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Lucy Farfort Illustration

Lucy Farfort Illustration I enjoy creating images that people can get lost in where they can almost see themselves on that mountain or in that forest and get a sense of escapism. People need a break from their everyday lives and I like to think that my illustrations can give them a little bit of that. Nature features heavily in my work. In fact I can’t imagine drawing on anything else. I love trees and natural landscapes such as mountains and forests. Although my work is fantastical I wouldn’t describe it as fantasy art, as I try and keep it almost semi-believable. My pieces always start of as hand drawn images, just using a trusty 2b pencil on a sheet of A4 white paper. Once I have drawn out the main elements of my illustration i trace it by hand using a black fine liner. I then scan the tracing into my Mac and work on it digitally from then on. Adding pattern, texture and colour and refining my outline trace. A piece like ‘Whale and Me’, ‘Light the Way and ‘Tree House Retreat’ can take anything from 4 - 7 days depending on the level of complexity.


Light The way This is my most recent illustration. The image just popped into my head during a long train ride back to my folk’s house down south to visit my mum who’s ill. It was a difficult journey as i was going back to my parental home not knowing quite what to expect when i got there having just received horrible news of my mum having cancer. On that train ride I was deep in thought and was looking for comfort so I turned to thinking about illustration, a constant in my life and I came up with the idea for this image. A kind of shining in the darkness I think.


Tree House Retreat This piece of work was created simply because I have always wanted a tree house. I did when I was a kid and I still do now. This image is a vision of my perfect tree house - a retreat in the woods, where you can get away from it all and just lap-up the scenery. I have a thing for trees, I always have. It may be to do with growing up in quite a rural place and walking through woods and glens everyday to get to school.



Lucy Farfort