothy Prout

Ms. Joan E. Reid

Dr. Alice Conger Patterson

Physician Discoveries. LLC

Mr. Robert Prout

Dr. and Mrs. Burton Reifler

Ms. Elaine M. Patterson

Piedmont HomeHealth Inc.

Ms. Elaine Pruitt

Ms. Luanne Rejeski

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Patton

Piedmont Land Conservancy

Mr. and Mrs. David Puccinelli

Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Mr. Chris Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Alan Purcell

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Ms. Nancy W. Payne

Mrs. Lara Hanes Pierce

Quality Oil Company

Ms. Christy Respess

Ms. Laura Peace

Dr. Ingrid B. Pisetsky

Queen City Optimist Club

Ms. Julia Reynolds

Mrs. Ashley Pearce

Mr. Walter W. Pitt, Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Repetti

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Quick

Mrs. Sandra M. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Pearce

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Pitts

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Race

Reynolds American

Ms. LaDessa Cunningham Pearson

Mr. William G Pitzer

Martin and Donna G. Rader

Reynolds American Foundation

Ms. Denni Peebles

Ms. Courtney Plaisted

Mr. Jerome Raffaldini and Ms. Maureen Stitt

Reynolds American Inc Charity Trust Account

Mrs. Randon B. Pender

Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Pleasants

Ms. Barbara Raffaldini

Ms. Gelania J. Rhoades

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Pendry

Mr. Graydon Pleasants and Ms. Margaret Scales

Dr. Patricia Ragan

Ms. Lynn Rhoades

Mr. Martin D. Penry

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Poe

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ragland

Dr. and Mrs. Vade G. Rhoades

Abbie and Francis Pepper, Jr.

Anne Pojman

Dr. and Mrs. David Y. Rainey

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rhodes

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Perkins, Jr.

Mr. Robert Polite

Ramey, Inc.

Ms. Jill Rhom

Ms. Allison C. Perkins

Ms. Louise B. Pollard

Ms. Silvia Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riazzi

Dr. Mary T. Perkins

Mr. Dale C. Pond

Ms. Katie Rauck

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Rice

Mrs. Becky H. Perkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Poole

Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Ray

Richard W. Averill Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Perry, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Walker L. Poole

Mr. Alvin Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Perry III

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Poplin

Mr. James A. Ray

Ms. Irma M. Richardson

Ms. Deborah L. Perry

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Porter

Ms. Marisa E. Ray

Ms. Shawn A. Ricks

Donors to Other Named Funds

[ 13 ]

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Mrs. Dolores E. Rider

Ms. Jean E. Rousseau

Mr. Melvin J. Scales, Jr.

Dr. Charlie V. Shaw

Ms. Anne D. Rigby

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Rowe, Sr.

Scales Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Shaw

Right at Home

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Rowell

Hilda Scarborough

Mrs. Ann Hinshaw Shearon

Mr. Clay V. Ring, Jr.

Mrs. Jenny Rowland

Ms. Claudia Zorn Schaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Shelton, Sr.

Roaring Gap Club Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Royster

Michelle and Alex Schenker

Mrs. Jacqueline Shelton

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Robbins, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Rubin

Ms. Kate M. Scheuer

Mr. Haskell Shelton

Ms. Arnetta W. Roberson

Ms. Anna Rubino

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Schindler

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mark Shepherd

Mr. and Mr. Lee Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rucker

Ms. Donna M. Schmid

Marianna Mason Sheridan

Ms. Ann Roberts

Ms. Sarah Rudasill

Schmitt ProfiTools Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Shinaman

Ms. Jolyn Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Carver Rudolph, Jr.

Ms. Nancy C. Schneider

Mr. E. Taylor Shipley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ruffin

Ms. Meyressa Schoonmaker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Shore, Jr.

Mrs. Suzanne Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ruffin

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Shouse

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Robins

Mr. Dalton D. Ruffin

Ms. Marianne Schubert

Ms. Paula M. Shteamer

Judge Michael L. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Russ

Ms. Laura A. Schulte

Sandra and Wayne Shugart

Ms. Susan Rodger and Mr. Thomas Narten

Ms. Lovey N. Russ

Schwab Charitable Fund

Mrs. Amy Shuman

Dr. Mae L. Rodney

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Russell

Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz

Dr. Ricky R. Sides

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rodriguez

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Russell

Mr. Steve Schwartz

SignUp Genius

Ms. Twana Roebuck

Gary and Michelle Ryman

Mrs. Vicki Schwartz

Ms. Marjorie L. Silber

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Roemer, Jr.

