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The Creator of Filth at once I found myself the creator of filth. Fetid “ All wretched creep. They gave me the bloody resources & encouragement to create. What could be expected to flood out of this tainted, twisted soul but stinking filth.

... not the least appealing in its wretchedness. The whole fucking world burnt down, man. Apocalyptical occurrence. Meanwhile, I’d flung my piece of work into a rotten swamp to rid the world of such disgrace. These are the dark reflections of histrionic art-house filmmaker Emma Mary Gover after completion of her latest short, Stop Watching, as a first year Film and TV student at Victorian College of the Arts. Emma began her foray with digital mediums in 2011 with twelve-part 31 Digital TV series The Theatre Thespians made with Cairns born, Brisbane-based, actor Dinny Dinsdale. The show was an exploration of independent local Brisbane film and theatre productions. The Theatre Thespians provided an opportunity for local artists to discuss their work and experiences in the film and television industry. Emma is passionate about community TV: ‘31 Digital is a unique media space for community members to share ideas and opinions.’ Emma has since completed one independent short film Call of the Taiga, shot in Skien, Norway, written and directed with Griffith Film School graduate, Anders Goberg. With a background in Health Sciences and population level behavioral intervention, Emma believes the individual is empowered through their (sometimes seemingly insignificant) daily actions to shape population level behavioral outcomes that influence our future as a species on this planet. ‘Both governments and corporates recognize the significance of the individuals behaviors in shaping our future as humans on Earth. In fact, governments and corporates allocate increasing expenditure toward researching and implementing population level behavioral interventions that target the individuals’ behaviour through shaping social norms, self efficacy, values and beliefs. ‘In recognizing this, the individual becomes empowered to contribute to environmental, social, political, economical and cultural sustainability and intra-generational equity’. Emma attempts to create films using recycled and found items. As yet she is unsuccessful in portraying the intended themes of her work. However, as a student she remains hopeful the style and messages of her work will only grow stronger.


To the embarrassment of the author, I wrote this article about myself.


Oceans of wishes and a sea of fish, Emma Mary Gover


The Creator of Filth