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Important Dates Guidelines for Packing Your Arrival & other important camp reminders

Our Story S. Truett Cathy of Chick-fil-A founded WinShape Camps in 1985 with the hopes of creating a camp experience that went just a little deeper. Since then, WinShape Camps continues to shape young people through awesome camp experiences

In 2007, WinShape Camps partnered with Connect Ministries to help take the WinShape Camps experience to communities all over the nation through WinShape Camps C3 Day Camps. WinShape Camps C3 combines sports, recreation, arts, bible study and worship into an unforgettable week in local churches and communities. Summer 2011 will bring the first-ever WinShape Camps One Week Overnight Camp for Girls at Young Harris College. Located at the base of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Young Harris College promises to provide all of the same life-changing adventures campers have experienced at Berry College for years; only in a brand new setting for WinShape Camps. At the core of WinShape Camps is the relentless pursuit of providing a camp environment that challenges campers to sharpen their character and deepen their Christian faith and relationships.

WinShape Camp for Boys Section

11 A Note From The Director 13 Important Dates 14 Packing List 16 Housing Information 17 Holiday Mash-Up 18 Skills Program 19 Skills Offered 20 Contact Information 22 WinShape Camp For Boys Staff 23 WinShape Camp For Boys Leadership Team

WinShape Camp for girls One Week Overnight camp Section

25 A Note From The Director 26 Important Dates 28 Packing List 30 Housing Information 31 Special Events (AKA Nite Life!) 32 Skills Program / Skills Offered 33 Contact Information 34 WinShape Camp For Girls one week overnight camp Staff 35 WinShape Camp For Girls Leadership Team

WinShape Camp for girls Two Week Overnight camp Section

37 A Note From The Director 38 Important Dates 39 Housing Information 40 Packing List 41 Packing List Continued 42 Special Events (AKA Nite Life!) 44 Skills Program / Skills Offered 45 Contact Information 46 WinShape Camp For Girls two week overnight camp Staff 47 WinShape Camp For Girls Leadership Team


Mr. Cathy was moved by his passion for kids and for Christ, and his vision became a reality in 1985 with the very first WinShape Camps for Boys. Two years later, the first Girls program came to WinShape Camps. Since that time, thousands of campers have enjoyed “the summer of a lifetime� at WinShape Camps.

2 Welcome to WinShape Camps 3 2011 Summer Theme 4 Your Arrival 5 Checklist 6 Dress Code 7 Skill attire 9 Directions 10 WinShape Camps Administrative Staff

WinShape Camps C3 Section

49 a note from the director 50 Important Dates 52 Packing List 54 Housing Information 55 Special Events 56 Skills Program 57 Skills Offered 58 Contact Information 60 WinShape Camps C3 Staff 61 WinShape Camps C3 Leadership Team



Summer Staff: WinShape Camps er you have been here – the summ t os m al is it ve t here? In Can you belie aying for is almos pr d an r, fo ng ni plan 0 other collegiate dreaming about, joining nearly 35 be ill w u yo , ks Berry for a matter of wee ur way to Mount yo e ak m u yo as bers mer together. summer staff mem unbelievable sum an t ar st pm ju Staff Training to er to really rtunity this summ po op e bl va lie be ce-to-face You have an un y, you will come fa da ch Ea u. yo around sion on their impact the world e a lasting impres ak m ill w u yo m e-on-one with campers who to the smallest on ts en ev p m ca t es e bigges to invest in the liv lives. Through th real opportunity un an ve ha ill it w you as excited as conversation, you pe that this makes ho I – n tio ra ne of the next ge does me. u are about with campers, yo ps hi ns tio la re g in ild the In addition to bu ds. This summer newest best frien ur yo of 0 will 35 at th ith a team to hang out w team of support, a be ill w u yo d un lop great staff who will surro who you will deve am te a d an u, courage yo challenge and en hips with. life-long relations the summer is head to camp for u yo as u yo of d. oment for grante My prayer for each d not take any m an e ut in m a iss m ur yo that you do not e in your faith, in l to be a mileston ia nt te po is that s ha aff st er r r all ou This summ ps. My prayer fo hi ns tio la re ur yo mpers character, and in hers, pour into ca ot ce en flu in to t momen hips with your you will use each credible relations in ild bu d an t, ge every change you staff. or you have been WinShape Camps to w ne e ar u yo member and we Whether be a summer to re ill w er m m su is th l and we coming for years, are here for you al e W u. yo ith w it perience mmer staff will cannot wait to ex perience on our su ex ur yo re su e ak lp m will work hard to ow how we can he n. Please let us kn fu of t lo a d an be rewarding u all in May! ot wait to see yo you and we cann God Bless, Brent M. Fielder

