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About Lawrence Equipment Our Business

Lawrence Equipment traces its beginnings to 1932 when Weldon T. Lawrence, Sr. formed a moving and storage company in Roanoke, Virginia called Lawrence Transfer and Storage Corporation. Ten years later, they joined the United Van Lines family. Weldon T. Lawrence, Jr. succeeded his father as president in 1950 and began building a substantial operation by growing the company’s sales and by acquiring companies throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In September 1992, Weldon S. “Chip” Lawrence was named president, and his father remained as chairman. Today, Lawrence is one of the largest moving and storage operations in the United States and holds interstate authority in 48 states and the District of Columbia. The company is still affiliated with United Van Lines and was recently honored as a Top Producer. In 2000 Lawrence Transportation Systems branched into the window manufacturing business by acquiring Rusco Window Company, which has been operating since 1947. Additional products have been added to Rusco’s line since then, which include aluminum storm windows and doors, improved vinyl windows, aluminum awnings and canopies, vinyl siding, soffit and gutter products, and sunrooms. Locally, Rusco provides its products directly to homeowners in the Roanoke Valley but has developed a distributor network throughout a five state area to represent its products. Its equipment business was born when Lawrence Equipment, a new division, became a distributor for Case construction equipment in 2003. Three years later, Case IH agricultural equipment was added. Today, there are four locations providing Case equipment across the state of Virginia. The company has chosen equipment brands that perform all day, every day, and they always deliver excellent parts and service support. On January 1, 1998 Chip Lawrence established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and gave 48% of the Company, valued at $4.5 million, to the employees. Nearly seven years later in December 2004, Lawrence Transportation Systems, Inc. purchased the remaining shares from Chip Lawrence, and the company became 100% employee owned. Today, Lawrence Equipment’s employees think and act like owners… because they are. They are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, because they understand that excellent service will ensure the success of their company.

Our Services Table of Contents Factory Trained Technicians 3 Shop Services 3 Scheduled Maintenance 4 Inspections On-Site Service & Maintenance 5 Undercarriage Maintenance 6 Fluid Analysis 7 Parts 8 Hydraulic Hose Assemblies 9 Filters 10 Attachments 11 & Ground Engaging Tools Line Boring & Welding Services 12 Extended Warranties 13 & Damage Insurance Heavy Hauling 14 Services for Truck Bodies 15


Lawrence Equipment helps maximize uptime for customers with same day parts delivery and onsite service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technicians undergo extensive training and are certified for any equipment they service. They routinely troubleshoot a situation to identify problems and quickly offer solutions to enhance your equipment’s performance.

Our Customers

Customers who purchase equipment, parts and services from Lawrence Equipment represent a wide range of businesses—construction companies, builders for roads and bridges, demolition companies, excavating contractors, home builders, utility contractors, mining companies, farmers, grading contractors, oilfield services, railroad crews, and all sorts of industries with warehouses and routine maintenance needs.

Our Equipment

Whatever your equipment needs are, you can find it at Lawrence Equipment. The lines of equipment available include Case construction equipment, Case IH agricultural equipment, Interstate Trailers, Towmaster Trailers, Bandit wood chippers, construction tools from Wacker Neuson, demolition tools from Furukawa and a wide variety of ground engaging tools and construction attachments from Werk-Brau, Paladin, Woods, and Genesis, and agricultural attachments from Haybuster and Tube•Line. Dixie Trailer & Truck, a Lawrence Equipment subsidiary, customizes platform, dump, and van bodies, and sells dump trailers, cranes, liftgates, snow plows, and spreaders. They represent several manufacturers, including Knapheide, Maintainer, Omaha Standard, Stahl, RS Godwin, TruckCraft, Pro–Tech, Galion, Kidron, Morgan, Fassi, Liftmoore, Stowaway, Anthony Liftgates, Eaglelift Palfinger, Thieman Tailgates, Waltco, Air–Flo, and Good Roads.

Factory Trained Technicians Lawrence Equipment assures technicians are trained continually ■ Lawrence Equipment’s technicians are factory trained and certified ■ Case provides specialized training for their equipment

Our Technicians Are Factory Trained

Lawrence Equipment has extensive training requirements to certify technicians and assure that they are properly equipped to service your machines. Our technicians attend classes at Case’s regional training centers at least twice each year to learn any new diagnostic and service techniques and to understand any changes in manuals or equipment requirements for Case machines. Our technicians are trained in equipment operation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair. Lawrence combines classroom training with on-the-job experience for a thorough understanding of machine maintenance and repair. Safety regulations and procedures are emphasized throughout the training process.

