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July 2012

Dear Church Family and Friends, Summer is in full swing and so are we! The summer provides many amazing possibilities for outreach and development as a church. Not only do we have many church opportunities, but we also have more frequent chances to interact with people who don’t go to our church, in casual and friendly settings. I encourage you to use these occasions to invite people to our church. We have had a number of visitors lately and excitement is building! Overall attendance inevitably goes down during the summer as people take vacations. I think that it’s really fun to work hard all summer to bring people in, and then see how full our church is when most are back from vacations and we’ve added dozens of new people through our summer efforts. It is very similar to farmers who plant and work their fields during the summer and then enjoy a bountiful harvest in the fall. Have plenty of fun and recreation this summer, but don’t forget that there is a lost world out there that desperately needs to know our Savior! See you in our Father’s fields, Pastor Jeff Good Morning Church Family! We are enjoying the Summer Programming here at Winn’s, and the longest days of sunlight of the year are accompanying them. Too bad it’s also very, very hot and humid…such is life in the South. I am not complaining though,

because God absolutely doesn’t like complaining out of His children. In fact in the Old Testament, when the children of Israel complained against their circumstances, Divine judgment resulted. We should never doubt God’s goodness or allow our daily circumstances to distract us away from focusing on the One who made a way for us to have eternal life by sending His one and only Son to take our place and take on all the judgment that we rightfully deserved, so we could be eternally pardoned, and not only that but also be called the sons of God (John 1:12). One thing that I want to focus on in this article is the importance of putting your faith into action. God didn’t just save us to remain “uscentered”, but to be used by Him to influence others by our love for our God. I want you to do (3) things: # 1 - I want you to read James chapter 2. It speaks of our Faith being evident to others through our good works. Now be careful. James 2 is NOT speaking of good works getting us to Heaven. Good works are a natural bi-product of an inwardly changed heart, which has been touched by the Savior. # 2 – I want you to ask God to show you how you can serve Him more effectively.

# 3 – I want you to be obedient to what God leads you to do for Him. This is not a call to necessarily volunteer at Church, but to start being intentional in your service to our King. Invite your neighbors over for dinner to just get to know them better and in time invite them to visit church with you. God may lead you to write letters of encouragement to your children’s teachers telling them “thank you” and that you are praying for them. You never know. The important thing is doing stuff that brings God glory so when you stand before Him one day (and you will) that you will not be ashamed of not doing all you could to serve Him during life. Current Events: We have kicked off the 2012 summer schedule with Terrific Tuesdays and W.O.W.! These programs are so much fun and useful to the Kingdom all at the same time. I am having a blast leading the 6th and 7th graders during Terrific Tuesdays. This is my very first time with just this age group. They brought their friends, which was awesome. I am confidently hopeful that we can add to our Youth Group on Wednesdays this fall from this group. It also is providing me training to better focus on this age group in regular youth group. This is the age group that will be in Youth for 6+ years and I am not under-estimating their future potential. What great things these young

people can accomplish with a solid foundation in the Word of God. We will be ensuring that, that is exactly what they will have. Please be in prayer for the spiritual development of our young people. We have some that have a need for Salvation as well. We are reaching the unchurched in these programs and we want to see them embrace the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. Coming Up Soon: 1. We will be attending summer camp from July 9th – 13th. We are taking 16 people total. We also ask for your prayers for this week. That God will touch hearts and decisions to grow in Christ will result. 2. Sunday Nights in July – The Youth Group will be meeting in the Yellow House for a Study from Answers in Genesis. We are doing a video based curriculum called “Demolishing Strongholds” Please invite those who have completed the 6th – 12th grades to attend. The study will run the same time as church service. (6pm to 7 pm) Grace & Peace, Pastor Doug

Paul and the Underground Church VBS week of August 5th – 10th, 2012 There’s a place for everyone!

Our summer activities are in full swing and I hope you have been bringing your friends and enjoying them!! July will be another great month filled with fun and activities to help us grow closer to God. WOW (Winn’s on Wednesday) will continue in the Month of July (except July 4th). Come join us on Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm for devotion time and activities such as Soccer, Scrapbooking and Kitchen Yum. So come and bring your friends this Wednesday. We meet in the fellowship hall. Also, don’t forget our TERRIFIC TUESDAY program, which meets every other Tuesday at 10:00am. We start out with our FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT bible study and then will go on the following outings: July 3rd – Visit Ashland Convalescent Center to play Bingo. July 17th – Visit Frog Level Farm to picnic, climb the ropes course, swing in the barn and visit the animals. July 31st – Explore and complete a scavenger hunt at Maymont Park. Please sign up five days prior to each Tuesday at the Welcome Center or by calling the Church office. You don’t want to miss ROME, PAUL AND THE UNDERGROUND CHURCH (Vacation Bible School) coming August 5th. Please pre-register your children to help with the planning and scheduling. Forms are available at the welcome center and from the website. DON’T FORGET TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS! STAY TUNED, MORE SUMMER FUN TO COME ☺ I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth, 3 John 1:4