r of Associate Directo s WinShape Camp



Staff Developme

i2i: Play. See. Become.

With so many voices trying to tell us who we are and what our lives should be about, it’s easy to forget what God says about us. And yet, His voice, His eyes, and His touch are what really matters. So join us in 2011 as we stand eye to eye with God and discover who we really are. Come and play and find that the One who knows you better than anyone here on earth loves you and values you more than you could ever imagine. Come hear God speak into your life. Come feel God’s touch on your heart. Come look into God’s eyes and see how much He cares. Come talk face to face with God like you would talk with a friend. And as you do, come uncover who you could be as His child. It’s game time! Will you play?

2011 Summer Theme

Let’s play a game. This isn’t just any game. It’s a game about life. It’s a game about you. It’s a game that brings each of us to a faceoff. Only we’re not just facing off with another player. In this game we’re facing off with ourselves. It’s a game we call i2i.

Gamers wanted.

Theme passage: Exodus 33:11a “The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.” 3

Your Arrival

When do I arrive?

What should I expect when I arrive?

Wednesday, May 25, between 2:00- 4:00 PM

★ Check-in at WinShape Retreat

On the Mountain Campus of Berry College at WinShape Retreat

★ Receive your room assignment for Staff Training

Allow time for meeting people, filling out a few more forms, calling your parents and unpacking before reporting to Janie Bird Square.

★ Name tag

* Please be dressed in your WinShape Camps Shirt that was mailed to you and appropriate clothing and footwear needed to play games and run around for any after-dinner activities. If you will be flying to Atlanta and need transportation to camp, please let us know as soon as possible.

★ Staff Training schedule ★ Camp T-shirts ★ Staff and camper devotional guide book ★ Register your car for a parking decal (if applicable) ★ Meet the camp leadership team ★ Have time to go to your room and unpack

During Staff Training… ★ Enjoy opportunities to get to know and build relationships with fellow camp staff from all of our WinShape Camps Programs. ★ Learn more about your role at WinShape Camps and become better equipped through informative sessions. ★ Grow through times intentionally formatted for spiritual and mental preparation for a challenging, rewarding, and fun-filled summer. ★ Experience what a typical day at camp will be like by playing some of the games and participating in activities that the campers will experience this summer. ★ Get answers to any questions that you may have pertaining to your role at camp.


Checklist: Before you Arrive Use the checklist below to confirm you have met all necessary requirements before arriving at Staff Training. All forms, including the Health Form, should be completed and returned to the WinShape Camps Office, by the due date listed on your staff documents. Please contact our office immediately if: you have been out of the country within the past 12 months

exposed to someone who has tested positive with the TB virus

Please make sure you read carefully and sign each form listed below. We suggest you make a copy of each signed form before placing them in the mail. Follow the steps on the checklist to complete this process. 1. Acknowledgement of At-Will Employment Agreement: to be signed.

5. Make a copy of your social security card.

2. Form W-4 (2 pages): Complete these federal tax papers.

6. Staff Health Insurance Form (1 page): Complete the entire Staff insurance sheet and include a copy of your insurance card (front & back). (Just in case you get hurt while playing and having fun…we’ll need this to take care of you!)

3. State of Georgia Form G-4 (1 page): Complete these tax papers. See the enclosed “Instructions for Completing Form G-4” (1 page), if you need help completing this form. 4. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form (2 forms): Complete this government form and be careful to read section 2 so you can send a copy of the documentation we need to certify this form. Please note that you will not be able to begin working unless we have this form and the necessary documents for verification. All staffers must send a copy of their social security card back with their forms.