Case Technical Training Center

All classes at Case’s technical training center in Racine, WI are taught by certified specialists. There are courses on the functions and performance of specific machines, which include preventive maintenance inspections, adjustments, tests, troubleshooting techniques, and repair procedures. There are also component courses, which provide more in depth information for specialized technicians. As diagnostic equipment becomes more and more complex, training is especially critical to maintain equipment properly and optimize operating time.

Customer Training

Lawrence Equipment offers customer training classes at all four locations. We provide skill training for operating a variety of machines and equipment to assure that best practices are used on-site with proper operating techniques and that the range of machine capabilities is understood.

Shop Services The latest repair and diagnostic equipment, factory certified technicians ■ Engines and transmissions can be repaired or remanufactured ■ Remanufactured pumps, motors, and drive units are an economical alternative to buying new Diagnostics

Lawrence Equipment’s facilities are equipped with state-ofthe-art diagnostic tools that provide accurate evaluations to pinpoint problems, whether they are with engines, drive trains, or hydraulic systems. Our shop staff is factory trained to correct equipment problems quickly and cost effectively to minimize your downtime.

Repair or Remanufacture

Lawrence Equipment offers repairs on any components. When a replacement is necessary, remanufactured components are an economical alternative. We offer a wide range of remanufacturing services that include engines, transmissions, torque converters, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, and drive motors. All remanufactured components meet OEM standards and carry a warranty comparable to one provided with new components.


Scheduled Maintenance

■ Factory trained technicians


■ Any brand

Reduce downtime with Scheduled Maintenance Inspections by our factory trained technicians On Time Inspections

You can count on Lawrence Equipment to complete Scheduled Maintenance Inspections for your equipment to avoid downtime and keep your machines performing their best. Most equipment manufacturers require some sort of maintenance every 500 hours. We can verify service hours periodically to assure that timely maintenance activities are performed to meet warranty coverage requirements.

Factory Trained Technicians

All machines are serviced by our factory trained technicians, on-site or in our shops. And we don’t only service the equipment we sell—we can service any brand that’s in your fleet.

Thorough Inspections

Each type of equipment has a thorough inspection regimen that is strictly followed to ensure that all appropriate equipment functions are inspected to identify any possible problems. Ask about a fluid analysis with each inspection to identify potential issues, based on the presence of metals and contaminants in the machine’s fluids.


■ Documented maintenance for warranty assurance ■ On-site or in our shop

Custom Hydraulic­­­­Inspections

Even the most experienced operators can’t detect hydraulic system efficiency loss until it reaches 16 – 20%. To protect against such losses, we recommend that machines depending on efficient hydraulic systems undergo a Custom Hydraulic Service Inspection every 12 months or 2,000 hours. The service includes engine and hydraulic system performance tests, hydraulic oil sampling, and a walkaround inspection. All results are compared against new machines to detect wear in your components and repair minor problems before a major failure occurs. Our scheduled machine inspections are available for the following equipment Equipment

# of Inspection Points

Articulated Trucks 78 Compaction Equipment 74 Crawler Tractors/Dozers 79 Excavators 70 Forklifts 79 Motor Graders 80 Skid Steers/Compact Track Loaders 41 Tractor/Backhoe Loaders 79 Telehandlers 79 Wheel Loaders 78

On-Site Service & Maintenance Trained, certified technicians provide on-site services 24/7 ■ Our fleet of service trucks is ready with the latest repair and diagnostic tools ■ Scheduled maintenance maximizes uptime ■ 24-Hour emergency repairs ■ State-of-the-art diagnostic tools and service trucks for jobsite repairs and service

Scheduled Maintenance On-Site

Lawrence Equipment maintains a fleet of service trucks to provide on-site service for both repairs and routine maintenance. Our trained, certified technicians are dispatched to your jobsite to perform maintenance activities recommended by the equipment manufacturer at specified intervals. We can schedule these maintenance procedures when your machines are idle to optimize your equipment productivity.

Remotely Monitor Equipment for Problems

When a wireless monitoring system is installed in your equipment, Lawrence Equipment can remotely monitor your machines and let you know when we receive any alerts for

operation problems. Sometimes we even spot a problem before your operator is aware of it. We can diagnose repairs through our systems and come prepared to your site with the proper parts and tools to minimize your downtime.

24-Hour Emergency Service

When one of your machines is down, you can count on us to come to your jobsite to repair your equipment as quickly as possible. We understand that you might have a problem on a weekend or evening, and our technicians are available whenever you need us. With four locations throughout Virginia, Lawrence Equipment technicians can quickly respond to your emergency and help you reduce costly downtime.