Terrific Tuesday

The Awana year has come to a close and with special themes like Bible character night, P.J. night, Hugs and Kisses (the candy kind) night, to name just a few, we really had a fun year. The new Awana year is just a few months away and planning is in full swing. Awana is an amazing outreach ministry reaching not just grade school age children but preschoolers as well; plus middle and high school students are being reached with opportunities for training, helping them to be future leaders in the church. The Awana ministry can also reach into homes through open communication between Awana leaders and parents of the clubbers and use of the Awana home program. This past Awana year we averaged 130 kids from age 2 to 13 plus 36 leaders. Some nights it took some ingenious maneuvers to take care of all the clubbers and keep them occupied or engaged, especially when we were short of leaders and /or listeners. This coming Awana year I hope we are able to add to the number of leaders along with more clubbers. Our goal is to have a ratio of 4 to 5 clubbers for every leader to allow maximum effectiveness for clubbers to learn the Word of God and retain what they learned. The Awana ministry can be even more outreaching with your help. Please be in prayer for the Awana ministry and where God might have you serve Him in this wonderful ministry. My prayer is that God will move people, like you to serve, God has a special place for you in Awana or in another area of the church. I challenge others to come and see what Awana has to offer you, your children and /or grandchildren, you might be surprised. It is a joy to see the changes in the hearts of the clubbers and the leaders who are involved. Something to make note of on your calendar is the Awana Annual Ministry Conference being held this year at Winn’s on September 15th. There will be a keynote speaker and several break-out sessions. More information about the Awana conference will be posted on the Awana bulletin boards and through future communications Commander Jerry

Building Future Leaders Dear Church Family, Child Evangelism Fellowship Camp Christian Youth in Action camp taught me that I can’t do everything on my own but God can. It also taught me how to teach preschoolers and elementary age children about Jesus in an exciting way and how to counsel and share the plan on Salvation with them. Thank you for allowing me to serve as Children’s Ministry intern this summer. You know what; I’d love to go back next year! -Emily HahnGreetings Church Family!! I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for allowing me to attend CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) training camp. I went to camp expecting to only learn how to teach kids but I came away with so much more. I was scared to death the first day of camp; but by the end of the week, I allowed God to speak through me and amazing things started to take place. I cannot wait to share the Good News with the children this summer!! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve as a summer missionary!!  Serving in Christ, Alexa Alexa and Emily both serve in GNC, Set-Apart, Terrific Tuesday, WOW, VBS and are serving as Children’s Ministry Interns. Alexa sings with the “Resonate” Worship Team, Wednesday night “Youth Band” and Emily teaches the Kindergarten Children’s Church, both are active in Youth Group. After this experience, both girls felt the need to plan and lead a “5 Day Club” in our Church area. Plans are in the works to hold the “5 Day Club” at Winn’s for July 23-27 from 10am-12noon. What a wonderful example of taking what you’ve learned and putting it into action.

I have been at Winn’s for 18 plus years. I started off doing some piano pieces for the congregation, but wasn't sure where that would lead me. Years later I began doing the VBS music team. I did that for about 5 years and then moved on to do the 9:30 praise band, "Resonate". I have been with “Resonate” for 2 or so years now and also was a part of the Wednesday night “Youth Band” this year. I have been in school choir for 9 years and in "Set Apart" for 2 years. I also have done World Changers for 3 years and attended children’s camp for 6 years.

Thomas will be attending J. Sargent Reynolds in the fall and will transfer to VCU; he plans to major in “Business Administration” and minor in “Music”. Thomas will be serving as the Music Ministry Intern this summer.

“Set Apart”, you out did yourself….AGAIN!!!

Thank you for working hard all year and for making our first concert such a success; to God be the glory!! ! Thank you for making our Father proud and for being such a blessing to all those who came to hear you sing!! I thank Him daily for each one of you and am so grateful for the opportunity He has given me to be your leader; it is indeed a privilege! Sanctuary Choir, I appreciate you so much!! Thank you for your part in ending our concert with such a wonderful finale; it was first class and done with excellence!! Last, and certainly not least, a very special “thank you” to ALL of you who helped serve at our ice cream social following the concert; it couldn’t have gone any better!! To think that He uses me!! Kathy

To view pictures from “Set-Apart Live” Visit the website @ Under Worship go to Music from there go to Set-Apart

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