7. Make a copy of your insurance card (front and back). 8. Complete the direct deposit form and attach a copy of a voided check. 9. Please complete Health History Form/ Physical Form Physical Form – (4 pages – Fourth page of this form must be completed & signed off by a physician or nurse practitioner.) This is required for all new staff. Returning staff must receive a physical every other year.

Health History Form (2 pages) –For returning staffers who had a full physical the previous year. Now fax, scan or mail all of the above forms to the WinShape Camps Office on or before the due date on your staff documents.


Fax number: 706-310-6058 Mailing Address: WinShape Camps Staff Development 1431 Capital Ave Suite 123 Watkinsville, GA 30677 Scan and E-mail to Need forms? Contact Debbie Foley or 1-800-448-6955 ext. 1120


Dress Code

Mail & Care Packages

Personal Appearance: WinShape Camps serves mostly a conservative clientele. Appearance makes the initial impression one has of an employee and/or the organization for which they work.

Summer mail:

For our male staff: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A conservative hairstyle must be maintained throughout the summer Earrings and body piercings must be removed Faces must be clean shaven at all times Tattoos must be covered at all times Closed-toe shoes are required at all times during daily activities.

Dress Code

For our female staff: Personal appearance is extremely important in the WinShape community. For safety and appearance purposes, body piercings are limited to two earrings per lower lobe (studs only, no hoops). Visible tattoos are not permitted. Bare midriffs and tank tops of any kind are not permitted. All shirts worn by staff must have a sleeve of some kind.  Swimsuits worn at camp must be modest (no cleavage) and one-piece (no tankinis). All shorts or skirts must be loose fitting and as long as your fingertips when your arms are hanging downward.  Any clothing that is excessively tight or deemed in poor taste is unacceptable and you will be asked to changed if dressed inappropriately. During camp activity time all staff members are required to wear closed-toe shoes while going to and from daily activities.

Name tags & T-Shirts Name tags: Each staff member will receive a name tag when checking in at Staff Training. It is mandatory to wear them every day on the upper right side of your shirt. T-Shirts: Every staffer will receive two t-shirts during Staff Training. The staff t-shirt is to be worn with khaki shorts for Opening Day of each session so that parents may easily identify you as a staff member. The theme shirt is to be worn on the first Monday of each session for camp pictures.

Camp Store The Camp Store will be open during Staff Training at designated times and between 2nd and 3rd Session for staff members only. We will be selling water bottles, hooded sweatshirts, backpacks, short sleeve T-shirts, stickers, hats, and other fun items. Discounts will be offered to staff members.


Your name and tribe (group name- Hopi, Apache, etc…) c/o WinShape Camp for Boys P.O. Box 490131 Mt. Berry, GA 30149-0131 **For packages- please add this street address above the P.O. Box: 2277 Martha Berry Highway NW All other mail sent to the WinShape Camps Administrative office should be addressed to P.O. Box 490009.

Skill Attire

Skills (and tracks at GOWO) are designed to be educational and TONS of fun! Campers love the chance to do things they can’t do anywhere else but camp! fun in the class you are teaching. You want them to love it, right?! Of have campers You will be the deciding factor this summer as to whether or not the does too. So, here’s what we’re asking. Check out our skill assignment and course! We’ve found that campers get really into the classes when the staffer that you are sold out to this class. Some “costumes” may be elaborate and think of what you could wear when you’re teaching that will tell your campers examples: some some may be simple but still signify that you belong in that class. Here are

Arts and Crafts – an apron, paintbrushes sticking out of your pocket, personal work Basketball – a whistle around your neck, sweatband, stopwatch, high tops, ref shirt Bible Study – personal Bible, props that correspond with daily lessons, Bible character costume Cheer – ribbon in hair, glitter on eyes Corner Café – personal Bible, a pillow to sit on Crazy for Horses - riding boots, chaps, cowboy hat Dance – dance shoes, leggings, a tutu, hair in a ponytail/bun, anything to match the style of dance you’re doing that day Digital Photography – a camera around your neck (any kind), personal work Disc Golf – disc bag Drama – beret, black and white clothes Drawing/Painting – smock with paintbrushes in it