■ Schedule inspections at regular intervals to spot problems ■ Monitor your undercarriage routinely ■ Don’t delay repairs or replacements on undercarriage components ■ Install CELT to double wear life ■ Any make, any model

Undercarriage Maintenance Lawrence Equipment’s technicians are trained to identify undercarriage problems before major repairs are required. By measuring the thickness of the undercarriage components, our technicians can predict how long your undercarriage will last before replacements are needed. During preventive maintenance service, we include undercarriage evaluations at no additional charge.

• Keep the undercarriage clean of mud and debris The accumulation of mud and dirt around the undercarriage can interfere with proper operation by changing the pitch, which changes the component engagement and leads to faster wear. Knock away any debris every day after use, then wash the tracks thoroughly with water.

Undercarriage Tips to Reduce Wear

• Minimize high operating speeds Higher speeds cause more wear on the undercarriage. Use the slowest possible operating speed for the job.

Extend the life of your undercarriage by following a few simple rules. • Double Wear Life with CELT CELT is Case Extended Life Track that can more than double the wear life of a standard lubricated track design. With CELT, a hardened bushing is placed over a standard type track bushing. With this configuration, the larger bushing is free to rotate on the smaller bushing, reducing the scrubbing action between the bushing and the sprocket, which doubles the wear life. • Adjust the track for correct tension Loose tracks can detrack. Over-tightening can cause power loss, excessive roller and idler wear, and could tear the tracks. Refer to your operator’s manual for track inspection and tensioning procedures. • Use the narrowest shoe possible Wider shoes can cause problems maneuvering by sticking out farther and making it more difficult to turn. Wider shoes may be necessary, however, to keep the machine from sinking in extremely wet conditions. 6

• Alternate the turning direction Continuous turning to the same side can cause asymmetrical wear and accelerate wear for sprocket teeth, track tread, guide lugs and roller flanges. • Inspect your equipment visually every day for signs of wear Check for cracks, bends and breaks on components. Look for wear on bushings, sprockets and rollers. If you see any components that are shiny, there’s probably an alignment problem. Make sure nuts and bolts are not loose, which can cause abnormal wear by interfering with proper movement of parts. • Control track spinning when filling the bucket Use loader hydraulics to penetrate into the material to reduce track spinning. Unnecessary spinning of the tracks can accelerate wear and cause cuts in the tracks.

Fluid Analysis Analyzing system fluids reveals actual internal conditions ■ Contaminant levels predict component failures accurately ■ Maintenance intervals can be dictated by contaminant levels in fluids to determine when to replace filters and change oil ■ Oil analysis records prove your equipment has been maintained and help increase resale value ■ Any make, any model

Lawrence Equipment offers fluid analysis kits to monitor the internal health of your equipment. Performing fluid analysis at regular intervals ensures that potential problems will be spotted as early as possible.

What Is Fluid Analysis?

By extracting fluids from several areas in your equipment and analyzing the level of contaminants in the fluids, potential problems with component failure can actually be predicted. As components wear, microscopic pieces will appear in the fluids throughout the machine’s parts. By analyzing which metals are appearing where and in what concentration, the remaining life of each component can actually be predicted, so that you can anticipate when major repairs may be necessary.

Laboratory Accreditation

The fluid analysis laboratories that Lawrence Equipment uses are ISO 17025 A2LA accredited, which is the highest level of quality certification for testing laboratories by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. You can be confident that the fluid analysis results are accurate, repeatable, and backed by stringent laboratory standards.

Sampling Intervals

Manufacturers recommend sampling intervals for each model. Also consider how critical each piece of equipment is to your production in determining sampling frequency. You may want to reduce the hours between sampling periods for equipment operating under more stressful conditions.

Service and Repair Recommendations

By evaluating the results of your machine’s fluid analysis, Lawrence Equipment can provide guidance on necessary repairs and filter and oil change intervals.



When you need them

■ Multimillion dollar parts inventory ■ Order online to save time ■ 24/7 emergency parts support ■ Next day availability on most non-stock parts

Fast Availability

Lawrence Equipment has a multimillion dollar parts inventory to deliver your parts as quickly as possible. Check the online catalogs for the correct part number, and contact the location nearest you. Our parts and service managers have an average of ten years experience or more to help you find the parts you need. If it’s not in stock, we’ll locate the part through our extensive network of parts resources.

To Order, Call, Fax or Email

You can call, fax, or email the parts department at the location nearest you to order your parts. Each location also has an emergency number for 24 hour service.

Parts Delivery or Pick-up

Multiple shipping options are available—you can have your parts shipped to your location, or you can pick them up at any of our locations.

