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Saint Louis, Missouri

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

2300 Cassens Drive Fenton, MO 63026 (800) 325-3322 TEL (636) 343-9970 FAX (636) 343-4811

O’Fallon, Missouri

199 Airport Road Cape Girardeau, MO 63702 (800) 993-9970 TEL (573) 334-9937 FAX (573) 334-1077

Caseyville, Illinois

2999 Mexico Road O’Fallon, MO 63366 (800) 840-5003 TEL (636) 332-9970 FAX (636) 332-6450

e-mail: info@lubyequipment.com

Quincy, Illinois

8853 Petroff Drive Caseyville, IL 62232 (866) 397-9970 TEL (618) 397-9971 FAX (618) 397-9974

2625 N. 24th Street Quincy, IL 62305 (800) 830-9970 TEL (217) 222-5454 FAX (217) 222-5650

website: www.lubyequipment.com

Springfield, Illinois

4375 Camp Butler Road Springfield, IL 62707 (800) 562-3371 TEL (217) 744-2233 FAX (217) 744-0334

No matter how well-built or managed, your system will eventually need service. When it does, we have the repair options, trained professionals, and proper tooling — backed by the industry’s bests parts availability to get your machines up and running quickly and reliably. Count on LUBY Equipment Services with the following support: • Experienced technicians provide better care • • Cost Competitive service and options • • Full parts inventory • • Virtually any rebuild and repair • • Service representatives in the field with • measuring and monitoring equipment • Preventative support services to avoid • costly downtime • Early warning systems that identify • problem areas

250 Hour Service •Lube chassis, NLGI#2 lithium grease •Change Engine oil and engine oil filter In-line fuel filter (if equipped)

Flat Rate $449* •Check •Engine coolant level and test •Chain tank oil (each side) •Adjust drive chain tension, if needed

•Clean battery & check levels •Drain water and sediment from fuel tank and fuel/water separator (if equipped)

500 Hour Service Includes 250 hour maintenance PLUS •Replace •Fuel filters •Air filter element—Primary •Air filter element—Secondary •Hydraulic filter •Final drive oil

Flat Rate $775*

•Clean •Engine area •Tracks and components (if equipped) •Check •Radiator •Fan belt tension •Hydraulic coolers

•Hyd. reservoir breather & screen •Hydraulic system fluid level •ROPS •Seal belt & seat switch interlock •Cab & HVAC filter •Wheel nut torque •Track tension (if equipped)

1,000 Hour Service Includes 500 hour maintenance PLUS •Change •Chain tank oil

•Engine coolant •Hydraulic fluid

Flat Rate $1,450* •Check •Engine valve clearances

250 Hour Service •Lube chassis •Change engine oil and engine oil filter •Check •Front axle fluid level - 4WD units •Front axle breather - 4WD units

Flat Rate $429* •Rear axle fluid level •Rear axle breather •Transmission fluid level •Fuel tank, drain water/sediment •Battery, clean if necessary

•Engine belts tension •Coolant level & test •Hydraulic reservoir level •Water separator

500 Hour Service Includes 250 hour maintenance PLUS •Check •Battery fluid level •ROPS cab •Seat mount

•Replace •Fuel filter •Primary fuel filter (580 N) •Repack front wheel bearings (2WD)

Flat Rate $795* •Lubricate •4 wheel drive shaft (4WD) •Rear axle drive shaft

1,000 Hour Service Includes 500 hour maintenance PLUS •Check •Parking brakes •Cab air filter •Adjust engine valves

Flat Rate $2,195*

•Replace •Front axle & planetary fluid—4WD units •Rear axle & planetary fluid •Engine air filters

•Hydraulic oil •Hydraulic filter •Hydraulic reservoir breather •Transmission fluid •Transmission fluid filter

•Clean cab air filter •Drain fuel tank sediment •Check •Axle oil level

•Battery fluid level •ROPS •Wheels and tires •Engine accessory drive belt (If applicable)

500 Hour Service •Lube chassis •Replace •Engine oil and filter •Fuel filter •Fuel prefilter

Flat Rate $895*

1,000 Hour Service Includes 500 hour maintenance PLUS •Calibrate injectors (E models) •Replace •Cab air filter

•Drive belt (821F, 921F) •Engine breather filter •Hydraulic oil filter

Flat Rate $1,495* •Front axle oil (E models) •Rear axle oil (E models)

Note: Wheel Loaders have specific maintenance recommendations at higher hour intervals. Contact a Luby Service Department for details and scheduling.

Air conditioning system inspection Alternator replacement Battery replacement Coolant flush and fill Electronic service tool diagnostics

Engine block heater installation Engine oil and filter change Fuel additive Fuel filter replacement Fuel pump inspection

Fuel system inspection Fuel system functional check Hydraulic comprehensive system check Hydraulic filter caddy Hydraulic PSI check

Hydraulic system inspection Machine appraisal inspection Machine diagnostics Machine winterization inspection Starter replacement

* Includes normal business hour maintenance related shop labor, parts, EPA environmental charges, and shop supplies. Does not include sales tax. Prices subject to change. Revised 04/15.

A Planned Service Agreement is any arrangement between you and LUBY Equipment Services that helps you lower your cost per unit of production and ultimately improves your bottom line. Contracts are designed to fit your business needs and can range from simple Preventative Maintenance to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. Benefits you can gain with CMC include:

rate monthly fee or some other arrangement based on •• Flatproduction hours more work with less cost ••• Complete plans — No Pre-set Requirements •• Flexible Choose the products and services based on your needs •• You cover individual systems, single pieces or equipment or • entirecanfleets

down time . . . more machine uptime ••• Less Spend time managing your business •• Better more Equipment Maintenance . . . lower operating costs •

LUBY Sales and Service will work with you to determine the best strategies to maximize productivity and minimize costs for your equipment.

Hydraulic systems trouble shooting and repair Electrical systems trouble shooting and repair Routine/Preventative maintenance Air Conditioning repairs Major component rebuild Complete undercarriage replacement Welding service Painting service Inspection

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Luby Equipment Service Brochure  

A comprehensive brochure detailing services offered by Luby Equipment

Luby Equipment Service Brochure  

A comprehensive brochure detailing services offered by Luby Equipment