Fab Four– tennis shoes, sweatband, athletic shorts Fast Food/Gourmet Chef/ Cake Boss – chef hat or Varsity type hat, apron Flag Football – whistle, cleats, football gloves, black paint under eyes (press on paint) Golf – golf club(s), golf bag, khakis, golf visor Gymnastics – hair in ponytail/bun, chalk to put on hands Handcrafts/ Crafts (Track) – art apron, personal work (made during training) Horseback – riding boots, chaps, cowboy hat Indian Lore – feathers in hair or on necklace, face paint Indoor Rock Climbing – climbing shoes, harness, helmet (provided by WinShape) Infusion/ Musical Theater/ Performing Arts (Track) – inflatable microphone, dance shoes Lacrosse – lacrosse stick, lacrosse gloves, mouth guard, eyewear Lights, Camera, Action – shirt that says “Director ”, clapboard Mountain Biking – helmet, fanny pack with first aid (provided by WinShape), watch, water bottle

Music – something with musical notes on it (shirt, tie, hat, etc.) Needlework/Sew Much Fun – pin cushion, personal work

Sports (Track) – whistle, stopwatch, sweatband, jersey Swimming – goggles, sunblock on nose, fun swimsuit/trunks, flippers

Net Games – sweatband on head, racket

Teambuilding – carabineer hooked to shorts, outdoors shorts

Outdoor Living/Wilderness Explorer – backpack with stuff hanging off of it (Nalgene, compass, etc.), bandana on head

Tennis – headband, tennis skirt (girls), dri-fit shirt

P.I.T. (Princess In Training) – glitter for eyes, anything frilly, hair bows

Ultimate Frisbee – cleats, whistle, personal Frisbee Volleyball – volleyball shirt, knee pads

Physical Training/Fitness – sweatband, whistle, running shorts, running shoes, work out gloves Pottery – apron, personal artwork Propel My Life – propeller ball cap Puppetry – sock puppet, any personal puppet Recreation (Track) – tennis shoes, sweatband, whistle Rocketry – big science goggles, lab coat Scrapbooking – apron with scissors and scraps of paper in pockets, personal work

Wacky Science – a lab coat or a white button up shirt you can wear up buttoned, safety goggles Where in the World is WinShape? – something from another country Wiffleball – baseball tee, cleats

Skill Attire

Adventure (Track) – hiking boots, map, compass on a string to your pocket Archery – a Robin Hood hat or outfit or an Indian outfit

Wrestling – wrestling shoes, head gear, whistle WSCG Newsroom – blazer jacket, pencil and paper (“notes”), reading glasses Yard Games – sun visor, tennis shoes

Secret Ops – glasses that make people “invisible”, camouflage shirt or jacket Soccer – a jersey and cleats



From Atlanta:

From Birmingham:

From Chattanooga:

Approximate driving time: 1 hour & 20 minutes.

Approximate driving time: 2 hours & 15 minutes.

Approximate driving time: 1 hour & 30 minutes.

• Take I-75 North to Exit 306 (Highway 140). *DO NOT take the Rome Exit (Exit 290).

• Take I-59 North out of Birmingham to I-759 at Gadsden.

• Take I-75 South to Exit 306 (Highway 140).

• Take Highway 140 (Left off ramp). Continue until the road comes to a dead end.

• Berry College will be on the right, approximately 6.5 miles. • Follow the signs to Mountain Campus, which leads to a 3-mile stretch of road. For Girl’s Camp: After the speed bump, turn left at the entrance to “WinShape Retreat.” Park in the gravel parking lot on the right at the top of the hill. The Girls camp office is located in Lepper Lodge – the building with a fountain in the front. For Boy’s Camp: After the speed bump, continue straight to WinShape Centre.

