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The Decision Making Process – A Simplified Faster Approach That Will Save Your Sanity by Gary Miller |

The Decision Making Process Dilemma We’ve all heard about analysis paralysis. It’s a place where we get stuck when trying to figure out our decision making process. We research it, discuss it, toss it around, and do it all over again yet we fail to do the one thing that matters… Actually making a decision! What is guaranteed to happen when we get lost in the land of research, plotting, and wrestling with concepts is that we stall and never move forward. Nothing actually gets done! What we need to do is actually make a decision as a result of our decision making process and move on.

Decision Making Process Simplified

Here’s a tip I picked up from Mike Vardy’s book, The Front Nine: How to Start the Year You Want Anytime You Want. Mike writes,

I don’t leave things hanging… I don’t leave things unfinished anymore… Answer promptly if you’ve got an opportunity sent your way that requires a yes or no answer. Weigh the decision, but don’t wait too long. When you respond, you’ll know you’ve at least taken action –and it’ll be time to either move ahead or move on. Letting is lie means no movement at all, except for perhaps how the person on the other end of the deal feels about you.” For those of us who like to be extra careful with every move me make, the idea of making decisions faster can rattle us. Just like anything else it takes practice. When we learn how to work through our own decision making process without spending hours, days, and weeks on it, we’ll be much better off.

Start Small When Implementing A New Decision Making Process I’m not suggesting you start employing this strategy to make a decision on something huge in your life right way. Start with some small items. In learning how to make a decision small steps is a great way to go.

Practice makes perfect but even more importantly practice helps us get comfortable with what we’re doing. Repetition is the mother of skill. Start super easy with decisions like what’s for dinner, or what you’re wearing to work tomorrow. Then bump it up a bit. Maybe you’ve been debating between a couple of fitness programs. Take the information you have and make a call. Whatever you do take action! A great way to figure out how to make a decision is to just start making some.

Decision Making Process Warning… Watch Out For Information Overload

Word of caution of about information. The internet is one of the greatest inventions ever! It’s also one of the worst things ever when you need to make a decision. We get so lost in researching things on Google that we not only fail to make a decision but we also get bogged down and our progress comes crashing to a halt. When you’ve practiced a bit with smaller items, start employing your decision making process with bigger items in your life. Remember, no one is suggesting you never think things over, do research, and bounce ideas off of trusted mentors. All of those strategies are excellent but we can’t live there and never actually do anything. We should only be researching, discussing, and taking time to contemplate when it really serves us in making the decision. Otherwise, work through your simple decision making process and drive on to your success! Do you want to learn how to share your stories and ideas with others and actually get paid for it? Crazy huh? Click Here, enter your email, and I will show you the goods. Also, connect with me on Facebook here. I look forward to meeting you!

The decision making process – a simplified faster approach that will save your sanity  

We’ve all heard about analysis paralysis. It’s a place where we get stuck when trying to figure out our decision making process. We research...

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