Also Available

• Lighting—Easy to install magnetic and bolt on lights • Radio Kits—Plug into music, weather and news • On-site managed parts inventory


Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Huge selection, top performance ■ Avoid lost production time from hose failure ■ Choose from our large inventory and keep spare parts on hand to avoid downtime

All Makes, All Models

Gates offers the widest variety of hoses in the industry, including braided, spiral, multi purpose, transportation, refrigerant, suction & return, and more. Lawrence Equipment stocks hoses in sizes ranging from –4 to –24 (3⁄16" to 11⁄2"), compatible with permanent crimp style fittings. Our expert technicians will help you determine exactly what you need.

Fast Turnaround

Hose replacements can be provided while you wait. Our mobile field service capability minimizes lost production time.


Expertise in workmanship, combined with the correct hose and fittings assure performance under a wide range of working conditions, pressure requirements, and heat tolerances.

Keep spare hoses on hand to avoid downtime


Filters Extensive Inventory

Lawrence Equipment maintains an extensive inventory of filters, ready to service your equipment on schedule. It’s important to change filters regularly for optimum performance.

Wide Variety

All your equipment filters are available at Lawrence Equipment—fuel filters, lube filters, air filters, hydraulic filters, and coolant filters.

■ Clean fluids are critical to optimum equipment performance ■ Changing filters regularly avoids contamination of fluids

Excellent Quality

All of our filters meet or exceed requirements specified by your machine’s manufacturer. We have filters for any make, any model.

Filter Tips

Check filters regularly for efficient engine operation Your engine works harder and runs hotter with a clogged filter, which makes it more difficult for the fuel to pass through it. The additional stress causes the engine to wear down faster. Check filters if your oil consumption increases When your engine burns more oil than normal, it is possible that dust and dirt is clogging the filter. It may be necessary to change the oil and the filter. Dusty conditions can cause serious damage While changing the oil and filter, check the condition of the crank bearings. If scarred badly, they may need to be replaced. Also check oil rings and pistons for damage. Keep air filters dry Air filters fail quickly when they pick up moisture. If they are exposed to moisture, check them frequently. Use the correct filters With incorrect filters, there can be gaps, through which dust can enter.


Attachments & Ground Engaging Tools Attachments to fit most brands and models A customized tool saves time and money

Snow Blades

Snow Blowers

Loader Backhoe Hydraulic Breakers

Soil Tillers

Skid Steer Hydraulic Breakers

Snow Push

Tree Spades

4 in 1 Buckets


Power Rakes

Stump Grinders

Bale Spikes


■ At our shop or on-site ■ Standard hole sizes accommodated ■ Any brand, any model

Line Boring & Welding Services

Now available at all Lawrence Equipment locations Why You’ll Need Our Services

The bores where the attachments link to the frames of your earth moving equipment become worn over time. The looser fit places unnecessary strain on the frame.

Lawrence Equipment’s Services

Lawrence Equipment uses the state-of-the-art Climax boring bar to complete repairs. Line boring and welding service begins with building up the worn bore hole by welding. Then, our boring equipment is used to machine the bore back to its correct size and restore the efficiencies of your equipment.

• Buckets • Pin Bosses • Excavator arms and booms, including boom foot • Wheel loader and loader frames and linkage • Dozer blades and equalizer bars • Articulation joints


Extended Warranties & Damage Insurance Protect your equipment with an extended warranty or physical damage insurance What Is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty provides a longer warranty on your machine beyond the period that comes with the original warranty for your equipment. It includes all the genuine OEM parts and the service performed by factory trained technicians that your original warranty covers.

Why Buy an Extended Warranty?

It protects you against the expense of unexpected repairs. Also, resale value is higher, because the plan can usually be transferred to the new owner.

What Equipment Is Eligible?

New Equipment Add your extended warranty to your financing when you purchase any eligible equipment. You can purchase your extended warranty any time during the warranty period at standard new equipment rates. You can even add an extended warranty up to four months after the base warranty expires*. New equipment plans can be transferred to a new owner, which can boost its resale value.

Payment Options

Finance It—Payments can be financed through retail installment contracts. Charge It—For Case equipment, you can charge your extended warranty to your CNH Revolving Account. Ask about a credit line increase to accommodate your extended warranty payments. Lease It—Add extended warranty to your lease agreement.

Special Rates

Discounts are sometimes available for equipment covered by government contracts. Ask if your equipment qualifies. * A surcharge may be added to the new equipment rate once the warranty period expires, and failures that occur within the first 30 days after registration may not eligible for reimbursements. ** Reimbursement rates vary with the type of equipment and equipment manufacturer.