• Continue on Highway 9 to the Georgia state line. The road will become Georgia 20. • Follow into Rome approximately 10 miles. • Turn left onto Highway 27 (Martha Berry Boulevard). Floyd Medical Center and Walgreens are at this intersection. • Continue on Highway 27 until you reach the main entrance to Berry College on left (approximately 2 miles). • Follow the signs to Mountain Campus, which leads to a 3-mile stretch of road.

• Take Highway 140 (right off ramp). Continue until the road comes to a dead end. • Turn left onto Highway 27 South. • Berry College will be on the right, approximately 6.5 miles. • Follow the signs to Mountain Campus, which leads to a 3-mile stretch of road.


• Turn left onto Highway 27 South.

• Take 411 from Gadsden to Centre (Alabama 9).


WinShape Camps Administrative Staff 10

John White

Executive Director WinShape Students and International Division

Ken Thomas

Senior Director WinShape Camps

Brent Fielder

Associate Director of Staff Development WinShape Camps

Adrianne Stavish Marketing Manager WinShape Camps

WinShape Camp for boys

game. There is one murderer e Clue? It is my all-time favorite Have you ever heard of the gam the bad guy is. You are it is your job to figure out who out of a group of characters and problem solver and nothing a am I l, Wel e. is my favorite gam probably Clueless as to why it allows me to use all my powers e good mystery to solve. This gam a h than ted exci e mor me gets killer. It is exactly how I approac the suspects and identify the research ns, stio que of of deduction to eliminate all of ch bun a ask e, ugh a passage in the Bibl my walk with Christ. I read thro lies to my life. , and then figure out how it app ions licat imp es scen thethe behindfull of Clues. There will ? I believe your summer will be Why am I sharing this with you ract with you at camp. inte they how ’ life that will affect be characters in your campers in the way of their ing gett situation or obstacle that is A character could be a person, root out their fears and that ns stio que the ask to r job will be and Savior, Jesus relationship with the Lord. You Lord our of h trut educate them about the misunderstandings as well as Christ. game called Camp? I have a , how I should get ready for this You are probably asking yourself on this topic. few thoughts to share with you at least once make you believe fact that you have lived camp I Returning staffers, don’t let the for many years, I can tell you ctor expect. As the Camp Dire rent diffe a with out e that you already know what to s and com s each year to dig into the fact k with your still encounter new opportunitie opportunities you had to wor the at k bac k Loo re. befo a situation a e mak to ly solution than what I used rent could I have done better or diffe at “Wh , rself you ask a first-time as and , did campers mer like you getting by?” Approach this sum itself you ents pres game changer rather than just nity ortu opp fresh ideas so that when the staffer and be open to new and glorified. will be ready and God will be serve with us this summer. Our ted that God selected you to you First-time staffers, I’m so exci out who you are and placing ing find s did a great a job of to you for r doo the interview and placement team ned ope it was really the Holy Spirit that but , mer us sum inds this rem for that ition ent pos in a g an excitem staff member, you always brin aration prep e som take be a part of our team. As a new will e Gam the eyes. Your contribution to to look at camp through fresh some steps I think you could up for the challenge. Here are are you w kno I but and research : nce. erie exp p y for your summer cam take that would get you read ministers and door for books, articles, youth Prayer – ask God to open the and help you to ns stio Step one: que t righ you an idea on how to ask the give will that ne anyo or hing anyt d on the situation. discover the right answer base be placing under r heart for the campers he will Prayer – ask God to open you by name yet, them w kno Step two: ’t don you gh will be playing. Even thou be ready to will you so your care in whatever role you t them ty to know them before you mee ask God for a supernatural abili e. meet their needs when they arriv ld and allow you to shut out the rest of the wor Prayer – ask God for the ability you that it is all ind rem Step three: to him your time here at camp. Ask into have you ng ythi ever r pou to . for his glory and not your own ything life throws at you, even er is the way to prepare for ever It’s not rocket science is it? Pray p. serving your first summer at cam energetically and positively p up with this thought: if we all As I end this letter, let me wra , I know God will provide the p and give it everything we have engage in the game called Cam s that we can’t even imagine. way in pers cam act the lives of our Clues that will allow us to imp me the opportunity to pour allow questions about you that will I look forward to asking those with Christ. will help strengthen your walk life into those situations that Stay the course,

