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One Day At A Time – What SEO Taught Me About Weekly Planning and Getting More Done by Gary Miller |

After waking up on a Monday and shaking the grogginess away, our minds begin to flood with all the things we have to do for the week. We generally don’t think about the week one day at a time. Instead our minds quickly become a jumble of ideas. Thoughts randomly shooting into other thoughts like a pinball in a machine. Our thoughts become sloppy very quickly. Sloppy thoughts —–> Sloppy actions —–> Sloppy results While there are certainly projects and things on our to-do lists that require looking ahead in the week, most of the time we would do much better if

we simply went one day at a time when scheduling and thinking about our weeks.

What SEO Taught Me About One Day At A Time SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something bloggers and content creators are all too familiar with it. It’s basically a pattern for taking big piles of content like a blog article and making is search engine friendly for things like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With so much content being loaded to web every single minute, it’s important to get SEO right if we want our content to get noticed in the crowd. One thing that any good SEO software will force you to do is to focus in on one single keyword or phrase. While there may be many more in your article, the program doesn’t allow you to focus on more than one. You have to pick one and go with it focusing the majority of your energy on that single one. It forces writers to focus. If done correctly the final product is a much better article for everyone to see when they search the web. What would happen if you applied the same concept to your week? Instead of one week at a time, full of tasks, you started looking at one day at a time. Would you be more focused? Would you produce a better product each day at your job or business that would stand out? The answer is a big, fat, YES!

One Day At A Time and To-Do Lists To-do lists get a bad rap. I’m here to tell you they absolutely work if used correctly. To-do lists are for simple tasks not for larger life planning. That’s probably where the mix up occurs the most. For simple tasks, one day at a time tasks, to do lists are gold. Give this a shot this week. No matter what day you are reading this, look at the next day of the week and work up your to-do list for just that single day.

Here’s a tip that will help you stay out of your own way when you do this. I create a separate column or page that I label left overs which are tasks that pop into my head but I know are not getting done on the day I’m focusing on. To ward off the temptation to start clumping days together, I drop those ideas in the left overs. I will take them on when I get to that particular day in my planning later in the week. For now, chunk up the tasks for one single day. If you are someone who really struggles with time management and time allocation for each single task, one technique that helps  is something I call hypertracking. You can listen and learn about that here.

Save You Sanity One Day At A Time Trying to plan for an entire week is a timely exercise. It’s sometimes required for really big projects, but most of the time avoid it. Save yourself time by going after one day at time. Save you sanity by only filling your mind with the tasks required to be faithful to the one day at a time approach. Remember, if you get bombarded with thoughts about other things that are happening later in the week, write them down in a left over pile so you don’t lose them but also don’t meditate on them. You’ve got things to do right now. This will be difficult at first but the time and energy you save will be more than worth it. You’ll not only do better work but you’ll enjoy it more. One day at a time. Do you want to learn how to share your stories and ideas with others and actually get paid for it? Crazy huh? Click Here, enter your email, and I will show you the goods. Also, connect with me on Facebook here. I look forward to meeting you! ~ Gary Miller Jr.

One Day at a Time – What SEO Taught Me About Weekly Planning and Getting More Done  

After waking up on a Monday and shaking the grogginess away, our minds begin to flood with all the things we have to do for the week. We gen...

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