Mrs. Shirley T. Sadler

Dr. Christopher Scott

Ms. Dara Silver

Ms. Victoria L. Roemer

Ms. Debbie Sale

Ms. Linda B. Scott

Ms. Cindy Silver

Ms. Lois Roewade


Mrs. Marshall D. Scurry

Ms. Kathleen Brosnihan Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Rogers

Ms. Gemma L. Saluta

Ms. Catherine L. Seaver

Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Sanders, Jr.

Ms. Scott Seawell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sims

Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Rogers III

Ms. Brenda P. Sanders

Mr. James A. Sebastian

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sinal

Ms. Donna W. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. W. Kirk Sanders

Ms. Rebecca Ann Sebastian

Ms. Patricia J. Sisson

Ms. Samantha Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Sandridge, Jr.

Mr. Dale S. Seibert

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Skees

Ms. Sandra Romanac

Dr. Renato Santos

Linda Sekhon

Ms. Sabrina Slade

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rose

Ms. Barbara Saulpaugh

Senior Services

Mr. Willis Slane and Dr. Caroline Chiles

Ms. Janet S. Roseman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Saunders

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sevier

Mr. and Mrs. J. Todd Slate

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Toy D. Savage, Jr.

Ms. Susan Sevin

Mrs. Joseph W. Sleap

Mrs. Eugene Rossitch

Ms. Margaret T. Savoca

Mr. David E. Shaffner

Ms. Brenda D. Sloan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rossitch

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Sayers

Dr. Bansi Shah and Dr. Sumati Shah

Ms. Elizabeth A. Sloan

Rotary Club of Winston-Salem

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Sayers

Mr. W. David Shannon

Ms. LaMonica Sloan

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rotgin, Jr.

Mr. and Mr. Michael J. Saylor

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Shaw

Ms. Alisa Smallwood

Mrs. J. A. Rousseau, Jr.

SBG Financial Inc.

Ms. Beverly R. Shaw

Ms. Sheila Smallwood

[ 14 ]

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Smart Party, LLC

Ms. Carol B. Spaugh

Dr. Eleanor P. Stoller

Ms. Marcia B. Szewczyk

Amy K. Smith and Kenny Smith

Mr. R. Arthur Spaugh

Stone Foundation

T.W. Garner Food Company

Mr. and Mrs. G. Dee Smith

Mrs. Edgar M. Spears

Mrs. April Stouder

Dr. Charles V. Taft

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Smith

Dr. Carol M. Speas

Robert and Holly Stowe


Ms. Carol F. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Spencer

Ms. Lisa Stowe

Dr. Walter Tan

Mrs. Richard G. Smith, Jr.

Judge and Mrs. Ronald E. Spivey

Ms. Mary E. Stowe

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Tanner

Ms. Anna M. Smith

Ms. Caroline Sprinkle

Stratford Rotary Club of Winston-Salem

Ms. Cindy Taplin

Mrs. Debbie N. Smith

Ms. Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin

Ms. Lucy S. Strawsburg

Ms. Lucy Arlayne Tate

Mr. J. Don Smith

Dr. Richard Stacey

Kate and Rick Streng

Ms. Marguerite B. Taylor

Ms. Judy Smith

Ms. Ena Stackhouse

The Strickland Family Foundation

Ms. Jo A. Taylor

Ms. Kathelene McCarty Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Stafford

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Strickland

Ms. Renee A. Taylor

Ms. Margaret S. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Staley

Mrs. Susan Strickland

Team Jonah Fundraiser

Ms. Sarah L. Smith

Ms. Jan Standerfer

Ms. Carol Strom

Ms. Kathy J. Teasdall

Ms. Sharon R. Smith

Ms. Amy Stanley

Ms. Carole M. Stuart

Ms. Jo Anne Tedford

Mr. Truett Smith

Ms. Nancy Starbuck

Mrs. Meredith Stubbs

Ms. Janice Templeton

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Smith

Mr. William A. Starbuck, Jr.

Ms. Shirley S. Sturdivant

Mrs. Catherine Tennant

Dr. Sylvia Smith and Dr. Audie Bloise

Ms. Marlee Stark

Mrs. Elizabeth N. Sugg

Mrs. Mary Craig Tennille

Smith Phillips Building Supply

Ms. Wanda V. Starke

Ms. Brooke Johnson Suiter

Mr. and Mrs. R. Christopher Teter

Mr. Gordon R. Smoak

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stebbins

Ms. Jane Suitt

Ms. Tricia Teter

Mr. James N. Smoak

Steinhouse Supply Company

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sullivan

Mr. Jason C. Thiel

Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Snelgrove

Ms. Rebecca C. Steintrager

Ms. Iris Sunshine

Dr. and Mrs. John B. R. Thomas

Mrs. Kathryn Hanes Snow

Dr. Susan K. Stephens

Mrs. John R. Surratt

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Graham E. Snyder

Dr. Lorraine Sterritt

Surry Arts Council

Pattie W. Thomason

Ms. Susan S. Sommerkamp

Mrs. Robert H. Stevenson

Mrs. Mamie McKinney Sutphin

Mr. and Mrs. Mark I. Thompson

Ms. Christina Soriano

Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Sutton, Jr.