Used Equipment Used equipment that is less than seven years old and has less than 7,000 hours at the time of registration** can usually be covered. An oil test for equipment with over 1,000 hours determines final eligibility. Most brands are eligible for coverage.

Insurance Options Physical Damage Insurance (PDI)

PDI provides comprehensive coverage to repair or replace eligible equipment in the event of direct physical loss or damage. Covered perils include, but are not limited to: collision, overturns, earthquake, theft, fire, tornado, flood, vandalism, hail, wind, ingestion of foreign objects, and vermin infestation.

Loss Damage Waiver

When renting equipment, you are responsible for any damage that occurs to the unit during the rental period. Most brands of new and used construction equipment rented through Lawrence Equipment are eligible for Loss Damage Waiver, which helps protect rented equipment against most causes of direct loss or damage during the period of an equipment rental contract. Covered perils include, but are not limited to: collision, overturns, earthquake, theft, fire, tornado, flood, vandalism, hail, and wind. Note: Ingestion of foreign objects is not a covered peril.


Heavy Hauling About Our Heavy Hauling Services

Lawrence Transportation Systems has decades of experience servicing, selling and transporting heavy equipment. Our extensive fleet can move any type of machinery and is on standby at all times to deliver your equipment wherever you need it. Specializing in construction equipment transportation, our flat bed hauling fleet includes more than 50 trucks. We can handle up to 110,000 lbs. in payload capacity.

Licensed and Insured

Our professionally trained drivers have passed all licensing requirements for any type of hauling within the U.S. Our services are properly licensed and insured through every step of the process, from loading your equipment to delivering it safely. Our equipment complies with all U.S. DOT requirements.


â– Any size job, any time, anywhere â–  Licensed, insured, registered

Services for Truck Bodies Dixie Trailer & Truck handles repairs, inspections and installations for the back end of any truck ■ Any brand, any model ■ Any type of truck body


The staff at Dixie Trailer & Truck only deals with truck bodies, so the attention to detail on all work we do is second to none. Our shop staff is factory trained to correct problems quickly and cost effectively, so that your downtime is minimized.


Any trailer with a brake is required to undergo a state inspection every twelve months. Dixie Trailer & Truck can conduct your annual inspection in our shop. Both basic and comprehensive inspections are available.



Dixie Trailer & Truck provides both mechanical and exterior body repairs. We service all makes and all models. Even if you don’t see your brand in our shop, it is almost guaranteed we have worked on the same model before. We have an extensive parts network that will satisfy the needs for even the most hard to find component replacements. Common repairs Frame repairs Snowplow repairs Liftgate repairs Van body and van trailer repairs— Floors, skins, roofs and doors Dump body repairs Hydraulic repairs—PTOs, pumps, cylinders and hoses Crane repairs—Hydraulic and electric

Trailer brakes—Air, electric and hydraulic Electrical—Brake controls, lights and light plugs And more!

Body and Paintwork

Any type of repairs can be completed for truck bodies at Dixie Trailer & Truck. Body work is completed quickly and carefully. Our climate controlled paint booth ensures that the final paint finish looks its best.

Truck Bodies

• Platform bodies • Dump bodies • Dump trailers • Snowplows

• Van bodies • Cranes • Liftgates • Snow spreaders

Dixie Trailer & Truck 11362 Washington Hwy Ashland, VA 23005

100% Employee Owned


Performance you can count on Equipment • Parts • Service


Roanoke 357 Simmons Drive Cloverdale, VA 24077 Toll Free: 800-410-7330 Phone: 540-966-0151

Richmond 105 Ashcake Road Ashland, VA 23005 Toll Free: 866-391-1550 Phone: 804-752-8333

Waynesboro 359 South Oak Lane Waynesboro, VA 22980 Toll Free: 866-949-0101 Phone: 540-942-2610

Bridgewater 221 Old River Road Bridgewater, VA 22812 Toll Free: 877-466-1131 Phone: 540-515-9670


Bridgewater Waynesboro




Articulated Trucks Compact Track Loaders Crawler Dozers Compact Excavators Excavators Forklifts Loader Backhoe Loader/Tool Carriers Motor Graders Skid Steer Loaders Telehandlers Compact Wheel Loaders Wheel Loaders Vibratory Rollers (SV) Vibratory Rollers (DV)

Services All Makes & Models Repaired Factory Trained Mechanics 24-Hour Emergency Service Service Contracts Hammer Repairs Hydraulic Shop Machine Inspections Line Boring

100% Employee Owned

Formerly Kent Demolition Tools

Lawrence Equipment Parts & Service Brochure  

A comprehensive brochure detailing all parts and services offered by Lawrence Equipment

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