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Because of technology, everyone seems to be immersed in an incredible way to do business, a change that gives great opportunities. Megan, a 26 year old entrepreneur, used to travel kilometers to personally close deals with her clients and then travel a lot more to the factory to check on production and shipment. That was before. Months back, Megan got herself a subscription from a leading internet company. Now, Megan monitors the production and shipment via video streaming done by her workers from the factory. She also made it possible for her clients to contact her faster by email. Megan is only one of the many people who used teleworking to their full advantage. Today, a lot of people prefer and enjoy doing some, if not all, of their work load at the comfort of their homes instead of reporting for work everyday to the office. In today's hi-tech world, technology has made is possible for workers to stay at home and connect to their offices through telephone or internet connection, or as some call is, teleworking. Teleworking has allowed many businesses to boost productivity levels. Gone are the days when deals and contracts are closed and approved over lunch meetings and long hours of business trips. Basic daily transactions can now be done by a email, fax, and a phone call. Telecommunications have evolved to allow many of us to work at our own comfort levels. Just how advantageous teleworking is? Primarily, this reduces the time and cost of transportation travel. At the same time, stress is already reduced. You will not be late due to traffic or an elevator malfunction. You can report for work in your pajamas and not be conflicted on what outfit to where for work. Experts say that in working from home via teleworking, an employees stress levels are reduced at a great rate, and that the same time motivation and job satisfaction in increased. Workers feel happier and enjoy the hassle free work environment. Also, improvements on personal productivity can also be observed. Since employees are working in an environment of their preference and of their convenience, they experience lesser interruptions, allowing them to focus more on task and do more. Employees and businessmen enjoy doing more work done because they are now able to better balance work and family or social life. Since they no longer need to spend time traveling, they can spend time with family and friends - even by teleworking from their homes. From the company's standpoint, teleworking also works for their advantage. There is a noticeable reduction in the rate of tardiness and almost brings absenteeism to zero. Since their employees can log in and access the network without going out of their houses (some even do this without getting out of their sleeping clothes), they are seldom or almost never late. Also, teleworking bring the company great savings in office utility, maintenance, and energy costs.

Indeed, Teleworking has a lot to offer - from employees to employers, from the self-employed to company owners.

Charissa Bear is the owner of, a WAHM site full of telecommuting job resources and home based business ideas for working moms.

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==== ==== Telework / Teletrabalho - Online para Portugal: ==== ====

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