David “Speedy” Trejo Boy’s Camp Director



Important Dates Pre-Camp workers (selected workers will be notified) and Leadership team arrive (5 pm-7 pm)

Monday, May 16

Pre-Camp begins Meeting 8 am at WinShape Centre

Wednesday, May 25-June 4

Summer Staff Training

May 25

Check-in and welcome for all counselors and support staff. Check-in time is from 2-4 pm (Attendance required by all staff)

Sunday, May 29

Check-in and welcome for Junior Counselors (2 pm)

Sunday, June 5- Friday, June 17

1st Session (all 3rd and 4th session staff will be permitted to leave at 6 pm Sunday, June 5th)

Sunday, June 19- Friday, July 1

2nd Session

Thursday, June 30 3rd and 4th session staff arrives by 6 pm Sunday, July 3- Friday, July 15

3rd Session

Sunday, July 17- Friday, July 29

4th Session

Friday, July 29

Staff Closing Banquet

Saturday, July 30 Check out of cabins between 8 am-12 pm & 1-2:30 pm Monday, August 1-3 Post-Camp (selected workers will be notified)

Important Dates

Sunday, May 15


PACKING LIST Packing List (Items to bring with you to camp) □ 1. Bring a $5 deposit - Berry College requires a car decal to enter campus. Your deposit will be returned when the decal is turned in at the end of the summer.

Packing List

□ 2. Original or copies of all certification cards (Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, etc.)


A copy of all certifications must be on file in order for extra pay to be applied to your paycheck. □ 3. Bible and devotional materials - A cabin devotion guide will be provided, but bring any supplemental materials that would be helpful to you personally for leading devotions related to our daily themes.

□ 4. Dance theme: Holiday Mash-ups (festive attire of favorite holiday or a combination of) (Remember to stay WinShape appropriate)

□ 7. Camp-out Items - All staffers camp out one night per session. A sleeping bag, flashlight, batteries, bug spray, etc. will be needed for this event.

□ 5. Crazy costumes, hats, sunglasses, □ 8. Water Bottle and small back pack or camouflage attire, etc. for rainy day skits and drawstring bag camp-wide activities such as the “Great Sock War”, etc… We have a great opportunity to show □ 9. Linens - Staffers should bring regular twin campers that we can have a ton of fun at camp sheets, comforter/quilt, pillow, light blanket, just being our crazy selves. Please go to the towels (bath and swimming), washcloths, local Salvation Army, Goodwill or your hunting sponge, etc. closet and bring some CRAZY clothes. □ 10. Room Items - Staffers are encouraged to □ 6. Clothing - Reminder: Staffer must always bring an alarm clock, posters which demonstrate follow camp policy for dress whenever working and encourage positive Christian values, radio/ for camp or while under the signed contract CD/Ipod player with Christian music. during days/evenings off. Closed-toed shoes required. □ 11. Personal toiletries ★ For daily camp activities: shorts, t-shirts, jeans, □ 12. Personal Musical Instrument (guitar, violin, tennis shoes, undergarments, swimsuit, etc. flute, etc.) – If you would like to play during the Pack enough for 2 weeks. Bring lots of play summer in your cabin, during tribe time, and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty! possibly during worship services. WinShape Closed-toed shoes required. Camps will not be held liable if your instrument is damaged, lost, or stolen. ★ Laundry Service is offered every two weeks. ★ All Staff will need khaki shorts to wear on Spectacular Starting Sunday (Opening Day). ★ Staff Closing Banquet: “business casual” or Sunday dress (Any clothing should be in keeping with the camp’s policy on such issues).

Sioux Staff

Aquatic Staff

WSC Provides – We provide the majority of the gear and equipment for the adventure program including backpacks, tents, sleeping pads, food and most technical gear. You may bring their own equipment, but WinShape cannot be held liable for damage to personal gear.

