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REALITY CHECK: Sometimes No One Cares About You Or Your Business – Succeed Anyway! by Gary Miller |

No one cares is a universal dread. The fear of planning a party, sending out the invitations, buying all the supplies, putting on your best party outfit only to discover that no one cares and as a result no one shows up. When I think of that scenario I can imagine the rush of embarrassment, frustration, and anger rise in pit of my stomach. While I’ve never had no one show up to a party I planned, (I hate parties anyway so I’m safe on

avoiding that disappointment) I’m intimately aware of what it feels like when it seems like no one cares about about something I’ve worked like crazy on. Many of you have felt it as well. Do any of these sound familiar?

You spend hours working on your new website or blog only to check the analytics to see that ten people visited the entire week. You work well into the night on an email campaign only to have the email deleted by the majority of your subscribers. You poured your guts into a piece of writing, shared it out on your Facebook page and not a single even person gave you a thumbs up. If you’re running any kind of business at some point it feels like no one cares.

Most Of The Time No One Cares Is True The last week or so I’ve been thundering home anywhere I can get my voice heard about the importance of not giving up. That’s not just self help mumbo jumbo. I mean every word of it. Part of not quitting though requires that we don’t source all of our motivation from good days.

Reality check In business, especially in the first year, good days are rare. The reason why pure motivation programs and books don’t work for most people is because their motivation is superficial. It’s a motivational land of unicorns and fairy dust. Part of the right motivation equation, one that has real teeth, is recognizing reality. Here’s the reality. The majority of the people who come to your website, read your blog, listen to your Podcast, walk past your business in the shopping center, don’t give a rip about what you’re doing. You could have

a great look, high quality products, incredible service, and still most people don’t care. This is especially true for those of us with online businesses. Our squeeze pages can be incredible. Our auto responder series can be top shelf. Our content can be packed to the gills with keywords, SEO, and value. Still, the majority of people don’t care. Face facts friends, much of the time, no one cares about what you’ve created.

Why Keep Going If No One Cares? This is the real question. Why should you keep writing, posting, advertising, putting in the work if no one cares. First off you need to figure out if you’re doing what you’re doing because you absolutely love it or because it’s a way to make money.

If you own your own business, whatever flavor, and you’re just doing it for the money, you don’t own a business you’ve just bought yourself a job. You are no different than the guy sitting in a cubicle desperately waiting for the clock for closing time. You will be especially rocked by the fact that at times no one cares because your roots aren’t deep and will probably join the stats of people who quit in the first few months. You have to be creating and slogging through it first and foremost because you love it. I write every single day. There are clearly business benefits; building traffic, branding, relationship and list building just to name a few but I do it because it’s good for my soul. I love the discipline, the rhythm of doing it every single day, especially when I don’t feel like doing it. Most importantly I believe in what I’m saying. I believe the message and I want more than anything to help one person today who may click on.

No One Cares… There’s Good News Some People Do Care If you run an online business here’s a tip. Create what I affectionately called a “Love Me Folder”. I copy and paste every positive comment,

Tweet, Facebook post, and email I receive as a result of my work. Those are real people on the other end of those notes and it softens my hard cynical edges when I read their kind words. Stay in the game long enough and you will get plenty of notes in your “Love Me Folder”. You know who else cares? The people in the trenches with you doing the same kind of work. There’s a reason I get on the phone or computer a few nights a week to talk, encourage, and be encouraged by other people in the business of making money online. They can relate to my pain and I can relate to theirs. More importantly we can celebrate each others victories, left each other up, and ultimately win together! It’s true, most people are in a clicking scrolling trance when they’re online. Guess what it’s not just them we do it as well. The internet is a big place and when someone who is legitimately searching collides with your message, something much bigger than a transaction occurs. Real magic happens. Bottle that magic feeling because it will help get you through those days when it feels like no one cares.

Do you want to learn how to share your stories and ideas with others and actually get paid for it? Crazy huh? Click Here, enter your email, and I will show you the goods. Also, connect with me on Facebook here. I look forward to meeting you! ~ Gary Miller Jr.

REALITY CHECK: Sometimes No One Cares About You or Your Business – Succeed Anyway!  
REALITY CHECK: Sometimes No One Cares About You or Your Business – Succeed Anyway!  

No one cares is a universal dread. The fear of planning a party, sending out the invitations, buying all the supplies, putting on your best...