Mrs. Berline Carroll Thompson

Mr. James M. Southern

Mr. Thomas P. Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sutton III

Ms. Lee Thompson

Ms. Mildred F. Southern

Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Stewart

Mrs. John J. Sutton, Jr.

Mr. Dean G. Thompson

Southern Wholesalers Association

Ms. Sunny T. Stewart

Ms. Laura Sutton

Mrs. Janet T. Thompson

Southwest Athletics

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Stinnett

Mrs. Martha S. Sutton

Ms. Martha Thompson

Dr. Smeeta Souza-Roy

Mr. Kerry A. Stith

Ms. Melba R. Sutton

Ms. Melody L. Thomson

Mr. Robert Sox

Dr. Doria Kathleen Stitts

Mr. Will Sutton

Ms. Barbara L. Thornton

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Spach

Mr. Richard Stockton

Mr. Sterling Swaim

Tight Lines Partners, LLC

Dr. Tom and Rev. Laura Spangler

Ms. Preston Stockton

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Swofford

Tim Morales & Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Spaugh

Ms. Terri Stockton

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Swofford

Mr. Charles E. Tinsley III

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Spaugh

Mr. and Mrs. R. Stuart Stogner

Ms. Shaheen Syal

Ms. Barbara R. Todd

Donors to Other Named Funds

[ 15 ]

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Ms. Lisa A. Todd

Ms. Virginia C. Underhill

Mrs. Carolyn H. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. G. Alfred Webster

Ms. Mary Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Unger

Mrs. Abigail Walker

Mrs. Catherine Webster

Mr. F. N. Tomlinson, Jr.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston-Salem

Mrs. Tonia G. Walker

Mrs. Christina Weese

Mr. Clinton W. Toms III

Ms. Letitia C. Wall

Rev. Marilyn and John Weiler

Ms. Bernice C. Toney

United Way of Forsyth County

Ms. Susan B. Wall

Ms. Maribeth Weinman

Ms. Patrice Y. Toney

Ms. Marviette Usher

Mr. and Mrs. McLain Wallace

Ms. Anissa Welch

Ms. Jodi Tonsic

Dr. Peggy A. Valentine

Ms. Judi Lawson Wallace

Ms. Meredith M. Welch

Dr. and Mrs. James F. Toole

Dr. Rebecca S. Valla

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wallace, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Wells, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Torreyson

Mrs. Charles F. Vance, Jr.

Wallace Consulting & Training, Inc.

Wells Fargo

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Townes IV

Vanguard Charitable

Ms. Eliza S. Walmsley

Wells Fargo Private Bank

Ms. Jane O. Towns

Mr. Ryan C. Vann

Mr. Lloyd G. Walter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Wenker

Mr. Alan Toy

Mr. and Mrs. Byron J. Vannoy

Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce Architects

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Wentzell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Trawick

Sujethra Vasu

Mr. William H. Walton III

Mr. Kenneth J. Wernick

Trinity Sunday School Class

Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Vaughan

Mr. Hans Wanders

Ms. Deborah Wesley

Truliant Federal Credit Union

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vaughn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wesson

Ms. Elizabeth S. Trull

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Vaughn

Ms. Corinne Ward

West Third Street, Inc.

Mrs. Janice Tsoules

Vela Strategic Marketing and Public Relations

Ms. Linda J. Ward

Ms. Claudette Weston

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Tuck

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Vestal

Ms. Jennie M. Warren

Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Garland S. Tucker

Ms. Sterling S. Vestal

Ms. Leila L. Warren

Ms. Janet P. Wheeler

Jeff and Betsy Tucker

Dr. Lelia L. Vickers

Ms. Mary Warren

Mr. John C. Whitaker, Jr.

Dr. Daniel J. Tulman

Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Villines

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Washington

Ms. Meridith C. Whitaker

Tulsa Community Foundation

Ms. Sheila Virgil

Mrs. Sarah C. Washington

Ms. Marissa Whitaker

Ms. Nancy Tuohy

Virginia Stockham Ladd Family Foundation

Mr. Joseph Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. White

Marcia Turnage

Vista Realty Inc.