In addition to the recommended list for all staff members, here are a few extra items we recommend that Aquatic staff bring:

FYI –The Sioux program does not merit purchasing expensive clothes or gear unless that is an investment you desire to make. The reality is, camp can be hard on clothes and gear, so inexpensive is best! Think small, compact and lightweight when purchasing and packing for camp! It is a rule in the wilderness that “cotton is rotten”… avoid cotton when possible. Synthetic materials will dry quicker and keep you warmer compared to cotton.

Special Equipment Needed:

★ Several bathing suits

(for female staff, modest one-piece bathing suits required)

★ Water bottle ★ Sunscreen ★ Several beach towels

Lost and Found – With everyone having similar looking gear... PLEASE MARK EVERYTHING clearly with a sharpie.

★ Sunglasses

Special Equipment Needed:

★ Hat/visor

In addition to the recommended list for all staff members, here are a few extra items we recommend that Sioux staff bring:

★ Non-slip sandals or shoes ★ Any activities or ideas that can enhance our swimming program

★ Hiking Backpack (The camp has a few packs that can be borrowed, but you may use your own if desired)

Hopi Staff

★ Hiking Boots (please break them in before camp!)

In addition to the recommended list for all staff members, here are a few extra items we recommend that HOPIs bring:

★ Old jeans, tennis shoes, long sleeve t-shirts (for caving, very muddy) ★ Extra pair of tennis shoes ★ Sleeping bag – small backpacking type (very compact) ★ Raincoat/poncho ★ Water shoes (can be a sandal, but it MUST have a strap around heel) ★ Light weight pants for hiking (no jeans) ★ Flashlight/headlamp OPTIONAL: ★ Small pocket knife ★ Compass

Special Equipment Needed:

★ Approved riding helmet (The camp has a few helmets that can be borrowed, but you may use your own) ★ Riding pants and boots, chaps or half chaps if desired ★ Clothes appropriate for barn work (jeans, shirts, muck boots etc. that you don’t care if you get soiled) ★ Boots for muddy conditions ★ Rain gear for morning feeding, rainy days, etc.

Packing List

★ Two water bottles (not a canteen)

★ Raincoat/Poncho

★ If you desire to bring your own saddle for personal riding, please be aware that you are responsible for it. The tack room is locked when not in use, but others have access to it.

★ Hammock


Housing Information Housing Information

All cabin staff (counselors and junior counselors) reside in rustic log cabins fully furnished with beds, dresser and bathroom areas.

ch bin groups. Ea ill house 2 ca w . g rs in pe ild m bu ca n d 4 to 6 Each cabi in 1 counselor an e ith w ud n cl bi in ca ill a w group assigned to be ill w rs lo Junior counse their group.

All non-cabin staff resides in a dorm room (male staff – Pilgrim Hall, female staff – and Friendship Hall) that is furnished with beds s. oom restr dressers, and community


So come dressed up in your most festive attire as your favorite holiday or a combination of all of them. However, everyone knows that the Holidays are most enjoyed when everyone is in WinShape-appropriate attire, so pack accordingly. After you have the time of your life enjoying the Holiday Mash-Up, Janie Bird will be there to lead us as we dance the night away. If this is your first time at WinShape, don’t worry about it! We’ll teach all you need to know to dance with the stars.

Holiday Mash-up

Since all of you crazy characters out there loved last year’s Character Carnival so much we’ve decided to kick it up a notch and cram a year’s worth of festivities into one fun night! Half way through the session, WinShape is going to see all of the holidays that happen throughout the year come to life! Snowballs will fly, volleyballs will bounce, leaves will fall, and eggs will be hunted as we all gather for a fun filled night. From Christmas to Easter, even the 4th of July, you name it and we’re sure it will be celebrated. With these holidays comes a host of fun and festive activities, games, and of course food. Come join us as we journey through the seasons at our campwide Holiday Mash-Up.

So get ready and be creative as we all gather for a night that will be like no other, here at WinShape’s Holiday Mash-Up!


Skills Program 18

Skills Program improve their The skills program is one of the primary venues where campers are encouraged to discover and seven skills and one God-given abilities and talents. Campers will have the opportunity to choose a maximum of period skills while designated free time skill option. During the free time period, half the staff will facilitate the free the other half will participate in a staff lead devotion. time to train, review Each skill is directed and assisted by both cabin and non-cabin staff. Each instructor will have and prepare for teaching your assigned skills during Staff Training.