Mrs. Pamela Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. White

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander K. Turner

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Vogler, Jr.

Ms. Suzanna Watkins

Cheryl and James White

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Voichick

Mrs. Laura S. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Doug White

Mr. Jay Turner and Ms. Tonya Deem

Mr. Alex Vonsiatsky

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson

Mr. Edwin White and Ms. Gwen Overturf

Ms. Linda Turner

Mr. Anastase Vonsiatsky

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Watts

Mr. and Mrs. John A. White

Ms. Mari Jo Turner

Dr. Mary Lou Voytko

Dr. Velma Watts

Mr. and Mrs. Monty White

Ms. Jodi L. Turner

Vulcan Materials Company

Ms. Alyson Watts

Mrs. Irene T. White

Ms. Lillian J. Turner

W.F. Womble Irrevocable Living Unitrust

Mr. Dudley Watts

Ms. Jeanette L. White

Claire and Randall S. Tuttle

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Watts, Jr.

Ms. Alice J. Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Twine

Wake Forest University

Mr. Karl Weavil

Mr. James A. Whitler, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Ullrich

Carthene R. Bazemore-Walker and Corey D.B. Walker

Ms. Pam Webb

Mr. Richard Whitley

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weber

Ms. Constance L. Whitmarsh

UNC School of the Arts Foundation

[ 16 ]

Mr. and Mrs. L. Dudley Walker

The Winston-Salem Foundation annual report — addendum

Donors to Other Named Funds, continued

Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Wierman

Ms. Anne G. Wilson

Ms. Martha Wood

Wiggs-Haun & Bohan

Ms. Emily H. Wilson

Ms. Mildred S. Wood

Ms. Angela Wilder

Mr. Gray Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. D. Lee Woodard

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Wiles

Ms. Cheryl Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. David Woodie

Mr. Terry M. Wiley

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson

Woodson Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tracy Wilkerson

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wilson III

Ms. Shan Woolard

Wilkes Economic Development Corporation

Evangelist Mat Windsor

Ms. Danna Wortman

Dr. Joan E. Wilkins

Dr. Carolyn M. Winfrey

Mrs. Annette H. Woullard

Ms. Montine P. Wilkinson

Winslow Group Inc.

Ms. Latonya Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Willard

Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce

Xi Delta Gamma Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Williams III

Winston-Salem Dash

Yadkin County Retired School Personnel

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Williams, Jr.

Winston-Salem Kiwanis Club

Ms. Abby Yager

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Williams

Winston-Salem Police Department

Mr. Carl Yale

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Williams

Winston-Salem Regional Association of Realtors

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Yarbrough, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Williams

Winston-Salem Speedway, Inc.

Ms. Erin Yates

Dr. Kathryn B. Williams

Winston-Salem State University Foundation

Mr. Bill Yearns

Mrs. Mertice S. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. H. Vernon Winters

Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Yena

Ms. Parepa M. Williams

Ms. Deborah Wishon

Mr. Weihong Yin and Fengjun Li

Mrs. Margilene Williams

Ms. Kathy P. Wishon

Ms. Nina Glenn Yokley

Mr. Fillmore E. Williams

WIT & Co., LTD

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jeffrey Young

Ms. Jennifer Williams

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Witherington

Ms. Laura F. Young

Ms. Margaret C. Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Everette L. Witherspoon

Ms. Nancy Young

Ms. Mary Jane Williams

Ms. Stacy Wolf

YourCause, LLC

Ms. Sarah Williamson

Mr. John G. Wolfe III

Youth Grantmakers In Action

Mr. John G. Williard

Mrs. Rochelle Wolfe

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Willingham

Page and Bill Woltz

Mr. and Mrs. Craig G. Zakrzewski

Mrs. Francis F. Willingham

Woman’s Club of Winston-Salem

Ms. Phoebe Zerwick

Mr. and Mrs. Ben S. Willis, Jr.

Mr. Ralph Womble and Ms. Ashley Edwards

Dr. David Zhao

Mr. and Mrs. H. Norton Willis

Mrs. Calder W. Womble

Ms. Ann M. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Willis

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Womble

Ms. Ann Willis

Erna and Bill Womble, Jr.

Mr. Robert M. Willis

Ms. Christine W. Womble

Ms. Sharon K. Wilmoth

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wilson, Jr.

Ms. Lu Anne Wood

The Winston-Salem Foundation's 2016 Donors to Other Named Funds Addendum  
The Winston-Salem Foundation's 2016 Donors to Other Named Funds Addendum