Skills Offered: Horseback Riding


Arts and Crafts

Indian Lore



Indoor Rock Climbing


Bible Study

Mountain Biking

Ultimate Frisbee**

Digital Photography**

Outdoor Living

Wacky Science*new

Fast Food*

Physical Training**new


Flag Football and Soccer


* Junior Camp Only Completed 1st-5th grade ** Senior Camp Only Completed 6th-11th grade

Skills Offered



Contact Information

Contact Information Note: Staff are only permitted to have visitors during their day off. Please inform the office if you are expecting a guest at any time during the summer. Each guest is required to fill out a “Visitor Check-In Form.” Please let your family members know they are welcome to call our office for any immediate concerns or emergencies or email us at

WinShape Camp for Boys Office: David “Speedy” Trejo – Boy’s Director 1-800-448-6955 ext. 1126 Keenan Riley – Assistant Director | Staffing and Operations 1-800-448-6955 ext. 1139 Jimmy Simpson – Program Assistant 1-800-448-6955 ext. 1179 During summer camp only: (office hours 10am-6pm, closed during meal times) 1-800-448-6955 Boys camp office ext. 1139 Nurses’ Nook ext. 1141 Fax (706) 238-7742 David “Speedy” Trejo, Boy’s Director After hours (10pm) emergency contact number, 706-766-9924


WinShape Camps Administrative Office: (office hours 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri) Debbie Foley, WinShape Camps Administrator 1-800-448-6955 ext. 1120 Fax (706) 238-7742

Berry College Gatehouse/Security: 706-236-2262 (24 hours) * for emergencies after hours

WinShape Camp for Boys Staff

David (Speedy) Trejo

Boy’s Director

Keenan Riley

Boy’s Assistant Director | Staffing and Operations

Jimmy Simpson

Boy’s Program Assistant

Debbie Foley

WinShape Camps Administrator

Pat Johnson

Office Assistant

Chris Lewis

Website/Information Technology


Wilson Yang

Nate Green

Pat Jarratt

Kason Moody

Jon David Dukes

Tim Lee

School: University of Kentucky

School: University of Georgia

School: North Greenville University

School: Mississippi State University

School: Truett McConnell College

School: Southeastern Bible College

School: Liberty University

Summer Position: Mohawk Tribal Leader

Summer Position: Apache Tribal Leader

Summer Position: Shawnee Tribal Leader

Summer Position: Choctaw Tribal Leader

Summer Position: Navajo Tribal Leader

Summer Position: Sioux Tribal Leader

Summer Position: Worship Leader

What was your favorite childhood board game: Sorry!

What was your favorite childhood board game: Sorry!

What was your favorite childhood board game: Clue

What was your favorite childhood board game: RISK

What was your favorite childhood board game: Monopoly

What was your favorite childhood board game: Connect Four

What was your favorite childhood board game: Candyland

Adam Wiggins

David Smith

Mark Ellison

Kevin Shaw

Jimmy Simpson

Keenan Riley

Speedy Trejo

School: Union University

School: Auburn University

School: Union University

School: Truett McConnell

School: Liberty University

School: Berry College

Summer Position: Camp Pastor

Summer Position: Staff Assistant

Summer Position: Program Aide

School: Georgia College and State University

Summer Position: Program Assistant

Summer Position: Boys Camp Director

What was your favorite childhood board game: Monopoly

What was your favorite childhood board game: Monopoly

What was your favorite childhood board game: RISK

Summer Position: Assistant Director for Staffing and Operations

Summer Position: Skills Assistant What was your favorite childhood board game: Guess Who?

What was your favorite childhood board game: Sorry!

What was your favorite childhood board game: Battleship

Leadership Team

Grant Cobb

What was your favorite childhood board game: Clue


2011 WinShape Camp for Boys - Staff Handbook  

Can you believe the summer is starting in just under 2 weeks? We are so excited about your arrival to Staff Training on May 25, 2011. As you...

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